Kissed my second Ukrainian woman this week

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I’ve kissed my second Ukrainian girl this week.

A few months ago, back in March, I met a beautiful woman in Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure if it was my recently grown out long hair, my “improved” physique after 2 years of crosscut or my “I just don’t give a damn attitude.” And I’m learning that this attitude is essential when dealing with the weaker sex. I was about to type “the ‘fairer’ sex” when I remembered that we are talking about Western women – and there is generally nothing fair about them.

Whatever the change is, it is working as I’ve had great luck with the ladies in the last 6 months.  Before I went overseas on a long adventure, I met a beautiful Ukrainian actress in Los Angeles.  I flew back into LA last week and we went out on two dates in two nights.  For those of you that have seen photos of her, you can attest to what a knockout she is.  She is absolutely stunning and dresses to the 9’s every day – as most Ukrainian women do.  American women, the sweat pants & t-shirts aren’t cutting it.  Take note.

I’ve been in Odessa for a few days and on day 3 I had my first “arranged” date with a Ukrainian girl.  She is 27 and is a university graduate.  She has golden blonde hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.  They are perfect blue with a dark blue circle around the outside of each.  She is about 5′ 6:” and about 120 pounds.  She looks to my eye like Heather Graham.  She wears the prettiest dresses with tall high heels.  She is very feminine and when I read so many of these eHarmony matches with fat women whose primary goal in life is to save the planet from global warming I can’t help but laugh.

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We spent the first day together and had so much fun that we went out the following evening.  I took her and our interpreter to the Arcadia nightclub district down by the beach.  We went to the Ibiza nightclub and it was PACKED.  It was difficult to keep my eyes only on my date as the place was packed with super-model looking women everywhere.

As I’ll be here for a month or two I’ll make some more visits to Arcadia and post some better photos – the place is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.  It is about as big as Disneyland and has dozens of clubs lined along the beach.  You can hop from club to club or else just hang around in the walkways between the clubs.

I took my new Ukrainian date on our third date today – our third date in 3 days.  We spent the day at the beach and I got to see her in a bikini.  98 of 100 American women of the age of 27 couldn’t hold a candle to this girl.  It is sad but true.  If you are looking for a beautiful woman, with an attractive figure, that still dresses and acts like a woman and doesn’t act like a feminazi – Ukraine is your place.

We spent the better part of 6 hours talking today and there is a common belief amongst the Ukrainian women that Ukrainian men are drunks and cheats.  Ukrainian women believe (and rightly so) that American men are gentlemen.  How ironic; American women are the bottom of the barrel right next to the Ukrainian men.

Not sure which beautiful Ukrainian woman I will end up with, one in the US or one in Ukraine.  It will probably the first one that takes me off the market.

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4 thoughts on “Kissed my second Ukrainian woman this week

  1. Sounnds like things are running a little slow…you need a wingman who has an entitled sense of “I don’t give a fuck” reinforced with an attitude of “if I get in trouble, regardless of the country, it’s all good, because nobody can touch me.” If you had one of those you would be doing a lot better than two kisses in two days…

  2. guys, I lived in Odessa for 2 years, I was posted there. I lived within 5 ins walk from the deribasovskaya (main street). If you are going to Odessa, there is an Irish bar down the deribasvskaya, good place to hook up with expatriates who live there too (couple of english guys and Paddies on the run, no kidding). They birds there are almost certainly hookers. if you want to pick up one of them incredible chicks, Arcadia is a good place. Scott is right. If you go there in summer, go there during the day, Ibiza club beach… and sweet jes, you will never have seen such an amount of stunners, and all of them topless and with mini strings… its incredible! absolutely incredible. this place transforms into a club in the evening and the “saga” continues, you will not believe your eyes. And I sort of disagree with the notions of them birds all being hookers. they are not, some are for sure, but in the sense that they “hook” up with you for a period. You should speak a bit of Russian though, if you do, this opens new doors! you are no longer the prey, you are all of a sudden something different alltogether… those who speak a bit of russian will know what I mean. and its not too difficult to learn, try the russian accalerator online. as to must go places: stake house at the deribasovskaya, ask for Andrej, the bald waitor, tip him and he will always look after you propoerly… and if and once you know him better, he will give you tips where to go and who of them stunning waitresses is up for it…. I loved odessa and hope the russians are not having it.

  3. I’m only asking the guys that have extensive experience with both SA and EE women! In your opinions, which groups of young women are the most romantic; South American or Eastern European? I’m only asking this because many EE girls come off as a bit cold, distant, and abrasive, compared to SA girls. I’m not talking about the fake smiles, delusional concepts of romance, and happiness most young American, Australian, Canadian, and English woman have but the true spontaneous spirit of romanticism! What are your thoughts? Is this just a cultural misunderstanding?

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