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… next time you go out of the house, have a look around – does the average Woman in your town look like this? …

A few glasses of wine on my flight and I feel a familiar alcohol buzz that tells me it is time for some creative writing.  I have a few blogs on several topics but the “Fat Cow” (Corpulent Bovine) comments have stirred my creative juices and I feel like doing a little writing to THIS blog.

This post will cover my visit to Russia for 3 weeks in December 2012; in reality, it is now 27 January and I’m flying back from Europe to the US after meeting my girlfriend (Russian) again.  But, I’ve been a little “behind” in writing to this blog; interestingly – when you are “busy” in romance, blogging doesn’t seem so important – LOL.  But, after a few drinks, on a boring flight, the boredom allows for some writing.

I remember a road trip through Central America some years ago.  I “hooked up with” (that’s Latin for I met a fellow female traveler who was in need of some male attention) a Swedish Woman and we shagged our way across Guatemala and Honduras.  I remember, as I went to pick up her suitcase (and mine), she said, “I am Swedish Woman, I can carry my own bag.”  I was raised as a traditional “gentleman,” and taught by mother and father to open doors for ladies, let them on the elevator first, open their car door, help them put on their jacket, etc.  I’m sure that you get the point.  But there, in the humid tropics of Central America, this tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedish woman (with a VERY ample bosom) was telling me that she found it offensive that I tried to help her with her bags.  OK Norske Goddess, carry your own bag.

And 15 years later, this same woman contacts me on facebook.  I see that she is still unmarried, still dating the same guy for 20 years (yes, her “Central American vacation” was a sexual-sideshow-escape.  I suppose from her beau).  She has no ring on her finger, no children, no home, no “legal” commitment, just a “feminist” relationship of her “partner.”

[Sidenote: Sweden’s population is in decline save for the HUGE influx of immigration from the Middle East and Central America.  In a generation or two, the Blue-eyed Swede will be replaced by the Turk, the Kurd and the Guatemalan.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, but history shows that feminism = the decline and ultimate destruction of a genetic group.  In other words once your women embrace feminism, your population will decline and will be replaced by immigrants.]

In other words, she is with some guy but has no “official” commitment.  She has no kids, no husband, just some feminist “politically correct” “partner” – for whatever that is worth.  I suppose that in 5 or 6 years, she will try to have him knock her up and if he resists, she will begin to search for online sperm donations.

I remember her words, “I’ll carry my own luggage.”  As if my assistance to her was some sort of insult to her feminism.  An insult to her independence.  An insult to her strength as a Woman.

Now, fast-forward a decade and a half.  I’m with my new Russian girlfriend and she is telling me a story about how her car was broken and she couldn’t get to work.  I asked, “What did you do?”  She said, “I called my father.”  When I asked “why,” (and the reason I asked was that I was curious why she didn’t just “take care of” the problem herself.  She answered (and it surprised me), “Because I don’t have a husband.”

Me:  No, I mean, why didn’t you just call a service to come and fix your car.

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Alana: What?  That’s Man’s responsibility.  Why would I take care of car?  That is my Father’s role.

I thought back, “I can carry my own luggage.”

My new Russian Girlfriend expects me to do all of the “traditional” male jobs and she expects to do the traditional female jobs.  Realize, she is a working professional with a college degree.  She comes from a well respected family (read, “old family”) from the city that she is in and she has many subordinates at work.  But, in her private life, she wants (and expects) a man who “is a man” and acts as such.  In other words, she is looking for (and expects) a man who will cut the lawn, wash the car, clean the pool and change the car’s oil.  In return, she will cook up a nice dinner (even if she is coming home from a long day at work – in fact, I am often surprised when, after she has worked for 10 hours, and I’ve lounged around my apartment all day doing stock trading, she will come in and cook up a lovely (and delicious) dinner).  My American chums would be green with envy.  And afterwards, she tries to wash the dishes.  Now, here is where I, like most American Men, have an inherent sense of “fairness.”  She cooks, I insist on cleaning.  I see her beam with a huge smile.  Me “doing the dishes” scores major points.  And, compared to most Russian Men who have never washed a load of dishes or clothes in their life, I seem like “quite the catch” in Russia.

I tell you Men, if you don’t have a Russian (or Thai, or Columbian or Ukrainian) Woman – you’re doing it all wrong.

I eat like a King.  My Woman treats me like a Man and cherishes being treated like a Woman and I couldn’t be happier.

