If it was easy, everyone would do it

East and West: A glaring disparity
Don't ever get married!

I’ve made a lot of money in the stock market – but I’ve lost some too.  I have 20+ years investing and trading and I learn something new every day.  What I have learned is that long term consistent returns are not easy, if they were, everyone would be rich.  Likewise, finding a foreign woman isn’t easy, if it was, every Joe in the West would have a Svetlana or Ekaterina on his arm.  There are a LOT of pitfalls to finding a woman overseas – keeping your wits about you, just as in the stock market, is key to success.

My last trip to Ukraine did not end in romantic success but was not a total loss: I learned a lot about overseas travel, American mindsets, Eastern European dating and a learned quite a bit about myself.

Of all of the things that have become even more clear to me, the one thing that stands out the most is that I don’t want to end up with a Western woman.  I just can’t stand the feminist mindset – I find it illogical in every way, angry (in that most feminists deeply despise men) and I don’t want to be the breadwinner to some fat whining bitch.  Life is too short to f* it up, I’ve re-resolved to keep up the search & to avoid the pitfalls of Western women.  More on this later.

In the meantime, I found this string yesterday on a forum website.  If you are considering bringing an Eastern woman back to Western Europe, America, Australia or Canada, have a look at this:

“You still have to provide for your foreign spouse even after a divorce. Much like a prenuptial agreement, you will need to pay a specified amount on a scheduled basis. The amount you are required to pay will depend on the employment and financial situation of your foreign ex-spouse.

There are, however, certain grounds for termination of the affidavit of support. Those include: · The immigrant has worked 40 qualifying quarters (approximately 10 years), according to the standards put in place by the Social Security Act · The immigrant “naturalizes.” This is the process by which the immigrant can gain full U.S. citizenship by proving continuous U.S. residency, thorough English and Civics knowledge, as well as an attachment to the Constitution. A test is administered for immigrant naturalization. · The immigrant dies or is not longer a U.S. resident. If none of these grounds for termination are found, the affidavit of support will stand, requiring the sponsor to continue with financial support. This requirement will stand until one of the grounds for termination is met. If support is not provided by the sponsor on time and in full, the immigrant has the right to sue.

Furthermore, if an immigrant receives any kind of “means-tested public benefits” from an agency (including, but not limited to, Social Security Income, Food Stamps, or Medicaid), the sponsor must pay that agency for the costs of the benefits. Essentially, the sponsor should have been paying for these benefits all along, so they receive the responsibility for payment.

First Divorce

In other words, if you “import” a wife, and she dumps you, you’re on the hook to pay her bills while she runs off with the pool boy.

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She loves you and its “safe” to bring her to the US?  I did a Google search and found dozens of sites that give your new bride all sorts of “advice” on how to dump you, continue the green card process and to “gurantee” her application by charging that you abused her:


I’m married to a U.S. citizen who mistreats me both physically and emotionally. He started the process of applying for my green card, but the application is still pending. I’m afraid he’ll refuse to continue with the green card process if I call the police or leave him. More than that, I’m afraid he’ll take the kids and let the immigration authorities deport me. What do I do?


This must feel like quite a trap — stay with your husband and be abused, or leave him and be deported and separated from your children. Luckily, the folks in Congress have provided an escape from this trap.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows battered women (or men) who are married to U.S. citizens and permanent residents to use a special “self-petition” to apply for their green card.

That means you won’t have to depend on your abusive husband for anything — not the initial petition, not the signatures, not the promises of financial support, and not even his showing up at the interview. And, you can make use of this law and convert your application to a “self-petition” at any point in the process.

You’ll want to get help with this. The self-petition involves not only filling out a form, but attaching documents proving a number of things. The most important of these have to do with your husband’s citizenship status (though if he already sent in the initial “I-130” petition, this has been taken care of); your bona fide marriage; and the abuse you suffered. For information and referrals, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline, available 24 hours a day, at 1-800-799-SAFE. They also have a website, at www.ndvh.org.

But just in case you have to flee your home in a hurry, think now about any personal documents or evidence you could take with you for your self-petition. Better yet, collect things now and leave them with a friend. For example, your passport and any immigration documents; photos of you with your husband, or of you with bruises and other signs of abuse; your journal, calendar, or other record of how your husband mistreated you and when; even threatening notes or answering machine tapes by your husband will all be very useful later. Ultimately you’ll have to gather additional evidence, such as police reports and hospital records. Good luck.

