Should I get married?

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As I come back from Ukraine and other countries that have “traditional” relationship values I can see that I pique the curiosity of my work colleagues.  They all want to see photos of Ukrainian Women, they want to know how hard it is to get a visa, how difficult it is to get around if you can’t speak Russian, etc, etc.  Invariably, as they hear some of the details of the East, they began to dread the inevitable question that their girlfriend will soon ask, “When are we getting married?”

This is a question that I’ve often debated.  Should I get married?  I get a lot of pressure from Mom, the relatives and family friends.  “When are you getting married?”  It is a common question and you are looked at as a bit of a “loser” if you don’t get married before you enter your 40’s.  But as I examine the subject more and more, I begin to think that I don’t ever want to get married.

Lets examine what marriage is:

MARRIAGE IS A LEGAL CONTRACT TO GIVE UP HALF OF YOUR POSSESSIONS!  Additionally, marriage (and having children) is giving up control of your paycheck for the next 20 years.

Seriously, you can have a relationship with a woman without marriage.  You can live together, have sex, have all the “benefits” of marriage without all of the baggage.  If you have no plans for children, I suggest that you NEVER get married.

I read the website  and the author there suggests that the ONLY reason to get married is for the purpose of procreation.  Only if you want children should you get married.  And if you do, you should take early steps to protect your assets including shielding assets (more on this late) and a strong prenuptial agreement.

In my own case, I do want  to have children.  But as I have acquired assets (house, car & a bank account), it is simply too dangerous to marry an American Woman.  I have decided to marry a foreign woman.  I do NOT plan to bring her back to the United States.  What makes foreign women attractive is that they are not brainwashed femi-nazis.  I suppose that if you bring a Latin, Eastern or Asian Woman to the US, soon she WILL be a femi-nazi.  Unless you plan to stay with her 24/7, her American “friends” will soon brainwash her as will the magazines and television.

And it won’t be too long before your foreign bride is getting beauty advice from American women who look like this:

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I saw this story and it reminded me of the dangers of marriage (and child rearing) with a western woman.  If you do decide to marry a western woman, proceed with caution:

Man hounded for child support for 20 years, but its not his kid:

CBS Chicago

He says he’s not the father and he’s got proof. A South Side man is back in court Thursday morning trying to convince the state to leave him alone. He’s been in and out of courts for 21 years.

Even the mother of the child says the baby’s not his. CBS2′s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at why the state won’t listen.

“This is not my kid,” said Sean Harbin — and he has the paternity tests to prove he’s not the biological father.

“I’ve had suicidal thoughts, really, about this ordeal, because it’s like every time I try to get on track this comes up,” Harbin said.

He got off track in 1991, when he was ordered to pay $70 a week for a child he initially thought he might have fathered. But when he began to have doubts, he stopped paying. Then the state garnished his wages and kept his income tax refund check — taking more than $3,000.

That’s when Sean started fighting the custody case and in 2001, he was “excluded from paternity.”

“I thought it was over. I just knew it was over,” Harbin said.

But it was far from over. The state kept sending Harbin bills and he kept going to court, filing motion after motion, trying to tell the courts he wasn’t the father. He represented himself because he couldn’t afford an attorney.

“Sean’s biggest mistake was not knowing what petition to ask for,” said an unidentified caseworker from Division of Child Support Services.

“When the genetic test came back, all he had was the results. He never had the order to end the support or vacate the order,” the caseworker said.

In 2006, court papers show that the mother of the child even came to court and admitted that Harbin wasn’t the father, so the state forgave some $40,000 in back payments.

But Harbin still needed to file the correct papers to dismiss the case and he said he found little direction from the courts.

“I’m trying to figure out what do I have to say to them, ‘what motion?'” Harbin said.

In 2009, the state suspended Harbin’s driver’s license. He found that out two months ago.

After CBS 2 made some phone calls, representatives from Child Support Services and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said they’ll look into the Harbin’s case and take appropriate action.

