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I bid fair warning to any man who considers dating an Eastern European Woman by means of darting agencies. The process is so rife with corruption and full of bastards who will take every dollar, euro and grievna that they can get their hands on. This is my 4th time to Ukraine and I thought that I had a good idea of how the business works but this trip has been an eye opener.

Last night I had drinks with a Ukrainian friend who used to run an agency. It was one of the few honest agencies in town and now that it is closed there seems to be nowhere for the regular guy to turn. My friend gave me some priceless information over a glass of whisky and I will share it with you – for free. But first, let me tell you about last night’s date.

This is Polina. And she was every bit as beautiful in person as in this photo. According to her profile she speaks “intermediate” English and you can imagine my surprise when she showed up with an interpreter; she needed “hello, how are you?” translated. I’m sure you get the idea.

Translator = US $15 per hour

We had a 4pm Saturday date. I just want to sit down to talk to see if this 23 year old is as serious as her profile says she is.

She isn’t. She has no aspirations for a Western boyfriend or husband outside of where he can take her on Saturday night and how much he can spend on her.

The interpreter informs me that Polina wants to go this chic restaurant because “she has never tried champagne at ‘this restaurant.'” That was the first warning sign, more followed. As I asked questions about her life and life goals and desires, she kept probing about where we were going next: would it be the Arcadia club district, out to the casino or some new nightclub. It then occurred to me that she AND the interpreter were dressed in cocktail dresses and both had their hair done. They came together in the same cab and left together in the same cab. When I ended the date the interpreter was as disappointed as my date was. In hindsight it seems obvious that they had a grand night planned and I was the deep wallet to pay for it all.

When the waitress came I nixed the champagne but this didn’t stop them both from ordering a glass of wine, glass of water and a terramisu each. This was all done in Russian and I didn’t know half of it until the food arrived.

After a few dates like this my patience has worn thin and I’ve ended them. So many have dragged on for 3 hours with hundred dollar restaurant bills. Including the interpreter that comes out to $150 – a lot of money when you can eat a nice “normal” meal for $15.

I wrote to one girl for a year and when I arrived she disappeared. Many of the girls that I wrote to – once I met them in person – couldn’t tell what they had said or even know who wrote first. Many thought I had made first contact and they were flattered – interesting because I was under the same assumption.

I received a “I’d like to get to know you” email from a woman who I had been corresponding with for 9 months! One woman emailed me and 6 months later sent the same exact email – word for word.

So then who was I writing to? Clearly not these women. Some secretary or interpreter at the agency is writing the letters. My agency is merely a broker – a go-between who links to the women’s profiles of other agencies. I’ve found this same sort of unscrupulous behavior at each of the 5 or 6 referring agencies.

Now mind you, I’m being VERY cautious and skeptical and I’m still fallng into pitfalls. Many (most) of the western men here are clueless losers who have no game whatsoever. They happily go on date after date thinking they are relationship building when in fact they have as much chance as they would getting laid in a strip club.

Back to my Ukrainian buddy. Last night he told me that it is common practice for agencies and interpreters to encourage girls to go out with men that they don’t like in order to split the interpreters commission. The agency gets the referral fee and of course looks the other way. The girls get to eat at fancy restaurants, drink champagne, go to the latest nightclubs and then split the terps commission – a lot when you consider that the average wage is about $250 a month. This explains why no one wants to use my interpreter.

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Can you find love here? Yes; my Heather Graham lookalike (perhaps the prettiest girl I’ve ever dated) wanted a long term commitment from me before I broke contact with her. But this process has been with cost. If you make the trip out here you can avoid some pitfalls by following a few rules:

1. Don’t EVER write letters to Eastern European Women. Isn’t it strange that you can’t have their contact information? It’s because you aren’t talking to them, you are talking to some manager, secretary or interpreter who is probably a man! The agencies will give you some IMBRA nonsense – please, since when do Ukrainians care about US law?

2. Better yet, about a month before you come out, post your profile and on arrival set dates with women who liked your profile. In my case, 1/2 of the women who initially mailed me didn’t even exist. 3 of 4 that did were only wanting to date to split the commission – they had no intentions of finding a western man – most of these women don’t want to even leave Ukraine. Writing letters is a joke and a waste of time. I know that many of you will ignore this advice and later you will remember and wish you had listened.

3. ONLY meet English speaking women. Forget your delusions, it isn’t going to work if you can’t talk. Meeting English speaking women cuts the interpreter out of the equation – this is half the battle from the onset.

4. Refuse demands or requests for extravagant meals, fluffy drinks, ritzy cafes and clubs and nights on the town. If she is sincere about finding a husband these things won’t interest her. I had one date (two years ago and introduced through the honest agency mentioned above) and the girl was reluctant to order anything in the restaurant we were seated in. I told her to order and she said, “But I don’t want to take advantage.”. That is the type of girl that you are looking for. Any woman who orders an $8 Mojito without even asking your permission is a player.