Now, don’t think that I don’t have female drama.  A Russian Woman is just as “emotional” as an American Woman.  I get regular “excitement” in the form of male-female misunderstandings and feminine drama.  But, when the cards sort out, she says that she appreciates how “logical” and “grounded” I am and how she finds comfort in it.  She feels that she can lean on me when she feels “nervous.”  Her word for when she acts like a Woman and most American Men say, “Oh, it must be the PMS.”  But, she never “Man-bashes” me for being “logical” or for being “unemotional.”  Instead, she thanks me for being unemotional.  What a change.

When my American girlfriends had a spasmodic (emotional) outburst and I remain calm, I am often accused of being insensitive.  Feminism teaches that a non-pussified Man is a chauvinist.  A “pussified” man cries at Meryl Streep movies and acts like the gay guy at the hair salon who is friends with all the women.  And then, in the same breath, American woman bemoan how there are no “strong” men and how they want a masculine man.  American woman – at least in my opinion – are severely confused.  They’ve listened to the lesbian magazine authors from New York who hate men, who write about hating men, and the American woman have become confused in their sense of entitled delusion.

Fortunately, the entire Eastern side of Europe is full of Women who have not been exposed to feminism.  Take advantage of it men.  Get you one while you can.  In another 20 years, MTV and Oxygen TV shows will spread to Russia and ruin the next crop of beautiful traditional women.

I have mine.  I am content.  I will continue to write to this blog and tell about my journey with my new-found love.  And, I’ll throw in the occasional bashing of the visiting “Corpulent Bovines” (Fat Cows).

Good luck in your search!

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20 thoughts on “I can carry my own luggage

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Exactly my experience here in South Africa. After years of taking their entitled feminist crap I found a lovely girl in Ukraine. Unfortunately, she got cold feet 3 days before my second trip where we would have discussed her coming to live with me. But she would never accept when I asked to send her money, she didn’t even entertain the thought. Heart of gold, and as you say, the culture is different and even though tragedy has struck me this time, I’m sold on the particular “brand” of gorgeous girls they have there. I’m a good guy, but in South Africa I’m considered a weak guy. Over there, it’s like they can see into your soul. They appreciate a “nice guy”. I couldn’t possibly recommend it highly enough, but you are right. The time is now because western culture is invading Eastern Europe now as well like the cancer that it is. What those women don’t realise is that they think they’re empowered. But they hurt not only the men who want to find a good woman and be a good father, they hurt themselves from enjoying all of that as well.

    Anyway, glad to read someone sum up the story so well. Have a good one and wish me luck on my second journey to Ukraine.

    • Keep up your search; you’ll find the right woman for you. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend – we are meeting in a few days for two weeks vacation. You never know when lightning will strike for you but you have to be in the game to have a chance to succeed.

  2. I have to admit, your website is quite offensive. The way you judge all American based on looking at a few, that’s quite shallow. So, do you judge all African American, Jews, Indians the same way.

    As you have admitted, there are no real reputable websites to find a Ukrainian bride. Part of the reason for that is SOME Ukrainian women are scammers. Could I do the same as you? Look at just the scammers and say that ALL Ukrainian women are money hungry? It goes both ways.

    I have been to Ukraine, and have no problem marrying a Ukrainian woman, but I have no problem marrying an American woman either.

    Also, post of pic of yourself. By not doing so, shows you have really low self esteem.

    • Jim, if that is your name. I doubt it, you sound like an American woman. Sure, I’ll post a pic of myself right after you email me yours and we’ll put them on the net to compare. I really don’t have low self esteem – actually, my girlfriend often comments that I am too self assured. You know, when you posted your comment, you didn’t even leave your email address; really, who has low self esteem?

      Your email just stinks of BS; you’ve been to Ukraine and you “have no problem marrying an American woman?” It just doesn’t sound believable…

      Am I offensive? I find the attitude of most American women to be offensive. That I am not afraid to highlight the stinking feminism that pervades our society, sure, some may find it offensive. But when you step outside of the paradigm, you see that our western society is quite broken. Finding a cultured woman with high moral values in the East beats some fat sorority slut who screwed her way across her college campus, developed a deep dislike for me, has rabid feminist feelings and has gained 20 pounds to boot. I find loud, obnoxious fat feminist women offensive and I am sure they find me offensive as I call them out on their crap.

      Ok, so you’re right, I’m offensive.