Law Firm urges foreign brides to “self file” for a green card

Just having  a “girlfriend” in the US seems like a better and better option the more I look at this subject.

Buyer beware…

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East and West: A glaring disparity
Don't ever get married!

24 thoughts on “If it was easy, everyone would do it

  1. Sorry to hear about your failure, keep on trying and you will succeed. Sounds like you had a good time in Ukraine, and left with a positive experience. Wish you the best, you will find your girl.

    Marrying and foreign women, and bring her back to the states is VERY risky. She will change and adapt into our western culture overtime, and won’t be much different than a western girl. However, I think the best solution in not marriage.

    Scott, what do you think about the no-marriage relationship Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have? They have a relationship for 9 years, and don’t see the value of marriage. I think it’s perfect! when two people Love each other, you don’t need a license for approval. Marrying any women these days there is just too much liability, and the relationship changes after marriage. It becomes more off a responsibility, rather than Love.

    Marriage is the problem, Love is the solution :)

    • The ONLY reason I can see for marriage is to have children. If you don’t want children, DON’T EVER GET MARRIED! Better yet, don’t let a woman ever move in with you – keep separate residences AND, manage your own birth control. I plan to do some writing soon about the new fad of “semen stealing,” – yes, you heard it correctly, women taking semen from used condoms, oral sex, wherever they can find it and use it to trap their men into relationships. I read a few articles on it and it is quite disturbing.

      As for the guys that do want to have children, I have a solution for them also – coming soon ;-)

      • “semen stealing” that’s messed up, some women will do anything…

        I love kids, and plan on having lots of children :) I look forward to reading the solution.

      • The thing is that I do want children in the next 10 years or at least before I turn 50. I’m in my 30s.

        “Of all of the things that have become even more clear to me, the one thing that stands out the most is that I don’t want to end up with a Western woman. I just can’t stand the feminist mindset – I find it illogical in every way, angry (in that most feminists deeply despise men) and I don’t want to be the breadwinner to some fat whining bitch. Life is too short to f* it up, I’ve re-resolved to keep up the search & to avoid the pitfalls of Western women. More on this later.”

        I stand by your quote above as well. I want to be happy…and I want a happy wife…not an angry bitch that is trying to make me pay for some injustice she is suffering from that I had nothing to do with…

  2. I think you always said that bringing anyone back to the states is crazy and I’ve have to agree that law is a bit one sided. It could be the western brainwashing kicking in, but an escape for coerced brides seems reasonable. Having to pay for them forever is harsh though.

    • I suppose everyone’s experience will vary – the biggest pitfall I see to this whole process is bringing a woman back who ONLY wants to escape the East. In such a case, you’ll get ditched as soon as her immigration status is established. The second biggest pitfall is bringing a feminine woman back who subsequently becomes a feminist. In that case, you could have stayed home altogether – the only upside would be that your “live-in” feminist will have a more shapely ass than most Western cows.

      For those lucky enough to travel – and frequently (read retired guys) – I see no reason why one can’t keep an apartment in the east and stay for a few months each year. Odessa is a great place to hang out ;-)

      For the single guys who can’t afford to take but a few short weeks each year, you might just consider “sport fucking” Western women. Part of the “I’m a feminist” movement is that “I’m free to fuck whoever and whenever I want.” Our conservative-Christian values have taught us that this is wrong. Well, Christian values also put the man at the head of the family, our society and courts have taken that. So, if society says “play by my rules, not by conservative tradition,” I say embrace all of the free & liberated pussy that is offered up daily. You may have to hold your nose when you listen to her feminazi babble, but it is a little easier than flying to Ukraine.

      As for marriage and having kids, the Western court systems have become so grossly twisted that the man is almost always viewed as the bad guy and the woman is the abused – in this way, if you do marry, and worse yet, have kids, you’re financial future is doomed unless you’re really (really) wealthy.

      The more and more I examine this subject, the only logical answer is to never get married – it is financial suicide.

  3. Sorry to hear that things didn’t go well.

    I came across your blog in February, one month before my own trip to Ukraine. Your blog was useful guidance for my own trip. In my case, I went with a small tour group. We met no scammers at all.