5. If you insist on a non-English speaker, limit the first date to an hour and get her contact info. Meet later with your own interpreter or better yet, your iPhone. Kiev-Star wifi access is 144 grievna per month. That’s about US $15 for 30 days and a gig of bandwidth. If you use that much you need to stay off of YouTube! Using Google translate, you can have adequate conversation. And, it will encourage her to learn English when she has to patient to type. Interpreters make for laziness. You pay, you invest; what does the Ukrainian girl contribute? Her letters are free, date is free, meal is free – the least she can do is invest the time to type. If she is seriously interested in you she will. If not, she’s a player.

6. Ignore everything the girl says and watch what she does. If she’s interested, she will be attentive and there will be body language and chemistry to match. Any level of aloofness and you are being played. If you’re at the table and you don’t know who the sucker is, it’s you. Is the girl late? Is she juggling plans with other friends? If a rich woman flew to my country to see me and I was interested in her, all my friends and social life would be on hold for a week.

I’ll be posting more on this subject over time. Don’t let your heart or libido override your common sense. Step outside the box and ask if what you are doing makes sense. The marriage industry exists only to make $. Be suspect of anything and everything that costs you your hard earned money.

7. Forget about these organized tours and “socials” wherein you are taken from social to social.  These girls have NO interest in dating Western men much less coming to your country.  Most of them are there for the free food, drinks, for you to take them out afterwards and for a chance to win a raffle that is held at each “social.”  I met an American man this morning, he’s from Iowa.  He was at the same social that I went to two weeks ago.  He told me that from event to event the girls were either “professional daters” or were only in it for the raffle prize.  He said that he spent an average of $500 per day on meals and interpreters and didn’t meet a single quality marriage minded woman.

Buyer beware – scam artists have taken over the industry and if you’re mailing women or buying dinners – well, you’re just a sucker!

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Picking and Choosing
Mom Check FAIL!

12 thoughts on “The Ukrainian Strip Club

    • I’ve been “interviewing” a few American men that I’ve met here – it seems the situation is much more dire than I had thought. More to follow…

        • 3 of 4 of the dates that I’ve had that were introduced by the agency turn out to be scammers. I’ve been talking to one of the “legit” agency owners and he says that the Anastasia company (the world’s biggest) has just turned this entire industry into a huge scam. They run adds soliciting Ukrainian women to sign up saying, “Keep your boyfriend & still go out to nice restaurants. Western men will buy you clothing and jewelry.” And sure enough, all of these 65 year fat losers come here and spread a lot of $ and it becomes a big racket. The interpreters encourage the girls to drag the dates out and then split the $15 an hour commission.

          Anastasia had 3,300 women registered in Odessa 2 years ago, now they have 5,500 today. Pretty much, if she’s hot, she’s on Anastasia’s website. And so, these girls pretend to be interested but in reality, they just want to go to the latest club, drink champagne and get $7 an hour split commission. I have a few Ukrainian friends here and they are disgusted by the whole thing.

          And so, the only “real” way to find out if a girl is legit is to refuse to take her out for a meal and blow off the interpreter. If she sticks around – she likes you. Meanwhile, you have to wade through these girls at $50 a pop + (at least) one hour of translation at $15.

          Bottom line: dating through marriage agencies is a huge waste of time. At least in Odessa. In some small towns with smaller agencies you may have some luck. I’ve only found one so far.

  1. Lugansk is not better than Odessa!

    I’m a 38 year old man (attorney) with a blooming career and very good physical shape – if I have to say it myself. Just got divorced (from my high school – girlfriend), so I was thinking: Why not try Anastasiasite? Sure enough I did – and has subsequently been in Lugansk several times. Now there is one big difference between me and many other men on the site. I speak and read Russian language – only when they speak Ukrainian they can have secrets from me. However, just to be safe I agreed to hire a translator at my first interview. I was flying to Donetsk and took a taxi from there to Lugansk, because money is not a big issue for me. However, I don’t like to pay more than I have to – it is in my blood to bee like this – so when my date offered me a taxi for 3 times the price the taxi service in Donetsk airport could provide (I called and asked – they only speak Russian, so if you cannot do that you’re lost…). Anyway – even though this was a first warning sign – I went to Lugansk, which is probably the most miserable and ugly place I have ever laid my eyes on – meet with my lady and the translator was all the time translating wrongly – to her advantage! I told her I like well educated people – like myself, so the beautiful nurse, which I was dating suddenly became a doctor – in fact a surgeon :-) Later we skipped the translators, because I can speak and understand Russian. However, even after dating this woman for approximately one year (outside the site and only through my own privately arranged travels), she is still trying to pull my leg. I don’t let her do that, and no Ukrainian man would do it either. You have to remember Ukraine is a macho society, so they would most likely interpret kindness – from a pussified – western man as weakness. So my advice is don’t go down that lane – Please! And yes – 90% or more of the ladies in anastasiasite are so called professional daters. I know this, because one of my personal friends has been working there as a translator – and is in fact today a pro-dater, scamming old naïve western men, because as she told me – if a 60 year old – fat man wants to date a 20 year old photo model, then he is asking for it.

