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Men, you just have to love a country where its cool to date younger women.  That is after all, our natural predisposition.  That dating a younger woman is somehow dirty or something to be ashamed of is a byproduct of Western feminism.  Think about it, you’re some old dried up Susan Sarandon looking woman, how do you keep men interested in you?  You make it uncool to date your younger, prettier competition.  Man has been dating younger women since we lived in caves and chased mammoths and saber toothed tigers.  Feminism is a much more recent scourge.

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If you haven’t yet traveled to the former USSR countries, what are you waiting for?  Until you get over there and see the beautiful women, you just won’t have any idea what I’m talking about.  In the case of the photo above, this is another example of what I call the Boris Effect: fat guys and old and fat guys with a beautiful young woman on their arm.  In the case of this 55+ year old man, its his 31 year old wife and daughter.  You do the math.

If you are in any kind of shape or else have a decent job and/or any money in the bank – you’re desirable to a woman over here who is much thinner and much prettier than her Western counterpart.  Geez, shopping for Women in America is like shopping in the most expensive Beverly Hills store when you can buy the same exact thing at a discount store.  Of course it requires a plane ticket and most of us are just too lazy to make a flight of it.  Instead we’ll dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into a nagging bitch that will get fatter each year.

To the Borises of the world, I salute you!

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Your blog is spot on!
Leather and Boots

13 thoughts on “Boris again

  1. Hi Scott, if I may point out here, I think you’re missing a valid point in the photo you took. I’m coming from a mentality slightly more aligned with the Ukrainian one and I’m thiking this lady is happy to go for a stable, older guy who is down-to-earth, because she has a daughter (I assume the daughter is not his and he’s dating a mom).
    I believe no guy in Ukraine would seek to date her despite the looks. Most men would run away from someone else’s child. If the daughter is his as well, then all the best to him! If she’s not, then the mom had been classified as the worst companion by the Ukranian men of a similar age, because of that child!
    There are many equally attractive women over there without a child, so why bother? The mom is happy, because her child will have a stable family without an excessive behaviour.
    No matter the reality about the couple in the photo, I think my point still stands quite valid.
    Keep posting, mate!

    • Valid points – my intention of the “Boris” posts is to show to western men, if this guy has a shot at a beautiful woman, why not you? By Ukrainian standards, this woman is probably a 5, but put her in the US, Australia or London and she’s an 8 or 9.

      • Hey guy’s,
        let me add something to this conversation.
        i’m European, Frencn, I’m living in the US west coast.
        Something you american fellows have to understand, is that the age differences in Europe really doesn’t matter.

        A woman can date a same age guy as well a +20 guys. This is one thing, for the second tip, in Europe doesn’t matter the social level you may have. We never ask about “how much you make in a year” If we like a woman, she can be a house keeper or a waitress, doesn’t matter, same for a woman, if she like the guy she don’t care about what kind of job he may have.

        Europe it is not USA, Europe between people it’s about friendship and love and nothing else.
        So if you are walking in the street in any country of Europe and you see a young pretty girl in a fancy car, go for it, no shame, no fear, just go talk to her. Don’t forget the sense of humor. Man with no sense of humor don’t get laid in Europe.

        • I would disagree…

          “I’m coming from a mentality slightly more aligned with the Ukrainian one and I’m thiking this lady is happy to go for a stable, older guy who is down-to-earth, because she has a daughter (I assume the daughter is not his and he’s dating a mom).”

          That little girl is his biological daughter. Look at the area around the eyes and the nose of the man and compare it to the little girl. Just a happy family going for a walk. It’s so amazing how much the western man has been programmed to be a feminist just because a normal looking man happens to be married to a normal looking woman half his age with a young child that’s his…they still can’t believe it when they see it!

  2. I am planning on going to Ukraine next month. Thanks for the advice.!!!!!I have been e-mailing a girl from When I e-mailed that we would use an interpreter for just one day, she did not respond. I waited a week, still nothing. So, I sent another e-mail stating that we could use the interpreter more than one day, then bang, a response right away. Also in the response was how she was planning romantic places to visit, etc. Wow, what a scam!

    So, my question is it possible to meet some honest girls over there? Do you know of any american’s that found someone where the relationship lasted for more than several years?

    • Thanks for the reply. Yes, you can meet “normal” girls. I went for 6 weeks to Ukraine last fall and 48 hours before I departed I met a beautiful wonderful woman. I’m going back to see her next week!

