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During my first visit to Russia in 2002 I was in absolute shock as I looked around seeing so many beautiful women.  I remember taking a subway in St. Petersburgh and consciously looking around at the women.  I estimated that 70 to 80% of the women were gorgeous and there were at least two supermodels in every car.  Every Western man I’ve talked to that has visited the east has reported the same: beautiful women everywhere.

What makes CIS (former USSR countries) women so beautiful?  When I returned to the United States I looked critically at the American women and it finally occurred to me that the American women are every bit as beautiful as the women of other countries.  But, you can’t see their beauty because it is usually buried under 15 to 50 pounds of fat.  By the time most American women pass their teens they start packing on McDonald’s burger pounds at an alarming rate.  In places where thin is still chic (New York, LA & San Francisco), the women dress like men, act like femi-nazis and are otherwise “spoiled” by feminism.

What makes the CIS women so beautiful is their attention to femininity (wearing a dress versus a pair of sweat pants), lack of fat (the average Ukrainian woman walks 1 to 2 miles each day – and in high heels!) and the lack of a feminist “chip on their shoulder.

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While sitting for lunch at Top Sandwich in Odessa’s Deribasivskaya Walking Street, I shot a couple of random photos of some “average” Ukrainian women as they walked by.  These women aren’t spectacularly beautiful, they aren’t super models, but as I look at women in Texas, Florida and Nevada, I see that their body shape is “different.”  They haven’t grown on a steady supply of Big Macs and Whoppers.  Have a look at the ladies in the photo above and below and compare them to the women you see in your town’s local Wal Mart.  I’m sure you get the idea.

As you look through these photos, see if you can spot the fat girl.  You can’t?  That’s because there isn’t one!

Every time I go back to the United States, I’m astounded at the number of fat women.  And then, I see some thin, healthy looking woman and I start to talk to her.  I find that she’s into crystals and channeling, or she pays a third of her paycheck to her “Guru” during her Buddhist/Hindu quasi-religious Yoga meetings.  She’s not just a vegetarian, she’s a militant PETA activist who cuts the  tires of hunter’s trucks during deer season.  She often spends her holidays going to Africa to save orphan AIDS babies rather than starting her own family.

I’m pretty much finished with American women, and by extension, Western Women.  I’ll be heading to Ukraine shorty and I’ll be looking for a Ukrainian women – a woman who isn’t a size 14, a woman who wants to be a woman and who wants me to be a man.

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Entertain ME!
Your blog is spot on!

11 thoughts on “Spot the fat girl

  1. Very interesting! None of these women are dressed like Paula Poundstone or Whoppi.My tailors are from Ukraine and always wear dresses and know how to look.I might have to look for some students to teach in Russia when the economy finally hits bottom.

    • You might drop by for a vacation in Ukraine when you have some time available – it will be hard to return to the fat west when you’re time is up!

  2. I have been I have been to the Ukraine twice. Just return from a 3 week stay in kiev. It helps to learn to read russian. I have spent a year learning to speak and read the russian language. Help teach the russian and ukraine people to speak english on skype. This will help you with planning your trip and meeting the people you speak with on skype. You can meet many people this way. Someone will tell you they have a friend they want you to meet. People will like to see you are trying to speak the language. Be nice to the women but do not treat them like royalty. The women like many compliments on their looks and clothing. They spend alot of time to look good so say something.

    • Good points all around – I studied Russian during my last visit to Ukraine. It is not an easy language but just knowing some goes a long way towards goodwill. Yes, the women are quite different in that they are feminine and glamorous – most Western Men are quite surprised by this. And as you say, the women there glow when you compliment their clothing and how they took the time to look nice. In America, I’d be worried about a sexual harassment lawsuit if I commented that a woman dressed nice. Our society is so broken and backwards in comparison…

      • “the women there glow when you compliment their clothing and how they took the time to look nice”.

