How the scam works

Tall Brunette in heels
Two beauties on Deribasivskaya

Wow! I only signed up for Anastasia International dating last night and by 8am this morning I already have a dozen women who want to contact me.  Hmmm, that is interesting indeed as I haven’t even posted a photo or anything about myself.  I might be dying of terminal cancer, have no arms and legs, be unemployed and still these hot women want to go out with me!  I must be one lucky fellow.

Or maybe its a scam?

As I watch each day, so many 65-year-old, overweight American, Aussie and British men go out on dates with these spectacular looking Ukrainian women – women who are only 22 or 23 years old, I can’t help but roll my eyes and think how clueless these guys are.  Well, I can’t scoff, I was about as clueless two weeks ago.

Just last night my buddy from London and my Ukrainian friend watched as two beautiful young 20-somethings dined and drank at the expense of two 45-something fat Turkish guys who really thought that they were getting somewhere.  We watched as the girls rolled their eyes to each other when the men were looking away, as if to say, “Hold on a little longer sister, this date won’t last too much longer.”  Clearly these girls were in this date for free sushi, vodka shots and the chance to go shopping tomorrow to fleece these guys out of some hard-earned cash.  One guy was wearing an 18k gold Rolex so I figured they had some money.

As I talk to so many men from Western countries, the story repeats itself.  They “date” this young attractive girl, go to expensive restaurants, drag along an expensive interpreter and after so many dates – just when the guy is becoming wary of spending so much money and suggests losing the interpret, the girl vanishes or breaks contact.

It all seemed a bit too coincidental until my Ukrainian friend provided me with a few links and then it all began to make sense.  Taken from the Russian version of Facebook called “Konekt,” these ads are for IDC and other “local” agencies – the same type of agencies that supply Anastasia International women for dating.  Most of these agencies “share” women profile information.

I met a guy from Iowa last week who spent a few thousand dollars dating Anastasia women and when he found that some where indeed only in it to share commissions with the interpreter he complained.  Anastasia refused his complaint and would not refund his money for those dates.  Buyer beware.

Any agency that uses women’s profiles from other agencies that use these kinds of tactics are just as guilty as the agencies that create the profiles.  In the case of Anastasia International – each of the men here that I’ve talked to report the same thing: as soon as they cut off the interpreter and try to use their own, none of the Anastasia girls call them back.  They say that 90-95% of the Anastasia women are bogus and are only dating for pay.

These adds encourage women to date as a part or full-time job – even if they have no intention of dating a foreigner or moving to a Western country.  I shouldn’t even describe the ad, I should let it speak for itself:

Hello Are you [interested in the] marriage agency IDC. Would you like to become a client of our and get a free, professional photo session with one of the best photographers in Ukraine? You would be able to meet new and interesting dating and relationships, as well as the opportunity to earn some money (not sex)!

If desired, we provide you with professional photo shoot and you register on dating sites. On your behalf is correspondence [you do not have to write to the men, we will do it for you]. Just for you will come men [who want to write to you or meet you]. In this case, you can meet them, and as you can and refuse to meet. It all depends on you and your desires. The meeting is usually a dinner or lunch at the restaurant (at the request of the girls). At the meetings, usually a translator. But, you can cancel the service of an interpreter (for free), in which case you do go to a meeting with a man.

In conclusion, the male customer is obliged to give a girl in a taxi, our clients give the girls a taxi at least 200 gr (note: about $25 US, a cab ride across the whole of the city is about 50 gr).Not according to how close or far away lived a girl. You get $ 5 for every hour spent in communion with a man and a translator.

For example, if you spent 3 hours, then you will receive $ 15 and 200 UAH. by taxi. You’ll also receive gifts from men, who came to you at the meeting. Men, which is correspondence on your behalf on the sites, send you gifts. In this case, you can pick them up in the form of money or gifts to themselves. The guarantee that you will get this or that gift – you and your photos brought a gift. This site is a prerequisite for the delivery of a gift for a girl. [You don’t have to do anything to] receive all the gifts that will be coming to you from the men, such as flowers, perfume, and other [valuable items].

