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It seems that every time I check my Western Women Suck email box, the #1 question that men are asking me is, “Is there a reputable Eastern European dating agency out there?”  The only legitimate site that I knew of closed a few years ago and there seemed to be few other options.  I recently spent a few Saturdays searching the net looking at (literally) hundreds of sites.  I finally came across one that seemed to have hope.

I decided to give it a thorough appraisal and report back on my findings.

Before I even get started on Elena’s Models Dating Agency, lets recap what I’ve found so far regarding other agencies.  I can say with great conviction that Anastasia Dating is the biggest scam on the planet.  The owners of this agency should be locked up for defrauding tens of thousands of men millions of dollars.  What is worse is the damage that they cause by giving so many men false hopes that lead to more disappointment down the road. I wrote a little about some experiences with scam sites.

Let’s talk about Elena’s Agency – perhaps  the most exciting development I’f found in my quest to find a foreign bride.

What stands out most about Eastern European dating agencies is their HIGH PRICES.  It seems that you can only make contact with women through the service and pay $7 to $10 per page for translation services.  Since the letters go through the agency, it is impossible to know if they were even written by the woman you are corresponding with.  At Elena’s, you pay a flat fee, much like at or eHarmony & you can email as many women as you want.  You send an email, they receive it and you talk back and forth without interference from Elena’s agency.  If you and the woman feel comfortable, you can exchange personal emails and talk on your yahoo or gmail account.

I paid $99 for a 3 month subscription – certainly no more expensive than emailing neurotic fat women on eHarmony.  I logged in and began browsing through the women listed on the site.

I found that I could search by country – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or I could search by age, 25-29 or 30-34, I could search the “latest women” and I could even put in a parameter search by hair color, weight, whether or not she smokes or has children.

And so, I began looking:

The first thing that I noticed about the site is that the descriptions of what the women are looking for sound realistic – like they were actually written by women clients.  This is unlike on Anastasia dating where the comments are completely unrealistic.  Example, a 22 year old bombshell is looking for a 64 year old man and wants to have children tomorrow.  As I look through Elena’s I see that most of the early 20 somethings are looking for a 25-35 year old long-term boyfriend leading to marriage, the late 20’s to 30’s women are looking for marriage (and often desire family).  The whole website just seemed to be “normal” – what you would expect to find.

I compare my experiences to Anastasia, “I am blind, have no legs, no arms, my face was burned off in a nuclear accident and I have aids.”  I received 22 offers of marriage the next day from women who easily could have walked out of a Sports Illustrated Swimwear Magazine shoot.  And I wondered, what kind of success will I have?

I’m in my early 40’s, stand over 6′ tall (180cm), weigh in at about 195 (88kg), have average looks, a good job, own my own home, and am in relatively good physical shape (I’m not fat, go to the gym, have a few muscles, etc).  I consider myself an “average” looking guy.  How would I fare?  Would women want to marry me out of my wheelchair with arms, legs and a face?  I decided to give it a go and find out.

Rather than email, you can send an EOI (Expression of Interest), when the woman gets it, she gives you a thumbs up or down – saving you the work of sending her an email.  I sent off 20 expressions of interest and about 1/2 of them said, “Not interested.”

How refreshing.

Not that my slightly bruised ego took a hit, but instead – I believe that I’ve actually found a legit agency.

Also, while there are many many beautiful women on the site.  Most of the women are “normal” looking: their photos are taken by a friend, they are wearing normal clothing, etc.  Some have clearly gone to a photographer but the photos look nice and tactful, not like these near-porn agency photos you see at other sites.  Most of the agencies use photos that are very sexually provocative – this is done with the intent of getting you to think with your little head instead of your big head.

Elena’s Models does not allow any kind of spamming, scamming or asking for money.  If any woman on the site asks you for money, you are to report her and her profile will be pulled.  Compare this to Anastasia and other agency sites that not only allow the solicitation of money, they actually sponsor it, “Send box of chocolates,” “send flowers to your lady,” etc.  When you add up the cost of the membership, $10 a letter, sending chocolates and then dealing with a $20 per hour interpreter, you can drop thousands of dollars, all on a woman who has no interest in you whatsoever.

Speaking of interpreters, Elena advertises that most of her women speak English.  No need to interpret letters if the woman can speak English.  But, for the few who do not speak English, Elena encourages you to use a free translation service (like Google Translate) or you can pay a fee to have her agency translate.

The whole “vibe” of this agency is that it is legitimate and isn’t trying to fleece you for your whole retirement fund.

Of the ladies that replied affirmatively to my expression of interest, I began writing some letters.  Probably about a third of those letters went unanswered.  Perhaps the lady had a change of heart.  Again, how refreshing.  This probably means that the remaining ladies that did answer my letter are legitimate.  Some of the letters that were replied had great English, in some it was basic and in others, the lady clearly said, “I know only basic English, I sent this letter using a translator.”  I was impressed that the women who used a translator were upfront and honest about it.  They didn’t want me to come over thinking that they were fluent.  I appreciated the honesty.  Actually, I almost couldn’t believe it.  After all of the lies that I have seen in this industry, I had become quite jaded.

In the two or three weeks since I signed up, I have begun a daily correspondence with about a half dozen women who I feel are genuinely interested in me.  We exchanged personal emails and I sent them loads of photos of myself (both good and bad, better they don’t like my picture than not like me after I drop $1500 on plane tickets and a hotel to visit).  All of the women who speak English have offered their phone number and Skype names that we might phone and/or video chat.  All of this dialogue – without interference from the agency.  And all of this without recurring costs.  Just the way it should be.

I am already making plans to visit one woman.  I have already been to the city where she lives.  I can get a cab from the airport and rent my own apartment.  Aside from the cost of the airline ticket, the taxi or subway fare and the cost of the hotel/apartment, my only other cost will end up being a $99 fee to Elena’s?  Wow, just to meet a half dozen women I had to pay on the scam site was $500.

Probably the only down side to talking to women from Elena’s is that I find the women I am talking to – to be wonderful.  I want to answer every email, every question, ask my own questions.  I find that I’m spending 3 or 4 hours a day just to keep up with the email.  When my vacation comes in a few months, I am going to have to pick which few women I am going to come and visit.  I have decided now to see 3 or 4.  My reasoning is: no matter how much we like each others letters, voice & video – you will never know if you have chemistry until you meet in person.  I will probably meet 3 or 4 women and then decide who I want to pursue a relationship with – if any of them at all.

Another factor that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about this agency is the large number of success stories – it seems that each week a couple is getting married and attributing their success to meeting at Elena’s.  And another factor is that Elena’s doesn’t deal with that silly IMBRA law that so many websites use as a way to keep you from getting the email address of the woman you are writing.  In reality, the reason that so many agencies use the “IMBRA excuse” is so that you must go through them to talk to a woman.  In reality, you are really talking to a secretary or letter writer.

Never say never:

In the past, I’ve advised you to stay away from letter writing through agencies.  In my experience the process was rife with fraud.  I stand corrected, I believe that the process at Elena’s is legitimate.  The bottom line is this – I am thoroughly convinced that Elena’s Model’s is a legitimate agency, has a good price and a good product, and as far as I can tell, trustworthy management.  For this reason, I am endorsing this agency and even contacted them about advertising on the site.

