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I receive a fair amount of hate mail, most of it from feminists and fat chicks (or both).  I delete the majority of it but save some of the “gems” for later posts.  I received this mail and I was tempted to delete it as it is quite rude, but as I thought about it I realized that:

1.  I’m sometimes rude on this site.  What’s the saying, “Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house?”

2.  We might learn something from this email.

And so, I publish this comment in its entirety, completely unedited except that I hid part of her email address for security and privacy.  My comments follow her email.  Oh, and Trey, thanks for sending your photo (above) with your email.  You’re right, you are a lot of woman to love!

Comment from Trey, designchick….@gmail.com
in response to my post, “Never Make Fun of Fat Girls.”

OK, so let’s see your pic, big boy! I’m sure you’re 6’5″ with an “athletic” build and ripped muscles…right? Because obviously such a fine male specimen as yourself, who has to rely on financially desperate women in an economically disadvantaged country for dates HAS to be drop-dead gorgeous! How could you not be? So let’s see the pix, guy! Full body shots and face close-ups.

I’d lay $50 – no, make that $100 – that you are a pasty-faced, doughy, short, bald guy with back acne.

Let me ask you a serious question. How long has it been since you’ve had sex you DIDN’T have to pay for? Do you have the guts to answer that question?

First off, thanks Trey for your comment.  As a constitutionalist, I’m all for free speech and an open and spirited debate.  I believe that as long as no opinions are squashed and people can hear both sides of every argument, most people will figure out the truth.  As I used to tell my employees who came to me with gossip, I would say, “Don’t worry about it.  You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but sooner or later, we all know who’s working and who isn’t and who’s full of shit and who isn’t.

That being said, let’s break down Trey’s comments one by one.

Now that 3/4 of employers check Facebook pages & do a Google search of applicants – pretty much everything you say on the internet becomes a public record.  There is now software recognition software that can search the net for your photo and pull you up even if you use a pen name or post your photo anonymously.  That said, this is a controversial website.  The last thing that I am going to do is post my own photo here.  But, I’ve met a few of the guys from this site while overseas – especially in Odessa – they can vouch for what I say below.

Trey accuses me of being a “pasty-faced, doughy, short guy with back acne,” and someone who can only get sex by paying for it.

For the record, I’m in my early 40’s, I work out 3 days in 4, I’m 6’2″ and weigh 195lbs.  I have a muscular build – no washboard abs, but no beer gut either.  I’d say that I’m “average” looking with an athletic build.  I do not have a problem meeting western women and going out with them.  It seems though, that we are always fighting for the relationship steering wheel.  American women (especially) think of marriage as a “partnership” whereas I think of a more traditional relationship.  As for pasty-faced, doughy, short & back acne, sorry, but I have none of those things.

But, lets say that I was short with back acne.  Does that suddenly mean that I’m not entitled to date a super-model?  According to Trey it does.  You can only date hot models if you are Brad Pitt.  And if you go to another country to find hot women, you are some sort of deviant for preying on “desperate women in economically disadvantaged areas.”

At first sound of that, it almost sounds like she’s making sense.  But as I think about it, to go to an economically disadvantaged area is a bad thing?  Why?  Because fat Trey sets the moral rules for the rest of us?  Or is it because that fat Trey knows that if you go overseas and you see the hot women, who are thin, who aren’t bitchy, who don’t dress like men who want to be women, Trey knows that if you see these women, you won’t want ANYTHING to do with her.  She’s like a bunch of union workers pissed off because their high paying jobs have been outsourced to workers who will work twice as hard for half the pay.

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I understand Trey’s objections but I don’t agree with her making me out to be some sort of deviant for doing what is best for me and my future.  And without doubt, marrying a foreign woman is a much better way to go than marrying an American woman with a built-in sense of entitlement, a woman who is already pushing maximum density and after she blows up in marriage, she will take you in divorce court for every penny you’ve saved.

Feminists have done a great job of brainwashing our society that dating outside of a western country somehow makes you a loser.  So, lets say I was a pasty-faced doughboy.  Maybe I have a six figure salary, maybe I’m really funny, maybe I’m loyal or maybe I have some other redeeming qualities other than a Brad Pitt physique and smile.  According to Trey, these characteristics aren’t suitable if you go overseas for love.  Most American women I know use sex (or the promise of it) to get just about whatever they want.  Even the fat women have men jumping on one leg to please them.  And western women like this power that they have over western men – because we’re a captive audience.  And this power has gone to their heads and now they are a bunch of rotten apples.  I suggest that you pass the barrel full of rotten apples and walk to the overseas apple orchard.  And for this, I’m a deviant.

Hell no.  There is nothing wrong with shopping what you have to offer all around the world.  If a poor but beautiful woman in Siberia is only interested in a man who will pay the bills and be loyal to her, who is Trey to say that this is wrong?  I say to all western men, take whatever assets you have and shop them.  Whether it be your face, your physique, your humor or your paycheck – use it and get the best woman you can.  If it means flying to Kamchatka, Russia in the dead of winter, it beats being married to a miserable fat bitch with a sense of entitlement.  Life is too short. If you are shopping for keeps (marriage) – get a woman who wants to be a wife, not a “life-partner.”

