My eyes are burning!

Signs the West has it all wrong
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“My eyes are burning,” was the text I received from my English friend as he arrived back at Heathrow Airport in London. Apparently the size and shape of the UK women was a drastic and startling change from the Ukrainian beauties that he had been looking at for the last two weeks.

After my British buddy headed home I hung out with my Ukrainian friends and some fellows from Italy, Turkey and Holland. I heard over and over again these men express their disbelief that it was possible to have so many beautiful women in such a small place. They just couldn’t believe their own eyes and they said again and again that they would go home and tell all of their friends about this place.

I’ve tried to capture some photos so that you – the reader – can get some idea of what it is like over here. Daily we sit for lunch and watch the never-ending ass parade of high-heeled beauties and I cringe at the thought of dating a spoiled (and fat) American Woman. I am completely done with Western women – I’ll never look at them again, much less ask them out on a date unless for sex only but I certainly will never involve myself in a serious relationship with an American woman.

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I met a 26-year-old Ukrainian Woman a few days ago. We went on a few dates and while talking with her we discussed what our short and near term goals were. She expressed a desire to get married and have 3 kids. No, she doesn’t care about career, she wants a family. I don’t think that there are many American 26 year olds (who aren’t as big as a house) who are looking for the same. This woman is about a size 3 and is about 5′ 7″ tall – I don’t think that you’ll find many American woman who fit that bill at all.

If you have never visited Eastern Europe, you need to get over here. Avoid the marriage agencies, just come over, make friends and meet some women on your own. It will be a life changing experience.

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Signs the West has it all wrong
I'm beautiful!

8 thoughts on “My eyes are burning!

  1. His eyes were burning at Heathrow?!?!?!?!?!?! Tell him to go from Odessa to someplace like Houston, Texas, and see what happens….his eyes will burn right out of his head! Houston is the fattest city in the United States, which makes it the fattest city in the world!

    • No doubt – everything is bigger in Texas. Me and the boys are debating this now – are the women skinnier on the coast because they are vegetarian lesbians or because the Mid-West looks down on divorce? Maybe American women who do not fear divorce feel that they can grow large without fear of abandonment?

      • Just found this site.Love it-funny & informative.From years of observation of family,frends,& acquaintences I have come to believe that the amount of weight a woman gains after marriage is directly proportional (LOL) to the value she places on the relationship.And unfortunatly most western women place little value on having a loving normal family relationship.

  2. That is a good question…I think there are a multitude of factors involved…1. General diet. 2. Who these women associate with…as you know, fat chicks hang outwith fat chicks, hot chicks hang out with hot chicks (except the ones without self-esteem, who surroung themselves with ugly friends to feel good). 3. General life excitement and ability to have cheap, healthy fun (not much of this in the mid-west). 4. Overall IQ levels (lower in the south than in other regions). 5. regional economic health. 6. level of religiosity (also related to economic health and regional IQ levels)….and the list goes on….but, in my mind, it ultimately comes down to self-esteem and laziness, and whether the men of the region put up with fat women….regardless of what teh news media says, we men still rule the world…that is the nature of the animal kingdom….we are alpha, women are beta. If there are lazy fat women out there, it is because we have allowed it as a group….we have to do something about this.

    • Or maybe that we walk 100 yards and they walk a mile and just eat less LOL. Oh, and no feminism telling them that fat is beautiful and don’t dress up to please a man.

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