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Men, always remember to do the mom check. As I look at so many mother and daughter combinations it’s like looking at a time machine; you can see how 25 years ago the mother was the twin to her daughter. 90% of women will grow to look like their mother – or worse! With this new McDonalds generation you will often see a 20 year old young woman who outweighs her 45 year old mother. Do the math; she’s not going to lose weight as she ages. By the time most of today’s 20 year old chunky girls reach 35 they will look like Jabba the Hut!

Been at the Crossfit routine again and made a visit to McDees to keep the weight up and I saw this Ma and daughter combo. The daughter is a hot Ukrainian girl and while she may lure a less experienced visitor – not this pilgrim. I can see what she will be in 20 years. Girlfriend? OK. Wife? Not on your life.

Sitting at a local cafe here in Odessa, Ukraine I just watched for an hour as example after example of Mother-daughter clone teams walked by. It is uncanny how most are of similar height, bone structure and their face, bra size – everything is about the same except one has 20+ years and a few pounds.

I’m gonna call this a Mom check PASS as this Mom who is probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s is in better shape than 95% of American women her age. And this is after kids! The daughter is hot so I’m giving these ladies an “A.”  The mom even has the daughter dressing hot – too bad American women don’t dress like this daughter.

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My next example is a Mom check fail. The daughter may be hot but we can see what she will become.  Not that the Mom blew up into a blimp but she clearly isn’t concerned with her looks anymore.  Makes you wonder if Dad is getting any?

In a recent phenomenon, I’ve begun to notice Moms that are hotter than their daughters. Yes, even McDonalds fat asses are coming to Ukraine. I often see a family with three children. The 12 year old and 9 year old are normal weight but the 6 year old looks like a Kuwaiti, American or a Samoan! So sad to see the worst of Americana infecting the world like this…

In this photo, the daughter (in white) is average whereas Mom was still looking good. The daughter best be careful not to blow up eating too much fast food if she wants to look as good as her Mom in her 40’s and 50’s.

I saved my best for last. Just to compare Ukrainian and American women I pulled a Mom check candidate from this week’s eHarmony matches. I love it when girls post pics of their Ma on their profile. It saves you having to go on 3 dates to get to see a Mom photo. If you’re very slick you’ll send her Christmas photos and encourage her to do the same. I’ve ended contact many times after seeing the Grinch – oops, I mean her Mom.

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The Ukrainian Strip Club
Americans in town

6 thoughts on “Mom Check FAIL!

  1. Not only looks, but check out mom’s personality and work habits. Girls turn into their mom in almost every facet, not just looks. If mom is a crabby lazy wife, the daughter will be too.

    • So true, if Mom is cheating on the Husband, what does that tell the daughter? When all else fails, try to select a Wife who’s parents are not only married, but who still love each other.

      • People especially western women get pissed when I bring this topic up. A f*cked up family history is the cherry on top of femi-nazi sundae. She’ll most likely try to outdo her mothers bitching and evilness…while trying to push your buttons to provoke you…if you don’t take the bait and put up with it you are a punk, if blow up and have an outburst you are an asshole sleaze ball…a western feminist women that is from f*cked family is a no win situation…the guy in a relationship with her is just a pawn in her self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • I’d like to confirm Scott’s point. My wife’s parents are married. Her brother has been married for 11 years. No second marriages. Solid family. It was another reason why I chose to pursue her to be my wife. I knew that the odds were in my favor with such a “functional” family. Every evening, I enjoy hearing her talk to her mom on skype. Get this, on my wife’s birthday 2 weeks ago, the family gathered at babushka’s, and ate/drank in my wife’s honor. And they all chatted on skype. Very close family. And its just another reason why I miss living in Ukraine, because her family is the best.

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