The Mom check

$350 for seven dates
Kissed my second Ukrainian woman this week

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This post will be the first on the phenomenon wherein a girl grows up to look just like her Mother. Before you ever get married, be sure to check out her Ma; is she fat? Did she age in dog years? Is she crazy? You get the idea.

In the photo above of a Ukrainian woman and her daughter I could hardly tell them apart. This is a good thing.

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$350 for seven dates
Kissed my second Ukrainian woman this week

6 thoughts on “The Mom check

  1. This is so true…always check “the mom” for psychopathy, weight issues, “lazy shoulder length” hair issues, mom jeans, shotgun scars to the thighs, being married a half dozen times, being a “freddy the freeloader,” and general feminist tendencies…if all is well, you might even have the most remotest of chances at the ultimate three way…the “Sportsman’s Double.”

    Oh, also check the mom for serious genetically influenced medical problems (i.e., cancers, mental disease, and the like). You do not want to pass these bad genes on and mix them with your good genes…

  2. Very true….and, who knew that espousing the truth could be so much fun?!?!?!?!? I have heard people say that they could “live” once they broke away from their childhood religion that was forced upon them….this is analogous. I just hope that more men (and I mean real men of the world today) will take notice.

    • Date today with a 25 year old who looks like an NFL cheerleader and when I told her that American women don’t want children, she couldn’t believe it.

      • I’m burning with envy guys. Hopefully the current conflict in Ukraine is not getting too dangerous. I may brush off my native SA friends this year and make a trip to Ukraine during the summer or early fall…

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