  3. Privet. Interesting blog. I am european and dated during 2,5 years a fabulous looking young mother from Odessa, 14 years younger than me. I visited her and her boy every 2nd month for a week or met them at a (for them) visa free country.
    I found her via given I know some basic Russian and fully distrust marriage/dating agencies after some earlier experiences. I flew to Odessa end 2009 and she took me and her 12$/hour interpreter to Captain Morgan for cocktails, sushi and talks. I stayed at Londonskaya hotel. I returned 2 months later and I transferred her from then onwards 1000 Euro per month + paid all travels and expenses and shopping (clothing & shoes…)+ gifts for her (jewelry, fashing clothing/shoes) and her boy (fex a bike etc) + language lessons. After a couple of meetings I truly fell in love because she was tender, polite, gentle and a great lover. Hence, this is the key pitfall of Odessa ladies ! They are not only gorgeous looking but also sweet so you completely get carried away.
    After 2,5 years I was getting ready to propose. By then I had invested already 50.000 Euro in this relationship if I also include my flight costs. A month before I wanted to propose she asked 2000 Euro to go on holiday for a week to Montenegro with her mum and son. I transferred the money but finally she only went with her son. Whilst there she sends me a note saying she urgently needed 10.000 $ to bribe the police to release her brother from what she called a fake arrest to extort money. I refused and got a mail accusing me of not taking due care of her and being too greedy, so she dumped me. Now 2 months later I am still in shock as all this time I was living in clouds. I donot give a shit about the lost money as I truly loved and cared for her but can only compliment myself I kept a hand on the brake as I did not get into buying her a flat and car & did take enough time to check true feelings.
    Bottom line: go for it because you cannot resist them anyway; put yourself a budget & stick to it; don’t propose too fast and test their feelings f.ex. say no once to a material request and see how she reacts….
    Good luck.

    • Maybe you lost some money Luc with this relationship, (this is a french name isn’t?) but you attitude was coming from a real gentlemen, and I’m pretty sure you will propose to the genuine women soon or later.

      She lost more than you Luc.

      Good luck buddy.

    • Because she is so “common” in the East. A woman like that would rule any Mid-West American town, in Ukraine, she’s just “any other girl.” Remember Dave, “in the land of the blind, the one eye’d man is King.”

    • And by the way Dave, I’ve never known a man to say “such an ugly man” about another man unless he is gay. So, you’re either Gay Dave or Danielle, but you don’t fool us.

  4. Hi Scott
    I haven’t visited your blog for some time now, sorry for that. I got few automatic emails and it reminded me of your website.
    I second your notion! I have not met a man who would describe another guy as ugly either. I see a normal guy in the photo. He’s mature and apparently she’s not as shallow as we’re used to nor believes she’s worth a million only because she wasn’t born a man.
    Dave must be another American hottie (that expression should become a funny oxymoron on this blog).
    Я желаю тебе счастья / I wish you happiness, mate!

  5. I think there are a number of factors going on here. What I see is this. 1) America culture and American women tend to be more extroverted and superficially oriented. Image is more important than substance here. Status, image, material position, etc reins supreme in the USA. The first thing an American woman asks a man is “What do you do?”. In other words, she will sum you up in some career stereotype with a dollar value attached and social status of your position. A Ukrainian woman could care less what your social status is or your net worth. She wants to know if you are loving and supportive as a partner and do you have family values? That is what she is thinking about. She doesn’t care about dumb stuff. I have never heard a Ukrainian woman ask me what I do for a living. It just doesn’t matter what my position is. /////// 2) Another factor is that, without the ridiculous version of USA feminism, men and women are different, like the east acknowledges. They grow up different and go through different things. Women obviously mature earlier. Men need independence to “find themselves”. They need to find their place in the world, compete in business, acquire skills, experience things, fight for their country, etc. Women “find themselves” through relationship, family, children, local community, etc. It is logical and normal then for an older man and a younger woman to have the same internal direction and mindset. 3) With Ukraine another factor is the situation of the country. Ukraine has the lowest percentage of men to women in the world at .85 or less. The real condition is much worse. There is actually about 1 in 4 men who are marriage material in Ukraine. Many men in Ukraine can’t afford a family because of the corruption, health is a huge problem, it is still a macho culture in many ways and many of the men drink too much and do risky things and die young. The ratio of men to women in Ukraine at age 50 is a staggering .5. With the wars in Chechnya, the Balkens, and the current conflict, well it doesn’t help the situation to say the least. Ukraine is at a critical point in its population of men. So young women in Ukraine are fine. From 18-25 there are plenty of men to choose from. However, when they get to 25 and aren’t married, they start to worry. They usually like older men because they are more established, but the older men 35+ are more interested in the younger women. By age 30, the women are in a tough situation, even if they are gorgeous, there is just so many amazing women there in Ukraine and it is so competitive. 4) If the girl has a child it is even more of a curse. Like said by (Andre) in earlier post, most Ukraine men don’t want another man’s child. I see things in reverse. My girl has the sweetest 5 year old boy you have ever seen. I want family, but I didn’t really want to start with an infant. I know this kid is healthy and beautiful and is awesome. I don’t have to do the non-sleep thing with a baby or the diaper thing. For me it is perfect. I love all children, not just my own. That is silly. She is grateful I love him and it makes her and I closer together. For me it is perfect. ……………Anyway, I am sure I am missing other points, but it is natural for an older man and younger woman to find common ground and be attracted to each other. It is genuine too. Humphrey Bogart and Laurel Bacall had 25 years difference between them, yet they had the best love in the world, and a family too, and it wasn’t about being famous or rich. The eyes don’t lie. Google search image their photos, it is wonderful! My point here is don’t buy into the feminist bullshit of the stereotype of an older man being a creepy dude that just wants to sleep with little girls because it is nonsense. Only in America is such idiotic perspective prevalent. It is a crutch for lazy American women to keep being selfish, eating processed garbage, not working out, and dressing like pigs.

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