Raise my child, pay my bills


If you ever needed proof that western women are disconnected from reality and are truly spoiled: Last night I saw a report on CNN about 30 to 40 year old women who were trying to beat their ticking biological clock.  … Continue reading

Boris again


Men, you just have to love a country where its cool to date younger women.  That is after all, our natural predisposition.  That dating a younger woman is somehow dirty or something to be ashamed of is a byproduct of … Continue reading

Your blog is spot on!


… Ukrainian Woman on Odessa’s Derbasivskaya Street last summer… I received this email from a reader.  I thought I’d share his insights and answer his question online: Hi Scott I’ve just been reading your blog on the western women and … Continue reading

Spot the fat girl


During my first visit to Russia in 2002 I was in absolute shock as I looked around seeing so many beautiful women.  I remember taking a subway in St. Petersburgh and consciously looking around at the women.  I estimated that … Continue reading