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Boris again
Raise my child, pay my bills

I made my first trip to Eastern Europe about a decade ago.  I had seen photos of the women on websites and I decided to use a vacation to find out if the Eastern Women were as beautiful as advertised.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they are.  I shot the above photo in Lviv, Ukraine.  I went to a few nightclubs there and I was dumbstruck at how beautiful the women are.  And not just beautiful, they dress feminine, like WOMEN!

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Every time I return to Ukraine, it is a favorite past time of mine to just sit on a sidewalk cafe, enjoy some good coffee and watch the beautiful parade of women as they walk by.

If you haven’t been to Eastern Europe, what are you waiting for?  Cancun and Hawaii will always be there – you owe it to yourself to take your next holiday in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia or one of the other CIS countries.  Ukraine has become the Eastern destination of choice because they no longer require a visa if you are from America, Australia or Western Europe.

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Boris again
Raise my child, pay my bills

10 thoughts on “Leather and Boots

  1. I was in L’viv & St. Petersburg in Jan. 2012. The women were beautiful. Utterly beautiful.

    And you’re spot on when you wrote that American women would be beautiful too if they weren’t overweight.

    • Thanks for the comment Dan – I think we’re on to something here – I look at Oklahoma girls versus girls from the coast and I see a big difference as well.

  2. You state that Australians don’t need a visa for the Ukraine?
    I needed one in February 2012 on my last visit.
    Can anyone please confirm the latest?
    I corresponded with a lady in Cherkassy and she said as a manager she only earns about $150 per month. Would this be right or is she “crying poor”?
    China Ian

    • Sorry – was referring to Americans. Getting a grasp on the wages in East Europe is quite confusing. I could never understand how a woman who makes $150 a month could take me out for an $80 dinner.

      It seems that the $150 is her “reported” wages. Just like in China where they have “red envelopes” (for bribes), in E. Europe, on each payday, the employees get a paystub (for their $150 minus huge taxes) and a “brown envelope” full of cash that is the remainder of their wages. I would estimate that wages are more in the $500 to $750 range.

      • Hello Scott. I’m Ukrainian and living at L’viv. As mentioned above there are a lot of people that has only $150 per/month. The average salary is around $300-$400 but not 500-750. And there almost aren’t “middle class”. There are poor and very rich people. Some mid-range for last years are formed by IT specialists. The salary of IT junior starts from $500 and can overcome $3000/month for senior developers. Also there are very many families where one or both partners works in EU countries for almost all life long and sending money back for parents/children. Anyway there are people that has 200/month but buying new unlocked iPhone 5 for around $1000… even living here for all my life long I can’t get how it is possible.

        • As I’ve learned, there is a “two-tier” pay system in Russia and Ukraine. Most employees get their wages in the form of a check and then a cash payment from their employer. I would like to hear your view on this. But even so, the additional cash is not enough for a $1,000 phone. I suspect some people may have some “extra-curricular” employment activities…?

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