I’m beautiful!


Been busy courting a beautiful 27-year-old Ukrainian Woman for the past week and haven’t paid much attention to the blog.  But something I saw today made me put on my writing cap. As if you didn’t need any more reasons … Continue reading

My eyes are burning!


“My eyes are burning,” was the text I received from my English friend as he arrived back at Heathrow Airport in London. Apparently the size and shape of the UK women was a drastic and startling change from the Ukrainian … Continue reading

Signs the West has it all wrong


Men come to the Ukraine because they want to meet an Eastern Woman.  They don’t want a fat American/European woman with feminist snobbery and the arrogance that comes with so much man-hating.  And so, these men come to Odessa, Kiev … Continue reading

Three blonde beauties


Sitting at a restaurant on Deribaskovskaya a few nights back, our regular party of four (two Ukrainians, a Brit and an American) was joined by a Dutchman and two Canadians. The conversation turned – as it often does – to … Continue reading

Two beauties on Deribasivskaya


Today’s “hot woman of the week” is two women – they are just passing below the Deribasivskaya & Gretski Street sign in the heart of Odessa’s City Center.  This is the intersection at the “Blue Cow,” a tourist photo stop in … Continue reading

How the scam works


Wow! I only signed up for Anastasia International dating last night and by 8am this morning I already have a dozen women who want to contact me.  Hmmm, that is interesting indeed as I haven’t even posted a photo or anything … Continue reading