If you are considering making the effort to find an Eastern European wife – my recommendation is to be very careful when you select an agency.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  If anyone else knows of another legitimate agency, please email me and I’ll give it a look (you can find my email address in the right bar of this page).


WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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68 thoughts on “Agency review: Elena’s Models

  1. I have read your entire review. I was wondering if you have went to there country and did u find a woman
    I totally agree with you that Western women suck the whole women’s lib is way out of control, there are more women leaving marriages and families today then men are.

  2. thanks guys – good news. I have wasted a lot of time and money prior to this – all on scam artists. To say I am pissed off would be kind!!

  3. Hello!

    Are you sure is a complete fraud? No girl at all are real?
    And how about UaDreams is that the same?

    I have met a woman from Anastasia in Kharkov and she seems to be 100% real.

    Thanks for an answer!
    Best regards, Stefan Johansson

    • You “met” a woman? Did you meet her via email, via video-chat or have you physically flown to Kharkov and taken this woman out to dinner? Does she speak English and if not, how much does the interpreter cost?

      Yes, is a complete fraud. Are there some legitimate women on the site? Yes, but overall, the site serves only to separate you from your money.

      Imagine if you were buying a house. You go to your local realtor and they bring you to this house or that. You choose a house and make an offer to the seller. This is how it works and how it should work. This is how Elena’s works.

      If Anastasiadate was a realtor, it would work like this:

      You see ten houses that you are interested in buying. You call the Anastasia realtor. They tell you that you must pay $100 to get information about the house; specifically, photos of the interior, how much it sells for – even what neighborhood the home is in. You pay the $100 and get some basic info. You decide that you have some questions about the house. Wait, you must pay $100 to ask each question. You then decide that you want to visit one of the homes. You have to pay another $100 to tour the home to decide if you want to buy it.

      Later, you learn that 9 of the houses that you paid to get info on aren’t even for sale.

      The 10th house that is actually for sale, the owner “might” sell if you offer double the price but he is happy to just collect $100 after $100, week after week, month after month.

      Would you buy a home from a realtor like this?

      If the answer is no, why would you send your money to a dating agency that does the same?

      As for I suggest you check here: review.

      • Thanks men for your reviews and comments. I feel so stupid. I also got ripped off by Anastasia Date. I’m bright, successful and wise, yet human. One woman from Greece seemed so real. She was 46 and cute, bright and happy. But your right, something just didn’t feel right. I searched for reviews and my thoughts were confirmed. Especially when talking to their customer service. The dude was a snake who tried to convince me that I wasn’t being scammed. I’m pissed and I feel foolish, you guys are right, but she is out there, maybe she’s from Ukraine, Moldova or even Greece. Maybe not. The search continues. Thanks men for having our back. I won’t make that mistake again. Great subject matter Scott. It makes sense. Just wanted to say thanks brother. Cheers, Kevin from Ventura, Ca.

        • Kevin,

          Thanks for your comment. I’ve never met a Man who used Anastasia and would recommend them. That says a lot.

          Any transactions you’ve made with them in the last 60 days, call your credit card company and file a dispute.

          Next time you post a comment, use your name and/or your email address and the site will remember you and will auto-approve later comments.



    • Hi Stefan, I can reassure you is a multi-million dollar fraud industry and is also a front for prostitution. They started out legit in 1993 as a Russian Bride mail order catalog by an American and his Russian wife. Back in the 1990s you would see advertisements in the local newspaper from Russian women looking for a husband. These ads were the work of the local scientific research and development companies wanting to employ the worlds top scientists in their company and the top scientists have always been Russian and could only get them into the country by way of a fiancee visa and marriage against the odds of America instructing our Govt. we were not allowed to employ Russian scientists and eye surgeons because America wanted them. Anastasia went online in 1997 using the domain . You did not have to register to check out the ladies profiles and it became a common work place past time. They used to provide the ladies addresses and home phone numbers on the profiles and some were free to contact as some ladies in Russia paid to use the service. I was involved with Anastasia back in 1999 and 2000 where I wasted 6 months on a scammer who tried the airline ticket scam. I aware of the scam thanks to Elena publishing the ticket scam on-line. During 2000 I saw a 55 year old lady’s profile who looked just like my own mother did when I was young. And over the years I would recheck. Anastasia were taken over by the Russian underworld and I believe their offices in USA were closed down by Govt. Their domains and are both blocked on facebook. To cut a long story short, on Christmas day I rechecked the profile of my mother’s double but had to register to see the full profile. She was still 55, 16 years after I first saw the profile. Their Robot wasted no time and the fake profile of my mother’s double wrote me a letter thanking me for my interest in her and hoping we could become good friends. I later found a fake email in the sent box to her that I never wrote. The profile would never answer my repeated request that we do video. After having $100 stolen from my chedit card I spent 3 weeks hacking into their website and found the exact profile in the database filed under “Gorgeous Girls Only: Irina from Krasnodar”. The fake profile had requested pics of myself and my family but would never respond to my request for a current pic. The person using the profile went of at me for not sending birthday wishes when my first letter was send after the birthday. I was eventually sent a pic telling me it was from her birthday in December. The photo information show the date of her birthday 5 years ago looking 65+ years old very frail and gaunt and clutching the handrail under her armpit to keep her balance while holding a bouquet of flowers. Today she will be in her 70s. I have put the sick person using the profile on the spot several times demanding we do video. Below is the last response after posting to the scammer the Work Brides description advertised.
      To answer your question “Are you sure anastasiadate is a complete fraud” : Copy and paste работа брачное агентство into Google search and read Anastasiadate advertising for Work Bride scammers.

      (ID: 1094541)
      Email Me
      Add to Contacts
      Age: 55
      Krasnodar, Russian Federation
      Divorced lady with blue eyes and blond hair.

      Hello, Jeff!
      I have got your letter. Well…
      First of all I must say you didn’t surprise me with your “valentines day surprize on Anastasia”. It was, let say, strange behaviour of a strange man. Nothing more. I am not suspicious, but you are, as I can see. And all the rest of your letter just confirms that you are a very strange and a very suspicious personality.
      I hav told you many times that I am serious and not interested in aspects of Anastasia rules and so on…
      I am also curious why you having been stalking the ladies profiles since 2000 and have seen my profile there since 2000 only. You should find it since 1980, if not from 1960, at least!))))
      The point that you “changed your RussianBrides profile to scare off the young girls” just tells me a lot. Everyone gets what he is worthy or looking for. With this kind of intention and profile you can not meet a serious person. I am sure, girls feel it and play with you like you play with them. Equal situation, nothing else. Don’t you think so?
      If a strange man spends years and money since 2000 for senseless things it is man’s choice. But sorry, not mine and not for me! Your letter is more addressed to management or administration of dating website. So, please, contact them and disccuss it there.
      I am tired of it and wouldn’t like to continue.
      Wish you all the best,
      Translated by Agency ID: 1003431

  4. I was just wondering if you have any insight on this website above? And if it so, is legit? I have talked to a woman on there and she has wanted to video chat with me but I wasn’t able to yet due to not having my computer. I just got it back and I’m planning on video chatting with her. She has also wanted me to come visit her but she mentioned about meeting somewhere like the Caribbean. I ask her what about meeting her in her own town and she said we could if I wanted to meet there. Was just wondering what your thoughts would be on this? If you had any information on what I should do or the website above I would like to hear what you would have to say about it!!! Thank You!!