And finally, I’ll address Trey’s suggestion that I only get laid if I pay for it.  I’ll have to admit that after reading David D’Angelo’s book, “Double Your Dating,” I’ve had a LOT more success dating western women.  But it really is pathetic that the quickest way into the pants of a western woman is by using mind games.  The quickest way into a Ukrainian Woman’s pants is with a wedding ring and a promise of fidelity.

But, let me ask this rhetorical question.  I suggest that every man pays for sex whether it be a prostitute, a wife or a girlfriend.  Don’t take my word for it – I’m sure you know some man who was divorced.  Ask him, “How much did it cost?”  Be sure to not only include the child support payments & the alimony, but also the distribution of the “marital assets,” and then also include the cost of putting a roof over her head, groceries in the refrigerator, insurance for the car, the electric & cable bill, dining out on Friday night, landscaping and chemicals for the pool.  Ask any divorced guy to add up what he spent during the years of marriage and the previous courtship and then subtract what he would have spent those same years if he was single.  You’ll find bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Now consider that the average married couple has sex only two or three times a week, say 100 to 150 times a year.  Add up those years of marriage and divide the number of times you get laid versus the cost of marriage against being single.  You’ll find that you probably could remain single and fly to Vegas every weekend, blow big cash on high-priced call girls and champagne and still come out ahead!

If you are going to invest in a life-long relationship, do you want to be saddled to a feminist who (deep down inside) loathes your masculinity and thinks you’re the enemy or a woman who sees and appreciates you for what you are?

I’ll give up a point here and apologize to the fat women of America who are also nice ladies.  The point of my post Never Make Fun of Fat Girls wasn’t (necessarily) to poke fun at overweight people.  It was to point out the dichotomy that even fat women in America behave as if they were super-models.  They act as if they can do no wrong; they don’t have to work out, they don’t have to dress like women and just because they have a vagina, you have to do what they wish if you want to get laid.  Well, guess what?  You can go overseas and find a beautiful & thin woman, who will treat you like a king and she won’t have her mind full of feminazi propaganda.  Maybe if more Russian Women came to America, our women would put down the Bic Mac and get on the stair climber.

I was talking with some new guys at work and they were surprised when I said that I don’t even date western women anymore.  And I seriously don’t.  I don’t even look at them.  Sure, I’ll admire them for their looks – but when they open their mouth and start talking, I lose any interest almost immediately.

I’ve been talking to a few women from online and I’m making plans to go back to Russia in a few months to meet one or two.  And as I think about the tired lines I hear from American women – women who are afraid of competition – I can’t help but chuckle.  The smart guys will get out of their country and go to South America, to Asia or to Eastern Europe and see what real women look like and hear what real women sound like.

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13 thoughts on “Hate Mail

  1. Another thing is, not all of them are economically disadvantaged anymore. They just haven’t been raised to want to be a man. They’ve got all the reason to hate men but they don’t. Their men are alcoholics, rude and abusive, and that, by the way, is the real reason they look for a western man – because western men have a reputation in the east as being, in general, good husbands and fathers, though you’d never think it listening to western women complain. These Eastern European ladies, for the most part, would never leave their country, culture, family, and everything they’ve grown up with only to come live in another strange country if it wasn’t for love. And it’s not about the green card. I live in South Africa, the crime capital of the world with LOTS of poverty worse than Eastern Europe. Now if that ain’t love I don’t know what is. Almost all of them say they want a warm, loving family with happiness and faithfulness most important. Compare that to your average western woman’s dating profile, you’ll drop a log guaranteed. Western women do effing suck, yes it’s true, but this site’s name should rather have been www. WesternWomenSuckBIGTIME.com

    I know it sounds like we have emotional issues and that’s all that’s going on here, but this site is really a public service. Nice, good-hearted men need to know about this problem and the solution (I also used Elena’s Models to find my love and they are extremely reputable). Nice guys really do win over there. You don’t have to pretend to be a prick to get noticed. In fact it will get you nowhere if you do.

    I once heard a friend tell a great story to illustrate the problem we have here. The guy was saying how he went to an all-boys school and down the road there was an all-girls school where there were many beautiful women. He said that they became bitches as the competition for them heated up. They weren’t nice to the guys and became your typical Hollywood head of the cheerleader team-type women. Then another school opened up down the road with plenty of other beautiful women and wouldn’t you know it, the girls from the all-girls school didn’t become nice. They first tried to start a culture where any guy who had to go to that other school for a date was a loser. But as more of the guys braved the reputation damage and headed for the greener pastures, the more those feminist bitches had to actually become nice for a change to get a date. This is a true story as related by a friend of mine from California. It couldn’t illustrate what’s going on in the west any better.

