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Today’s Beautiful Ukrainian Woman of the day was shot on Deribasovskaya in the heart of Odessa’s famed “City Center.”  It is common sport for the tourists to come here and walk around.  When the ladies aren’t sipping champagne they are walking around in high heels and there are thousands of men sitting around, drinking beer and ogling at them.

I can’t imagine ever getting tired of looking at all of these beautiful Ukrainian Women.  As I look at all of the fat matches that eHarmony proposes to me each day I want to just puke.  Sure, Ukraine has its high maintenance bitches as well but at least they aren’t the size of elephants.

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After you see so many hundreds of women like this you start to get a sharper eye.  This girl probably rates a “6” in the scale of Women here.  I’ll try to get some shots of some 8’s and 9’s – it’s a bit difficult to shoot pics of the hot chicks without coming off like a perv.  And as I’m living her for the time being, I don’t want to get a reputation LOL!

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Americans in town
How the scam works

9 thoughts on “Tall Brunette in heels

    • The city is full of them! The trick is finding one that hasn’t been polluted by this wretched dating industry.

  1. Dude we met on the plane from Odessa to Warsaw. Our conversation was hilarious, yet truthful. Anyhow your blog is good stuff. Keep’em coming, and best of luck to you on your Quest!

    • Sorry I missed you in Chicago, I should have gotten your number. Check back in a few days, I’ll post a link to my email on this site.

      Yeah, I’ve been “busy” for a few days, just putting in one late night post. Glad you’re enjoying the site.



  2. “I’ll try to get some shots of some 8’s and 9’s – it’s a bit difficult to shoot pics of the hot chicks without coming off like a perv. ”

    Seriously please post what you would consider 8s or even 9s in Ukraine? I just want to get a perspective of what you (or some of the other guys) are talking about. If there are pics on this site in other posts please direct me towards them.

  3. I have read on this site numerous times before that it is not uncommon to see short stocky men with taller model like women (reverse heightism…LOL!) in the FSU. Since height is relative I’m trying to get more specific numbers; are women between 5’7” to 5’10” (without heels) fairly common in places like Russia and Ukraine? I’m taller than the average but I want the same for my future sons as well.

    • Sure thing! My wife is about 5’8 and she’s about average here as far as I can see.
      She loves to wear heels and mini skirts by the way;)
      But even in heels she’s a tad shorter than me;) I’m 6’3 ;)
      Just come over and experience the beauty of Eastern Europe yourself!!!

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