I’m beautiful!

My eyes are burning!
Little boy on the airplane

Been busy courting a beautiful 27-year-old Ukrainian Woman for the past week and haven’t paid much attention to the blog.  But something I saw today made me put on my writing cap.

As if you didn’t need any more reasons to visit Ukraine…

My eHarmony membership expires next month.  And in case you’re asking – no – I won’t be renewing it.  I find now that it was the biggest waste of $300 I ever spent.  It is full of narcissistic & fat women (sometimes both) who are truly interested in finding a husband after they’ve f*cked half of the town, treated the nice guys like sh*t and now – as their looks fade, they realize that this may be their last chance to hook on to a man (sperm-donor with a paycheck).

For the women that opt to get a sperm donor, I applaud you.  At least you have the balls (ovaries) to do it yourself rather than your sisters who drag some “nice guy” into the pit with them.

Wise up men.  Look around at all of the spoiled & fat whiney b*tches around you.  Take a look at some of my photos & then get to Russia or the Ukraine as fast as you can.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

And so, while reviewing my eHarmony pics for the week I get this little gem.  Now, she’s not the fattest pick of the week, nor is she the most blatantly spoiled & stuck up.  What she is – is delusional.  It’s not her fault: feminist America has convinced her of this proper logic.

I’ll just post her description of the man she is looking for and then her photo.  I’ll let you be the judge – am I being too harsh or is this woman delusional?

” I am looking for someone who will always be there for me.  A protector.  Someone that makes always makes [sic] me feel safe and protected.  I am truly a lot of fun.  I am smart, pretty, and very funny.  I can be happy cuddling on the couch watching the game or out for a romantic night on the town.

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My eyes are burning!
Little boy on the airplane

4 thoughts on “I’m beautiful!

    • I agree, but in the west there is a paradigm shift wherein the women call all of the shots by limiting access to sex. They do this because all of the men have been “pussified” to believe that female equality = “asking” for sex rather than being a man and insisting on it. Western men are just as feminist as western women and you really can see it when the Ukrainian Women walk all over these western “chumps.”

  1. I just moved to Ukraine,
    no i am not bad looking,
    i have great job back in US,
    i am in early 40 too,
    I have had not seen, nor been in great female company, nor been so admired in my life by females, as i have been in Ukraine,
    i came here in June, i am still here as i speak,
    i feel the man i always felt inside,……American men….please go where you clebrated, not where you tolerated…..
    America is only 300 million out of 7 billion on this planet……get a passport, and go check out life elsewhere….its not as you see on TV back in USA…..enough said.


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