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As I continue to browse the ladies profiles online and communicate with the women that I have initiated contact with, I see a recurring  theme.  Often, I ask the women, “What are you (ultimately) looking for?”  At least two-thirds of the women reply that they are looking for “the” Man.  Not any man, not just their man, but “the” man.  What they are looking for is a combination of the “right match” for them, but also that the guy that they are most compatible with is and acts like a man.

Specifically, these Eastern European ladies are looking for a confident and decisive man.  And, for many Western Men, this is a problem. Feminism has beat the manliness out of must of us.  I include myself in this as I still find feminist thoughts in my own head and in my actions.  Western society has taught us that its wrong to act like a man. Women tell us they want a “sensitive” man, one in touch with his feelings. And in the same paragraph you hear the same woman say that she wants a “confident” man, a man who is “decisive.”  How does one remain confident and decisive but who is willing to share his feelings, cry when expected & cuddle babies & kittens?  It is no easy task, perhaps it is a bit unrealistic.  Regardless of whether or not you cry at chik-flik movies, even if you like changing baby diapers, the universal response I hear from women is that they want, no, they crave, no, they demand a man who is confident and decisive.

Try this, go to a restaurant with a western woman and order for her.  She will likely get up and walk out on your date.  I saw a survivor episode once where the greasy “Johnny Fairplay” ordered for his two female co-stars. One girl leaned over and said, “I always like it when a man orders for me,” to which the other girl replied, “Yeah, me too.”  Women want it when a man takes control – or at least tries to.  If done with tact & a fair amount of consideration for her desires, it is a good way to be decisive.  Try this, ask the lady what she wants and when the waiter comes, say, “The lady will have x and I’ll have y.”

There are a million ways that we’ve been socially trained to act passive and to treat women as equals.  I have found that as I date women and I act confident and decisive, they love it and it works well for my love life. Sometimes, you have to bluff it. Don’t feel confident?  Act as though you are – when it works, you will be more confident the next time.

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Point of this post.  Are you used to sharing command with your western girlfriend?  Don’t even try that with an Eastern Woman – they will eat you for dinner.  Eastern Women are used to men acting like the boss.  The problem (advantage for you) is that Eastern Men act like dicks when they do it.  I went out with a Russian woman, her sister and the sister’s fiance. He was first in and let the door close behind him, hitting his fiance right in the chest.  He didn’t even slow to look back.  In my book, that’s a dick move.  I always hold a door for a lady.  But, if you let your Eastern Woman run you, she won’t respect you and you won’t get anywhere.

There are a million links on Google about modern men lacking confidence. For example:  I see a lot of pseudo-psychological reasons given but nowhere do I see that feminism has pussified a whole generation of Western Men.

Take an assessment of yourself.  Are you confident?  If not, perhaps you need to work on that.  Write down a list of all your positive attributes and then (verbally & out loud), tell yourself that “you’re the man.”  I don’t care how you say it, but say, “I have a lot to offer.  I’m a good catch.  I’m confident.”  Say it to yourself a few times a day and after a few weeks, you’ll feel more confident and, more importantly, you’ll begin to act more confidently.

Are you decisive?  When a woman says, “What are we doing today?” Don’t ever say, “What do you want to do?”  You had better have an answer.  Tell her, “We are going to eat and then go out.”  Then you can ask her, “Do you have a preference for a restaurant?”  Or perhaps ask her for her top two or three choices and then you decide which to go to.  If a European Woman asks you if you are coming to visit her after correspondence, it is important that you say the right thing.

Wrong answer: “Well, I’d like to come out but…”

Wrong answer: “Do you want me to come out?”

Right answer: “Yes, I am coming out.  Whether or not I come to see you depends on how our correspondence goes.”

A confident man doesn’t chase women, he leads and expects women to follow.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, download a couple of episodes of “The Dog Whisperer.”  You’ll see what I’m talking about.  The Dog Whisperer doesn’t ask the dog to be good, he leads and demands compliance.  Now, I’m not saying that women are dogs.  What I am saying is that a confident man (in dealing with his woman) has a lot in common with a confident dog handler.  Specifically that he is confident and decisive.

Think about it.  Put it to work.

Be The Man!

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8 thoughts on “Be “the” Man

  1. Hello Scott,

    You have mentioned before that to impress women you have to dress the part. Do you have any tips for those of us who have never clothes shopping outside of a Walmart? When I graduated and looked to recreate my wardrobe (most articles I have pictures of myself wearing when I was 15 years younger) I quickly got lost. Is there a good reference to go from, or would it be better to seek out a lady-friend to help me?

    • Before my last trip to EE – I went to Men’s Club and picked up two jackets, a blazer and a suit jacket, two pairs of slacks and 3 or 4 shirts. I checked out what was on sale or clearance and found some nice Calvin Klein and other top name labels that are “last year’s” fashions. Look fine to me. The nice gentleman at the Men’s Club gave me a little advice (I have NO fashion sense) – I pretty much told him I was going out and wanted to “look nice.” $750 later and I’ve had no complaints & a few compliments during my E. Euro visit. Hope this helps!

      • Nice, do you wear the outfit when you go out on a date with an EE woman, and do you dress in it when going out to talk to women to get the date to begin with? I ask because I want to take a trip overseas to eventually start doing it myself (I’m fed up with American women and their attitudes).

  2. I find it hilarious and intriguing how the majority of bad dog behavior showcased on The Dog Whisperer is attributed by the owners acting like servants for their pets which confuses the hell out of the poor animals.

    It’s almost like a comparison of how women being indoctrinated by feminism going batshit insane because men don’t put their foot down and instead go along with it.

    A family, much like an organisation requires everyone in it to play their respective roles and spontaneously exchanging roles out of whim will end in nothing but disaster.

    • Well said. If you’ve ever played sports with a good team and a bad (weak) Captain, you find that you usually lose. Every ship needs a Captain; even with a good crew, who is going to keep the keel out of the rocks?

  3. I choose to be a confident man because I do not care what others say or think.

    If I can tell a foreign woman ‘no’, I should say the same answer to an American woman too.

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