Two pairs of Hot Ukrainian Women

I'm not a Diva!
East and West: A glaring disparity

Busy at work these last weeks and I haven’t had a lot of time to add to this blog.  I thought I’d share some nice photos that I took in Ukraine.

Both photos were shot on Deribasivskaya Street – Odessa’s main “walking district.”  If you’re ever in Odessa, especially if it is during the mild months, you owe it to yourself to sit on the sidewalk in one of the many cafes and just sip a coffee or beer and watch the never-ending ass parade that strolls past your table.

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The photo above is two waitresses from a walking street restaurant; they are just off of work and are converting some of their tips at the currency exchange.  In both photos, you see how the women dress in Ukraine – a far cry from so many American women who wear sweat pants & fat jeans.  The Eastern women are thinner, in better shape and they sure dress like women.

Mind you, these are just some of the average girls that you see in Odessa – or any other Ukrainian or Russian city.

If you have never traveled outside of the US, you don’t know what you’re missing.

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I'm not a Diva!
East and West: A glaring disparity

26 thoughts on “Two pairs of Hot Ukrainian Women

  1. What about the men? Maybe women in the US would dress and look better if they were treated more like a lady by men. My suggestion is if you don’t like the way the American women look, stay out of America.

    • So, if our women are fat, spoiled and bitchy I should act like a punk and take it, or else “stay our of America?”

      Wow lady, you just about nailed what’s wrong with Western Women.

      thanks for your comment!

    • @Angie,
      Oh brother, lady! Your message is a typical feminist rant.

      ” Maybe women in the US would dress and look better if they were treated more like a lady by men.”
      I cringed when I read this part. This part confused the hell out of me and it truly does not make any sense because I do *not* believe that American women know how to behave and act like a real feminine lady.

    • Hey Angie! I took your advice long before you gave it. Loving every minute of it, too!! I get to walk just down our boulevard, or a quick stroll to the bank, with my gorgeous wife on my arm, and watching the pretty scenery, as there a lot of trees, gardens, and amazingly fashionable and well shaped women. You are a shame for even posting such words, with the “proof is in the pudding” photos that Scott posted. I could post hundreds, thousands of these photos, but why? So, stupid people like you can just insult? Go back to eating your Twinkies Angie.

    • Spoken like true Western cunt! It’s women like you who make Western men look East!!! More and more western men are marrying Eastern European women every year and Western women have themselves and their feminazi attitudes to thank! I moved to Odessa, Ukraine 7 months ago from the states and I have a drop-dead gorgeous REAL woman who I’ll marry in the spring! I’d never go back to Western women! NEVER!!!

    • Angie,
      I would give you the benefit of the doubt and first ask….What does it mean to treat women like a Lady? Because the problem is that the old fashioned chivalry does not work. There is a sense of entitlement all over the west that includes everyone and not just women. Everyone is saying the same shit….”I will start acting proper when people start treating me proper”…this is the thinking of all idiots. Look at the most revered men and women….they are treated according to the way they carry themselves always. It is called self respect.

  2. Hi
    I am planning a trip to the Ukraine soon.Can any off you guys give me advise on dating sites that are reputable.I have been “scanning” these site for quite a wile and have not seen one that I can really trust.Also tied off corresponding with women that looks like models until the make up comes off,then its a different story.

    • Finally found a site that I believe is legitimate – I even signed up myself – Elena’s Models – there is a link on this page.

    • Pieter,
      +1 to Scott’s message about Elena’s Models due to its solid reputation.

      Also, you need to spend a lot of time for researching and reading. Best place to start is because of many helpful information and tips from veterans for newbies starting out as well as useful trip reports.

      Another recommendation is to find and hire a guide-translator in each city. This person will help you find an apartment, arrange transportation pickup, etc. Not only that, she will also be a ‘matchmaker’ due to her personal connections to many ladies that she personally know. This is much better than using Marriage Agencies, which I always avoid and is a total waste of money, in my opinion.

