Little boy on the airplane

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On my last flight, a little boy, about two or three years old screamed uncontrollably for about 4 hours. The mother’s solution was to hold him, coddle him, hush him and plead for him to be quiet. So long as the mother gave him 100% of her attention, he was contented. But as soon as she stopped coddling him for even a minute he would scream as loud as a macaw and by the end of the flight my right ear was ringing.

I thought back to some episodes of the dog whisperer where the dog owner believed they were in charge but in reality the dog thought he was in charge. In the case of this little boy, surely the mother thinks she is running the show but in his mind, the little boy is the center of the world and his mother exists only to please and satisfy his demands and desires.

I made the comparison to so many American women wherein the boyfriend or husband exists only to satisfy her whims and demands. And when she doesn’t get what she wants, she throws a tantrum like a child.

And what do the American men do? Just like this mother they placate the bad behavior and in doing so they further encourage it. American women are spoiled rotten and we men have ourselves to blame for it.

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… photo of an “average Ukrainian family, notice: Mom and Dad are still married…

I suggested to the woman on the airplane, “Why don’t you take your son to the bathroom and let him throw his temper in there.” She was horrified: the bathroom was no place for her son. No, he was too good for that. I see, the whole airplane can be inconvenienced but heaven forbid that she require acceptable behavior from her son.

Think back to some of your girlfriends and wives behavior – if you wouldn’t accept it from a child, why would you accept it from an adult? But we do – we men are such suckers.

Fortunately men have a choice now, there are alternatives to spoiled rotten American women. You can find a wife from a country that has traditional values, where being a woman is celebrated.

As for me, I’m done with American women. In Ukraine, the only honest agency, Odessa Love, is not taking on new clients. I have found – what I think – are a few honest agencies, but most of them only exist to separate you from your money.

As for me, I will reward good behavior in my woman – kisses and hugs always. But when I see spoiled feminism, I will nix it at once or else find a new woman. Life is too short to be miserable. Most American men, trapped in sexless marriages to fat American women are indeed miserable.

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I'm beautiful!
Make me some eggs!

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  1. I am enjoying your blog (just got back from eastern Europe including the Ukraine).

    How about a status update on your 26-year old Odessa friend?

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