Two beauties on Deribasivskaya

How the scam works
Three blonde beauties

Today’s “hot woman of the week” is two women – they are just passing below the Deribasivskaya & Gretski Street sign in the heart of Odessa’s City Center.  This is the intersection at the “Blue Cow,” a tourist photo stop in front of the steak house.  The blue cow has “meat and wine” written on the side of it and is a frequent place for Western Men to meet their “dates” from the dating agencies.

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All day you can watch the Odessa high-heeled beauties as they carefully manuever across Gretski street; the cobble-stone pavement is tricky for the high heels – the women walk from stone to stone making sure not to get their heels stuck.

It is no wonder that the women here have such nice legs as they wear these ridiculously tall heels and put a few kilometers on them walking so far.  I’ve never walked more than in Odessa save for basic training in the Army.  But it sure does pay off, the women are smoking hot.

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How the scam works
Three blonde beauties

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