Baby-Daddy don’t want me no more

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It has been a while since we’ve looked at some Western Women’s profiles.  In case you haven’t heard of the new phenomenon “co-parenting,” have a look at this profile.  In co-parenting, some women, who (for whatever reasons) can’t find a man and advertise that they want to share the “joys” of parenting with you.  You get to pay child support for the courtesy of donating your DNA into a petri dish.

No sex, no companionship – all the pitfalls of parenthood without any of the fringe benefits.

Sounds great, right?

Here we have an 18-year-old American woman who has posted the following advert in

looking for a co-parenting sperm donor , i dont have a job no money right now and my mom wants a grand child very bad ,and im an only child, im single at the moment , i really want a lil girl or twins one of each , i have a son , but its very complicated with him and his father, doesnt want me no more…

No, I’m not a bad typist, I copied it exactly as I read it, punctuation mistakes and all.

Is this what American Family Values have come to?  Jerk off into a petri-dish to knock up some unemployed/uneducated woman?  Our Grandparents would roll their eyes.  The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

< Side note, as I type this blog post, in a cafe in Eastern Europe, I am surrounded by beauties and in the corner there are a few Eastern European business men with an American woman – she is so loud and brash, the whole restaurant is looking over at her and rolling their eyes.  This woman thinks she’s the shit and has no idea that everyone here loathes her. >

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Back to our 18-year-old wanna-be sperm dish: does this woman think that any man in his right mind would want anything to do with her?  What trash!  Can you imagine a call from the District Attorney looking for child support for your spawn with this uneducated social loser?  For the life of me, I cannot imagine why anyone would even look at this tub of lard when they could fly over to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia and have a proper woman – an intelligent woman, with style and a fit body.

Prime example, here is a photo of a Ukrainian Woman I shot last year in the Crimea; her baby was LITTLE, maybe only a month or two.  Have a look at her body.  I often hear women and women’s experts in the US arguing if a woman should gain more or less than 30 pounds during pregnancy.  WTF?  I was in a cafe in Russia a few days ago and I saw a smokin hot woman, she was so good looking.  When she stood up I was surprised to find that she was about 8 months pregnant.  When she walked out, her ass was still tighter than 90% of American women’s asses.

It is like comparing apples and baseballs.

Right after I shot the photo of the hot MILF above, I still had my iPhone in camera mode and I shot this woman as she passed behind me.  So, this one will be a surrogate “Hot Woman of the Day,” :-)

Wake up Western Men, western women are serving you a shit sandwich and you’re eating it and asking for seconds.

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4 Minsk Hotties

5 thoughts on “Baby-Daddy don’t want me no more

  1. Scott,
    i came back this Nov from Ukraine…on the 23rd,
    i was arrested right at the airport….my ex made a file that i spit on her before i left in the summer……and then she told them that day, she wish not to file any chanrges…..a woman cop detictive from the local police, picked up the case, sent it to grand jury and for two months tried to have my ex change her mind…to file charges….but she did not….so the Local hero Woman detective..trying her best… worked the case for …two months…until she managed to have this case picked up by the state, and issues a warrant for my arrest !!! while i was out in Odessa…..what a waste of tax payer money !!…and i bet that detective felt she was obligated by God…and she owes it to all the women out there to do this crap to a man….an evil man.
    so i get arrested at the airport as soon as i step in, not knowing what the issue is, lost my bags, sent to county jail, spent 2 days till i got the it was thanksgiving holiday….it was 5k i paid it cash, then i had to hire an attorney…3.5k,
    AND he tell me the state can and might prosecute me….
    i went for first hearing…yesterday,
    and the a woman, so is the prosecutor…..i felt as if they were looking as King Kong the beast….in me, or something like that…..fat, horny, man hater bitches.
    i told my Ukrainian friends about what happened to me, and they could not understand how a fart or a complain by a woman, can go so far by others, such as this detective, …….!!! and my girlfriend in Odessa, cried, and now calls me each day to check on me, and can not wait for me to come back to Odessa.

    in my court hearing for the divorce, all whom i dealt with in that system …were Women too….and unhappy ones..
    i hate women here by all means….except for the few good ones.
    but most are terrible….and beyond hell.

    i told my attorney that i came here for tax season, and i plan to be here only a month, and go back to odessa,
    he told me this fart by my ex might take up to 6 months of fighting, between court resets…etc
    and he even said if the court know i even talk or try to communicate with that bitch of an ex, the judge might revoke my bailbond, and throw me in jail till this is over !!!

    what a system !!

    now, i and many of my friends here, thinking about selling all we have, and life the rest of our life overseas, and send this women dominated system the freaking passport….for good.


    • Jafar, I hope that all of the men – whether they are looking at a western woman or a woman from the East – take notice of your predicament. A scorned woman can ruin your life.

      Men, don’t get involved with unstable women.

      Protect yourself and protect your assets.

  2. Wow jafar crazy story thats some crazy thing you are going thru man,hope it works out for you at the end you should counter sue for false arrest….

    Scott its amazing that these beasts of western women would think to even look for a guy to be a sperm doner without even sex,i mean what kind of bullshit is that? trust me i thought a few times i was being played thinking some broad was trying to get preganant but this latest thing is crazy

    • I am so behind on this website – I will soon write about setting up a trust – ANY man in America should protect his house & assets by putting his possessions into a trust. Pre-nups can be voided – but if you don’t “own” anything, it can’t be taken from you. A trust allows you to remove your possessions from your legal possession while you still retain legal control of them. In this way, I have confidence that if I get married or have a lawsuit, I won’t get wiped out financially.

      We should all re-read Jafar’s post – there are crazy women out there & the more $ you have, the bigger a target you are. If you remove the reward (lawyer goes after assets) to the divorcing woman and/or lawsuits, you will probably never have to go through the misery in the first place.

      Sitting in a cafe now in Tallinn, Estonia – completely surrounded by beautiful thin woman and one hot “thicker woman” – she’s a little heavy for “my” taste but I bet she would rule Oklahoma.

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