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Mom always told me that I shouldn’t make fun of fat people or ugly people & I’ve generally stuck to that advice. But what about fat women who think they are God’s gift to the planet? Or how about women that are just lazy and don’t take care of their appearance? What if they suffer from both maladies?

And so, I add to the list of delusional women that I was “offered” on eHarmony. I have a list of maybe 100 of these profiles that I’ve saved that should keep us entertained into 2013. Let me take a moment here and pick a “good one” and we’ll see what we can learn from her profile – what we can learn about Western Women & what we can learn about our society.

This lovely eHarmony match is from British Columbia, Canada. According to her profile, what she is MOST PASSIONATE about in life is studying human nature and history. That sounds great, let’s read on. Then she blows it, she’s interested in Mythology. Oh yikes, next she’ll be wearing crystals and channeling energy. Is this what you want in a life partner? A mythology groupie?

Let’s read on…

She’s age 33 and lists her plans for children as “maybe.” Not surprising, feminism teaches women that being a mother is a lower life status than being a working woman.

I read further… she spends her spare time “volunteering.” Oh my, we’ve read about volunteering before. I’ve come to the conclusion that women who like to “volunteer” are interested in helping starving African children but have no interest in having their own children. And in this way, Western society shrinks as the rest of the world’s populations grow. If you look at it this way, you can see that feminism will (eventually) be directly responsible for the extinction of Western Society.

Regardless of the mass of your potential date, looking at her drinking online makes you salivate at the possibilities of a date with her, right? As I look at this photo, I wonder how many late night bing-drinking parties turned into questionable contacts with multiple football team members or nights of unprotected sex that led to coyote morning.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

For those of you that aren’t familiar with coyote morning, that’s when you go home with (what you think is a hot chick – your eyes are blurred by so many drinks) a woman and in the morning you awake to find this girl. Unfortunately, you can’t make an escape because your arm is pinned to the bed by her head. So rather than waking her, you chew your arm off with your teeth and make an escape.

I think she’s trying to put out the “fun” (easy) vibe with this shot. All I see is a dive bar gang-bang:

I read further and as she talks about her future boyfriend/husband who she refers to him as her “partner.” This is another feminist term that has come into vogue lately; it relays to us all – on a conscious and subconscious level – that men and women are equal. Any man who has ever talked to a woman knows that men and women are quite different! And that’s not even taking anatomy into consideration!

For the life of me, I can’t understand why this woman wouldn’t just put the Big Mac down and head over to the gym. And then I realize: she can still get men! Western Men don’t realize the bad hand they’ve been dealt. They don’t travel overseas and see so many hot Ukrainian, Columbian and Thai Women. If they did, this girl wouldn’t get a second look. In the land of the blind, the one eye’d man (or in this case, woman) is King (or Queen). This woman is the only game in town and some sucker American/Canadian man will take her bait.

Look on men, you don’t need to settle. Get overseas and check out what else is out there!

Last parting shot: why do women think that standing next to their hot friends will make them look hotter?

“I’m the one in red.”  No kidding?  Yeah, if you were wearing a white shirt we wouldn’t be able to tell you from the other two.  This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it…

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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The Boris Effect
Enviornmental Stewardship

15 thoughts on “Never make fun of fat girls

  1. Love the post!! I have never been able to understand or appreciate the arrogance and audacity of hot women, let alone women who have aspire to look like a “land manatee.” And yah, the pic of the gal sucking the straw…gross! Could you imagine looking down and seeing her turkey gobbler (i.e., chin) flipping around while she felates you? I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth…

  2. I was in North Carolina a few weeks ago and had to stop to get gasoline. All I saw was fat, tatooed,sweatpants, t-shirts and cellphone glued to the head women. Surprisingly, she doesn’t think she is fat.Is there any point to living in America with fat women and a collapsing economy?
    I cannot wait to go to Odessa next month!

  3. This will actually be my first trip overseas from Oceania. Oops, I meant the United States. I could not decide on Kiev or Odessa, but Odessa seems a bit less expensive.

    • I’ve got a buddy in town who can set you up in a fully furnished apartment for $50 or less a night. Email me if you would like his contact info.

      By all means – if you take an agency date with a woman who doesn’t speak English, limit it to 1/2 hour and schedule a follow on date with your own interpreter. DON’T USE THE AGENCY INTERPRETER! They split fees with the girls. The only way to find out if a girl is genuinely interested in you is if she shows up for a second date and there is no expectation of compensation.

      You’ll see what I mean when you see so many men (especially the older guys) with 22 yr old model looking girls who don’t seem to have the slightest interest.