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Many of the girls (who are not interested in a serious relationship), use such agencies as a way of earning and receiving gifts.

Requirements for the following girls: good looks, age 18 to 35 years.

I’ve used the dating agency Brides of Ukraine – this agency, run by a slippery American fellow named Dion is just a “broker.”  He doesn’t actually ever interact with any of the women on the profiles he publishes.  He posts the profiles of other agencies and gets a “cut” of the introduction fee and the fees that are charged to interpret letters.

Now, I’m not complaining about this.  I’m an adult and I spent my money freely.  Thank goodness I only paid $200 for introduction fees ($50 each for 4 dates).  I’ve talked to some guys that have dropped $6,000-8,000).  My point in posting this is to warn the next crowd of guys who may come over and get cheated like so many other men here.

Lets have a see at my track record with Dion and his agency:

Corresponded with 1 girl for a year and 3 weeks before I arrive she emails saying that she’s taking her name of the site but that she wants to still meet me.  When I arrive in Odessa she can’t be found.  She never existed, I was emailing a secretary at one of the agencies.

Another girl that I corresponded with for 9 months – I received an email from her in month 9 saying “Hi, I’d like to get to know you.”  Clearly that email was sent by someone other than her – I was never writing to her in the first place.

I asked for dates with 10 women who emailed me the month before my arrival.  6 of the 10 women who were so eager to “write to me” vanished upon my arrival.

Of the 4 that I did meet with, 3 cut off all contact when I wanted to use my interpreter.  The 4th girl was legitimate so long as I took her to high-end restaurants and kept ordering champagne.  When I insisted on pizza and beer, our relationship closed quickly.

As I have some prepaid credits, I decided to email this girl:

My message was curt and to the point: “I am looking for a serious woman, no games.  If you are interested in meeting me, please reply.”

This is the message that I received (mind you, my name is not Jeff and I’m not Asian):

Hello Jeff

How are you?

Ok, do not worry I am going to answer your questions.

Yes, you are an interesting person and I think I will like you phsically when we meet, I can’t say anythig definite now.

I would like to see myself in 5 years as a wife and a mother of my first child.

Dear, there is only my parents and me in the family and I live separately, they do not mind if I date an Asian guy.

I am very affectionate person and I will treat my man the same way as he does, I am a giving person I never cheat and I believe in true love.
You will see me someday and notice that I am very gentle.


Are you starting to get the picture?  These girls aren’t writing these letters.  Corresponding with a foreign woman through and agency isn’t corresponding at all – for all you know you’re talking to big fat Boris as he snacks on pretzels and beer writing love notes do desperate Western Men.

I thought I’d have some fun with this and I immediately emailed Dion back.  I’ve caught this slippery f*ck in a few lies already.  If you look up the word con-man in the dictionary, you’ll find him.  I asked for a date with Svetlana.  Heck, she lives in Odessa, I’m here and she just wrote me, certainly she can meet this weekend?  He said he would get back to me and 5 days later I’ve received no response.

If a “rich” woman flew to the US and was trying to meet me for dinner, I’d surely make time!

Interestingly, when I arrived 2 1/2 weeks ago, he was calling me 3 times a day.  After I poked some holes in his BS and complained about scammers, he doesn’t call me any more.  I guess he would rather spend his time talking to 65-year-old suckers with deep pockets and bank accounts.

As I’ve said in previous posts: writing to girls you haven’t met is a waste of money.  Taking girls out for dinner and drinks is a waste of money.  Meet for no more than an hour, get their phone number and arrange 2nd date with your own interpreter.  If she shows, she’s honest.  If she doesn’t she’s dating for $.

Your call, good luck.

