East and West: A glaring disparity

Two pairs of Hot Ukrainian Women
If it was easy, everyone would do it

Back from a bit of a hiatus on this blog; work, hobbies and some other interests have taken up any free time I’d had for writing.  But I’m on a flight today and nothing to do but write so I thought I’d just dive back in.

The photo above was taken at a Midwestern airport in the United States yesterday.  When I saw this mid-50’s American man with his oversized American gut, I couldn’t help but notice his wife: a stunningly beautiful Asian woman.  Thankfully, this guy didn’t kowtow to her, chase her around or kiss her ass.  Quite to the contrary, she scurried along behind him – carrying their baby, just barely able to keep up.  He was acting like a man and she obviously respected him for it.  You look at this guy through the prism of Western Feminism and you (I did this myself) roll your eyes, “Oh, this guy; had to get a foreign wife because he can’t compete.”  I almost smack my own forehead for letting this feminist backwash thinking take root into my own mind.

But, let’s REALLY think about this.  He OBVIOUSLY CAN COMPETE.  He just stepped “outside of the box.”  He sidestepped the pitfall of feminism that says that a man can only use his looks or his age to compete.  This guy is competing with financial or other means.  Maybe this woman just wants a man who will support her financially, love her unconditionally and treat her like a woman.  Perhaps she doesn’t want all of the western soap opera drama that most American women digest with wanton regularity.

Three cheers for this guy.

On my last trip east, in Warsaw I noticed that the size of the women shrank by about 40 pounds.  The dresses got tighter.  The boots got taller.  The women fixed themselves up.  I looked out to the hall, as fat teenage American high school and college girls in sweat pants and unkempt hair waddle by.  The average American 18 year old girl is bigger than an average 30 year old Eastern Woman.  It was like standing on the Nile River, green on one side, Sahara Desert on the other.  Stunning model-looking women on one side, fat feminazis on the other.  Most of us don’t see it.  It isn’t until someone mentions it to you and then you look around and you notice it.

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And then I landed in Warsaw.

Geez, even the cops are hot!

The customs girls, the cops, the x-ray techs, the hostess at the coffee shop, the baggage attendants, they are all thin and wearing skirts.  Its like being on an episode of Mad Men or living in 1963.  In the row ahead of me on my Chicago-Warsaw flight, a woman in her late 20’s, a little boy and girl in tow was going home to visit her parents in East Europe.  Her husband was an American and he is staying in the US to work.  This woman, after spitting out two kids was still a size 4 – she dressed in super tight jeans and a low cut top – not overdone on the makeup, but elegant.  She was a MILF and it was hard not to stare.  There were a dozen more like her on this flight.

On my last flight to Ukraine I noticed that there were quite a few Western Men on the flight.  I spotted UK & American passports at the check in queue.  To my right were two good-looking men in their 30’s.  They looked like they are going to go mountain climbing or as if they came off the cover of a GQ magazine.  They were probably marriage broker tourists and will begin a tour in Kiev or have come to meet some woman that they’ve been corresponding with.  Two rows behind them is a loud-overweight American with a Michigan University sweater on that hardly covers the enormity of his gut.  Good for him to get an Eastern Wife, so long as he doesn’t bore her to death like he’s doing to the captive Ukrainian Woman sitting next to him.  I hope this poor sod hasn’t dumped $4k on Anastasia emails already.

Men, use your common sense.  Don’t let the little head drive you…

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Two pairs of Hot Ukrainian Women
If it was easy, everyone would do it

11 thoughts on “East and West: A glaring disparity

    • Met the girl I came to visit – spent the day together. Looks promising. Met a European man at the airport last night – he just sent me a text saying that the girl he came to meet was a scam. Another American that I met on the flight from Kiev has good reports about his date.

      Buyer beware!

      • Going to Eastern Europe, spending that money, and being scammed must suck pretty bad. The bright side is, he has plenty of beautiful women to meet while he is there.

        Another question is, how often do you meet fellow Americans in Kiev?

  1. Are there any similar blogs to this for finding an Asian wife? Most of what I’ve seen is sex tourism stuff. I’ve decided I don’t want to have children, and I think an Asian woman is closer to what I’m looking for at this stage.

    • I do not know of any – if you find one, please post a reply back here and we can link to it. I’ve visited almost every country in Asia – and if Asian women are your cup of tea – they are vastly superior (in ALL ways) to Western women.

    • Well Albert, not sure I’d go that far…

      sensing by your comment I suspect you’ve been burned – as many here have been.

      I’ll have to say, the biggest problem is the way our laws are written – men lose all their rights in marriage. First rule, don’t EVER get married. Rule 2, marry foreign if you can.

  2. An article just posted to SDT reminded me of this article on WWS.
    — — —
    “Do you know what I do every time a frustrated Western woman talks badly about foreign women?

    I look into the eyes of my beautiful Thai girlfriend and give her a kiss.”

    — — — —
    The feminazis know the grass is greener on the other side…hopefully the emasculated boys in the west will figure this out as well…

  3. Man polish womans suck now the same as western womans. Trust me. They are fucking feminist all of them. And the worst thing? All of them fuck every muslim they can find.

  4. Old news article from last year
    — —
    Run for the Hills! One Third of Americans Consider Leaving the US for Good
    22:54 01.07.2015
    — —
    Even though this article (plus many more if you go0gle the subject) does not focus on men and relationships…it does indicate something is seriously wrong. I’m sure the male demographic data would show a higher percentage.
    They say “love it or leave it” or “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”…then you say “OK, I’m leaving” and proceed to walk (actually you’re sprinting) to the the door…then they scream “traitor” or “coward” or “man up” or “you don’t want to pay your fair share” or “it’s not that bad” or something similar…
    It just seems to run parallel to those who decide to go international/foreign for a girlfriend/wife.
    The natives wouldn’t consider leaving if things were not that bad.

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