      An example of a guide-translator would be something like this person:

      Note: I only have experienced in traveling to Ukraine (10+ times).

  3. I think I’m more than qualified to speak on nearly any issue regarding Ukrainian girls including dating and marrying them as well as how to use even unscrupulous dating sites to your advantage. I have been all over Ukraine and married a girl from Lugansk. She is gorgeous, smart, sexy, funny and outgoing and, she is secure with herself. She didn’t make it to the US only because in the 11th hour, she couldn’t leave her mother alone in Ukraine :-( Anyway, since my experiences with Ukrainian women, I would not remotely consider involvement with an American girl. I travel to Ukraine regularly (Odessa is unbeatable but Kiev and the Crimean are also top-notch!) I communicate with several gorgeous women in Skype (get several separate accounts to keep the girls from noticing you’re on but NOT chatting with them) and here’s how to find them. I likely should write a book but, American guys need all the help they can get and besides, there are more than enough Slavic girls to go around! ALL Russian/Ukrainian dating sites are SCAMS! Not some but, ALL! Sure there are a few sincere girls there but, the local agencies control them and the odds of getting very far with a girl through an agency is very remote. I can tell you horror stories from experience plus from the girls I know there who get paid to chat and communicate with men. Here’s how we tilt the odds hugely in our favor and do it without dropping $$$! Use any of the dating sites to look at profiles. Make certain that the site lists the girls’ city and date of birth. Some sites, such as, even will give the girls’ first names or something very close to it in her profile heading. ok, here’s what you do next; post your profile on, the largest social network for Russians and Ukrainians. It’s the Slavic equivalent of Facebook only WAAAAY better! If you can find a girl in VK whose profile is also on a dating site, contact her but, DO NOT tell her you saw her profile on a dating site! This is very important and as a matter of fact, I suggest that you keep any remarks to anything related to dating sites non-existent! The girls are bound by the agency rules and have contracted with the agencies to NOT have direct communication with any men who use the dating site! GOT IT? So, “mums” the word here fellas! I will just casually drop them a message such as, “You’re beautiful, your boyfriend or husband’s a lucky guy!” I’ll average at least a 50% response rate and I take it from there. Be careful and try to see if the girl’s “status” is evident. If you comment that her bf is lucky and yet, her status is “actively searching” you’re a dummy! I have had AMAZING results with this approach and I’ve even sent several girls money to help them purchase webcams for Skype but, be careful here. If a girl asks for money, she is likely a gamer. These girls have a lot of pride if they’re not looking for a “sponsor” and they’ll appreciate your offer more than you can imagine but, they will NOT feel at all obligated to you. Remember, you offered, they did not ask! Here’s a hugely important detail; Slavic women are taken for granted by the men there because the girls outnumber them and because the guys are numb to the beauty that we western men rarely see here in the US much less by the droves! The first time I went to Ukraine, I had a 5 hour layover in Kiev (pronounced KEEV by the locals, not KE-EV, i.e. 1 syllable not two), and my neck got strained twisting continually as one after another beautiful woman walked by me. I thought there must be a Miss World pageant in town, no joke! These women dress to the nine’s and love short skirts, some so short they’re referred to as “maxi-belts” there! Above all else, be a gentleman and be relaxed and smile a lot. Pay for everything without hesitation and tip the help. Include “her” friends when you go out and you will likely make friends for life and/or, have a shot at bringing two of them back to your apartment for the night! These girls are not shy but, they are NOT sluts and if you treat them like gold, you will have memories that will seem as if you dreamed all of this! Beware of Ukrainian guys in packs. They resent western men (especially Americans) stealing their only worthwhile export, the women! I always try to speak if a group of men are out late at night, congregating on the street corner. Walk past them with your arm around your girl or holding her hand and smile…it will be just fine. Actually, the guys can be great too and have a fascination with Americans but, when they are in a group, they’ve likely been drinking and your gorgeous girl reminds them that they are going home alone…again so, be careful. I was a guest in a University English department many times and guys, I KNOW what I’m talking about!