    • It doesn’t pass the standard “stink test.”

      First of all, and this is the biggest hit, you can’t communicate with the women directly. THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE MOST LIKELY TALKING TO A SECRETARY. If you can’t send the woman a Gmail email or an iMessage – if your messages must go through an agency, there is a 90% chance that your aren’t even talking with the woman.

      Find an agency that lets you get the woman’s email AFTER ONE LOGIN!

      Second, any website that is offering to let you send flowers to a woman you haven’t even talked to in am email – well, they’re all about the profit and not helping you find your match.

      They list:

      “Photos 0.75 credits per lady’s gallery. Your profile must be completed to view.”

      You have to PAY for her photos after you already pay to join?


      You have to pay for EACH message to the woman. Ridiculous. Why not just get a membership where you can pay once, get her email and talk for the rest of your life without hassle?

      “Messages 3.60 credits The cost of a letter to a lady is 3.60 credits. It is free to attach photos and there is no word limit. All letters from ladies are free, including photo’s. To get more credits, please visit the credits purchase page”

      • Hi Scott,

        I’ve only just seen this comment so I thought I’d respond to to clear up some of the misconceptions in your post above. Keep in mind that I’m one of the developers that work on the Ukraine Brides Agency, so I’m coming at this from a technical angle rather than a business one.

        Firstly, you can chat to the women directly via the online text/video chat that Tony mentioned he was going to try. This proves the lady is who she says she is when you can talk to her in person. In addition, each lady registered on the site is verified by the a local team of managers in Ukraine.

        You mention that you have to pay to join the site, this is simply not true. The site lets you register, list your profile, search for ladies, nudge, read lady’s messages, etc. all without paying a cent.

        Finally, the site does provide the contact details of any lady on the site for a small fee.

        I would encourage you to create an account and try out the service before passing judgement. If you have any questions, the site owner, Keith or any of the Ukraine managers would only be too happy to answer them directly.

        • Andrew, if I understand you’re comment you’re saying that the website you represent isn’t as bad as I made it out to be. If so, and I’m wrong and it isn’t as bad as I said, I’ll stand corrected.

          But, from just a quick glance (again) at the site, I see that I can’t really see ANYTHING unless I sign up for an account.

          And you’re right, signing up doesn’t cost me anything. But then again, signing up for an Ebay or an Amazon account doesn’t cost anything either. It really all comes down to, “What do I get for my money?”

          In the case of your site, it seems that I have to buy a crap load of credits, then send letter after letter to women who may or might not be interested in me. And if they reply, I have to pay more money to send more letters. And in this way, if I want to talk to 100 women, it could cost thousands. Elena’s is one price and you know exactly what you’re getting.

          So far, I don’t see anything that beats Elena’s. When I do, I’ll be sure to post it here.

          • Thanks for the reply Scott.

            Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting you can do much on the site without registering, rather that you can do a fair amount without paying for anything. That said, you can still search for all the ladies we have registered without an account – I don’t see it being feasible to provide too many other features without at least registering. If you have any suggestions here, I’d be really interested in them though. The site supports the same “Expressions of Interests” that Elena does, so you don’t need to pay money to find ladies that could be interested in you. This is called a “Nudge”.

            I also wasn’t touting free registration as an outstanding feature (though there certainly are sites where this isn’t the case), I was just trying to point out a misconception in your post.

            I agree with your statement that it all does come down to what you get for your money. While cost of communication may be cheaper at Elena’s, there are certainly other factors that should come in to the equation. While I haven’t had any personal experience with Elena’s site, I do know that the quality of support that you receive is really amazing. I’m not strongly involved in the day-to-day runnings of the business, however this is one of most common compliments paid from men who use the site, particularly from those who organise tours via the site.

          • There is a reason that people don’t like car salesmen; it is because you can’t get a price up front without so many games and running back and forth to the manager for approval. The process is designed to wear down the client and in many ways, to confuse him (or her) as to the actual price of the car. This agency seems to capture this method flawlessly as I cannot tell how much anything will cost.

            Everything is priced in “credits.” How much exactly does a credit cost?

            Who knows.

            And why should I even bother to find out when Elena’s Models offers flat rate pricing in US Dollars, not some make-believe currency created by a dating agency.

            The reason that Las Vegas and Macau Casinos use chips is that it doesn’t feel like “real” money and people are more likely to spend like drunken sailors. Your website is put together in such a way as to extract the maximum “juice” from each client. In my opinion, this is neither in the best interest of my readers, nor is it particularly honest.

            Looking at the “process” page I read:

            “Our prices and process
            We offer a flexible credit payment model which gives you many FREE services.
            It is also easy and safe to sign up…

            Look how EASY it is…

            Seach for ladies (free)
            Register for credits (free)
            Nudge your dream lady (free)
            Use your credits how you want to (no obligation, risk free)”

            When I click on the link “Our Prices,” I’m redirected back to the same page “processes” above.

            Bottom line up front: this site screams of a racket – a website designed to suck dry the wallet of every man who comes in.

            I clicked on the ladies profiles link/page and find the women grouped into the following age groups:

            Meet ladies 18-25
            Meet ladies 26-35
            Meet ladies 36-45
            Meet ladies 46+

            yet, each link takes me to the same page of beautiful 23 year old women.

            I notice that every woman looks like a swimsuit model – as if there are no “average looking” women in Ukraine.

            Once again, it just doesn’t pass the smell test.

            Not really knowing how much a “credit” costs, I can’t really compare the rates of this site except to assume that they are astronomical. Andrew, you’ve commented a few times on this site and done a great job of putting a positive spin on this site but you’ve yet to address HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

            Get my feeling? YOU SOUND LIKE A CAR SALESMAN. People don’t like car salesmen because they get the runaround. We’re getting, from you and your site, the runaround.

            With Elena’s, you are told upfront what you’re getting. You know how much it costs. Why deal with all of the headache and sales games?

            Lets assume that a credit costs $1.

            Your “cost” to send a letter to a lady is 3.60 credits.

            For each letter???!!!!

            You charge .40 credits per MINUTE! for text chatting. Really? 99% of Women in Ukraine have a cellular phone with text-chat capability, why do I have to pay you for weeks and weeks to chat with a woman? With an Elena’s subscription, I can email all the women I want and get their phone # and chat for the next 10 years, at the same cost as a monthly subscription at a typical Western dating site like

            Some of your other inflated prices:

            Video chatting 1.00 credit PER MINUTE!

            TO LOOK AT A WOMAN’S PICTURES: .75 credits

            WTF? I have to pay to look at her photos gallery?

            Lady’s contact info, 100 credits.

            If credits are $1 per, then to contact 5 women is $500 !!!

            And then there is a long list of crap I can send to my “virtual – never met – girlfriend,” like 52 credits for roses. Really?

            Your whole site just screams scam.

