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I have been corresponding with Alana since August when I signed up with Elena’s Models.  I suppose that I emailed about 40 or so women & about 1/2 replied.  Additionally, I received unsolicited emails from another 15 or 20 other women.  I’m sure every guy has his own set model of what he’s looking for, in my case I wanted a woman no older than 35 (I’m interested in having a family some day) and has no kids of her own.  If you have your own children and you are not interested in having any more I guess that marrying a woman with previous children is no big deal, but if you are looking to start your own family – I hate to be the dick and say this – but why squander your resources on some other man’s spawn?  Perhaps its just my opinion, but as hard as it is in life, if you don’t look out for yourself, who will?

Within a week or two, I had narrowed my search down to about 8-10 women and I began corresponding with them.  Of them all, Alana and I seemed to have a natural “click.”  I would write her long 3 and 4 page emails and she would reply in kind and when I read her letters, I felt as if I could have written them myself.  I sent her a LOT of photos and she did the same.  I’d rather send a few bad photos and have the woman say “no” than to only send nice photos and have her tell me no after I’ve flown 1/2 way to Siberia.

With each passing week, we seemed to write daily or every other day.  I found that I would check my email 2 and 3 times a day looking for a letter from her and she admitted that she did the same.  We talked at great length about life, work, family, travel, hobbies, nutrition, fitness – well, we talked about almost everything.

One by one, I began “weeding out” the other candidates and by early November, there were only 2 or 3.  I emailed Alana and told her of my plans to visit her in Russia and she was delighted.  When I next logged in to Elena’s I saw that she had removed her profile and left a message that she was no longer interested in additional letters.  I closed my profile also.

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In hindsight, it was probably the best ninety bucks I ever spent in my life.

I think my eHarmony subscription was three times as much and dinner and a movie in the US is easily as much.

We talked about meeting on video Skype and or chatting on the telephone but decided not to in the end.  I had told her, and she agreed, that meeting over the internet was merely a chance to “de-select” possible candidates.  It isn’t until you meet, face-to-face, that you will know if you have any chemistry.  I really felt that we had a lot in common and the only question unresolved was how we would feel about each other in person.

I flew out to Western Russia in the third week of November and we met and I can’t say that I’ve ever had a more natural and spontaneous connection with a woman in my whole life.  Her personality was an exact match to the style of her writing and she looked the same as in her photos.  Her voice and mannerisms were not quite as I had imagined, but not in a bad way, just different.  I remember the night of our first meeting and as we talked and I watched her smile and listened to her voice I began to have feelings that I thought would take a lot longer to develop.

I suppose that being “picky” in the beginning and only focusing on the women that I was very attracted to who ALSO had a lot in common with me and were also attracted to me paid off.  Despite how well you are matched for a woman in goals, physical appearance and other factors, there is no getting around chemistry and in this, I was very lucky.  We had an instant chemistry and it grew each day that we visited.

In all, I stayed for 3 weeks.  We met every week day after she got off of work and for the length of each day on the weekends.  By the end of the three weeks we were making plans to meet again and I was hopeful about a future with her.

Will post more as time allows; needless to say, between a new relationship, Christmas, New Years and then (Orthodox) Christmas again, it has been a busy Winter season.

* Note: the woman in the photo above is “not” Alana – I selected the profile photo of a woman with a similar profile – I suppose that this lucky woman – Nadezdha – will get some “extra” publicity for her profile.

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Passports and Visas

15 thoughts on “Alana

  1. Congratulations. Way to go!

    Hang in there, and blog more! We need real advice from someone doing it on their own. I’ve seen lots of guys join agencies, and other websites. Those are a complete waste of time. They just take your money, and we are taking hundreds for websites and thousands for agencies. Sadly, they subliminally set such guys into a fake world, almost like a religious indoctrination.

    The way you are doing it is the only way to do it with a far chance of success. It’s just that most guys don’t have the wherewithal to do this on their own. Advice like this is needed!

    • Thanks for the comment – it is heartening to know that I’m being helpful in some way. Yeah, I’ve really learned a lot and I plan to share more as time allows – with work, family and a new girlfriend – you know how busy it can get :-)

  2. I loved your series profiling western women with unrealistic expectations. Just this morning, I read this financial advice column in the paper.
    In this case study, a woman named Polly seeks financial advice. Check out her financial situation. She would be a burden to any man, but nowhere is a relationship even in her short or long term goals. It is all a life of entitlement. Here’s the story:

    After eight years and three degrees, Polly finds herself with a debt load way out of proportion to her $63,000 annual salary. Month after month, she sinks deeper in the hole by spending far more than she earns. Polly, who is 34 and lives in Toronto (Canada), found a good job last year as a social worker. If she stays with the same employer for the next 31 years, she will retire with a defined benefit pension plan that will pay her $49,000 a year. But that’s a long way off. “I am drowning in student debt,” Polly writes in an e-mail. Exacerbating the problem is the steep monthly payment Polly is making on a credit union loan for more than $50,000 for which her parents co-signed, putting up their home as collateral. She has another $50,000-plus in student loans on which she is paying interest only, plus about $4,000 in credit card debt. When she can, Polly teaches Pilates classes in the evening, although her job often involves working overtime. Short term, she knows something has to change. “By the time I pay off my debts, phone, food, gas and rent, I have no money,” she writes. “This is challenging as I work really hard and actually had more money as a student,” she adds. Polly has asked the credit union to lower her monthly payments, but it refused. She is paying interest only on her student loan, but may have to seek further relief when she has to start repaying the principal in a few years. She has even explored filing for bankruptcy but that would leave her parents on the hook for the loan they guaranteed. “I should mention that I am not willing to spend less on good (organic) food and vitamins … just in case you were thinking that might be a way to save money,” she writes. She lists her other short-term goals as travelling to Morocco, hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and drinking mint tea in Turkey. Her long-term goal is to “Buy land near water to build a place to hang my hat.”

    • Thanks for the link and the story – it is a symptom of what is wrong with Western Society (overall), but when you throw in a fat ass and a fat ass, even more reason to look east.

    • “She lists her other short-term goals as travelling to Morocco, hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and drinking mint tea in Turkey.”

      Drinking mint tea in Turkey. LOL, what kind of goal is that? Ah, silly me, this would make a great facebook pic. Imagine how many ‘likes’ she could get…

      That article was intended to be about finance, but it indirectly exposes the sheer emptiness of a fair portion of the female population in the Anglosphere.

      • A better short term goal would be for her to payoff that credit card debt and pocket some cash. Then she could Travel to Morocco, Turkey, and Spain stress free.
        Her salary plus the extra jobs she is working and her debt does not add up. What exactly has she been spending her money on for the last 3 to 5 years?
        I think her phrase of not willing to spend less on good organic food and vitamins is code for keeping up with the Joneses. There are plenty of farmer’s markets and ethnic food stores with fresh produce plus she could always order her vitamins in bulk online to reduce the cost.
        Why would I want to marry someone with that type of attitude about money and take on a debt burden that I did not create?

        • Exactly, it doesn’t sound like she’s 100% serious about escaping this financial black hole, and she’s even placed her parents under potential financial pressure. Living her dream life without consequences.

          She’s on a reasonable salary, and even with that debt burden she should be able to live comfortably enough if she was financially responsible. But that’s the problem – guaranteed she’s living the consumerist lifestyle, spending money on unnecessary items.

          What type of man would want her as a wife?

  3. I just want to add to what you said with regard to choosing a woman with no kids. Yes it sounds cruel, but you’re right: You need to look after yourself before you can look after others. And the girl I found in the Ukraine had a 6 year old daughter which I considered a huge plus. I love kids and wanted to have my own and adopt some day. BUT fellow searchers should be aware that, as happened in my case, if things don’t go as planned, you don’t only lose the girl but have the double emotional whammy of losing the child you adopted in your heart as your own. So I would now also advise against it unless you have a really good reason to know there’s a future there. In fact scratch that, because I had no doubts yet mine bombed and it hurt like hell. Just my two cents. Thanks for the blog pal.

    • John, thanks for dropping by and also thanks for the wisdom. I appreciate your visit and I’m sure some will find your comment helpful.

  4. On the other hand a woman with a child could be more committed. My experience so far of spending thousands to visit with a women without kids is that hey have an emotional switch that hence an turn off without notice.
    It’s happened twice now with lots of effort, and time spent together with Ukraine women. They are totally committed and hen when there is a slight glitch, they are gone without remorse. Has any one experienced the same?

    • I’ve seen all types in Ukraine – just as I’ve seen all types in the US. The difference primarily boils down to two factors: their gross weight (fat American vs. hot Ukrainian) and their level of “feminism.”

      If you are getting women that just “switch off,” I suggest that maybe they weren’t all that into you in the first place. Ukrainian Women are no different than women anywhere else in that they want romance and love. If you’re expecting to bring over a woman who is only Green Card fishing or to change countries, you are setting yourself up for failure. When you are with a woman, who is totally into you, you’ll know it. A woman can “fake” affections for you for only so long; if you look at subtle clues, you will know. No different than American Women.

  5. Your blog is amusing. I am a French woman living in Russia, and I think you have a point. I would not say that Russian women are naturally better endowed by nature, but yes they do take more care of themselves in spite of the fact that they are no richer than Western women.
    I think you stretch the truth on other topics but overall it’s right enough on the mark.

    • Thanks for the comment Ludy – it is nice to see a Woman’s point of view here.

      As a French Woman I suppose that what I say seems like a stretch of the truth – but after you’ve seen so many American women, maybe you’ll change your mind LOL

  6. Scott,
    This is one of your best…
    “I suppose that being “picky” in the beginning and only focusing on the women that I was very attracted to who ALSO had a lot in common with me and were also attracted to me paid off.”
    I often chuckle to myself when people say that I am “so damn picky” but I usually notice the person saying this is usually a man stuck in a marriage with a physically-psychologically undesirable wife or an ugly feminist trying to justify herself. These people never seem happy or content. Why would I want to be one of them?
    If I want to be happy then I have to be picky.

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