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Tall Brunette in heels
Two beauties on Deribasivskaya

22 thoughts on “How the scam works

  1. Hi, very interesting article and elucidative too. What do you think about this site

    It’s also a scam or there are not a single one legitimate russian dating site out there? Thanks for your attention.

    Manu (Brazil)

      • Dude I really like your site. We all go through the same struggles apparently after we’re realized that westernwomensuck and Eastern European ones are the light. I rather deal w scammers and have 5% chance of meeting my perfect girl than staying in Canada with all these frozen soulless and hairy feminists.

  2. I believe this is all true. Have not wasted much money.
    Anastacia Date- Wrote in my profile ” I have AIDS” Still received letters.
    All the photos are touched up.

    • I have AIDS too from being raped in prison while serving 7 years for killing my wife. I believe I am fully rehabilitated and pose no further threat to the community.

  3. Hi Scott,

    I am writing this while being at the moment on holiday in Odessa, and I could not agree more with you. I travel for 10 years to the Ukrainian region Crimea but wanted this time to check out Odessa and (for the first time) test a dating agency (rather a dating group: as their layout and content can be found on several other websites e.g.

    I had 3 days ago a 1st date with a 21 year old girl with her interpreter (20 USD/hour) that went so-so (girl was ok but not yet enough woman, partly my fault too by having choosing too young) but all together an interesting experience. I exchanged telephone numbers and the next day I received at 16:00 a reply on my SMSes of 10:00 en 13:00. She wanted to go out that evening but not without the interpreter, otherwise she said not to feel at ease. You must know that I am not looking nor behaving as a monster and that my knowledge of Russian is not so bad (average) in this way that the interpreter asked during our first meeting if she would be needed. For the first meeting I insisted on her presence but not for the following. So I insisted on meeting again without interpreter and she refused. End of this story.

    Then I have yesterday met a guy who I contacted in search for a local agency: We met at the beach and he wanted to introduce me immediately to one of the woman he knew ‘personally’ but I did not liked her photos he showed on his iPad. When I asked for others, he said that I had to register on Natashaclub/Lovelab (I did not tell him that I had already a profile). Most other women I liked, he could not help me with as they were ‘delivered’ by other agents.

    A good thing is that he offered me to switch my hotel for a 2-bedroom flat in the center street Deribasivskaya for less money than the hotel asked. And by the way: seeing his car (some big Toyota EX250 V6 or so) business runs quite well!

    Today I made the switch to the appartment and filled the rest of my day to write messages to different women in Odessa. Actually, this time not to them, but to their translators. An example of my message is like this:

    “Dear translator,

    I am searching for a lady who can be my future wife, and not a girl who posts her profile to make some money or for fun. Can you tell me in which category Virginiya falls? Is she ready to leave her city and life in a West-European country? I am now in Odessa and can meet with her this week.

    Best regards,

    I am very curious to receive their responses. I received some already but deleted them immediately, so I cannot copy one as example anymore. Mostly they were only 2-3 sentences long (so very short, unusual) and contained many questions like ‘Why do you think that…’ + other questions in order to try to keep the game running. Or they are out of the city suddenly. Sorry for those women out there that mean it well but my life is not build upon hope but on facts.

    To be continued… :-)

    • Thank you for the feedback. There are a LOT of pitfalls dating overseas (as I find out each month). I’ll be posting more on this subject later…

    • By the overwhelming number of emails I’m getting about all of the “scams” in the former USSR, a word of caution to all who make the journey – be careful and think with your big head, not the little one!!!

  4. I tried Ukraine a few times using Anastasia and some of the other sites you recommended. I found a lot of scams and scammers. A friend at work married a Columbian woman, I went to Columbia and I found my wife too. You might try a trip to Columbia.


    “Charity begins, in the heart”
    American Cancer Foundation

  5. I asked Dion for a link to the Men’s catalog so I could see how my profile
    compared to other men and how it was listed. Also I wanted to see the requirements
    for Ukrainian women, if there is any cost to them or are they paid etc.
    He told me it was none of my business, yeah he is hiding something for sure.
    There is a link to the men’s catalog but there is no listing or real info.

