Signs the West has it all wrong

Three blonde beauties
My eyes are burning!

Men come to the Ukraine because they want to meet an Eastern Woman.  They don’t want a fat American/European woman with feminist snobbery and the arrogance that comes with so much man-hating.  And so, these men come to Odessa, Kiev and other cities in the east, they come fleeing the bad women of the west, and what do they do when they arrive?  They treat these women as though they were Western women and in doing so, they literally turn these Eastern beauties into conceited, self-centered Western style women.

I’ve dated women in Belarus and in Ukraine.  A GENUINE Eastern Woman is not interested in going to expensive restaurants or presents or flowers.  She is interested in a man who can lead, a man who can pay the bills: a responsible man.  But I watch day after day as so many of my compatriots come here – with NO “game” whatsoever, they hem and haw and ask the girls “please,” and “may I” when the women want a leader.  They want a MAN.  And so, these men act like the pussified western men that they are – it’s not their fault, they are a product of their environment – and turn the Women of the East into what the men have fled in the West.

Men: if you come to the East, do NOT take your dates out for expensive dinners.  Any woman who wants this is a scammer.  The woman who is interested in you as a man will be happy to go to her local restaurant and by your second or third date you should be invited to her home where she can show you her cooking skills.

I’ve been watching The Dog Whisperer all week and it is amazing the parallels that you can draw between that show and the interaction between men and women.  Women want an Alpha male and what they get is someone who asks permission rather than lead.  And so, we have an entire generation of Western women who have never been around real men.  And so, these pussified men (us) come to the East, hoping to find a woman who is ready for a “B” role and do we take the Alpha role?  No, we act like back in the UK or in the States, ask “please” and “may I” when these women are used to a man who sets the example: he leads.  And as I watch Caesar take the Alpha role with all of the dogs on his show I am reminded that Women – real Women – want a Man – they want a leader.

Feminists will tell you that Men and Women are equal.  That is b*llshit.  Men and Women can be given equal rights but that does not make them equal.  As in the animal kingdom (we are animals after all), there is a leader.  In Australia I’ve noticed that there are no longer husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.  They have “partners.”  What a load of crap this is.  I don’t want a partner, I want a wife.

If we look throughout the animal kingdom (top photo) we can see the proper place for the sexes.  Yes ladies, cry away.  Tell me I’m a pig and then I read your eHarmony profiles about how you want a “strong” man.  You’re saying the same thing out of one side of your face and moaning some feminist ideology out of the other.

I went on a date with a beautiful Ukrainian Woman the other night.  I asked what she was looking for.  She said that she wanted:

1. Love.

2. Marriage

3. Children

4. Happiness

5. A man who was responsible and would take care of the family (ie he had a job and can pay the bills).

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In return, she will be a good mother, lover and companion.

She asked what I was looking for.  I told her that I wanted a woman who wanted to be a wife and mother.  She was pleased with this.

She then told me that she was happy to raise children and keep home (far cry from the American gals) and she asked me what I thought.  I ALMOST told her that I was willing to help with house chores, etc etc.  I ALMOST told her what I thought she wanted to hear – what I thought a Western woman would want to hear.  Yes, we Western Men are truly brainwashed and I have to struggle to break free off all of this femi-nazi indoctrination I’ve received my whole life.  I told her that I would be a leader in our home and support my wife and be a good father.  She was exceptionally pleased with this answer.

I watched an episode of The Dog Whisperer wherein one woman was upset that Caesar pinned her dog to the ground until it yielded.  She was sad that her dog was forced to surrender, as though it was some form of punishment. But later, when the dog adjusted and accepted its proper place in the pack (family), she could see that the dog was quite happy to be a follower.  Caesar explained that not everyone can be the leader, but there has to be a leader.  Feminism teaches us that there is no leader in a relationship; we are partners.  Phuey!

