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I’ve just added a new poll – you can find it in the right column on front page.

I am curious as to the readership of this blog and have tailored questions as to your intentions regarding finding a foreign wife.  The poll is completely anonymous and confidential.  If you have a chance, pop out to the home page and place a vote.

The final poll results are:

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Do you plan to travel to meet a foreign bride?
Total votes: 18

I hadn’t planned on it, only visiting this site to read articles and view photos. (2 votes, 11%)

I plan to stick with Western Women. (0 votes, 0%)

I had not considered traveling overseas to meet a foreign woman until I came to this site, now I’m considering it. (4 votes, 22%)

I would like to meet a foreign woman for marriage. (6 votes, 33%)

I am writing, emailing or calling a foreign woman with plans to meet her in the future. (2 votes, 11%)

I am making plans to travel overseas to meet a woman for marriage or I have already done so. (2 votes, 11%)

I am engaged or married to a foreign woman and she is still overseas. (1 votes, 5%)

My foreign bride lives with me in my home country. (1 votes, 5%)

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Be "the" Man
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