    • I’ve received threatening emails from him. It is so obvious that his site is a scam.

      1. There are NO testimonials. Not a single couple has had success on his site.
      2. You can’t get the women’s contact information. He claims IMBRA requirements. Hmm… he’s not a US Citizen and doesn’t live in the US, why should he care about US marriage law?
      3. I, and many others have reported his lying and deceptive ways.

      Anyone who sends any money to deserves to lose their money.

  6. Anastasia is useful. I don’t think your guessed percentage is correct on the number of honest women. I’ve met two Ukrainians via this method, one who got paid via Anastasia, the other has never used the bride sites. The one from Anastasia, they sent me an automated letter in her name while we were living together! She unabashedly explained how it works, as your post outlines.

    1) BROWSE Anastasia for women that interest you. Ignore the robot/spam traffic they push in front of you. Then note their name, city and birthdate. I filter for “intermediate” stating of language skills, as those that are fluent tend to be the pro daters.

    2) Go to or other russian social networks using google chrome, and search name, city, country and on the bottom right search parameters,put in her birthdate.

    3) Many of the real daters will have put their “beauty session” pictures up, or may have others you can recognise. Most of the scammer butterfly girl types do not, as it’s not their real self, so they leave on the date scam sites only.

    4) you can also select their photo URLs, and search by image ( searching as well, and it can help find, if their privacy settings are open. Searching regular allows u to see if she’s on one or many sites. More than one or two, usually a scam dater.

    5) Write to them and introduce your self to them, you can tell them you saw them on Anastasia and decided to contact her here. Date scammers will push you to Anastasia to collect their fees. One measure I do is have a simple website, and send them a link to it ( a small business website, anything that shows your professional experiences) that has statcounter in it. This will tell you their exact IP address, many of the bs artist are in Egypt or other locales.

    6) another note… Anastasia’s auto spammer sends more than one profile at a time. If your profile has info in it, that represents you honestly, occasionally you will get a single message notification, which tend to be from women with real intentions.

    • Yoda,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Where do I begin…? Let me start off by saying that I don’t change the oil in my car. Why? Because it is messy and a lot of work & I only save a few bucks to do it. That time can be better utilized working in my business making money. Time = money. Spending time doing photo searches on Google may be a good use of time for some, but not for me.

      I can’t help but wonder how much work it must be do search through hundreds of photos, and then go and look for those same profiles on VK or on Google. It really sounds like a lot of work and I don’t think that the return would be worth it in the end. And do you really want to seek out women who have illegitimate profiles on a scam-site like Anastasia? If woman is willing to have a bogus profile on Anastasia, is that the woman that you want to trust to bring home to your country? Is that the woman that you want to trust to be your wife?

      I know many Men who have found their brides on Elena’s website. And many of the Eastern European Women on Elena’s give their reason as joining that one of their girlfriends or sisters met their husband on Elena’s. I would much rather want to meet a woman for dating that has this motivation, not one who has a profile on one (or many) scam-sites for “side income.”

      But, I suppose if you have the time and patience, I guess this method could work for some of the guys who come here. In my humble opinion, it is more work than to just flip out a subscription fee.

      I’m in the planning stages of a wedding and I can see how expensive marriage can get LOL. The whole marriage industry in the US is just rife with corruption. Specifically, it is geared to the silly 22 year old bride with daddy’s check book. I’m writing a blog post about it now and hope to have it up in a few days.

      Bottom line, this may work for some guys but I think that the work/reward ratio isn’t worth it.

      Good luck in your search.

      • well, I use VK primarily for watching movies and listening to music, so its not much time to login in. Nor is doing a simple search that much of a brain surgery. Sure, if you type slow or something, you can throw money at someone to do your things for you… but it really is quicker than writing a paragraph to search.