    I’m glad western women are like they are. It’s made me become a man who is even more determined than I would otherwise have been to treat my Eastern European girl like gold, treasure her, and let the world know about it. Every time I carry her luggage (referring to a future post :)), every time I open a door for her, take her jacket, pull out a chair for her, it’s so wonderful to have her respond with appreciation and a beautiful smile, be affectionate and make me feel like a man in return. To have western women see this is my personal metaphoric slap in their face. Because they see how it should be, how it could be, and they want it because it’s beautiful, but ironically their own feminist attitudes preclude them from that privilege.

    Apologies to the nice thin girls, though they be EXTREMELY rare, and sorry to all the nice fat chicks out there. You may already have a nice personality now just hit the gym for a bit. And don’t use the ‘it’s genetics’ excuse. But my comments personally are usually aimed at the pretty ones because they are the f*****g pits and I don’t even look at them anymore. All these years they’ve arrogantly turned their faces when I look and smile and now I don’t even bother to look up. I regularly go through an entire evening with a room, according to my friends packed with babes, and yet I don’t look at, notice or pay attention to even one. I have noticed from the corner of my eye that this bothers them and they’re looking at me a whole lot more, in fact now they can’t stop looking constantly. My feelings about it: “To hell with you! I’m a good guy with great intentions and a lot to offer and the recipient of that will now be someone worthwhile. So go shit in your shoes.”

    More power to guys like Neill Strauss who authored The Game, allowing those who choose to, to beat western women at their own game, cause Eastern European women don’t fall for that shit, generally speaking. They really don’t. But why play a game at all? Skip the game, skip across the pond, and you’ll never look back.

    Holy crap, just saw how long this comment is. I should guest post ;)

  2. And as for posting pictures, I see WordPress is automatically posting my damn picture all over the internet. So mine is posted. Make of that what you will, but I also don’t have zits on my back, or any thing like that. The feedback has been mostly positive. So let me see if I can put it in a way that Trey will understand, “Feminist bitch be trippin’ yo”

  3. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to meet attractive women abroad,but it is laughable if you slate women’s looks when – not meaning you here necessarily – you get men who aren’t all that attractive who expect a woman with model looks far from being perfect themselves.

    Nice to know you think it okay to outsource jobs for people working for peanuts by the way…not necessarily harder.Typical self entitled American attitude.It ain’t just American women who have a sense of entitlement but the men do too..though the American man I am currently with is okay.

  4. Also,it is a joke you saying about wanting to go where the women aren’t bitchy.Em,isn’t that also what you are being on here,posting pictures of women and mocking them? That is rather bitchy and what you would expect in a woman…not a “man”??

  5. Just last comment,I have also come across fat men who think they are something special.Re a man paying for sex in some way or another,I have ALWAYS paid my own way with men.I would find it degrading not to and don’t like hand outs.I am also far from materialistic,something that my own man has commented on.

    • That’s great Susan, and when you open your “fat men who think they are something” blog, I PROMISE to post a link to it on my front page.

  6. After 6 years living in the USA, (by the way I’m French, so a lover and real friendship believer) today, I only dedicate all my time to my corporation, I work 18 hours a day.

    The first 2 years a moved in the USA, I was dating women’s and trying to have good time and nice relationship, but after 2 years, I don’t even date American women anymore. And I seriously don’t!! I don’t even look at them. And the fews I met for my work or employees wife or girlfriend, when they open their mouth and start talking, I lose any interest immediately, and my mind travel to Europe and all theses amazing souvenir I have with European girls.

    So I’m sorry to be rude with you American women’s, but you really, really are out of the game, and it is time for you to realize that you are in a way to lost your man interest.

    • David, more and more men are coming to learn what you’ve just said and what we’ve both known for some time!

  7. JC! I was listening to some soothing music while half falling asleep and gliding through some of your posts…and JC, I woke up in complete horror when I saw that photo above!…and then people have the nerve to ask me why I do not want an American woman?…really?
    OK, so let’s see your pic, big boy! I’m sure you’re 6’5″ with an “athletic” build and ripped muscles…right? Because obviously such a fine male specimen as yourself, who has to rely on financially desperate women in an economically disadvantaged country for dates HAS to be drop-dead gorgeous! How could you not be? So let’s see the pix, guy! Full body shots and face close-ups.

    I’d lay $50 – no, make that $100 – that you are a pasty-faced, doughy, short, bald guy with back acne.

    Let me ask you a serious question. How long has it been since you’ve had sex you DIDN’T have to pay for? Do you have the guts to answer that question?
    I see what you are saying about this focus on unrealistic physical expectations as height! These crazy American chicks are expecting someone outside the norm built like a tall lean professional athlete…while all the real men want someone that is thin (normal) and proportionate that fixes themselves up, which over 90 percent of women under 35 in the US could attain!

    Here’s a clue…western men can’t make themselves shorter or taller but western women can stop eating so damn much and walk more.

  8. Howdy,
    I just found this site and fell in love with it.
    I write Chop’s Guide to the Galaxy, which besides just randomness is my process of trying to get back out of the country, partially due to Westernized Women.

    I hope you don’t mind if I link to this site, I think I will be doing so a lot.

    I am already trying to think of a post based on “The List”

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