    I have been writing to the customer’s service on the Anastasiasite, my girlfriend has been writing – and calling, but it is impossible to delete her profile, simply because it creates revenue for the agency. One of her friends got married (to a local Ukrainian guy) not long time ago, and her profile is also still active. Believe me this is pure cold business! The local “maddam” in Lugansk is called Irina – I don’t remember her last name, and she is searching via the local newspapers for new girls for the site – the ads are promising stable income (from letters, chats and meetings) and presents from men, who visit… It is so rotten, that it is simply out of my mind….

    By the way thanks for a great webpage and info! I wish I was reading this before!

  2. Hi.
    I have been on this site Russianlovematch for a long time because I have met two girls there that I believed in. I first met a girl from Simferopol that I have go visit for 2 times now…..long time betwin but its not so easy to get all the money u need for the trip (even though I live in sweden) anyway the second time I visit her she was very “cold” to me and I could hardly take her hand. It was feeling very strange and I spend a whole weekend there but could only meet her for 3 hours. That sucked bad so when I went home I desided to not go back…..delete and forget.
    But then this other girl that I had talked to a little bit, just regular talk no flirting…..she started to talk some more with me (if it was her who where writing) and I started to really focus on her. She was so lovely that I desided to go visit her last summer. When I was there she was just like in the chat and I really felt that this was The one….she had been waiting for me.
    We continue talking when I got home and it felt great and I had my own photos of her so I knew that she was real :)
    But after about 6 month she started to turn…….she was not on the site very much and it was hard to get contact with her. I was confused and thought that maybe it was work?
    Now when I have been here and reading….I understand everything. she was a scammer……because she needed a interpreter to talk with me because I dont know russian and she could´nt talk english. So ok I payed no problem…..but I read here that one guy knew about this trick. Because that was my price too….15$ an hour for the interpreter…..and the girl I really was there for was very quick to say good buy when we got back to the hotel. So it was only me and the interpreter left there… solve the money :((
    I do see the devise in all this now.
    Thank you for a good site! And for saving my money from now on :)

    Regards Mike

  3. Hi There! For those of you who disbelieve ANY of what the other guys here have written, use your heads (the one with grey matter not the other one) instead of your heart. what these guys have said is true ABSOLUTELY! I know because I have lived it all at least once! Other advice I can give is do not, ever, under any circumstance tell her how much money you make, how much your house or car costs etc. This just puts dollar signs in her eyes and a target on your back. I am actually married to a wonderful Ukrainian woman now and she is my whole life. I am writing this from the hospital room waiting for our first child to be born. I had been on the sites for months and being scottish/irish I was hesitant to spend any money on letters etc. (I did eventually to my chagrin) as I felt this was a scam (it is) first time I met a girl there,she “needed” an interpreter even though I had taken the time to learn some russian (this is something I highly recommend as it impresses the hell out of them). At the time I think I paid 20$ USD per hour. Plus I had to pay for her taxi there and back to the tune of 200 griven each way, which was about 5 times what it actually costs, and she probably took the bus anyway! Several failed dates later, I decided to hell with the agencies and these scamming bitches. I was going to do this on my own. So I started by scoping out some nice quiet cafes and likely spots to meet some women. At first I was a bit nervous about approaching them but hey I thought to myself its not like I will ever see them again if they shoot me down. Best decision EVER! It takes a bit of game but the next three weeks was like a dream. I keep an apartment in odessa and my wife and I travel a few times a year and we couldnt be happier! If anyone has any questions for me or need some advice or even want to organize a trip please feel free to email me

    Scott edt: [email redacted: recommend an account at the forums, you can chat with the guys there and private message each other if you want to take it offline.]


  4. Joined “Brides Of Ukraine” hoping to meet some nice ladies when I traveled to Ukraine. Basically traveled to the area to the area to explore my heritage and the city of my grandparents roots. I met three girls, each attractive but spoke ZERO ENGLISH, despite advertising that she spoke English well. Paid the interpreter $20 an hour. The first date lasted 6-hours over two days, boom $120 gone. The second and third date I learned my lesson and only spent 1-hour with each women. It’s a total scam!! They must be splitting the translator money and giving the woman a percentage of the $75 meeting fee. Visited Western Ukraine and had a wonderful time in a beautiful land, very inexpensive!! It’s difficult to meet Ukrainian women they are very weary women. Before my trip I read the book “Banging Ukraine” to get an idea of how to approach Ukrainian women. It was priceless!! The women are weary of men, are not heavy partiers, and fear foreigners.
    Al that being said Lviv is a BEAUTIFUL City and I loved visiting the country.

    • Like I’ve always said, to find the serious and marriage minded ladies in Ukraine, you’ve GOT to spend time there and get to know them. Yes, they are wary. It’s all over the internet that western men are just there for sex. And because of the internet, they can easily see that western women are fugly and fat. Therefore, another reason why to be wary, because of the questionable intentions of western men.

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