        Your analogy reminds me of the saying that there are two kinds of guys a woman wants. One who knows how to do things and takes the initative to do it, or if she can’t have that, one who has the money be burn to hire the first guy. Which woman would you prefer?

        My main point is not all the girls on anastasia are scammers, but you’re correct that the majority of them could be. I’m just outlining a simple way to contact those potentially honest ones without paying anastasia a dime (or anyone a dime). The fact that anastasia tells you their first name, city and birthdata, and that you can filter by language ability, means there are alternative ways to meet them, and you know they are looking for a partner.

        The woman I’m involved with now has never been on the dating sites, and we met on I’m sure the paid sites have various levels of quality, but with social media, you can find someone nice… now if I could only figure out my home country… I’ve been living in Eastern Europe and Asia for 19 years now…

        You know, for less than the price of a stateside wedding, you can go to thailand for a wedding and honeymoon for about the same price or less, and it lasts more than an hour or two…

        • You wrote: “well, I use VK primarily for watching movies and listening to music, so its not much time to login in. Nor is doing a simple search that much of a brain surgery. Sure, if you type slow or something, you can throw money at someone to do your things for you… but it really is quicker than writing a paragraph to search.”

          It seems that you have more time on your hands than I do and if you have time to search through so many social media sights, more power to you. I am not sure that the average guy who comes here will care to sift through so much to get to women who are not only marriage-minded but who are also legitimate. As for getting someone to “do something for you,” Elena’s does screen out a vast majority of the scammers that you’ll find on other sites. Anastasia not only encourages scammers but it actually posts bogus profiles. If you want to find a diamond, you pick up rocks in a diamond mine. Sure, you can pick up a lot of rocks in a coal mine but your chances of finding diamonds are slimmer.

          You also wrote:

          “Your analogy reminds me of the saying that there are two kinds of guys a woman wants. One who knows how to do things and takes the initative to do it, or if she can’t have that, one who has the money be burn to hire the first guy. Which woman would you prefer?”

          I can’t see how this argument has an relevance at all. If you want to buy a gun, you go to a gun show. Sure, you can scan the wanted ads in the paper but you go to a gun show to find a lot of guns in one place. Does paying an entrance fee to the gun show make you guy #2 in your example? I think not.

          All I’m saying is, this site is here for the men who haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet. You have. You know some tricks, you’ve shared them, good on you. If they help the Joes here, good on you double. But there are a lot of guys who – not knowing any better – will find them awash in the morass of the scum of the Eastern European dating agencies. All that I can say is you really get what you pay for in life. If your time is worth $2 an hour, screening through hundreds of scam profiles might be the way to go. For men who have a life, they maybe want to filter out some of the crap.

          As for getting married in Thailand, I don’t see how flying a hundred people to Thailand is cheaper than flying the fiance’s immediate family to the US.

  7. Interestingly, the IDC link on doesn’t work anymore, I see the following message:

    This community (IDC) has been suspended due to a violation of VK Terms of Service.

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  9. If you are unsure about the Ukrainian girl you have contacted via Internet and you want to find out if she is a scamer or do her background check, you can contact private investigator in Ukraine.

    Please, visit This detective agency is one of reliable agencies in Kiev.

    • That is a pretty good idea – something I’ve been meaning to comment on for some time. If you are worried that the Woman you’re communicating with isn’t all she says she is, then it probably is a good idea to check it out. If you’re wrong, at least you’ll sleep better. But if you’re worried, then maybe something is wrong and it is better to find out earlier than later. Trust your gut, you can’t go wrong.

  10. Just confirm everything you said about ANASDATISIA.COM

    Girls (or men for that matter) are paid to write on chat. You do not talk to the girls on the pictures. I managed to meet in Kiev a girl who used to be Playmate for Playboy Ukraine can you believe that. She arrived in black mafia car and left with the same car. It cost me 100$ + lunch + interpreter.
    It’s prostitution without sex. Though this is definitely the most beautiful girl I have ever approached in my entire life. So it was almost well spent money ah ah ah

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