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A letter from Matt
Should I get married?

I’ve posted about some of the pitfalls of dating women in Russia and Ukraine; the biggest problem with dating Eastern European Women is the language barrier. Working with a marriage agency is probably a bigger challenge than dating on your own as it has become a common practice for interpreters to split their commissions with the dating women. Of course, this presents a huge conflict of interest. How can you know if the woman is serious about you or if she is just collecting commissions?

One solution that I’ve found is to use my own interpreter. But this can get expensive over time. I dated one woman using Google translate. It worked but was slow to type out everything we had to say. It was possible to make it work but I wished for a better way.

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I was downloading apps to my iPhone and I saw the Google translate app. I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did! It has talk to text capability and now I can talk in English and it will translate to Russian. I tried speaking Russian (I know a little) and it translated it to English!

On a recent trip to Dubai I spoke into it, it translated to Arabic, and the man who I was communicating with could understand what I wanted. It was like magic!

I’ve said before to only date English speaking Easter European Women. But if you find a woman that you like and you want to ditch your interpreter – you might give this a try.

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A letter from Matt
Should I get married?

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