            Sorry, but there is no way I would ever use this site.

            I set this site to give men who consider dating Eastern European Women some sense of what’s up. Sort of like a guide in the wilderness while you’re trekking in another land. If I won’t use this site, there is no way I would ever recommend it to anyone I talk to.

            In summation: no, I can’t and won’t recommend your site.

          • Also, I just wanted to say thanks for bothering to look at the site and for giving your opinion :D

  5. I’m very disappointed that you do not wish to engage in this discussion, especially when my comments have been entirely reasonable. As such, I would ask that you delete all of the visible comments from this post so as not to present this illusion of a one-sided debate.

    Thank you for doing this for me. I would have preferred to continue the discussion, however that is your choice.

    • Andrew, I’m sorry that you’re disappointed that I have chosen not to continue this discussion. As far as I can tell, all that needs to be said has been said:

      I do not feel that the agency you represent is a good value and I’ve said such to my readers. You’ve made some points as to the “good” qualities of said site and my readers can read those points, read my comments, visit your site and choose for themselves.

      But I see no reason to banter back and forth quibbling over the finer details of what constitutes a good deal. If you wish to engage in such conversation, I encourage you to begin your own blog and tell the world your story.

      I’ve been very upfront in my comments in this blog. I’ve included a lot of personal information, my own opinions and shared my experiences. I believe that the average reader here can see that and appreciates that I’ve taken my time to share what I’ve learned.

      What I’ve learned about your site I don’t like. If this doesn’t sit well with you then I recommend that you change it so that it is a better value for my readers or else voice your opinions where they are more welcome.

      I truly believe in an open and honest dialogue but I don’t have the time, energy or patience to refute every minor comment that you make about your site.

      The readers here aren’t stupid. I am quite confident that – if they’re considering taking a membership in an E eastern European agency – they6 will look at your site, look at Elena’s and other sites and make their own decision.

      You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but in the end the truth will shine through and the BS will be obvious.

      My original comments where that this site wasn’t legitimate. You countered that it is and I’ll give you that: maybe the site is “legitimate” in that it has real profiles and not scam shots. But in MY OPINION, your site is NOT A GOOD VALUE. And as such, I will NOT recommend it to my readers.

      And with that, I’m finished with this conversation (between you and I).

      If any other readers have experience(s) with your site, I would look forward to their comments and would consider hearing your comments after such – but until then, I consider this as an “asked and answered” question.

      • I just came across this thread and I would like to offer my input.
        First I will say that I have been on MANY different sites trying to find the right ones to really commit to. I have definitely found the ones to avoid like Anastasia and the endless list of full scam sites. Generally, I would say that every site has it’s mix of scammers, pro daters, fake profiles and sincere women but, as you know, the percentages vary with each site. I judge each site on several factors which has passed the tests.
        I am a current member of Insert Agency Name Here, my second time, and have had a mostly positive experience with them.
        The Good:
        I do not get overwhelmed with letters, in fact, I may go weeks without one.
        When you perform a search the results you get are women who’s criteria I match as well, there’s no real pointless sifting through profiles.
        The age ranges that the women are looking for are actually realistic, just like most on Elena’s.
        I have had chat requests declined because the women weren’t interested, talk about refreshing!!
        They have an excellent anti scam policy.
        If a letter you write to a woman isn’t answered in 7 days (yes, 1 week) your credit is automatically refunded.
        If you accidentally send the same letter twice to a woman the system automatically refunds your credits.
        You have the option of a short message, I believe 140 characters, for 1 credit.
        Their customer service is extremely helpful and amazingly fast to reply, sometimes within minutes.
        You have the option at any time to request the woman’s contact information.
        The Bad:
        It can get expensive.
        Contact information is 100 credits, if you only buy enough credits for that it is $107 USD
        That’s about all I have for the bad.

        Overall, in my opinion, they are one of very few PPL or minute sites that are legit. The women all seem sincere, there aren’t 15,000 profiles to go through, they constantly verify the women’s information, they have strict guidlines for the agencies they work with AND the women (I know this personally from someone in an agency), and they have exceptional customer service.
        Take it for what it is, an honest opinion from a consumer and a guy looking in Ukraine for a wife.

        • Not really sure if you’re sincere, a plant for the company or actually one of its employees.

          I removed the name of the agency because it fails one of my most basic rules: it is a pay to talk site. These sites are notoriously rife with fraud. If you can’t call the woman or email her directly, 99% chance that you aren’t really talking with her.

          Your description of the fees of this agency are ridiculous. If you have in fact been to Elena’s, you’re either naive or – as I mentioned earlier – a plant for the company. Why would you pay a few bucks or each email when you can just pay a $30 or so membership fee and email 1,10, or 100 Women.

          Gentlemen: if you can’t get the Woman’s contact info – run, don’t walk – its a scam. Even if it wasn’t, it is an incredible waste of money.

          • Damn right: If you can’t call the woman or message her directly, 99% chance that you aren’t really talking with her.
            I’ll never understand how it’s even possible for someone to pay enormous amounts of money just to get a chance to MESSAGE a photo on a computer screen!!!!

  6. Scott –

    My friend, you are talking complete sense here. I am caught up in the whole “pay-to-write” scheme and I am embarrassed to say how much I spent over the course of three months, only to settle on “three sincere girls” who ultimately gave me the runaround. Once I got my sixteen obligatory letters written and was able to communicate by personal email, the communication either vanished immediately, I was prodded back to the website, or I got strung along for about a month and then . . . nothing.

    What is really scary . . . I am a criminal defense lawyer. I deal with liars, frauds, and cons all day long. But put a pretty 33 year old brunette’s face on a website and my intelligent, perceptive, skeptical, logically-thinking brain shorts out. Nature overrides reason at every turn. I think I will try your route. I am also looking at Mordinson’s in Kharkov. Great reviews. But limited number of women since he only solicits there in that city. I am now developing an number of strategies which I will share with you and your readers as I “evolve” in this process. Thanks for your insight Scott.
    P.S. You are freakin’ hysterical. That is what kept me reading in the beginning. I am going back to read some of your comments. I laughed my ass off!!!!

    • Lance, I’m glad:

      1. That you’ve seen the light.
      2. That you enjoy my writing.
      3. That you saw the light before you wasted too much money.

      I suppose that this is my happiest and best felling in writing this blog; guys who says “thanks” for pointing out to them something that I also learned the hard way.

      Considering the tens of millions of dollars spent on fraud sites like, I can only wonder how many men (those interested in dating east) have any idea what the level of fraud is. I bet that less than 1/10th of 1% of men dating East have seen my site or something like it.

      Good luck to you, and hang in there!

        • I have not yet reviewed that site; I’ll put it on the “to do” list.

          Quick litmus test for ANY agency. Do they limit your contact with the woman? If so, it is a SURE SIGN that it is a bogus site.

          Once you contact a woman, you should be able to send her your email, Skype or phone # and begin to chat outside of the view of the website. If they won’t let you do this, why? Because you aren’t talking to a real woman, that’s why. You’re talking to an employee of the site and they don’t want you to learn the fraud.