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Can't speak Russian? No problem!
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7 thoughts on “Should I get married?

    • That he is a she and she has so much fat around her ankles that it hangs down like old sox. I can’t wait to get back to E. Europe, only 3 months to go!

  1. Dear Scott,
    please publish my story in as many places as you can to warn other fellow men,

    I got married, divorced after 4 years in 2009, had a 2.5 year old daughter whom i love, i am 40 now, i work FROM HOME for a major company in USA full time salary employed, my income is good figure, i have worked so hard educating my self alone, as an immigrant in USA alone who came here at the age of 18, i worked every odd job you can think off to finish school, and to be where i am at today……i work from home, ONLY 4 days, and 3 dedicated days off each and every week, i can work from anywhere in the world i want to, as long as there is internet and a phone……
    after divorce,
    she sits at home, refuse to finish school, bought recently a BMW 325i WITH MY MONEY,
    dumps the child at her working mom , and dad, the grandparents, who failed to raise the exwife brother, he has 7 arrests and went to jail so many times….

    i hired 5 attorneys, I hired a PI, i moved to the county where she ran off to, and lived there for 1.5 years, i battled this child custody during that time, with all i have, my own mom and dad and family came from over seas to support me….

    1- i work from home,
    2- i have many days off,
    3- i have great environment for my only daughter
    4- i have good income.
    5- i moved my entire life to be close to where the daughter is, although
    i can be sitting on a beach working from there enjoying my life….
    6- i hate with all my passion that county where she live with her parents.
    7- she dumps the child at early age in a day care for 5 days a week up to 11 hours some times there…i showed the courts the records…my child is only 2.5 and her place is with a parent
    8- she party all week, even on Mondays.
    9- PI showed the court that she lied, and she spends at times 2, or 3 days out with her friends, and never even come home
    10- she does not work, never worked, never finished school even….
    11- during her life with me , she never worked, i provided all, and only the best to my ex, and daughter.
    12- the ex towards the end of this marriage showed many signs of wanting to go out more, alone with friends,,,,and she was unhappy with marriage life..i guess,
    and she was 7 years younger than me, so she was not ready i guess for the life we became to know…..she lived in a brand new 3000 sqft home, i had a MB for us,
    i took my family everywhere i went, and been to so many places, and ate anything we wanted….i tried my best…..and was proud to be a provider.

    and i LOST court battle….
    i now pay 1500 out of pay check cash to her,
    i pay tax on that
    i have to keep best level of insurance for my child, ..i pay for that too
    i am only limited to 2 weekends each month, and she fights that too, and calls cops on me if i am late at the drop off….or pick up…..cops humiliated me many times in front of my daughter…..some 20 some year old uniform cop, …tell me, and yells at me, on how to follow COURT orders…..they side with her in a very strange cult like way…..its useless to argue even….
    while i pegged the court to have the child stay home with me instead of day care….they refused..
    so now i sit at home in this shitty county in texas working from home, watching my daughter empty room, and toys….i do not know a single soul there, i had no purpose to be in that hell hole other than for a daughter whom i am have very limited and controlled access too…….and i am 40, …i even hate the sir that gets into my lungs in that place…hate it all.
    i am in great shape, however i have went to hospital 3 times for heart pain…
    my mom and dad moved back after court battle was lost,
    they advice me to move out, and move on, and leave it to god,
    as i have done all i can, spent my entire life savings on 5 attorneys, and PIs,
    i wrote my daughter a memoir now, to know who

    her mom has no interest in her other than for the 1500 hundred that comes in each month.
    the grandma, my ex wife mom, works as a night stalker in wallmart, and brings home much less than what i pay a 2, and half year old child each month…..
    they are happy for the money,
    they have enjoyed humiliating my manhood,
    in the last 2 years i aged 20 years…..
    whoever see me now from old friends cant believe how old my face looks now, and how much white hair i have…
    i feel sorry for my daughter, as i am not the man or the father she she should see,
    i feel as a number, much less like a chair or any other accessory in my child life…..not the father whom is proud, and the figure that my daughter deserve.

    in June i packed up and left to Ukraine,
    i have been here since,
    i wanted to stay couple of weeks,
    but now can not leave….
    i want to start all over again, have family, have kids….and be as far as i can from that anti man laws couties back home in USA….
    i see my child daily with me,
    each time i hear the word daddy or papa here, it touches me so deeply…and i look toward the source..

    i am in odessa Scott,
    lets meet in your next visit.
    i live near Arcadia now…
    i look forward to meet you pal ir any other Americans here.
    cheers, and all the best to all.