So, we Western Men want a Woman who will follow.  And what do we do?  Do we lead?  No, we follow these Women around to high-priced restaurants with high-priced interpreters – forever tainting the pool of Women in lovely cities like Odessa.  I look around now and I see an entire pool of spoiled women here and I can see that the Western Men – and marriage agencies like Anastasia International – have spread the disease of feminism to the East.

One look at this bathroom sign that I saw in Ukraine should give you an idea of the role of the sexes over here.  It is a man’s world here.  But, the men aren’t always gentlemen and this gives an opening for Western Men.  But, if you are a gentleman, that doesn’t excuse you from the DUTY of leading.  Be a nice guy, but be a MAN and lead.  Don’t ask the Woman to follow you, take her by the hand and lead.  She will respect you for it.  If she doesn’t, she is a feminist and you’re wasting your time with her.

Really, there are only three things that give a Western Man the advantage in the East.  First, many men here are cheaters and drunks.  If you are monogamous and you aren’t a drunk you are one for three.  Secondly, it is acceptable for a 10-15 year difference in age for marriage.  If you are 45, you can still marry a 30-year-old woman.  For all of you 65-year-old men I see with 23-year-old Ukrainian super-model looking women: dream on.  You’re getting fleeced at about $20 per hour.  And third, you make more $ than Ukrainian men giving you an economic advantage.

These three advantages give you the chance to marry an Eastern Woman – provided that you are ready to fill the shoes of an Eastern Man.  Eastern Women want a wage-earning MAN who isn’t a drunk or scandalizing cheater.  But they also want a man who will lead.  They do not respect pussified men who are afraid of their own shadow.  If you can lead; if you fit this role and you have the confidence to lead, you may find success.  If not, you’re wasting your time.

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Three blonde beauties
My eyes are burning!

9 thoughts on “Signs the West has it all wrong

  1. Great article and observations about gender roles compared to the West, and Eastern Europe. I can’t help but to think that if we men from the West (and I use that term liberally) were more willing to lead our interaction with women, and adhere to the classical notions of masculinity, then perhaps the divorce rate and unhappiness in marriages in the West wouldn’t also be as high.

    The problem is ubiquitous, but, for the men who see the light, and realise that settling for the typical Western women is an act of selling yourself short, more power to us.

    Great article and great blog.

      • We got a fresh crop of early 20 some-things in our office. All of them need to lose at least 15 to 20 pounds! These little pigs can’t stop eating! To top it off they have started to slack off in dressing up.
        What’s left?
        A bunch of single mothers!?
        A bunch of pudgy chicks over 30 with bad attitudes!?
        A few imports from other countries. Is the saying true? Do they ship their garbage to America — and the rest of the west?
        Yes. In my office.
        What is wrong with America?!

        • This is Alana’s second trip to America and we’ve been here for 7 months now. Every day, her jaw hits the floor and she says, “REally?” when we walk past so many loud, fat crass young women. Traditional, well-mannered ladies are a thing of the past in America.

          • Traditional, well-mannered ladies are a thing of the past in America.
            Correct! They have never existed during my lifetime. I’m just going to hunt elsewhere. I’m even striking the recent imports off my list of potential wife candidates. I don’t trust them and the risk of marrying a bitchy feminist with a foreign accent is to great.
            I’m just going straight to the source and choosing from the best.

  2. Good post Rodney!
    “And now that her divorce is in her distant past, Basinger said she’s noticed that her taste in men has changed over the years. The actress said that while she definitely still believes in lasting love, she is no longer attracted to the “bad boy.”
    The same story repeats itself over and over again in the west. Pretty girl blows her prime on the bad boy. Learns her lesson after 10 to 20 years and a kid (or a few kids) later. Looks for Mr. Nice Guy. Mr. Nice Guy accepts her. Sadly Mr. Nice Guy thinks he’s finally won. They lived happily ever after.
    Of course if I was writing the story line Mr. Nice Guy after 10, 20, or 30 plus years of not being exciting enough would just cash everything in and just move to some place else that’s exciting.

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