        • Good read. I totally agree with you Scott. I took your advice after email exchange with Irina on (that happens to be who contacted me first expressing her thanks for my interest in her. I thought that was strange as I hadn’t emailed anyone and it was the only email from RusianBrides to arrive in my native email inbox. Several days later I found in my RussianBrides account email Sent box the email sent to her that I never sent and it was still unread by her. She told me they were computer generated. On 31st December I tried Free Chat and exited the conversation before I had to pay but on every Free Chat I received an alert to my mobile phone that my credit card was being charged $25 New Zealand dollars for every Free Chat. The 4th woman sounded nasty so I typed “I believe Russian Brides is a scam” and that automatically deleted and communication with her terminated, that so-called Free Chat lasted only for 6 seconds and my credit card was charged $25 New Zealand dollars. A total of $100 NZ was stolen from my credit card account for Free Chat. That was when I Googled “RussianBrides Scam”. I felt the email communication with Irina was too smooth and her profile pics shown AnastasiaDate on them. So I hacked Anastasia date and fold Irina’s pics in a folder labelled “Gorgeous Girls Only: Irina from …..” . That sealed my suspicions. She tells me in her 3rd email that her very old Aunt is very unwell and has no one else to look after her and she is now living with her Aunt and cannot send me any real photos of herself until she returns home. Irina is the only person I am communicating with. I have deleted well over 1,000 email letters which would cost me over $25,000 to read. I informed Irina she was the only one I was writing to and that I had deleted over 1,000 letters and I sent Irina a pic from my screen of a 22 year old woman introducing herself on Chat asking “U like puting it in other hole”. Irina’s response was I should be proud to be receiving letters from pretty young girls and that if Chatting to young girls makes people happy then there is nothing wrong with it and “No need to send me pictures of your PC screen as I am not really interested” . I was left wondering who she really worked for or whether that was Anastasia staff adding that themselves. My Russian friends in NZ here warn me it is SCAM and that the women on Chat most likely gay male staff being paid pretend they are women and to offer cyber sex to lonely men. I have changed my Profile pic to that of the world’s fattest man which keeps getting deleted. I have changed my description to read “If you are an outcast in your village for selling you mother’s cow to buy grease to put on your face to attract western men…..only I can save you. I spent 7 years in prison for murdering my wife. I am now fully rehabilitated and pose no further threat to the community. I have the AIDS virus from being raped in prison. I am looking for a finacially wealthy woman to spend the rest of my life with. No transexuals. No game. I only want to contact honest ladies 50 – 56 years old”. I am deleting around 100 letters a day and Irina tells me I have a lovely sense of humour.

          • i swear, I need to make a post just about the horrible scams coming out of – I’ve read so many stories like yours. It makes sense that they are bringing in millions each year.

            What a pity.

          • Irina’s 5th letter. She begins her letter with her response to me telling her she is the only person I am writing to and also her response to me sending her a photo of an inappropriate Pop Up on my screen introduction to Chat from a 22 year old asking “U like to put it in other hole?”
            Copy and paste from the begining of Irina’s 5th letter:
            [Thank you very much for the nice letter.
            I am surprised to read your explanation about mailing me only. We both are adult people and everyone free to do what he or she wants. I am not jaleous. And I am not going to control your mailbox and so on… Everyone gets what he or she is worthy. If somebody likes chatting and playing with young girls – it is his or her choice. The main reason is people should be happy. If these games make somebody happier, have fun and after it they do not feel alone – why not? Here is my phylosophy) No need to send me a copy of your PC screen. I am really not interested in it)]

          • Missed mentioning. Both and are blocked from Facebook because the sites are classed by fb as dangerious. So that tells you something. Try typing in a post just and you will see the result.

      • Scott –

        Sorry, I inadvertently replied to Jeff below.

        New update to my search: I did have one lady in Moscow whom I had communicated with for the past year by private email. However, I realized she and I were not right for each other so I switched to several other websites from the original one (although I am still “looking” there – but not communicating with anyone).

        I did exchange some correspondences with one girl on a “pay-per-letter” basis on one of those sites for a short period of time. I made it clear to her that I was not going to spend endless months exchanging letters with her on the site. I told her it was simply a “test” to gauge her sincerity. Guess what? We are now exchanging person info this week.

        On that same website I whittled down my “favorites list” to only girls whom I can purchase their direct email address for $12. Yes, it does limit the number of girls you can contact. But I have found 10-15 girls that I really think we might be compatible with. Beautiful ladies. So in the scheme of things, it just makes more sense to “limit” my choices in exchange for knowing I am communicating with someone who is sincere and serious. Make sense guys?!?

        I also am in communication with another girl on a site that had a very inexpensive “flat price” subscription service ($40/three months). She gave me her email address IMMEDIATELY! So cool. Several others also quickly gave me their email addresses but I never contacted them. They were beautiful, but you have to go with your gut-instinct and not your penis.

        Get wise guys. Make it clear what the ground rules are with them. When they say “I am not like the other girls”, be kind but “firm”. I let them know in so many words that it is like that old Cold War term: “Trust but verify”. What a difference it has made in my search. I am much more confident that I have created a “formula” that is working for me. I don’t mind paying a little here or there so long as I know she is going to play by MY rules.

        Remember: this is a process . . . this business of love. And a serious business at that. Approach it in that manner and you will find far more success. Good luck everyone!!!

  7. Hi Scott,

    I am married to a Russian woman and we met through Elena’s Models. I got exactly what I expected when I joined the site in 2009 and it was the best $100 (or so, I don’t remember the exact amount) I have ever spent!

    I agree with everything you said about the site in your review above and I too believe that most of the women there are genuine; I know that my wife was!

    For people reading this blog, I’d highly recommend the site; which I now realize I was very lucky to have found!

    • VS, thanks for your comments. We look forward to you visiting again; if you have any other advice to share with the Men on dating/marrying Eastern European Women, we would love to hear your feedback (comments on individual posts).


  8. Scott Anderson, I just wanted to personally thank you for this post about Elena’s Model Dating Agency. I concur with everything you said. I also, have searched among many sites in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe and found that Elena’s Model Dating Agency was more reliable and cost effective dating service to date. For anyone that does not believe Scott’s post I am here to confirm his post and say that I met a very beautiful young lady from Russia, but lives in Ukraine back in December 2013. I flew to visit with her for 14 days mid to late February 2014 even during the massive protest in Kiev. She was amazing and instrumental in booking my apartment both in Kiev and her hometown. She took care of everything. When the killings started Feb 18th she immediately found two different taxi drivers to get me out of Kiev for my safety after the government shut down the cities transportation. I even got my money back from the Kiev apartment landlord for the days I would not be staying there which is amazing for a corrupted country as Ukraine. It was a crazy and amazing experience. She and I hit it off very well and communicated each day since we met in December. She owns her own clothing boutique, has a University degree from Moscow and speaks English well enough to communicate on a daily basis. She recently visited me in Japan for a week to ensure she could accept living in Japan until my transfer and everything was perfect. I even proposed marriage to her and she accepted. She is the real deal! I could have never met a girl like her without Elena’s Model Dating Agency. As Scott mentioned there will be some that will not reply, but when they do and the communication last for more than a week or two then it is time to consider more toward her. Elena’s Model Dating Agency is the ONLY dating agency to be trusted. Once she and I get married I will submit my success story to Elena so, she can add her and I to EM’s success. Thanks, Scott!