    I was surprised to see that some of the women we met were quite proactive about approaching the guys to date them. These were women in their early 20s. They seem keen on getting married and starting a family. All of the guys in our group were much better received by women in this age group. I did notice that it was harder to find “older” women in their late 20’s and above who were as enthusiastic towards dating and a relationship. At the point of their late 20’s or early 30’s, I wonder if they are getting too jaded by their own experiences.

    After coming back, I have to agree that dating Western Women is a non-starter. Women here are just going through the motions of dating without any serious intent. It’s a huge time waster. I’m not even making any effort to date locally anymore.

    I met a woman there with promise. We’re not in a relationship, but we are keeping in touch. I’m giving it a go and see how it develops, hoping to go back in a month or two.

    What happened to the woman you met just as you left UA last time? That seemed promising. If you have more advice to post, it will be helpful for us guys on the same path too.

  4. Guys,

    I found this interesting article on the ROK website — you don’t have to like everything about the site but they do offer some interesting view points — submitted by a man with a foreign wife.

    Here is one of his quotes at the end, which just brought a smile to my face.
    — — —
    “In this environment, you can actually have a nuclear family if you both so choose. Really, it’s nice to be married to someone who wants to be a wife to you and doesn’t need to have their ass kissed in order to treat you like a human being. While I sometimes envy my friends and shipmates’ ability to easily communicate with their wives, I’d shoot myself in the dick before marrying an American woman.”

    — — —
    Do you guys — especially the men married to foreign women that are currently residing in the west — think 7 points listed his article are accurate?
    “1. Prepare to be the patriarch.”
    “2. Marriage is a BUSINESS contract between two people who love each other.”
    “3. Don’t minimize the value of the green card.”
    “4. You’re not just marrying her, you’re marrying into her family.”
    “5. Beauty don’t come cheap.”
    “6. Culture and monogamy.”
    “7. Beware of cultural creep.”

    So what do the guys think of the article and his points?

    • Thanks Seeker. Interesting article. I’ll comment on #5, Beauty don’t come cheap due to a sharp contrast with my wife. As I was commenting in my previous comment about how my wife does things for herself, she does this as well.

      She does her own manicures, pedicures, colors her own hair, and trims her own hair. She believes its more economical for the family because she knows how much it can cost, as the author described every 2 1/2 weeks.

      • Hey Rodney. No problem. He brought up some interesting points that have been addressed here in the past every know and then. Yeah # 5 is a big one some guys are totally blindsided with. If the guy is going to be the main breadwinner — we hope so, unless his new bride can do most of this stuff herself, it’s going to cost money to look great everyday.
        What do some of the other married guys think of these 7 points?
        #7 tends to worry some western men.

  5. Hi Seeker,

    I’ll comment on #7 as well. That did bother me because I agree, it can happen. I just nipped it in the bud early on by telling my wife, if she “Americanizes,” we’re moving back to Ukraine. I fell in love with her because she’s cultured as a Ukrainian. I also warned her of countrywomen she may meet as they are highly influential. She has seen and experienced this as I have previously mentioned, some months ago. A Ukrainian young lady (wife of a co-worker), who’s lived in Germany 14 years now, absconded my wife for not insisting that I buy a diamond bracelet for an anniversary. Instead I had bought a large house plant. Because of that, my wife withdrew her contact to just being cordial. As a result, she’s now cautious when she meets a Russian/Ukrainian and takes their talk with a grain of salt. Gotta nip that in the bud early on, or there could be trouble with the “Cultural Creep.”

  6. Hey mates,

    Just wanted to shout out to everyone, that my lovely Mrs and daughter and I are heading to Luxembourg for a 3 day weekend to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. The Capital is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Its been the best 3 years of my life (all together) and every single day, I am thankful for the both of them. I can only pray for all of those here with sincere hearts, find the same. God bless.

      • Thanks my man, Seeker! Mama is putting the little one to sleep now. I’ll be taking photos of the sites tomorrow and send to Scott’s email so he can post. Enjoy your holiday buddy.

  7. Hi Rodney ,

    Happy anniversary.I hope that you have the best weather , and sunny skies.Yes , I completely understand your words.

    I`m writing this , from an apartment in Odessa.Man , was it hot , here on Thursday , when I arrived.But then again , I saw it on the news , so no surprise then.

    And I can only say this.My girl , got even more beautiful , since I saw her the last time.But , she also , seems more at ease , also.Partly , because she knows , that I came back for her , alone.
    And she knows , that I`m not playing games.

