I’m not a Diva!

Raise my child, pay my bills
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I’m planning a hunting trip with a buddy and I was looking through Craig’s List for some hunting ranches and I came upon this ad from a woman in rural Texas who’s looking for love.  Have you ever been to rural Texas? The women are huge.

So lets examine what the Texas heifers are looking for in a man:

Interested in finding a single white male between 35 – 45 for friendship first. I am a single fun loving mother that would like to spend time doing things of interest to me such as going to movies, taking picnics or whatever my mood dictates at the moment. Please message me what you are looking for in a relationship, what your likes and dislikes are, and tell me about yourself. Please send a picture for one in return. I am not into drama or games, and I require a man that is respectful and honest. I am not a diva or princess but want to be treated like one anyway. Alcohol and drug abusers don’t reply. If you don’t respect yourself you’re not going to repect me either.

“I’m a “single fun loving mother” in Texas speak = “I weigh about 250 pounds and I”m tired of guys dumping their load in me and then leaving without saying goodbye.  Now I want the respect that I see all of the thin busty girls getting.”

OK, so she’s tired of being treated like a cum-dumpster.  I can respect that.  And she spends a little too much time at Hardees carbo loading and drinking biggie sodas.  And, she has a kid – made a few bad decisions earlier in life (probably trying to fill the “missing daddy” role).  So, we would expect a woman of this caliber to be humble  with realistic expectations.


Oh, no.  Go back and read again:

“I am not a diva or princess but want to be treated like one anyway.”

Yes, of course.  You aren’t really a diva.  That’s like the toothless, mullet wearing hill-billy with a Confederate flag in the back of his pickup truck telling you he’s not a redneck.  She’s a diva alright – meaning that she want’s to be treated like a princess, have her ass kissed, be able to act like a spoiled rotten bitch and some man has to take her crap.  And why?  Simply because she has a vagina.

Well, American men can’t really complain about this silliness.  I’ve found that American men are just as much feminists as are American women.

I saw an iPhone app that advertises “free dating.”  I thought I’d do a search of some of the available stock in rural Texas.  The application is called “Dating DNA.”  I captured a few screen shots of some “average” Texas gals:

Texas beauties


Ruth lists her weight as “about average” at 158.  Really?  That’s average?  Women in Ukraine weight about 120 and that’s their average.  Makes me think that importing a wife is going to be a better proposition than finding one in Middle America.  Brittany lists her weight at 128 at five foot tall.  Based on the “fullness” of her face, I’d say that she tips the scales at a little more than “about average.”

Perhaps I’m not being fair.  “About average” might just be that.  In Texas.


I scrolled through dozens of photos and found that most women in their 20’s were bisexual, almost all women 20-40 already had children, and 90% or more were straight fat.

This woman actually poses with her kid for her “date me” photos.  Well, at least she’s honest.  Right up front you know that you’ll be surrogate dad and be expected to raise some other man’s spawn for the chance for some lovin with this Texas hottie.

Here is a typical 20-24 year old American girl.  Open to bisexual women and even lesbian affairs.  Now, I’m not hating.  If a girl wants to munch box I’m not going to complain.  If I’m dating a woman and she wants to bring a friend along, I’m not going to pass it up.  But, is this the type of woman you want to marry and raise children with?  I don’t.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Like I’ve said before, if you want women just for sex, American women are great.  But if you’re looking for  a traditional woman for marriage, I suggest that you look outside of the country.

I just received a “hate mail” from a (probably fat) woman who accuses me of horrible crimes against humanity for preying on “economically disadvantaged” women in foreign countries.  Hmm….  lets look at the logic in this statement.  I can find a woman who isn’t money hungry, with a thin figure and good morals & if I seek her out, I’m some sort of pervert?  Sounds like fat spoiled American women don’t like competition.  And for good reason.

Getting back to the Craig’s List Texas ads,  here are some that I found.


Hi there I’m a 32 yr old attractive single white female. I stand bout 5 ft 2 I’m thick with curves. Have a hour glass frame. I have shorter brown hair & blue eyes. I do have pics. Send some my way and you will recieve mine. Have a great day.

