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The first post in what will be a weekly comparison… Let’s compare a Ukrainian woman who is looking for a relationship to one from the West. I’ll be using the terms “American woman” and “Western woman” interchangeably as they are pretty much the same. Of course there are exceptions; a woman from Oklahoma is going to be more likely to be maternal than one from New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. I’d thought to have some luck in Australia but have found the women there to be as arrogant as American women and those who aren’t don’t seem interested in a nurturing role.

And here we have a 21-year-old Ukrainian woman. She is thin, has pretty blue eyes and is interested in taking care of her man. I quote:

I am very romantic and will wake you in the morning not with ring of alarm clock but with a tender kiss. I will let you [stay] in bed for sometime while I cook you breakfast. When you go to work and [I] will prepare you good supper. In the evening when you return home from work tired and hungry, a hot bath with aromatic foam and supper will already wait for you.

If I was to read that to most Western women they would immediately begin to criticize this young woman. They would call her subservient, call her a slave – anything to make her feel bad for wanting to take care of her husband. Today, Western women want the man to be subservient to them. Hey, if that’s what you’re into, go for it. If you want to be the Man in the relationship, you must either look hard or else look elsewhere. Cosmo, Redbook, Elle and the rest of these trash magazines written by lesbians and feminazis in New York and LA have brainwashed all of America’s girls that they should sleep with as many men as they can until the age of 30 and then as their hips grow and their attitude is jaded, latch onto a man with a paycheck and saddle him down with their burdens.

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Why deal with all of that? You can go to another country and find a traditional woman who wants to be the woman in the relationship.

Lets take a look at one of my eHarmony matches. This young woman is from England. She works at a non-profit organization in Africa to help starving orphans. Interestingly, so many Western women are trying to help save the children in overpopulated areas while they have no desire to have their own children. This is striking as most Western countries actually have a shrinking population due to low birth rates. Where it not for immigration, N. America and Europe would actually be vanishing.

Let’s compare this lovely woman with the Ukrainian Woman above. This woman says what she’s looking for in her man:

A truly genuine person, he doesn’t need to be perfect (who is?) but willing to make the effort. Someone fairly laid back, but who is not afraid to show that they care either. Someone who will bring me tea and toast in bed on Sunday mornings :)

Say what? Bring you tea and toast in bed on Sunday mornings? By the looks of her photo, food is the last thing she needs!

This little peach mentions that she wants a guy who is laid back (confident) and not afraid to show that he cares (not too confident). This is the typical Western woman dilemma; they want a pussified man who will take their crap but they are only turned on by a-holes who won’t. And so, the a-holes get to sleep with all of these confused women until the women either get tired of it or their ovaries start screaming loudly enough – usually around age 31-37. At this point, any man with a paycheck is going to get saddled with this troll who will make his life miserable.

Standing in line at McDonalds on Deribasavskaya Street about an hour ago in Odessa’s City Center I saw a 35-year-old looking American man with a 19-year-old Ukrainian girl who looked like she walked out of a Sports Illustrated Swimwear magazine. Yeah, bring you tea and crackers in bed.

Needless to say, I’ll be letting my eHarmony subscription run out…

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Too much too fast?
The one eye'd man

9 thoughts on “My eHarmony membership

  1. Hi, I’m an American woman and I just want to say that this blog really has me thinking, especially this post.
    To be honest, what I look for in a man is the ability to protect and provide. I’m in a job that doesn’t make a lot of money (teaching) so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to look for someone who makes at least what I do. However, I would love to take care of a man as the Ukranian woman described…much to the disgust of my peers. I’d love to be a housewife, cook great meals for my husband, etc. but if I stated that on a dating site, I’d probably attract some weirdos who are looking for a “mommy.”
    Do you think my expectations are unreasonable, and do you have ant advice for finding “real” men as you describe throughout your blog?
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Annie,

      First off, thanks for your comment/question.

      I’ve always been of the believe that the truth is the best – sometimes I’m a bit rash and come off harshly in this blog when I’m telling (what I believe to be) the truth.

      In your case, I’d write in your profiles just what you’ve written here:

      “SBF seeks strong and confident SWM or SBM, SAM, etc – whatever you prefer ;-)

      I am a traditional woman who is not afraid of traditional gender roles; I don’t mind frying up the bacon so long as you bring it home. Looking for a man who wants a wife, not a “partner,” but also a strong man who isn’t looking for a surrogate mother. I am interested in having a husband and in being a mother and am looking for a man who is interested in being a husband and father.”

