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Let’s meet Angela.  She’s from New York City.  That’s the first strike against her – unless you’re looking for fast and free sex, in my opinion, women from Los Angeles, New York, DC and San Francisco are the bottom of the barrel.

Angela is in to mentoring (this means that she’s satisfying the urge to “mother” something without the constraints of motherhood), wine (probably too much wine, too much ass-baggage and too many one night stands), writing (she thinks she’s intellectual), shrimp boils (always fear a woman who lists ANY food item as one of her great passions in life – she will be HUGE after 2 years of marriage), discovering bands and new music (yeah, she’s a weekend party girl), a great haircut (no doubt makes her feel pretty after she spotted her rear end in the mirror climbing out of the shower this morning), event planning (WTF? the question is “the one thing I am most passionate about”), entertaining (another misguided attempt at nurturing), nature (oh geez, another tree-hugger), guitars (she likes unemployed long-haired guys who will ride her on Saturday night and leave without a goodbye, she thinks these “bad boys” make her “naughty,” but in reality, she’s just a pit stop for these Brad Pitt wannabees), and long hikes to nowhere (typical female romantic even though she’ll act as a DNA pit stop for the “bad boys”).

Do you see where I’m getting with this?  This is one of my eHarmony matches.  This woman was asked what ONE THING in life she’s most passionate about and she came up with all of this.  She, like most American women, is severely confused.  She doesn’t want kids, appears to want a good time and it seems that her life of a string of one night stands doesn’t seem so appealing now that she’s crossed the 30 year threshold and her ass is starting to grow in size.

Now she is shifting to find an “anchor” (no doubt a financial anchor) before she loses the last of her looks.  In no time, she’ll be 40, her ovaries will be screaming at her and she will desperately seek a sperm donor for her and her newly acquired lesbian girlfriend.

Oh God how I miss the Ukraine.

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The land where men are men and women are women.  The land where women WANT the men to act macho and act like men.

As I look through all of these eHarmony profiles, I can taste throw up in the back of my mouth.  I find American women (for the purposes of marriage and/or a long term relationship) sickening.  I’m happy to have a sexual partner of an American woman, liberal feminism provides lots of sex toys for American Men.  But if I’m looking for the mother of my children or someone to spend my life with, I don’t want to marry the woman who has been the one night stand of so many unemployed long-haired guitar players.

Lets look further into Angela’s profile.  She is asked, “The most important thing I am looking for in a person [mate] is.”  To which Angela replies:

I’m looking for compassion and patience.  Someone who can make ME laugh, entertain ME, (potentially with his music), challenge ME

Wow, it’s like I’m psychic or something.  See what I mean?  She’s a groupie to all of the unemployed long haired guitar players.  But you get the gist of how her mind works, she is the center of the universe, all relationships are gauged on how they make her feel.  As her boyfriend/mate/partner, you will forever be expected to entertain her, make her laugh etc.

And don’t forget the little dog.  American women seem to be acquiring little dogs at an ever increasing rate.  The animal supplants the desire to have children allowing for more freedom to sleep around.  Great if you’re a sex toy, not so good if you want a wife.  Really, do you want to be swimming with all of the long-haired unemployed guitar players?

This is a recurring theme I see over and over again on eHarmony.  The women never say that they’re looking for a partner to serve or even less, to partner with.  They’re looking for men like accessories in their wardrobe, men who will kiss their ass, rub their feet, pay their bills and listen to them while they tell the drama of their days.  The more and more I look at Western Women in this context of liberal feminism, the less and less I want of them.

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No game whatsoever
Spot the fat girl

9 thoughts on “Entertain ME!

  1. Shrimp, wine, long hikes, and dancing…Shouldn’t you be a bit thinner if that’s what you did in your free time. Seriously, to be a bit fair I have met a few western chicks who basically did that in their free time…and they are #1 thin and toned…and #2 already married.
    Meat, wine, long walks, and dancing…that pretty much describes the average day of an Argentine girl…nothing to brag about.

    • It is shocking what American women put in their dating profiles.

      I’m also amazed at the number of Match.com advertisements on TV.

      Match = waste off time.

      If we were hotel shopping, imagine that Hotels.com had only bad hotels, small rooms (fat women) and hotel staff with bad attitudes (feminist bitch attitudes). And then Booking.com had big rooms (think Women) and hotel staff with a great attitude (Eastern Women who want to please you). Why in the world would you shop for hotels at Hotels.com? Yet, many people choose Match over Elena’s. Go figure.

      • I have come to the conclusion that a man must behave like a free market capitalist or global entrepreneur when searching for a woman — wife or girlfriend. The restaurant and hotel examples that you have used in the past are the best…men should not waste all their time protesting about the bad service…just don’t patronize their business and encourage others to do the same. Whether they go out of business or not is no concern to me but they will not get any more of my money or time in the future…life is too short.
        May they die alone with 10 cats.

  2. American women have been re-classified by the majority of American men and nearly all foreign men as domestic and financial liabilities not worthy of the institution of marriage. American women over these last few decades have lost nearly all respectability and have handed the opportunity to marry American men to foreign born women. The old maid population is higher than its ever been since records began back in the 1920’s (unmarried women 25 or over) and its growing and growing. The stupidity of the American women is at an all time high, they are so (out of it) so drunk into a fantasy that they are all prized princesses, that they look and sound schezophrenic, they really do and most have no clue that the sanity of American women is being questioned more than ever. Its so so sad that this generation of American women drank the the spiked Kool Aid of Modern feminism AKA Male Hatred and are going to end up as the biggest and saddest old maid losers in recorded American history. Of course, there are a few American women who refused the Kool Aid and are going to have a full life with all the respect and prestige that comes with it. American women have been severely poisoned by the social Trojan Horse that is Modern Feminism. Nothing has destroyed a little girls dream of walking down the isle more than this hate based philosophy, that stopped really helping women a long long time ago.

    • Even my extended family – conservative Christians, all of the women have dipped in the punch bowl of femininazism – even the Men. The way American women think and act today, even those considered “conservative” pales in comparison to a Woman of 60 years ago.

      • This article on your blog was spot on.


        Many western churches (most creeds and even those stating that they do not follow any creed) have swallowed the kool aid. Many of the preachers, ministers, priests, elders, etc. are catering to the needs and wants of their female members at the costs of their male members…as a result many men (of all age brackets) have halted regular attendance.
        I remember one article written on a prominent Catholic website that attempted to place over 90 percent of the blame –lack of marriages and dwindling family size– on young western men. My blood was on fire after reading the article and I literally ripped into the author for writing the article…even the comments in the comment section were deleted.

        • It is the same with psychologists, they’re all feminists. During marriage counseling, the Man is always at fault leaving American Men confused as to what more they can do.

          The answer is: nothing.

          They can go overseas and find a normal Woman, that’s all.

          • Yeah. Left or right, irreligion or religion, and science/medicine or the metaphysical. The female is guiltless but the male must bear all of the burden in the west. A great example of this is what has been pointed out many times on this site before:

            Men are generally attracted to good looking women that are younger.

            In the west…
            Psychologist = call this social conditioning
            Religious= call this lust
            Femi-nazis= call this male pig oppression
            Male-Feminist = call this unrealistic standards

            Usually anyone that believes the opposite was either raised in a very traditional circle in the west or has traveled.

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