 “Big woman”:

The post givees (sic) it away. I am looking for something more than just friends. I zm (sic) looking for someone that cares about be for me and not afraid to say or do soemthing (sic) about it. I am not afraid to speak my mind I will tell anyone anything and not hold back. I am a very hard working woman I work 6 days a week but able to take a few days off every now and then. I have no children but would like some someday. If the right man has children then thats just fine also. I would love for someone that doesnt (sic) mind texting (sic) just to say good morning or good night. I am a big woman but dont let that stop you I am one of a kind. I am not a liar, cheater, and will not do anyhting (sic) to hurt you. I do not smoke but will drink socially. Well hope after reading this you feel you are up to it to email me and see where it goes.

“Larger woman”:

28, BBW looking for new friends and maybe more. As I stated, I am a larger woman so if that’s not something you’re into no need to reply.

 “Chubby” girl who wants 25-35 year old “tall, fit, chic, handsome man”:

I’m not looking for a one-night stand or a fwb thing. I’m looking for a guy who wants to text, maybe hang out sometimes, and if something develops or happens, we’re both consenting adults.. I go to bed later and wake up early, and would really like to find someone to text at odd hours. You: must be single!! Be between 25-35. Prefer tall, fit white guys, geeky-chic a plus. Also, please be literate! Me: white, chubby 5’7″ brunette w/ green eyes, into UFC and hockey, read sci-fi/fantasy, love zombies and post-apocalyptic things. I’m a non-smoker, who’d rather hang at the bookstore or coffee shop instead if clubs. I have a raunchy and sarcastically sense of humor, and I laugh a lot. A good sense of humor is important, so you need to have one if you reply. If you’re interested, email me back and put “Pick Me” in the title. Write about yourself, and please include a recent pic. If I’m interested, I’ll reply and we can email or text. :)

Are you seeing a trend here?  I’m a fat, woman with kids but I want a tall, good looking man.  I get hate mail for wanting a thin woman with morals merely because I’m crossing “union lines.”  Do you see the double standard?  If you look where you’ll have the best luck, you’re some sort of deviant.  A fisherman fishes where the fish swim.  A hunter hunts where the deer are.  If you’re looking for a wife, why would you hunt through hordes of fat bisexual wrecks?

Fat women want to keep you locked in where your options are limited.  Make a visit to Columbia, Thailand or Ukraine and see why they don’t want you to travel!

Photo that I just took while answering commenter Lily’s comment.  Lily suggests that American women aren’t “too fat,” well, I disagree, as I type a response to Lily’s comment I see 7 or 8 women of similar girth in this flight terminal:

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Raise my child, pay my bills
Two pairs of Hot Ukrainian Women

13 thoughts on “I’m not a Diva!

  1. I just re-read this again and I can’t help but laugh at the first woman’s post; she’s looking for a man to spend time with her at “picnics” and doing whatever her mood “dictates at the moment.”

    Think about that for a minute. She just said, she’s looking for a man to be her bitch, at her beck and call based on her whims at the moment. And – in her mind – she’s totally justified because she’s a woman. Good luck. I’ll stick with foreign women.

  2. Hello Scott,

    I am one Russian woman who tried to find a Western man through a website, but realized soon that I don’t have many choices as soon as I am in Russia. Then I applied for immigration to Canada and was approved. Now I am here in Toronto, and managed to get a good job and make friends with the locals here.
    Your point is related to the mine, I think that I was in your shoes a while ago when I tried to attract Russian men who have plenty of choices. I believe that Western men and Eastern women are created for each other )))
    You know, I was on PoF but I also looked up my ”competition”. Reallly, I found out that there were much more slim and cute Western women! I rarely saw someone like the ones that you mentioned in this blog. Toronto indeed has svelte and we groomed women!
    I think that you are very close to a Russian mentality in this blog. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you just to move to the Ukraine!
    Take care Scott, and good luck in your search!

    • Lily, first off, thanks for your reply.

      I’ve been to Toronto and recently to Vancouver, and yes, Canadian Women are quite a bit thinner than American women. It is a FACT that more than one third of American Women are obese. For those that are not obese, they’re a bit “chunky” for my standards. I’m not talking Toronto, I’m talking the US of A.

