Three blonde beauties

Two beauties on Deribasivskaya
Signs the West has it all wrong

Sitting at a restaurant on Deribaskovskaya a few nights back, our regular party of four (two Ukrainians, a Brit and an American) was joined by a Dutchman and two Canadians. The conversation turned – as it often does – to how beautiful the women are here. London said that no one at home can understand the “big deal” with Ukraine. Unless you’ve been here to see how many beautiful (and thin) women that are here, it’s really hard to understand. We all nodded in agreement. I’ll do my best to help get the idea across.

In the last two days I’ve shot a few photos on the way to and from language classes. It just turned out that three in a row were blondes. As you look at the pics of these women you start to see a trend: thin, beautiful and they all dress like women!

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Even when you see just “ordinary” looking women, they’re in a hot dress or else they have a low cut top on showing a little cleavage. And of course, most of the women here are not obese like in the west – at least not yet. There is no way to describe it, the women here are SMOKING HOT!

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Two beauties on Deribasivskaya
Signs the West has it all wrong

4 thoughts on “Three blonde beauties

  1. The calves on the first blonde are something incredible….quality like that is rare on even the most beautiful and fit of women…

    • I believe that the average Ukrainian Woman walks 3km (2 miles) each day. The average American Woman probably walks 100 meters a day. Subtract McDonalds and the feminist attitude that requires acceptance no matter how fat and you start to get an idea of where those calves come from.

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