    • Thanks for the update and report on your progress. Alana asked me the other day if any of the readers at this site had ditched American women and found love in Eastern Europe. I told her about George and now I’ll tell her about you.

      Also, Mike commented that he has had good results with Ukraine Cupid. Since his posts I’ve received 5 emails from Men who have used Cupid with good success; the descriptions are about on par with Elenas. I’ve been looking at their site alot and communicating with its managers. I’m in the process of writing up a review for them. It is nice to have one and now two choices in a sea full of corruption and bogus sites.

  9. Hi Scott ,

    Well , yes , I am reading most of the posts , for some months now.
    And , I can say , that in general , it all gives a good basis , for those men , who wants to go to some of these CIS countries or Russia.

    About the Cupid – Ukraine Dating site , well , I sort of , took a glance , and signed up.
    But without my picture , and in the part , where I should say something about myself , I just put ” will tell you later” .

    I did give a description , of how or who , the women should comply , to my view.

    What I noticed , when browsing the female galleries , is that there are a large part , of ladies , who have logged in , more than 9 months , or more than 1 year ago!!

    I would say , that this is somewhat , confusing.Why keep these profiles , still in the database.
    Of course , it would not cost you extra money.
    Because you pay for 1 or 3 months , or longer.

    But it does raise some questions.
    And don`t think , that I seek for another partner there.
    Like I said ,at the moment , I am in a somewhat serious relation , with a lady from Odessa.

    All the best , and much luck


  10. Hi ,

    A few days ago , I received a somewhat strange mail , in my private email box , and it supposedly , comes from Elenas Models.
    Now , I only check the site , every now and then.Since mid 2013 , I believe , I did stop the recurring billing.
    And , I mentioned , that , later EM told me , that I would loose , all the remaining credits.

    In fact , while , after every payment , I got 50 (!) new credits , how on earth , are you going to use them ???So , I tried , to consume , as many as possible.
    But then again , you as the man , should be very lucky , when there are about 35 women , on the site , who match YOUR criteria.

    As for me , it was not the case.So , after the next recurring date , on which , there was no payment (cancelled) , I only had 1 month left , to use my credits (more than 50!!) .
    I , today , see , that there is an explanation , on EM , about the recurring , and what happens , when you stop the payments.
    But , I don`t read anywhere , that you will loose , all your remaining credits.
    It does say , that you can NOT CONTACT MEMBERS , after it has expired.So , they are pressing you , yes ???

    Also , about 3 days ago , one man , did ask questions , about , why , he doesn`t get an answer , or a reply , from women , who send an EOI to him.And then , when he replies , she will not respond anymore.
    Or , after some letters , she suddenly stops , the correspondence.
    I`m not so sure , what to think of it.

    There is also a complain , about women`s profiles , on the site , who did NOT LOGIN , for about 3 months or more !!!
    As some of you know , I did mention this , for Russian Cupid and for .On these sites , I found profiles , where some ladies , did not login , for more than 6 months (or even 1 year).

    But EM , did not send me an email , about the above mentioned.No , in fact , I received a mail , which is about different topics, of things from the past and present.
    But , about Russian or Ukraine events , and some in cooperation , with the West.

    The header , of the mail is , well , hold your breathe : $100 Lie detector test ………….. for your wife .
    Wow , he , I never thought about it (well not for my Ukrainian wife/partner , anyway).

    Then , it contains a link , to , some footage , from a Russian tv channel.Well , to me it seems , more like a regular program.About the same , like Catfish , in America.

    Only , here they go really , beyond borders , of what is acceptable and ethic , tv making.Although , the video , about the lie detector test , is from 2012 , it will give an indication , of what some local Belarussian or Russian men think.

    There are other links , on that web page , about some other footage , and observing and trailing work , that the tv channel , has conducted , and has also broadcasted.
    Where man or wife , are caught , while having sex , with the unloyal spouse.

    Unfortunately , I could not understand , one word , of the dialogue , because , it is all in Russian.
    But , I do get the picture (he , you can interpret this , in 2 ways , too ) ;-)

    It makes me wonder , what the current statues is , in Russis , or in other CIS countries , when it comes the the people`s privacy.
    And if it is allowed , for a tv crew , to put a video camera , on a stick , and from the balcony , 1 floor higher , filming , what is going on , in the bedroom , 1 floor below!

    And then , let the wife or husband , come to the door , and knock , to have the main occupant , to answer the door.
    And , filming , all the drama , which unfolds , afterwards.

    Wow , ………. so , will you be faithful , till death do us part …………..?????
    Remember , someone , may watch YOU …………


  11. I’m dubious about Ukraine-brides – the argument that you can use video chat to talk to a girl pictures in there only means that yes, you can pay $60/hour to talk to a woman trained to string you along. If the site were legitimate, it would post a video of the woman in America with the client- blocking the face of the client out. I assure you, given all of the scams out there, people would be happy to do this – and given their high pricing, they could offer some cash back for time and trouble of posing near a landmark identifiable in their area. Also, having status go to “engaged” or “committed” and being able to observe the outcome of these girls, some ending in the married video – this would allow continuity, so people would identify the girls, and remember some of the girls who clients married. That would validate the site – all video chat validates is paying a ton of money to talk to some girl – I’d be very surprised if they’d let a good earner leave the Ukraine the way things work over there – possibly they’d sell off the ones that didn’t work out or sel/movel them to brothels.

  12. Hey guys, I signed up with Elena’s a couple days ago, and have enjoyed the site so far.I have a couple of questions about how the site works.

    Do the women also have to pay a subscription fee in order to send/read mail or increase the number of their own EOIs?

    I ask because there is an icon called “Photo Likes” with a number beside it that has been increasing. It isn’t a button though. I searched the site and couldn’t find an answer.

    I did receive a couple emails from the site informing of new “photo likes” showing the women who liked my pic, but it seems they’re having trouble with the site today as I’ve not gotten email notifications for anything.

    Just wondered if the “Like” button might be a way for the women to circumvent EOIs or not.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    • I was a paying member , but in 2013 , I believe , don`t know for sure , I stopped the recurring billing.

      Back then , it was not , so openly , mentioned , that after the 3 months , had past , they would charge again.
      And add another of 50 credits , I believe , it was , to your account.

      When I stopped the billing , I got a reply , that I had the remaining 2 2/3 months , to use them.
      Well , figure out , how to use about 50 or so credits , in this time.
      So , lost all the remaining credits , after that , expiring day.

      Since then , no one , is able (or can`t vote) , on the like icon.
      But , I can give a like vote , for the ladies picture.

      My profile is still on , but I need to upgrade , to get full use , of everything (if you know what I mean).

      Hope this helps


  13. Hi Guys ,

    Today , I heard some great news.But on the other hand , it may have other impacts.
    I can`t say , if it`s true , but it is from a source , which I don`t think , would publicize this , if it wasn`t true.

    Starting from summer 2016 , it is free , for citizens , from Ukraine , Turkey and Georgie , to visit the EU , without the need for a visa.