      I think that you may scare off some of the “players,” but isn’t that exactly what you want?

      In my own profiles I put out that I am looking for a woman with “traditional family values.” That might be a good lead in line for your profile.

      As I look at the hundreds of eHarmony profiles, I see again and again where a (Western) woman says that she isn’t looking to “get lost in a relationship,” or that her life is great – she doesn’t “need” a man in her life but will “make room” if the “right guy” is out there. It sounds like some women are accessorizing their wardrobe.

      I’ve been talking with 3 or 4 women that I’ve met on Elena’s Models – I’m trying to decide now who I should go and visit – who I think will make the best match for me. Here is what one lovely young woman told me in a recent email that she was looking for. I can’t imagine ever finding this on or eHarmony:

      If to be honest because I am single I feel very lonely and I miss many things…I want with my partner to care about each other, show feelings, making surprises, romantic things, to be honest with each other, have respect, good communication and understanding. I miss to think WE are. I am tired always to think I am. For me it`s important when I wake up with beloved man in the morning to say good morning, smile and kiss) when I cook for my man I want to see he appreciate that, and than he say thank you, kiss me for that. I like to meet in the door my man when he coming after work, to smile to him and see his smile back, kiss him, see he came home with flowers for me because when he went to home after work he think about me and want to do something sweet) Than to have dinner together and talk about what happen at the day…tell to each other funny situations, or to share some problems and to help to each other with it …. I miss a lot of other things what I want to share with my partner. All these are small things in life…but I think it are very important in happy relationship. And it seems not a lot of people doing these. But I couldn`t live without it.

      To me, reading a woman’s desires like this is so refreshing compared to a woman who’s accessorizing with a man. I think that most 25-35 year old women who read this would try to brainwash this woman that her thinking is wrong – they would try to infect her with some crazy feminism that she’s running second best. I can hear them say, “Don’t you want a job?” and looking down their noses because a working woman is superior to a housewife or mother.

      Perhaps you should just write from the heart what you’re looking for – perhaps the guy who fits that role is looking for exactly someone like you.

    • Annie,

      I was browsing some personals at Elena’s Models and I came across this one that I thought was written particularly well and I think may have some elements that you are looking for:

      In part it reads that Anna is looking for:

      Personality Warm, friendly, easy-going, well-educated, charming and down to earth person with lots of character. I enjoy laughing and cheering people up. At the moment you will most likely receive a “no” you your EOI, just because of the volume of mail that is coming to my inbox and the number of EOIs every day, but you can try at a later time.
      Interests I have a wide variety of interests and I am always open to learn and experience new things. I am into British, French, German classic literature, arts, music, architecture, dance and traveling. I like eating out – Italian, Russian and American food as well as cooking myself for my friends and family! I enjoy active sports like mountain biking, skiing and watersports. I have a very classy taste and enjoy wearing heels.

      Looking for a partner:

      Age to 45
      Race White/European
      Other * You love God
      * You are a leader – like men in traditional families
      * You are caring, kind, adventurous, optimistic and spontaneous
      * You are nonsmoker, nondrinker, not a fan of clubs and late night partying
      * You enjoy active sports and being outdoors
      * Just like me, you enjoy traveling and actually do it a lot, sometimes even without planning… so you will have no problems to come to meet me in person.
      * I am swamped with EOIs and messages and a little overwhelmed with them:) I think every letter should be very personal and sincere, but I physically can not engage in correspondence/ phone conversations with hundreds of people I have never met and it is not something I’m interested in. I would be glad to meet you in person in Moscow or Houston (your choice) as it is the best way to get to know each other. I am not looking for pen pals, chat, skype or phone buddies for any length of time as I have real people and friends around me, a real job, university classes, travel and other fun activities. I am not into spending my life in cyberspace exchanging e-mails with picture collectors. I am looking for someone who’s values are the same. Have a nice day/night!

      Personal message

      I am a lady of east-european values: family oriented, educated, hospitable and caring. Currently I am getting my Master’s degree in the USA, working for US-Russian venture, traveling b/w countries a lot and enjoying it! God has blessed me with lots of opportunities and talents and I am thankful for everything He has given me.

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  3. One of my friends from college worked for a self-made millionaire and local entrepreneur that got taken to the cleaners by a woman he ALMOST married that he met on eHarmony. Imagine what would have happened to him in divorce court with his million$ on the line if he had married that cow?! Heard some nightmares about plentyoffatbitches (I mean plenty0ffish) as well…I’m just going to say no!

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