    If you go, do not be disappointed if you don’t make that “love connection” and it might take a few trips. I go for at least 2 weeks at a time and this is enough because I must rest for that long upon returning home! Contrary to what stupid American women want to believe (stupid and American? That’s redundant, isn’t it?) these women are NOT desperate to leave their country! That is HOME and family to them but, they are pragmatic and understand that they’ll likely have a less than desirable life remaining in Ukraine unless they are one of the lucky ones. They do have great fears and have been brainwashed to believe that they will be sex slaves or used only to cook and clean in the US by their new man. So, comfort them, be kind and gentle with them and, do try not to make them angry especially until they know you are not the typical using, abusive Slavic man they have become accustomed to in their lives! They are not submissive and have learned to be tough in dealing with Ukrainian men. And to all the American women who think they are bad asses, these Slavic women will eat your lunch, look fabulous doing it and then take care of the man you lost in ways you cannot imagine!

    My advice; GO EAST, ALL WESTERN MEN!

    • John,

      Thanks for the great reply! What you’re saying is right in line with my experiences – I believe I’ve been East (wait, lemme count) 7 or 8 times. Yes, the scamming abounds. I’m going to take odds with you on one issue, I’ll say that 99.8% of the sites are scams. I’ve actually found one that I’m going to recommend. I’m convinced it is legitimate. I’m in the process of writing a review of it and I’ll post it here shortly.

      You and I know what you are talking about, but for the men that have never been East, it is like trying to explain heaven to someone who hasn’t had a near death experience and visited there for 10 minutes. Unless you go and see for yourself, you won’t have any idea.

      As for your idea at – I’ll have to give it a try. I’ll post my success/fail comments later. If anyone else has tried this or any other technique, we would love to hear from you.

      Hope you check back John & be sure to sign up for email updates.

      Good luck and safe travels,


    • John,
      *lol* My very first time in a Kiev Airport, I ended up with a whiplash too!

      I travel to Ukraine at least 3 times a year because it is the only country where I enjoy myself by being surrounded with beautiful feminine women. :)

      • Gentlemen, here it is. It all its glory.

        A Western woman trying to shame you back to the table of fat & entitled women.

        Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for the social pressure of fat & ugly western women.

      • Ha ha ha ha Ms! I am a fkg loser! OMG! Yup, I am miserable as hell with my smoking HOT Ukrainian bride and our gorgeous as ever, daughter!! Ha, ha, ha. Go to hell yourself, you frickin loser (putting the word fkg and God next to each other on a public forum just shows your lack of intelligence and respect).

  4. Hi Scott,

    Yes, the SJW’s and the PC clique are trying to have one last, big hoorah here since the election. CNN has even become more liberal if that is possible. They know their time is limited and are trying to put out all the hate they can. It will die off soon with the “Trumpening”. It remains to be seen how much of the feminist rot will be rolled back. Let us hope it will be a lot. That being said, for any of the young men out there, EE, Russia, SEA and LA/SA are still the best options.

      • FC you are aabsolutely correct. The best I hope for out of Trump are some better economic policies. But there is zero hope to roll back the PC or feminazi policies.

        • As I’ve commented before, at least the USA will finally have some elegant and beautiful (EE) ladies in/around 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd. It may not roll back the fembots, but its a start. Could motivate our 8 – 15 year olds to start dressing nicer and stop with the damn tattooing and animal-like piercing.

          • …and maybe an end to the neon colored hair or excessive food consumption. Most women in this country are so clueless about what it takes to attract and keep a man….her degree, job title, and salary have nothing to do with it…a pleasant attitude, some domestic skills, and long hair that at least touches the middle of her back would be a great place to start just after putting a lock on the fridge…and her mouth.

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