Baby-Daddy don't want me no more

UPDATE: I noticed that Sabina’s profile has been removed. She left the following message: I am corresponding with somebody special. Good luck in your search! Good luck to you Sabina ~ we can only wonder if a WWS reader is the man who she’s talking to.

In keeping with the tradition of this blog, I’ve had a few beers so I figure that it’s time to start typing…

This is Sabina, she is just a “random” Eastern European Woman who is looking for a Western Husband who has her profile listed online.  I thought that she seemed to be an “average” Eastern European Woman so I thought I would highlight her profile here.  Actually, I think this will become a regular feature; from time to time, we will highlight an Eastern European Woman’s profile and compare it to a Western profile that I’ve pulled from eHarmony or Match dot com.

I’ve pulled all of her photos and vitals and I’ll share them all in a bit.  But have a look at this photo – I think that she looks a bit like Jennifer Anniston:

Sabina is 34 years old, is 5′ 8″ tall (173 cm) and weighs 121 pounds (55 kg).  In Texas, most women would accuse her of being too skinny (most likely to hide that fact that they’re so fat).  But really, to my eye, she looks just fine.  Some of my buddies like a woman that is stacked like a brickhouse.  I think that is fine if you’re just dating, but if you’re considering marriage, children or just a long term relationship, remember that women (and men) put on weight over time – better to start off a little thin and go medium than to start of medium and go fat!

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She has green eyes and light brown hair and lists her occupation as “English Teacher.”  Check that out, you won’t even have to learn Russian!  I swear, I will be surprised if she’s not scooped up by some handsome Western Man before summer of next year.  She posted quite a few photos and in this photo below, shot by the ocean, she seems to have a lovely figure and a nice smile:

Here is an interesting twist: she’s not in Ukraine, or Russia or even Belarus.  Nope, she’s in Uzbekistan.  It’s a little country in the middle of nowhere and while this may present problems for travel and visas, it also means that there will be fewer men willing to fly out to visit her and this means less competition and a better chance for you.

She is 34 years old, a non-smoker, is family oriented (for those of you that have never spoken to an Eastern European Woman before, that means she wants to have children) and considers herself “optimistic” and caring.  My dollar bet says that she knows how to cook and doesn’t have unrealistic expectations about marriage and about men.  It is likely that if you are a gentleman with a job and will show her affection, she will be a damn good wife to you.

I’ve always been a sucker for hazel, blue and green eyes and in this photo, you can see that she has really pretty eyes:

She says that she is looking for a man no older than 40 years old.  So, if you are a Western Man, aged about 35-40, why not?  I’m sure you’ve dated crazy western women and seen some of the cows that are offered on eHarmony and similar web-dating sites.  This woman is beautiful, speaks great English and is looking for a Western Husband.

Perhaps it is time you consider a trip to the East?

Good luck!

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Baby-Daddy don't want me no more

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  1. It looks like Sabina has met a man – good luck to you both. I hope that posting her profile her had a little to do with her finding the man of her dreams.

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