    Friday evening , we were at disco Itaka.To speak for myself , I found , that they played some really good music there.Well , I could dance on it , the way I use to dance.

    The only problem , is , that when the dance floor is crowded , you only have 40 ~ 60 sq cm , to dance and move.Which is too small , for me.
    But , I had some moments , with a bit more space.

    All in all , a very good experience.But don`t know , when we will go there again.Dancing season , will end , after coming weekend.My girl , she told me , that in October , some salsa dance events , will start.So , hey , you can still , come and enjoy.

    But then I will be home already.If nothing , comes between this , tomorrow , we will go to the beach.A first time , for me too.

    Guys , are you sure , you still , want to wait longer ??

    Well , I`m enjoying , every minute of it.Or should I say , we are enjoying , every minute of it


    • Itaka! What a riot that place is. Good to hear you’re having a great time!

      I have a ton of photos of that place, I think I’ll make a post about it.

      • Yes Scott ,

        Very nice place , and the dj on Friday , was rather good.There was a performance , of a new Ukranian band/group.Called Time & Glass .

        Some of their songs , are really danceable.When we were inside , we got to the 1st floor.But waited at a table , a little to side , of the stage , where the group would perform.
        My girl she told me , that this table , was around 3000 Hrv , while the one , opposite of the stage , was for 5000 Hrv.

        She went 2 times , to talk with someone (manager) , and she managed , to let us sit , on the balcony , opposite , for the price of the side table.This included , the drinks , and she also said , that we could eat – (but not sure , if it`s included in the price).

        She had asked her friend , to join us.She regularly , goes to dance , with this friend.So , it was oke , with me.After a 30 minute session , of us 3 , we returned to our seats.

        Later , she said , that while she was dancing , she felt some pain ,, in her spine.Caused , by the position , in which she , works , most of the time (beauty parlor).
        So , then , I asked her friend , if she wanted to dance with me.

        Her friend was very surprised.And she asked my girl , what the reason , for this was.So , she explained it to her.She also asked my girl , if she wouldn`t mind.
        After she said , that it`s oke , it was only then , that the friend agreed , to dance with me.

        Guys , think about this.It`s not just a written code , that you just can dance , with the friend of your girl.

        When we returned , to our place , my girl , she greeted me , with this big happy smile on her face.As if to say : you did really well , on the dancefloor , my man !!

        Oke , I admit , I can make some cool moves , and my style of dancing may be , on a different level , than that , of the average , male dancer , in Ukraine.
        I succeeded , to draw the attention , of some of the women there.And , it didn`t go unnoticed , to the men , who were there too.

        As for , finding a dance partner.If you go alone , it is almost , a big challenge , to find a woman , to dance with you.
        I didn`t see the guys , walking around , to ask a lady , to dance with them.

        Hey ,I know , with all this , hip hop , and other electronic dance styles , it is normal , to dance alone (all by yourself).Now , I come from a background , where the man , still dances , with a woman.So , my girl she told me , that I could go and dance alone.Her friend was already , dancing by herself.

        But , I just didn`t wanted , to go , and just join her.Remember , I always , make it clear , if it is oke , with her and my girl.This is not , a feministic society (yet).Think about it.

        What we consider , to be normal in the West , is or may be different in the East.Always let it be clear , to everyone , what you want.

        So , if you want a woman , to dance with you , at least , you should be a level up , from the rest.There may have been some women , who were impressed by me , but naturally , I could not ask them , to dance with me.

        My girl was happy , with my dancing , so , that is what counts.I may have tripled my Brownie points , that evening.
        Her back is feeling better , and her mother gave her a massage too.

        Cannot say , if Itaka , is the best place.Haven`t been to other discos , yet.But it is really worth a second visit.
        Make sure , you bring a girl with you , or be prepared , to dance alone.
        Which is common practice


  8. Thanks Paul for your wishes! My wife talked to her family yesterday and they said it was steaming around 35 C, while my wife was wearing a sweater. I’ve only been to Captain Morgan’s in Odessa, so I can imagine how Itaka must be. I want to wish you all the best with your lady. Step by step, day by day. All the best.

    • Rodney ,
      Thanks , and for sure , Itaka is rocking.Me haven`t been to Captain Morgans , so can`t comment on that.
      Yes , we take it , step by step , and day by day.

      And we grow more , to each other ………..

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