Russian and Ukrainian beauties

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Seems I’ve neglected my blog during the Christmas season.  As I sort through some photos I thought I’d bring a little Christmas cheer to the internet by posting a pair of beauties.  The photo above is a Russian Woman I photographed through the glass of a bus stop window in Yekaterinburg.  She is typical of the Russian Women of Siberia; not only do the Siberian Women look beautiful, they dress like fashionable women.  It is a nice break from chubby Western women in spandex and loose fitting sweats.

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The photo below is one of the many pics I have of Odessa, Ukraine Women.  It seems that you can’t throw a rock without hitting a beautiful woman there.  By the same token, you lift your camera and shoot a pic and you’re likely to catch a beauty in the frame.  Of course, I’m usually looking at the beauties so if I pull the shutter button on my camera, I usually catch a hot Ukrainian gal.

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Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity and Equality
No game whatsoever

6 thoughts on “Russian and Ukrainian beauties

  1. If I had the time, a book could be written on the social and cultural conditioning of western and particulary American women based on how they dress nowadays with their “Ellen” haircuts and mens clothing, including underwear.Even women in the military of the FSU contries wear skirts.But in the United States, men and women are dressed identical.After seeing these photos, I can’t even look or think about marrying an American woman.

    • Stay tuned Bluelight, I have HUNDREDS of photos like these. I suppose I’ll have to stagger them a bit so as not to use them up all at the same time.

      On my last visit to Ukraine, I sat in the airport, waiting for my flight. There were about two dozen Western Men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and they all talked about how crazy and spoiled western women are. But invariably, the conversation would turn to the Eastern European Women. One man commented that God must have made a special “ass mold” for Ukrainian Women as this man had never seen so many beauties. You can’t really compare American and Ukrainian Women, its like comparing a 1980’s Russian car to a 1980’s American car. They’re both cars, but the quality, functionality and style is almost as if they were two different things.

      I’ll be back in Ukraine in 2 or 3 months to see the woman I met on my last visit. As I think about the pros and cons of East/West, I’m pretty sure that the German girl is going to lose out to her Eastern competitor.

      “Ellen haircuts,” LOL. American women PRIDE themselves on being frumpy: “I’m not going to get dressed up for a man! To the contrary, FSU Women LOVE to dress in dresses, skirts, tight pants & revealing tops.

      One thing for sure, on my next visit, I’m going to bring my 500mm lens so that I can capture a lot more frontal photos ~ its hard to get anything but tail shots without looking like some kind of perv LOL.

  2. Oh man. I’m really loving this blog. Just turned 18 and my counselor brought up the possibility for me to go to a foreign college. I just might consider it. Do these women really have different attitudes than ones in the US?

    • Big time difference. I just about puke every day in the US as I meet and talk to American women. Even my own colleagues at work make me puke in my mouth. Get out and travel, you won’t be disappointed.

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