Enviornmental Stewardship

Never make fun of fat girls
A letter from Matt

Before I had commented on some of the danger signs to look for in Western women including overeating and too much emphasis on pets and yoga. I suppose that I failed one that is very important: over-concern for the environment. If you are looking for a wife then you are hopefully looking for a woman that has you and your mutual family as her #1 priority. And as I look at this weeks eHarmony picks I come across this 33 year old that still wants kids:

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What first stood out in my mind was her overwhelming concern for the environment. This is admirable; I drive an econo car, turn off the lights and I recycle. But remember, this isn’t an ecology website, it’s a dating website. She is seeking a potential husband and she was asked what is she most “passionate” about in life. Do you want to share your life with someone who’s MOST IMPORTANT priority is the environment?

I’ve met a lot of Ukrainian Women who are concerned and care about the environment, but their FIRST priorities are husband, children and home.

We have churned out an entire generation of women that are absolutely useless as wives and have created “activists” and individuals that are more concerned with filling a societal cliche than in actually fulfilling their biological impetus.

Read how she says that she doesn’t want to get “lost” in a relationship. This means she will run the house and you’ll pay in divorce court.

33 years old, works, running for public office, no man, no prospects – she wants a husband and children at this tender young age but doesn’t want to get lost in a relationship. How detached from reality is this woman? She is not alone.

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Never make fun of fat girls
A letter from Matt

6 thoughts on “Enviornmental Stewardship

  1. Have you guys noticed something else about these western women dating profiles?
    When they describe themselves and what they have to offer to the men…the description is really short or full of BS fluff.
    When they describe what they are looking for or want from men…the list or description of non-negotiable (and usually vague) demands is ridiculously long.

    Now compare that to a sight like EM…
    The women usually are very detailed about all the wonderful things that make her interesting what she can do as a potential wife and mother.
    The women also are short and to the point on the type of men they are seeking…usually something reasonable…he wants marriage, he’s healthy enough to produce kids, and he can financially support a wife and kids.

    Let’s imagine that both groups were marketing packages and men were very well informed potential customers…which group would get the most business in a free market? Really, one group is giving potential customers plenty of reasons to give them a buzz and one is not because their marketing and reputation sucks!

  2. Hi ,

    Just this evening , just incidental , I zapped , on my tv , and could watch a program about blind dating.It is all filmed , at a bar – restaurant , for a national tv channel.

    I missed the part , where or how , these men and women , can get in contact , with each other.
    The man is waiting at the bar , with a drink , and then the woman , will come inside.Thewaiter , or manager , will welcome her , take her coat , and escort her , to her date.

    Then , he will serve her a drink , that she wants.And , of course , they will introduce , themselves , to each other.
    There were those , in their 20`s , 30`s , 40`s and even in the early 70`s.
    When , they have gotten a bit acquainted , to each other , the manager , will take them , to a table , to continue the date , over dinner.

    While most of the women , were more or less , neatly dressed , I could not say this , from all the men.We could hear , a bit , of some , of the conversation.
    I also , watched , how the couples , would interact , with each other.

    If you ask me , it was all about , much , un-interesting issues.The 20`s couple , were , at some point , debating , about a fruit fly (which apparently , came to their drink – with some fruit).

    And they seemed , to stretch , this topic , for 7 or 8 minutes.I heard them debating , what name they would give the fly.Speaking of an interesting topic (on your first date).

    Some of the men , really had no taste (or respect for the lady) , because of the clotehs , that they were wearing.I mean , it doesn`t take too much effort , to wear a bit decent , even , when it is casual.

    Then , observing , their personal interaction , with each other.It seems to me , that they tried , to be friendly , to one another.But it was all , very superficial.

    I understand , that on a first blind date , you don`t want to ask too much.
    But , for sure , you want to present yourself , at your best.
    Both , in your appearance ,as well as , in your dialogue.

    In another conversation , after just 3 minutes , the word pornstar , came up.So , you can imagine , that this is not a program for me.
    I can spend my time better , watching the news.

    It was obvious , that in general , almost all these couples , were sitting there , trying , to have a dialogue.But didn`t know , how to give themselves , an attitude , let alone , to ask the right questions.
    Or …… to give the right answers.

    It was , as if I was watching , 2 males or females , trying to have a conversation.But , at certain moments , they , were aware , that there was someone , of the opposite sex , sitting in front , of them.

    They were apparently , both busy , with dealing , with their ideas , about the relation , between , the 2 sexes.

    The couples , would give a personal statement , after the date has finished.And then they would walk out , together.
    If , and what , will come of it , I don`t know.And frankly , I`m not interested.

