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Spot the fat girl
Boris again

… Ukrainian Woman on Odessa’s Derbasivskaya Street last summer…

I received this email from a reader.  I thought I’d share his insights and answer his question online:

Hi Scott

I’ve just been reading your blog on the western women and Ukraine and
it’s spot on. I’m from Eastern Europe myself, but the sad thing is
that when Ukraine, Belarus and Russia ends, a new kind of a hybrid
nations emerges. The part of Europe I’m from is starting to become
another USA or Germany in the attitude of the women even though their
average weight is still somewhat similar to the Ukrainian one, so you
think they’d be the same, but they are as annoying as the western
women. I’d say that most of them walk around like they’re constipated,
no joy, just complaints to hammer through.

I’ve lived in the UK for many years now and I will most likely start
my search in Ukraine or Russia as well, but there are way too many
scams going. I don’t even know how legitimate this marriageagencyscams dot com, for all I know it could be just a big ad for Elena’s Models to downgrade all her competition.

I’m not sure about this website, it is something to look into – I’ll check it out and post more on it later.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

My luck is that because Ukraine was under my country’s influence in
the past, the language has borrowed many words, and I’ve started to
learn Russian which branched off from a common source in the 18th
century, so the grammar is very similar to my own. I should be fluent
within a year. I don’t believe you can date someone through a 3rd
party if she knows little English.

I wanted to wish you all the best in your search and thank you for
starting the blog. The photos of the old guys looked hilarious, but on
the other hand, I don’t get why they are so gullible and they wouldn’t
hire an escort which is effectively the same, but with some more
action to it.

All of this has lead me to my final question, please. Do you believe
there are any legitimate sites out there where I can start a
correspondence with a lady to find out if she’s truly interested (I’m
educated, 29, an IT professional and really down-to-earth, so it could
actually happen). I’m not good at talking to random women in clubs
when the music’s hammering and you have to lean forward to shout into
her ear, and I thought some initial help through an agency to find the
ones that actually want to get married could be helpful.

Thank you and I hope you’d have the time to answer me, please.



Andre: I’m not exactly sure which agencies are legitimate (aside from the Odessa site that I’ve listed on my front page links).  I plan to investigate some different agencies and post what I’ve found here.  If any of you have any experience (good, bad or otherwise) with marriage agencies, please share your results by way of a comment or send me an email.



WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Spot the fat girl
Boris again

7 thoughts on “Your blog is spot on!

  1. Additional thought on this: I noticed a new generation of Ukrainians that are getting “McDonalds sized.” You might see a mother and father, the 16 and 12 year old are normal sized and the 7 or 8 year old kid looks like a fat transplant from some other fat universe. You only grow fat cells in infancy and during adolescence; a woman who was thin before 18 will remain thinner her whole life than a woman who packed on a lot of fat at 15. You can see the younger children, even in Ukraine, some are as fat as American kids. What a shame.

  2. It’s my first visit on this website. I would like to know more about it and about people in it. Thank you for yours clarifications

  3. Hi, I just found your website today and it is completely fantastic! I traveled to Kiev last summer and am now married to a spectacular Ukrainian/Russian woman – and yes, she leaves the local Canadian gals in the dust with her appearance, intelligence, behaviour, values and attitude towards life. I have never felt this way about a woman and can hardly believe my good fortune.

    I am writing to offer an excellent dating service in Kiev to your readers that introduced my wife and I last summer. It is called: [redacted until Scott can review it]
    They were totally professional and helpful and their office is 1/2 block from Independance Square, so very central and easy to find. And they are perfect for first time visitors who don’t know the language, culture or lay of the land. They picked me up from the airport, rented an apartment and set me up with 5 dates over 3 days. All for a fee of course, but it was reasonable and there were never any surprises.

    Also, I was looking around this site for a way to email you and could not find one. Please help.



  4. Don’t believe in fairy tales!
    These are all scammer sites:
    AnastasiaDate, and the 3 others connected
    Ukrainian Women,
    Ashley Madison,
    CharmDate, and the 3 others connected

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