    Of course , some of us , had hoped , that this would happen in the future.And others , would have liked , that it would be very soon!

    Like me , to say so.

    So , now that it will be a reality , what will be the implications , on the internet dating scene ??

    How will it affect , relations , which are still developing , at this moment ?Will online dating agencies , have more registered members , or not ?

    Will it be more difficult , to find a Ukrainian lady , or will this make it easier ??What about the competition , now that they have this big pool , of European men , at their disposal ??

    Do you still want to sign up , with an agency ??

    I`m not sure , how it will all , develop , and /or lead to better or stronger relations.Or , what will be the effect , on these EE women.
    For sure , coming over , to visit or even work on a temporary basis , will have an impact , on their way of thinking.

    Getting to see and know , the life here.And be a part of it.
    Even though it is for a limited period.
    Will feminism , get a stronger grip on them , because of this ?

    I wonder ………….


    • THIS ain’t no great news for Ukraine nor for Europe.
      Europe can’t take any more refugees and immigrants, it’s overwhelmed by Syrian, Iraqi and other refugees at the moment.
      Millions of Ukrainians will now try and go to Europe looking for illegal work, criminal deeds while females will join others in European whore houses. This will inevitably happen.
      Internet dating scene in Ukraine will have to deal with leftovers of a very low quality.
      Soon there will be NO decent Ukrainian females left in Ukraine.
      Don’t worry about feminism, it’ll take time for Ukrainian females to fully embrace it, worry about them leaving Ukraine for good and becoming prostitutes with options being a plenty in Europe. Just Holland and Germany can accommodate 1000s of females from Ukraine looking for big money fast!

  14. Wow , an update , to my previous post.
    I have just spoken to my girlfriend , about this.And she tells me , that it is not true.

    Well , at least for now.There was some debate (by Ukraine government or political parties , I believe) , but from what I understand , ther is no conclusive decision.

    Ukrianians were angry , because , prices in Ukraine , and the costs for living , have gone up , significantly , in the past weeks.
    The people said , that who will go to Europe , on holiday , with these high living costs ? Which they can barely bring up !

    You will pay , a lot of money for the trip and the hotel.And with what money ??

    So , it is in fact , maybe not effective , for Ukrainians.Perhaps , it is for people from Turkey and Georgie.

    So , let`s wait and see , how things will develop.

    Ok , so , back to normal …… ??


    • Well, it’s both true and not true at the same time.
      Visa free travel will happen rather sooner than later. Right now the final report with recommendations is being postponed until the end of December.
      But most likely Ukraine will get what it wants from the middle of 2016 (I’d say June or July).
      Prices did in fact go up here in Ukraine recently but people are afraid and indifferent now and ain’t gonna protest! Majdan was a total failure resulting in a worse dictatorship than Ukraine had with Yanukovich (former president)
      I do not think Turkey will get visa free travel now by the way. Ukraine has a population of about 35 000 000 of people at the moment, and Turkey has 75 000 000 of people living in it.
      Europe ain’t gonna give a visa free travel to 110 000 000 of people easily. It’s all numbers game.
      Georgia might get it, yes, but its population is 3.7 million which is drastically different from both Ukraine and Turkey.
      If you have any questions-feel free to ask.

  15. Hi FC ,

    Yes , it is a probability , that People from Ukraine , will come here , to seek for (illegal) work.At the same time , it is a bit , or very difficult , to get a job , without the right papers or documents.

    As to working , in the seks industry.We all know , or at least , we are aware of the fact , that to work in brothels or other such houses , they don`t need to come to Europe.

    There are plenty of opportunities , in Russia and Turkey , to name a few.And I bet , that there are more countries , where EE women , can travel to , if they want , to be in this type of business.

    You are right , that many refugees , from the Middle East , now seek asylum in Europe.And , because of this , I assume , that there will be , more swift measures , when people from EE , come here as a tourist , and then have illegal jobs.

    I don`t say , that it is not going to happen.And , I`m not sure , how things will evolve.
    And , yes , it will have an impact , on dating agencies.

    Those women , who can afford , to come here on a holiday , may change their vieuw , on what type of man , and what criteria he has to fit.

    I believe , that we will see more effects , of this visa free travel , in the coming months.

    Women from Ukraine , who wants to make big money , fast , well , their chances for this has gone up.It will be no secret , that women from Russia and other EE countries , come here , to work in a brothel , for a short period of time.

    And then after some time , they return here , for the same work.

    So , all in all , is this good or bad news , for the men , who plan to go to Ukraine , to find a wife??
    It will surely be a good idea , for them , to not postpone their trip.And to start to plan the trip , or seek contact with possible candidates.

    But , time will tell .


    • Paul, Ukrainian folks who go to Europe to work illegally and get paid under the table do not care about papers, permits etc.
      And while it’s sure possible to work in brothels outside of Europe, money to be made is still different if we compare Turkey with Germany or Holland for this matter.
      It’ll take more time than a mere couple of months to change the views of Ukrainian/Russian women but it’ll happen rather sooner than later. Feminism is already making inroads to eastern Europe and it’s only a matter of time until it completely takes over with its politically correct propaganda, mainstream ideas and glitz/glamour magazines and TV shows.
      The initial goal of many EE women is to come and work in a brothel in Germany or Holland and then to find a local man, marry him and settle down in the West. They all want a Cinderella/Pretty Woman story to happen to them.
      You’ve made a good point that men planning to find themselves a good Ukrainian/Russian wife should not wait much longer and better pack their bags and make the move. A year or two from now it may already be too late.

  16. FC is correct about getting there now and not waiting.

    About Elena’s site. I joined the site, went to Ukraine, stay for 6 weeks, took out a number of the women from the site. Found that, they are just woman wanting a good man to support them.

    Now this words support is maybe not a good word, but it is what you will be explained by them. We, as WM see support and the mind goes off into the wild, thinking about money. It has nothing to do with money, but it takes time to get that out of your head.

    Our western thinking is so screwed up, we miss the point completely. I will admit, it happened to me, but could not see the forest because of the trees.
    I now see, oh so clearly.

    • Good for you Bryan. Ironically, I just now read your blog comment and saw how it greatly paralleled what I have just posted to Mr Lance. Obviously, my deep experience has matched your recent experience which helps confirm both of our points. Keep it up, you are on the right track.

  17. I am registered with Elena’s Models and being a suspicious hacker I check anyone who contacts me. I have noticed some profile pictures on Elena’s Models being used on other dating sites that are known to be scam.

    You do not need any skills to do a basic check. Just right mouse click on the profile pic and left click on copy image address. then paste the image address into image address search on Yandex (Russian) or Google images.
    You will be surprized.

    Not all profile images can be traced back to their original source. Companies such as RussianBrides who have their own photographer cannot be traced except back to RussianBrides. Good practice the check any photos sent from girls. No woman like to admit her real age. Also carry out a plain image search without searching the url address.

    • I dated a woman I met on Elena’s for almost 2 years. Yes, we met each other in person numerous times, so I know she was real. In the end, we were not right for each other, so we broke up.
      One thing I would mention is that some of the fake sites steal pictures from legitimate sites, such as Elena’s.

