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Mom Check FAIL!
Tall Brunette in heels

When I was at McDonalds yesterday writing my post about the Mom Check FAIL I heard a small group of people speaking English.  There was an American delegation and they were gobbling down shakes, fries and burgers as if it was the end of the earth.  I noticed that each of the women in the group were not only overweight but that they were all in horrible shape.  Their bodies were flabby and soft and all of them dressed – as many American women do – as if they had just gotten out of bed and were having a stay at home day.  They really contrasted sharply with the high-heeled wearing – mini skirt clad – low bustline Ukrainian Women sitting all around.

I looked left: thin waist, tits pouring out of a tiny dress top.  I looked right, flabby arms, huge gut and both hands feeding fries into greedy mouth.

I bet that the fat American girl has a bad attitude and refuses blow jobs too.

Today as I was walking back from lunch I spotted one of the American girls and an American man walking towards the Odessa Opera House.  I pulled my iPhone and switched to camera mode just before they disappeared behind the shadow of a building.

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As you can see by her physique, there isn’t much to be desired.  And she dresses very frumpy as well.  I wonder how she is coping being in a place with so many beautiful women?

Over on Bunina Street not two hours apart, I spotted this Odessa beauty and shot a pic of her as she passed me on the sidewalk.  I’m sure you can see the difference between over here and over there where you live.  Sure, there are fat women here, but they are the minority.  And some women dress frumpy, but they are the minority as well.  MOST of the women here dress in high heels, tight skirts or jeans and dress up like WOMEN.  They don’t wear man clothes, they don’t look like they just crawled out of bed – they look like women and it is very refreshing.

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Mom Check FAIL!
Tall Brunette in heels

7 thoughts on “Americans in town

  1. Very refreshing indeed…..I do wonder, though, how long it will be before my “Golden Arches Theory of Fattening Abroad” applies there as well….

    • It’s already spreading here – especially with the young novi-rich. Stand by for a post on this subject.

  2. I so love this site. Actually the couple that you captured in the wild are considered thin in San Jose. The average horizontally challenged is about 300+ pounds, and this is for women. Thank for this site, it is refreshing that others do not think this is normal in USA…

    • …and one of the main issues besides the psychological damage that most femi-nazis suffer from that I am opting out of the Western mating game.

      • If only you could see how the local Ukrainians looked at these American she-men. It was like going to a comedy except that the actors thought they were in a real drama.

        • I’m just wondering what kind of garbage these western women are spewing to the males they are vacationing or doing business travel with while in EE? I bet that guy in the pic above is so pissed inside…considering the local talent and eye candy walking by.

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