      There are no free meals – trust your gut – not your d*ck; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  4. it’s so crazy you and the commenters hate on these girls… y’all would have the fat and the ugly in common, i;m sure.

    seriously, when did a bunch of basement-swelling losers with too much fucking time on their hands become so picky. i mean wtf is this blog even? complaining because women have higher standards than dating your fugly asses and it’s making it hard for you? maybe you should entertain the idea of working on your looks and personalities and get a goddamn job, you bunch of losers. or a second job. because seriously, this blog is indicating TOOMUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS.

    i genuinely…. pity you all :/

    • Dimran,

      Thank you for your comment. I’ll try to address each of your points in order. If I’ve struck a fat nerve with you talking about fat girls, I apologize that it offends you. You are most likely overweight yourself and this is hard for you to hear. As for me, I’m about six foot two, 195 lbs., flat stomach. Not quite a six pack but I’m certainly in good shape. While some of the photos on my blog are of some overweight men, you’ll notice that many of the men are 30-50 and in excellent help. Like them, I have a good job and a stout bank account.

      You have to wonder, if men are willing to travel all the way around the world to find a wife, what does that tell us about American women? Well, they are just f*d up.

      In my case, I’m interested in marriage. I’m in my early 40’s and would like to have 2 or 3 children. In America, you are expected to date women your own age. Feminists have convinced western society that dating anyone of a younger age is somehow perverted even though this is normal in most of the world and has been done for tens of thousands of years. If I did marry a 40 year old woman, my chance of having kids is close to nil. So, I am most likely to find a mate in her early 30’s.

      Let’s examine most American 30-33 year old women:

      1/2 are in a marriage or relationship, leaving 50%
      about a third of those have kids already, leaving about 35%
      more than 1/2 of those are beyond fat, leaves about 20% or less
      1/2 of those have serious mental issues, leaves 10%
      at least 1/2 of those are what we could describe as femi-nazi man haters
      Being very generous, there are probably 2-4% of 30-33 year old western women I’d consider dating.

      Most women aged 15-30 are having fun sleeping around. Its not until their looks fade and those ovaries start screaming do they consider settling down. By then, they’ve been dumped by so many long-haired guitar player “bad boys” that they hate men and see them as paychecks.

      I talk to men all the time and they all agree, western women are just f*cked up. ANY man who has been to Ukraine will write western women off immediately.

      In Ukraine, being in good shape, not too bad of looks, in my early 40’s, I’m literally fighting the 25-30 year old women off with a stick. I really get to pick and choose. And before you accuse them of green card hunting – they are all content to stay in UA. I’m thinking of buying a house there and spending 1/2 the year there. I am self employed and I can afford it. In America, I’d have to have a pre-nup and hide all my assets for fear of ass-rape divorce court.

      You ask the purpose of this blog. You comment “women have higher standards than dating your fugly asses and it’s making it hard for you.” Yes. You are 100% correct about the higher standards. I have no problems getting dates in America.” I have had many girlfriends in America. This year I was dating a model/actress who lives in Los Angeles. I took her on a two week getaway vacation to the Caribbean for four times a day mind blowing sex. But I wouldn’t MARRY her in 100 years. What you are right about is women having high standards. That is the problem. Not only do American women have high standards, they have ridiculous standards. No man is good enough and when he’s not you reserve the right to trade in for another man. Thank you no, I don’t want some piece of used-meat, f*d and chucked whore. I prefer a traditional lady, like the kind I can find in Eastern Europe or in South/Central America. Yes, you’re standards are high – too high. Too high for your own good.

      What upsets you most about this blog is that I’m encouraging men to LEAVE the US to find a mate. This is like bringing in cheaper foreign labor and you’re a union worker seeing your pay and benefits cut and your mad. You (American women) suck and you’re being priced out of the market.

      thanks again for your comment, I appreciate your time and the chance to have a good debate on the subject.

  5. Scott, those are excellent points. All of my single guy friends make a good income, are in great shape, dress well, have fantastic social skills, yet face exactly the kind of unreasonable expectations that you point out about women.

    Furthermore, Dimran’s comments illustrate something else about many such women: poor manners and obnoxious behavior. Let’s take a look at the post: swearing, poor spelling, insults, and emotionally driven vitriol. These are the same women expecting men to show good manners and gentlemanly behavior?

    • Thanks for the comment Daniel. Dimran is the tip of the iceberg, I have a fresh comment that I haven’t approved yet – I think I’ll turn it into a post of its own. A crazed feminazi who is pissed at my blog, yeah, I think I’ll make a post of her comment.

  6. LOL! Seriously if she knew anything about human behavior and history then she would have some clue about SMV. Men prefer women that are in shape that means fit not the shape of an elephant, she’s 10 years over her peak SMV, she would not be spewing that feminist garbage like mythology or partner. That’s why I don’t do dating websites…as I posted before guys in the West, the hogs are all yours, as for me (and the men reading this blog on a regular basis) count me out! It’s a fixed game.

    • But what Men prefer and what’s available are two different things. The reason women pull this crap is that the majority of them do. When there is nothing but shit around, its hard to order anything but a shit sandwich. The smart guys go to a different restaurant.

      • So true. You should see the hate and envy in the eyes of the American She-Beasts (and the stupid male feminist eunuchs) when they find out I can speak more than two foreign languages (including the two that count in Latin America!) and can easily pick up others…then I say “why would I date or marry an American?”…then I say “why would I be in a rush to get married and have kids, I’m a man under 50, not a woman over 25?!” Screw being PC!

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