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Russian and Ukrainian beauties
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First and foremost, the purpose of this post is to educate.  I intend to share some of the pitfalls that western men encounter when they come to the CIS (former USSR countries), especially dealing with marriage brokers and agencies.

All that said, have a look at some of these photos.  Do they look a little ridiculous to you?  That’s because they are ridiculous.  I’ve talked to hundreds of western men and they all tell me about how this or that woman loves them or wants to meet them – but they’ve never even talked to the woman, they’ve relied on a marriage agency for communication.  If you are going to communicate to a woman using an agency you have to KNOW that the agency is honest.

I have had dealings with Anastasia, Brides of Ukraine and IDC and I can say that they are all bogus!

If you look at these photos and you don’t believe that these guys have a chance in hell of marrying one of these women you have to wonder how did they come to have dates with these women.  The reason is that these agencies have LIED to these men telling them that these women are interested in a relationship.  I’ve sat through lunch or dinner and watched and listened to hundreds of these dates and they are all pretty much the same.  The girls ask the same questions, say flattering things to the men and the men REALLY believe that they have a shot at these beauties.

It is all really quite sad.

In the photo above, in Odessa’s walking district, this guy has a date with the woman in pink.  The interpreter in red/white polka dots is the interpreter.  I’ve seen this woman on ‘dates” with other men using different interpreters and I’ve seen these interpreter on other dates with different women.  The interpreter charges US $10 to $15 per hour and pays the woman $5 per hour to  “milk the date out” as long as she can.

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And so, these men take these women out for expensive dates, buy them gifts and pay interpreters for date after date that never goes anywhere.

If you are thinking of coming to the CIS to meet a woman and you are using an agency, think again.

In the photo above, this western man is out on a date with a young woman and her interpreter.  The entire park – I mean EVERYBODY – stopped, and watched as they walked by.  I saw everything from incredulous looks to outright laughter.  The Ukrainians, Russians, Turks & even other Westerners couldn’t believe that this guy thought he was on a real date.  It was so obvious that it was a scam.  As I took the photo above I saw a husband, wife and daughter openly laughing at the “date” as they passed (below).

Don’t EVER write letters to women using marriage agencies.  You aren’t talking to the woman, some secretary is answering your letters.  Don’t use an agency interpreter – if they require it for the first date, close the date out quickly and make an appointment to meet with your own interpreter.  Any sign of resistance to this proposition is evidence of fraud.

Be forewarned.  I know many will read this and go and do it anyways.  You’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

And for heaven’s sake, if you do go to Ukraine or another CIS country, dress up a bit.  The men above scream “poverty” with the clothes that they are wearing.  No Eastern Woman will take you seriously when you’re wearing a “Joe’s Carwash” t-shirt.  Geez..

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Russian and Ukrainian beauties
Entertain ME!

10 thoughts on “No game whatsoever

  1. These guys would pay almost anything for a young woman’s company, even if they don’t get any. It’s probably a lot cheaper for them if they just bought a high-priced prostittue back home, at least they’ll get more “Bang” for their buck.

    • Every night, the women of the night trolled by as we dined and chased beautiful Ukrainian Women (non-agency and we were practicing our Russian). I believe prostitutes run for about a hundred bucks in Ukraine. Now, even if this guy bought a flight to UA, paid for a hotel, room and booze, and then paid for a piece of ass for a C note, he’s still better off than ass rape divorce court in the US.

      I’m all for these guys getting what they paid for – but a marriage agency is like a strip club – a tempt of action but nothing but heart ache and an empty wallet.

      • LOL!

        “I’m all for these guys getting what they paid for – but a marriage agency is like a strip club – a tempt of action but nothing but heart ache and an empty wallet.”

        …and a serious case of blue balls! They might as well stick to porn it’s cheaper with a happier ending. All kidding aside, another reason I will probably never use a dating/marriage agency, learn some Russian, and seriously take your advice just stick to the young Ukrainian and Russian women that can speak English.

  2. Tell me about it, I have a friend going tthrough a divorce with a woman he met from Mexico & at first she was very nice, attractive & innocent, but now has been spoiled by our Western Culture & Feminism. He’s now being taken to the cleaners with Child & Spousal support & losing his house that he totally paid for, she hasn’t worked at all since being up here for 10 years. After seeing a few of my friends go through devastating divorces maybe my single life is not that bad. If I find a wife abroad, I should keep her there to not be spoiled by our western ways.

    • I am looking into offshore accounts so that if u ever bring a wife back to the US, my assets will all be protected – this will be in addition to a prenup. But really, why get married in the first place? I do want kids, but I’ll keep the wife and kiss overseas; it seems that – in the west – we make it profitable for women to leave. I think that if there was no future (money) in leaving, more western women wouldn’t consider it and we would have happier marriages overall.

      • Agree with you here. I have one as well. It’s all legal guys, they want you to think it’s illegal or immoral to have overseas accounts but if it is all done legally and in compliance with your jurisdiction’s tax authorities; you can sleep well without any worries. It’s your hard earned money.

  3. One day I will publish my story about dating ladies from AnastasiaDate.
    I am 51 years old and a normal guy. Going on a date for me it is natural to dress properly and act like a gentleman. This is very important for the ukrainian ladies. The ladies are real. I have met 3 ladies from this site. Maybe 3 times lucky. They were from 33 to 45 years old.
    All 3 beautiful and charming. Are they looking for a foreign husband?
    Difficult to say. The first: No chemistry. The second: 3 trips to Ukraine. The last time 4 days together in a hotel. She was great. We were like a couple on vacation. No expencive gifts. No questions about money. She wanted to tell me something, but she never dared to do so. I had to many unanswered questions and we separated as friends. The third: Ongoing outside of the site. She has told me everything from the first moment.
    This might actually be what I have been searching for. When I know, the story will be told. It is possible to find a lady. It will be expencive. It is a big risk of waisting a lot of money. But use your head. The one on your shoulders.))) If you are looking for a sexpartner. Go to Odessa. Hire a hotelsuite. Find local young girls at the most popular nightclubs. Use money as a drunken sailor and you will end up with 3-5 beauties in bed every night. But you might go home with more than you came with.

    • If you met Yana (Boris) at that site, it should tell you all you need to know. Try one of the sites listed here and you should be OK.

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