      • Hi Jeff, if the pic was simply stolen from Elena’s it will point back to Elena’s as well as showing all other sites where that pic is used. You can clean out the digital info and change the pixels to prevent it popping up when being searched.
        Just two weeks ago a lady on Elena’s who initiated contact in January (and her pic was on other dating sites and the same pic on the other sites did not trace back to Elenas) was always emailing. So I played along and two weeks ago decided to ask her for her phone number but she responded by instructing me I had to pay the admin money for her phone number. I sent her an email telling her she sounded like a scam and I then blocked her but her emails had all disappeared.

  18. I am a bit late to this article. Thank you for all of the information that you have provided. I was actually about to sign up on Anastasia and after reading what you said I just dodged the bullet haha. My question though is with the visas. Honestly how hard is it after you find a foreign woman to get her here? America is so hard on visas. Do you get married and her country first and does that somehow help or get here easier?

    • Interestingly, my Wife is currently writing a story about it now. Getting the fiance visa is notoriously slow, the easier way to do it is to bring her over on a tourist visa, get married and then have her return. After a few months, have her return on a tourist visa again and then “spontaneously” change your mind about living on two continents, “suddenly” decide to live in the US and then file for a change of status. As soon as you apply for a green card, her status will be instantly changed from tourist to “seeking residency” and she can stay indefinitely pending approval (or disapproval) of the green card application.

      Also, it is not allowed to come to the US on a tourist visa if your intention is marriage (with the intent to stay – you could come with the intention to marry so long as you plan to leave and you do actually go back to your home country).

      Same thing goes for getting married on the first visit. It is important that she has the intention to come to the US as a tourist and ONLY AFTER ARRIVING do you then decide to get married. I suppose that USCIS would let her enter if she is getting married if they believe she will go back after the wedding, but this is a risky proposition – who wants to get sent back from the airport? It is better to come only as a tourist. If you chose this course, it is also necessary for her to leave the US as a married Woman, go back to her country and then come again on another tourist visa. If you come on a tourist visa, get married and then try to change status, USCIS will likely consider that you intended to marry all along and that you perpetrated visa fraud by coming on a tourist visa. If you marry and then return to your home country, no one really looks at that sideways.

    • My advice is to just plan on her returning and using the fiancee visa process unless she has been to the US before as a tourist with a history of returning to her country. Even then don’t even think of plotting to bring her here as a tourist and then marry her and change her status. Figure that all of your emails and other electronic communications with anyone overseas is being copied by the NSA or other agency. One piece of evidence uncovered even years later that you planned for that possibility and she will likely be immediately deported for committing immigration fraud – with essentially zero chance of ever returning. You can also be charged.

      I happen to be one of a few that successfully did have my Lady come to the US as a tourist, met her here, and then found out that there was a process by which she could stay and we could change her status if we married (and married her, and she did not leave the US to return home for a visit and to get her stuff until she had a Green Card).

      In this case she had a 10 year tourist visa to the US with a history of visits to the US and returning to her home country. We had multiple emails that the plan was if we clicked when we met while she was on her 6 week vacation in the US that she would return to her job and we would do the finance visa process. We also hired an immigration lawyer – who ONLY did immigration – to handle the entire process. Even then it was not easy.

      I personally know a person who married a Lady, and then found out that she could not be admitted to the US as his wife due to stuff in her background that he did not know about. So I caution you about marrying while she visits and having her return home to process the paperwork.

      I hope this makes sense and wish you the best,


      • My Wife and I did the marriage on a tourist visa thing. We did NOT intend on applying for a status change during that visit. We went back and forth and only when she was pregnant did we decide to change status, well “technically,” we came to “check out” the hospitals, decided we liked them and only after arriving to the US on a tourist visit did we decide to change status.

        Yes, if you come to the US on a tourist visa with the INTENT of changing status, you can run into problems.

        Whether or not the NSA can use your emails may be a long shot. I think to bring evidence to a USCIS hearing, it has to be obtained legally.

        Either way, anyone planing to come to the US for marriage on a tourist visa must understand that its all about intent. If the USCIS suspects that you intended to migrate and came on a tourist visa, then they can dig for more info. Best to play it safe.

  19. I would also like to add that I agree that Elana’s is a valid site, and perhaps the only one other than Plenty of Fish (which produced a number of local people; none who worked out). I went through dozens of other US/Asian/etc sites that were largely scams before I invested in Elana’s. Most ladies were not interested in me (it was refreshing); but, within a week I was in email contact with a Lady from Ukraine (fall 2011), and on Skype shortly after that (we used google translate a lot – and now laugh at a lot of the mistranslations). We met in person 4 months later, and were married a few months after that (April 2012). We have been married now for 4.5 years; and my wife is in the middle of the Citizenship process (She hopes to have it before the Fall 2016 Election). I cannot recommend Elana’s enough. Well worth the cost – in fact a bargain.


  20. One thing I run across is females that say they have a visa, and want to arrange arrival. Your experience/knowledge on this?

  21. I am a great dad, I have a daughter. I am very Kind, loving, caring, romantic, hard working, Have a good sense of Humor, Easy Outgoing, Passionate, Honest, Responsible, down to earth, full of life, free spirited. I Love To Smile and never get Angry. I am creative and I never Play Mind Games. I love romantic nights but missing that part for quite some time now, food, pretty much in that order. Being able to laugh is one of the best ways to cope with life’s rough patches, and it doesn’t hurt during the good times either! An adventurous spirit motivates me to meet the challenges of being what and who I am today which drives me to seek out new experiences through travel, sight seeing and generally having fun. I Love cooking and think am good at it. Traveling, swimming, candlelight dinners, movies, walking on the beach, watching sunsets, Camping, reading and meeting New People, Dancing and listening to all kinds of Music…I love sports, the outdoors and dinning at great restuarants. I can be your best friend with family values and a cheerful outlook on life with a positive attitude. Content with my work. I live a healthy lifestyle, just ask around. I usually let you decide which it will be… I’m a good friend, listener, loyal, hard worker, brutally honest. Expressing my true feelings and I don’t judge the action of people.

  22. I am married to the most beautiful and wonderful Ukrainian Woman on the planet. She actually found me on, an American Company in Georgia, and I didn’t even think I was still there as I had not recieved a letter for 3.5 years. All of a sudden I started recieving letters from ladies at about 3 to 8 per week. All I would do is look at their profiles as I had been down this road before. That was until Elena showed up, and she absolutely took my breath away. She was the most beautiful 39 year old I had ever seen in my life. She is now 45 and looks just that wonderful today and just as wonderful inside as well. We will be married for 4 years November 1. We emailed for 9 months before we actually met in person, and I got to know this woman and what makes her tick. The time we started communicating and I brought her to the United States was 26 months. I traveled to see her 3 visits and was with her at the interview at the US Embassy in Kiev and then escorted her to the United State and married her in Honolulu 12 days later. If you invest the time and effort and expense as I did I think you will be sussessful. In my opinion it was worth every dime spent. It was not cheap, quick, or easy but well worth it. A lot cheaper than a divorce from an American Bitch that couldn’t even make a bed. She took me for almost a Million Dollars. “JR”

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