      But, what Canadian women lack in girth, they excel in feminism – you are no doubt already becoming feminized as you live in Canada – its hard not to as Western Society actively promotes a feminist agenda and criticizes anything that does not conform to that reality.

      Men, for those of you looking at taking an Eastern Woman, have a look at this link. Better make sure your woman is “in to you” or else this is likely to happen:

      New Russian immigrant to America gets advice on “dumping” her American husband.

      • Scott, despite I live in Canada, I really don’t think that something can change me from what I am. I am actively involved in local life here and making friends, but have not heard anything about any ‘feminizm’ as you decribe it. And I really strive to make my future Canadian man very happy :-)

        • Dear, if you could only hear yourself.

          “Strive to make my future Canadian man very happy”

          You sound wonderful!

          That’s pretty much what every guy wants. And you can find that it in a Western woman, but the chances are slim, and getting slimmer each year. You don’t yet sound “polluted” with the feminazism and I hope you stay that way!

          About 3 weeks ago I was on a business trip and I was “debating” with a British woman in her early 30’s. She was arguing that 50% of all pilot jobs should be reserved for women even though there are not enough qualified women pilots. When I told her that there are male pilots that have 4,000 hours looking for jobs while they hire women, right out of school with 250 hours she said, “Good. The men should suffer, women have been suffering long enough.”

          Do realize, she HATES men. All night long she went on and on about how “men had it so good for so long, and now its time for them to suffer.” A great porting of the female population in the West have this kind of thinking, an “us versus them (men)” attitude. University educated women are the worst – last week I was at a post-Graduate party, at the table of 8, there were 4 PhD’s and 3 Master’s degrees. The women were openly hostile of men and were bashing them with open disdain.

          Stick around for a few years, keep your ears open, you’ll start to hear this feminazi talk – I hope you have the courage to put these women into proper perspective!

          • A male friend told me once that in his work (public transportation) they had a woman who wanted to work in a team of men who raise heavy loads in order to prove that women have the same rights or something like that! That’s really stupid. She ruins her health with that!
            But this is what others told me, not my own experience. Here I hang out with many locals, my curiosity brought me both in the fashionista companies, investors wannabees, even the lesbian groups! However I never recall anyone even mentioning me any superiority of women, or hostility to men in any other way. On the contrary, everyone seems to respect my opinion, as well as an opinion of everyone else. Canadian women who surrind me are almost all married, and keep telling me how great their men are. May be I am just tuned to attract people of same mentality even in Canada :-)

          • Lily, what’s wrong with you? You think that women SHOULDN’T act like men? Off to feminazi training camp for you!

  3. Just saw the picture with which you react on my comment. May I comment that this is not quite what I meant. I wrote, (copy + paste from my post above) “that there were much more slim and cute Western women! I rarely saw someone like the ones that you mentioned in this blog.” You quoted me like (copy + paste from your above) ”Lily suggests that American women aren’t “too fat”. Aren’t these points different, are they?
    I have seen fat and obese women like on your photos, not that many as your blog suggests that they are. What I meant to say that besides them, there are still a good number of slim and cute women in Northern America ( at least in Chicago where I did my studies a while ago). I do agree with you that in Eastern Europe this correlation shows much, much more normal women, which translates in American as ‘slim'”. At the same time, I noticed a number of slim and attractive women on Plentyoffish. They are less, but really not THAT less as you suggest. Just my humble opinion based on my observations :-)

    • Thanks for the follow up Lily. Perhaps if you got out of Chicago and went a little further south you would see some of the cows that I’ve described. Hit up a Wal Mart, plenty of pigs there.

      Some American women find that it is demeaning to them to dress up, “Why should I have to dress for a man!”

      Whereas Eastern Women like to look nice for their men – your comments – in general – have a much lighter feel than from some of the hate mail I get from some American cows.

      thanks for the comment

  4. I do so enjoy reading these blogs and followup comments, Scott. What these women sometimes say is surreal; completely lacking any common sense, almost like an Alice in Wonderland mentality (thinking a rabbit hole here or The Mad Hamster). If the western men are so loathsome to the western women and are to be hated/despised/and disposed of eventually, then men ought to just leave the field entirely and take the ball east.
    Thankfully, I left the field some time ago with my lovely bride and no longer want to play. However, I can cheer the team on from the stand.

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