    When , I compare , my first date , in Ukraine , with my current girlfriend ,it is a night and day difference.
    She would acknowledge , that I am the man (and she is the lady).
    She did ask me , the right questions.She was really interested , in my answers.

    She was really , really interested , WHY I WAS THERE , IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

    In the tv program , only people from my country , were on the show.So , yes , we have feminism here too.
    There was a 40`s couple , and the waiter , he brought the bill.So , both , looked , at how much it would cost.

    The man , he was looking , and staying silent.The woman , she said , I believe , you should pay for it.The man responded , I don`t have my wallet here , it is in my coat (which was in the wardrobe – yeah sure ).
    Then the woman said , I will hate it , if I have to pay this bill again.

    The man replied , we can pay half , each of us.The woman , grunted something , and said , no I will pay it.And so she did.She said , that she had paid , all the bills , on previous dates (because the men , didn`t want to pay)

    Then , all of a sudden , the man said , no I will go get my wallet , and pay it.The woman`s reply , well now you are too late.
    The man , the said , well , I will make it up to you.And the woman asked , well how ??

    The man said , on the next date , I can pay the bill.For heavens sake , he is already 43 years old.If he doesn`t know it by now , he will never know.

    Don`t know , if there will be , a next date , with them two.
    As you may know , Dutch people , always want to pay , half of the bill , when they are , with 2 persons.They call it , the Dutch way , of going out.

    So , now you know.

    Boy , am I glad , that I have no Western wife


    • The Bachelor came on a few months ago and Alana asked “What’s that,” and when I told her, she rolled her eyes. I told her that it was much more interesting than she can imagine. I told her a story:

      I am a big Bachelor fan (for reasons I’ll get into later) ad I’ve seen many seasons. I came home from Iraq and sat down with my Mom after dinner. We put on the TV and the final episode of the Bachelor was on and Mom said, “You don’t want to watch this do you?” I said, “Sure I do.”

      I then explained to my Mom what would happen. Both women finalists, who have known the Bachelor for all of 7 or 8 weeks will declare their undying and unwavering love for this Man. He is the ultimate love of their life.

      And then the Bachelor; he will talk about how both of the Women are “wonderful” and “amazing” and how he’s surprised at how he could have developed “feelings” for both of them. Then he will go on to describe what an incredible process this has been.

      The Women will call it love.

      The Man calls it a process.

      Sure enough, that’s exactly how it played out and my Mom said, “Oh, clearly you’ve seen this episode already.” “No,” I said, “They all end the same.”

      Alana and I watched the finaly 4 episodes of season 19 and she couldn’t believe “how dumb” these American women were. I suggested downloading season 18 and she agreed.

      We’ve been watching it over the last 2 weeks and we finished last night.

      Alana’s comments:

      * Why don’t these American women ever shut up? They should ask the Man how he feels, what he wants. Instead, they talk about themselves. What Man wants this kind of woman? (I have to agree with her).
      * Why do the women insist on always rushing to tell the Man they love him? Where is the chase for him? Men want to pursue a woman, they leave nothing to the imagination. A woman should always wait for a Man to say he loves them first. (Again, I have to agree, at least with the first sentence – I tease her that she said it first and she swears I did).
      * Most of these women are entirely too forward; they try to lead the Man, lead the conversation and even try to kiss the Man! What Man wants this? (My reply, “The kind of Man who wants to get laid on the first date and then never call her again,” to which my Wife agreed).
      * Why do all of these women walk like Men? (My Wife pointed this out to me. In actuality, most American women walk like and carry themselves like Men).

      Anyhow, if you want to see some Man-Woman dynamics, watch a season of the Bachelor. It is amazing how a room full of “liberated women” can get all caught up in the idea of ONE MAN having a full 25 woman harem. Tells you something about the nature of Men and women doesn’t it?

      • To your last paragraph. Feminism can’t change primal genetic hardwiring, which would explain the psychotic and catty behavior on the show.
        As to the point of women posturing and walking like men. I see this constantly all the time. A lot of western women can’t walk gracefully in high heels, foreign women look like they are floating on air in heels.
        To comment #1 asking the man how he feels or what he wants is totally foreign to most western women because that would require having a soul. The only young women that I have ever had deep and penetrating conversations with are — 99 percent of the time with — non westernized foreigners.
        It’s all about self-absorption and selfishness with western women but from my own personal experiences for example, LATINAS are way different — you (the man) are constantly asked if you want another plate of food or drink at meals, parties, or social events…

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