Hot Ukrainian Woman of the day

Kissed my second Ukrainian woman this week
Too much too fast?

I was going to use a better photo that I shot with my SLR camera but I just saw this beauty and grabbed a pic with my iPhone. Getting a front shot was out of the question. But, believe me she is gorgeous. I took a shot while walking (above) and I’m sure you get the idea.

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She was walking the same direction I was and I could hardly believe it when she went into McDonalds. But, I’ve eaten a few times at McDees just to keep my weight up. I (as does everyone else) walk everywhere and I’m toning up the legs just fine. I took a McDonalds pic of her legs too. A Mom, Grandma and daughter chuckled when they saw me do it but it’s for the blog so it’s ok :-p

This is probably the difference between Eastern and Western women: diet and exercise. If we all (Americans) just walked more, McDonalds wouldn’t kill us.

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Kissed my second Ukrainian woman this week
Too much too fast?

3 thoughts on “Hot Ukrainian Woman of the day

  1. The lady pictured on the photos above is totally out of reach for any average or even above average westerner unless he’s willing to spend all his fortune and a little extra on her without ever getting anything back! NO respect, no support, no understanding and absolutely NO intimacy.
    Think twice, western men…. Do y’all want to end up broke, desperate and without any future to look to? Then come over to Ukraine or Russia and marry a local female. Trust me-she will run you into the ground, will take ALL your savings in a matter of 2-3 years and then will blame YOU for not being able to meet her ever growing demands.
    American/Canadian/western women are much better compared to their Ukrainian counterparts. Better in all possible aspects.
    Ukrainian women only want your money and never your soul.

    • Funny how this site died as soon as some unpleasant TRUTH about Eastern European women a.k.a. WHORES had been revealed;)

      Western women are million times better than their Eastern European and especially Russian and Ukrainian counterparts!

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