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So you and your buddy go to the bar and he has to “take one for the team,” in this case he is your “wing man.”  But when a buddy is out looking for a woman for you, in the Midwest, they call this the “Bird Dog.”  “Hey buddy, I’m bird doggin’ for ya.”  And so, one mother/grandmother did this last week at the “social” wherein I wasted $350 of my hard-earned dollars.

This little Babushka (Grandma) looking woman reports that she is 51 but she looks like the long side of 67.  I suppose that many Ukrainian women – like many Asian Women – age in dog years.  Yeah, call me the a-hole for being politically incorrect and stating the obvious but someone should say it.

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I digress.  Sometime during that circus of old and skanky Ukrainian women – and a few pretty ones – the Babushka asked for my phone number.  She swore up and down that her beautiful daughter would just love me.  I had a half dozen bottles of that shit champagne (the kind that looks like piss and kills you the next day) and I gave it to her.  And last night she called!  She was bringing her daughter to my apartment.  Ah, no.  How about we meet in the city center.  “Where?” she asks.  I tell her McDonalds, not because I want to eat there but because it is a central location and everyone knows where it is.

Long story short, her daughter couldn’t make it so her neighbor came along and brought her 22 year old daughter.  But, she wasn’t very impressed with my McDonalds meeting location, oh, and I was the same age as the Mom!  The 22 year old girl was quite pretty and very much wanted to go out with me but Mom would have nothing to do with me and she drug her daughter away who looked back with “f” me eyes.

I suppose I should be relived, the girl did not pass the Mom Check.

What a week.

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Warm Odessa nights
Picking and Choosing

2 thoughts on “The Bird Dog

  1. How long did your search take? Did you start your active search for a non western foreign wife in 2009 or earlier? My biggest fear is that I will cave in and marry one of these western chick’s after dating one of them when I’m most vulnerable…that’s the one reason I refuse to date them even for easy sex…I just say no…

    • I first went to EE in 2002 and got the idea. I made a girlfriend in Belarus and went back to visit her in 2003. Went off to war for a few years and then I went back to Ukraine in 2008. It was then that I signed up to an agency and began looking. I met Alana in late 2012. So, after beginning to “actively” look for a wife, it took me about 4 to 4 1/2 years.

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