    • Thanks for your comment. I hear stories like this from American men all the time. I believe that part of the feminization of American women is also a result of our laws and courts. Women are rewarded in divorce – all of my brothers and my buddies – I’ve seen their wives abandon them, and they are good men, just to collect that alimony & child support check and to go party and get dick from multiple sources.

      The young women of today see this type of example on TV and have come to believe that it is NORMAL. Eastern European women are raised with family values – mind you, there are some that are gold diggers and bad women, but the vast majority of E. Euro women are faithful and loyal women – those that want to be mothers want to be married for life.

      I can see no reason why any American man would even LOOK at an American woman. I don’t even talk to them unless for sport f*cking – really, I don’t think that most of the 20-35 year old American women are worth anything more than a roll in the hay.

  2. Thanks Scott,
    i am now in Odessa,
    i traveled around,
    i plan to live here…working on the visas needed, as i am not new to this, i have done it before in USA,
    i am dating this wonderful 26 years old, she is an attorney, her mom, and dad are nice, been married to each other 32 years,
    she hates to leave, and has no interest what so ever in life outside Ukraine,
    if i ever win my child back, she will be a great mother..
    i met her best friends, they are all nice people…and they are helping me in my visa status here, as many of her legal friends work in the system here…
    she cooks at home,
    always dressed sexy and nice for me,
    all she wants is a man who is not drunk all the time, someone who wants a family, and happy to be around….thats all,
    i have to say to those who think that these Ukraine women are poor….i have seen houses, cars, and people spends like i have not seen back home in USA.

    these people here Scott, appreciate a good man, they can see right thru us, and immediately recognize the goodness in us,
    they are great judges of character,
    and i feel alive here.
    i just miss my daughter,

    i plan to start all over,
    now i understand why some dads walked out on their kids,
    its cause of the bitch of mothers some had to deal with,
    i am sure its not the case for all….
    this is my two cents,
    i lived it, i live it, wish it for no other fellow man back in USA.

    lets meet pal sometime when you here.


  3. “Should I get married?” To an American woman? HELL NO!!!

    As I sit here in Kharkov, Ukraine looking out the window of my apartment to check out all the beautiful sexy Ukrainian women – majority of them wearing high heels & skirts today :) – walking up and down the sidewalk, I am thankful (at the age of 46) that I have never been married to an American woman because I cringe at the thoughts of America’s feminism ideals.

    When I was a young college undergraduate, I took an American Woman History course as one of the many America history electives. Let’s just say that the class forever changed my life: I vowed to never marry an American woman because I know that I will never be protected due to so many laws that the feminist organizations asked and/or protested for (politically motivated, by the way) to help American women’s rights. Do a little research on IMBRA (aka Feminist Law) and you wouldn’t believe how disgusting these feminists are willing to do to prevent successful men like us to marry, date or be involved in a relationship with a *real* feminine woman from another country outside the U.S.

    I’ve been visiting Ukraine every year since 2008, still looking for a beautiful Ukrainian lady who believes in an old-fashioned and traditional values of what marriage and family should be. I dated a 23 year old Ukrainian girl for over 2 years, but I ended it when I encouraged her to go out, gain experience and see the world.

    Sadly, I believe that an American woman’s sexual role is f*cked up: she has far too many masculinity traits in her woman’s body. I read somewhere that someone summed it up perfectly: feminism sabotaged women’s happiness in America.

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