        This is interesting for men raised in the Anglosphere, where so-called ‘negs’ are supposedly the way to treat women these days. If you compliment a Western woman, she thinks you’re weak or too ‘nice’ and putting her on a pedestal. Immediate friend-zoning ensues.

        Teasing European or Asian women just means a man is plain rude. Amazing how abnormal Western societies have become…

  3. Been lurking on your blog a couple days now. I’m Lauren gray

    That’s my two first names cuz I’m a Georgia (American) peach. Please forgive any grammatical errors….I’m on a so called smart phone and can’t see what I’m actually typing. Thank you for offering a unique perspective on why American men go outside united states for love. I can’t say I agree with you on everything. I think if you’re gonna date eastern European women…then do it exclusively…don’t sleep with women of ill repute just cuz you can
    ..that only contributes to the problem. What if one of them popped .jp pregnant? You’d be up the creek with no paddle.
    I’m not a feminist by any means….except for what brings me to my next point…the American woman is bombarded with marketing everywhere she goes just like the American man. We are products of our environment; it’s sad. I can see and hear the voice of the crazy liberal yuppie like from that movie Eat, Pray, Love in my head. But I’m miles away from that in the plains of Georgia. I have lived the city life and the country life and they are much different. You still see families here and Christian people. I’ve met some of those crazy women you describe but we are not all that way.

    I’m dating a Vietnamese man who actually looks native american but he’s lived here mostly his whole life. Before he met me he had an international dating profile and I became more curious about the topic.Something he did early on bothered me and that was criticize my curves. I’m white and Latina…built pretty much identical to marilyn Monroe or beyonce. I love my figure and have had always been a head turner. In fact a lot of people don’t know I’m part Hispanic. Them think I’m actually slavic, to the point of being mistaken as a foreign exchange student. :p

    The point is, yes no one should be a slob but we can’t all be a size 2. I’ve daTed plenty of masculine men who never criticized my body, American, Puerto Rican and Colombian. I’m also woman who wears dresses daily…there are many different types of beauty and men should respect that. There’s truth to what you say but then some of it I find outrageous. Yes I want the traditional life but everyone may not be suited for it. There’s also good and bad people no matter where you go, and ugly, crazy women in every land

    • Thanks for the reply. There are PLENTY of size 6-9 Women in Russia who are in VERY good physical shape (lot of walking, gym, etc). But the morbidly obese, that is still a thing of spectacle over here.

      You’re right, I can’t say that I envy the position that American women are in; society expects them to have one foot in the feminist zone, one foot in the old world. I suppose that my biggest problem with all of it is that so many women have the attitude of having their cake and eating it too. They see men as a meal ticket or a means to an end. They will use a man to get what they want, but won’t fulfill any of their duties to reciprocate.

    • On the way to work today I had thought about your email and I wanted to add this: while the “average” Russian Woman is about 30 pounds lighter than the “average” American woman, the same is true in many ways between the US and many other countries. I suppose that the average Columbian Woman is probably a little heavier than the average Russian Woman only because of genetics. But I’d bet you $20 that the Columbian is still thinner than the American. And even if they are the same weight, the Colombian is going to look entirely different because she has a higher muscle to fat content than the American woman.

      Even for heavier Russian Women, they are strong in that they still walk 3 or 4 miles a day, 6 days a week. After dinner, most families go for a walk, and I don’t mean around the block. I mean a good 45 minute to an hour long walk. Most Americans are lucky if they break 250 yards in a day. Throw in McDonalds and you have a huge disparity.

      As for me, I prefer a Gweneth Paltrow over a Beyonce (body shape wise) and you are probably more likely to find the former in Russia and the latter in Colombia. But either way, in 90% + of the cases, the American Woman is going to be less in shape than her foreign counterparts.

      And really, it makes a huge difference. When you see a woman in a skirt and despite her weight, her calf muscle is cut and her thigh is toned and firm, it looks so much nicer than so many Alabama girls with hail damage all along their backside, if you know what I mean ;-)

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