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As I close out week two in Odessa over a beer with a friend I thought I’d catch up on my blogging. Finished opening a few accounts at the local bank. It took 3 1/2 hours to open two savings accounts. Dollar deposits here are paying near 7% so I decided to leave a little green to work for me after I leave. Considering that US banks are paying only .1 to .5%, this is quite a return even when factoring in the political risks. Federal insurance here is US $30,000 per account so that if you spread your $ around the risk is minimized. Anyone interested in opening an account in Ukraine can send me an email and I’ll refer you to my agent here. My email address can be found on the home page.

After 5 dates with the Heather Graham look-alike she wanted to move the relationship to the “next level.” At this point it was either dump or get off of the pot and I had to decide if this was “the” girl for me. As lovely as she was she was still suffering a bit of Primma Donna “I’m so beautiful” syndrome and I’m looking – perhaps – for, a more humble and conservative girl. A girl who doesn’t always insist on the most expensive restaurant and order the most expensive thing on the menu.

I really liked my Heather Graham blondinka (blonde) but she was just a bit too high maintenance for me. I have to keep my eye on my purpose here; I am wife hunting, not trying to get laid.

Last night I went out with – let’s call her Marina. I had my 4th date with Marina. This woman is 25 and her one and only goal in life is to get married and have children. She is a bit discouraged with Ukrainian men who only want to party and get laid.

Interestingly, one of my guests at the table now – a young Ukrainian man – is giving me advice on Ukrainian women: much akin to “stick and move” and don’t get tied down to any “one” woman. You start to get the idea of the appeal of Western Men here.

While on my dates with Marina she cannot believe that there is a woman, anywhere, who doesn’t want children. She just cannot fathom this concept. As we walk around the city her eyes lock on to toddlers like a cat watches a mouse. She is obviously ready to start a family and I am flattered to be dating her; she is perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever gone out with.

She asks why I don’t date American women. I give her my list:

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1. American women generally only date men their own age; this means I am locked in to dating 40+ year old women who either don’t want or can’t have children. She says to me that the proper age difference between a man and a woman is 10-15 years; I should be dating 25-30 year old women. Hmm, how do you argue with the logic of a beautiful woman?

2. 1/2 of the women in my dating pool (32-40) don’t even want children. She finds this hard to believe.

3. Those that do want children have it as a second priority to work and personal “fulfillment” in life. Basically, they are 33 years old and they are a still a graduate student or they are trying to “rediscover” themselves: this can take the form of travel, volunteer work or some other pointless task that does anything but pro-create. It often takes the form of Yoga which starts out as exercise but becomes a religion and eventually manifests in trips to India, Tibet and retreats that teach that life is random and you should make no plans for the future.

In general, Western Men, you should avoid Western women who display ANY of the following characteristics:

1. Has a photo of a pet on a dating website (you will be second to the mutt and will have to walk it while she drinks Starbucks with her girlfriends).

2. Is enrolled in or participates in Yoga or some other “cult-like’ transcendental” religion or emotional experience.

3. She only posts one photo on her dating profile = she is fat or ugly. Or worse; both.

4. Her work is listed as her first priority in life. You will always be second. Why not marry a woman who is content to support you and your job?

5. Shows ANY form of snobiness on a dating website or on first dates. It will only get worse with time.

6. Values food more than exercise – you do the math.

7. She doesn’t pass the Mom Check.

8. Shows photos on her profile with many other women. You aren’t dating just her, you are dating her friend’s opinions. If she doesn’t have enough confidence to post solo photos, how do you think your marriage will be? You’ll be seeking he approval of 4 or 5 women for the rest of your life. Forget that.

9. She has photos of her drinking on her profile. Do you want the mother of your children thinking that “partying with the girls” is an acceptable practice?

Remember, it gets harder with marriage, not easier. Choose wisely.

I find myself raising my standards MUCH higher than they would be in the US. And why not? When the choosing pool is richer; you can. And the search in Odessa continues.

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The Bird Dog
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4 thoughts on “Picking and Choosing

  1. Another valid point…

    “1. American women generally only date men their own age; this means I am locked in to dating 40+ year old women who either don’t want or can’t have children. She says to me that the proper age difference between a man and a woman is 10-15 years; I should be dating 25-30 year old women. Hmm, how do you argue with the logic of a beautiful woman?”

    …I agree…my ideal dating range is about 20 to 25 but most of these western chicks in their early 20s want to do is party and randomly date. They are not seriously thinking about marriage and kids. What I found most attractive about the young Brazilian and Argentine girls I have met in the past is that if they are attracted to you they are imagining you as their future husband, father of their future children, and the family life. Same age but light years more mature. I dare say teens from these countries are mentally more women than most western women in their 40s and 50s…they don’t need home economics and cooking classes they received hands on training on how to be FEMININE from mom and grandma since they were young girls.

    • Just yesterday, Alana was explaining surprise to me, “When did American women come up with this idea that they can only date Men their own age?” I explained that – in my opinion – it is a revolt against Patriarch; women in the past were married off to older Men and by only marring their own age today, it shows a feminist liberalism. My Wife pointed out the advantages of marrying a Man 10 years older:

      1. More mature.
      2. More established in life
      3. More likely to want to have a family
      4. Less likely to run off with the girl at the bar

      • That’s why I have stopped trying to figure Western Women out and just spend my mental energy elsewhere; like how to get a quality foreign non-western wife?

  2. Elena’s Models had a good formula for max age difference on one of their blogs a while back. “Divide your age by 2 and add 7 years”. I think this is a good rule of thumb for age difference. Of course there are exceptions, but be honest with yourself when a woman shows interest.

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