      And you’re wrong, there is a reputable place to meet Ukrainian Women: Elena’s Models

    • You sound like just another Ameriskank, upset because you cannot compete in the world, and do not want American men becoming knowledgeable about women globally. Or, in the event that you are indeed a “man,” you are brainwashed. Any well travelled man has observed the differences between entitled, self-centered, lazy American (or Americanized) women and women from most places around the world (yes, I am extremely well travelled).

      And, as for being offended, who cares. We live in an “I’m offended” world, where the powerless and unimportant people expect everyone to make a knee-jerk reaction to “I’m offended.” Put on your big girl panties and do some self-reflection, rather than running around being “offended.”

      Scott, good work on this site and the entries. The information that you are presenting is valuable to so many…the fact that you have a few detractors speaks volumes to the quality of your work and this site. If there were absolutely no truth to what you say, then noone would be “offended,” rather, they would just write you of as a nut.

      • Thanks for the reply Simon. I’m pretty sure that “Jim” is really a “Jane” as she has sent a few more troll comment posts that include insulting my mother and criticizing my use of the English language as “so many big words.” I’m sure your comment will really confuse her. She really seems agitated; I can’t ever see a man complaining about my criticism of so many American women being overweight or having a sense of entitlement.

        I’m in the Atlanta airport now, about to board a flight to Rome. Gate 9 has tall thin Italian women in svelt tall boots and tight skirts & jeans. Two gates over for a domestic flighr, about 1/2 of the women look like Jabba the Hut – no exaggeration – some real Georgia peaches but a lot of heifers.

    • If you say you’ve been to the Ukraine and you don’t see a difference between western women and Ukrainian women then you give away the fact that you haven’t actually been to Ukraine. You’re just saying it for some credibility. The divorce rate is FAR lower between western men and Eastern European women, so it’s not even an opinion thing, it’s a substantiated fact. And nice try attempting to frame this along the same lines as racism. Of course there are exceptions, but among good looking western women they are few and far between. Anyone who truly has been to Ukraine and met some women there would know this. Nice try overall. I especially like the “Jim” part.

    • To Jim’s comment, simply put, you sound dumb.

      This post by Scott was spot on…most of the time. Jim, observations about groups are not 100% percent accurate. Neither is any scientific study ever done in the history of science. I’m guessing you are a female using Jim as your cover name.

      • Thanks for the comment Anonymous!
        I have to agree.
        I have never met one western man that has ever dated a non-western foreign woman (or traveled/worked in business for an extended period out of the west) and gone back to domestic. Well maybe for easy sex but many would rather live like a monk for a few months and avoid the headache of dealing with the western princesses until their next trip off the reservation…or date foreign women in their local area.
        After my first extended vacation to Latin America and getting several bolster shots of the red stuff and serous hands on psychological reeducation. I suffered from an extreme case of PTD after returning to America.
        Yeah the truth hurts but it’s worth it in the long run.

  3. I knew the second I boarded the flight to Russia and landed in Sheremtyevo Airport and Saint-Petersburg, I struck oil! The women are drop dead gorgeous and dress sexy, but stylish. The hard part is finding “the one”. Russian women have soul!
    Jabba the Hut? At work, I see that all day long. Just add the mentality of a 10 year old and the lack of education and you have the American nightmare.I will take a soft spoken women over Roseanne Barr or Fat Albert wearing bedroom slippers any day.

    • Thanks for the comment Gary – ANY man who has gone East will have a hard time settling for women in the West.

      Even if my current relationship didn’t work out – I’d continue to search East. American women are like overpaid labor when migrant workers are willing to do more for less. In the case of Eastern Women, its not necessarily “more for less,” its more like “they do their ‘fair share.'”

      I know that if I was a fat gold-digging woman who is used to having my ass kissed and then some thin and sophisticated European Women come on scene who are polite and believe in (actual) equity, I’d be nervous too.

  4. I somehow stumbled across this surfing the internet tonight. Very interesting – yes I am an American woman, thin and some say attractive. I agree with the comments on Western woman to an extent and experience their hate in the event I have to fly to the states. Ignorant, lazy, etc. Their eyes will lazer into my back and they will chatter about how another female is too skinny and in self denial. I live abroad and work for the US military (not a soldier) in Germany. Been around the world and understand where you are coming from. There is truth to what you are saying. Can’t say I fall on one side or the other -somewhere in the middle spectrum. But each to their own. My husband is Dominican, he is a soldier and works late. Of course, I will make dinner and clean the house and do all those things because hell he is working. But yes a part of me doesn’t want to agree but it is true that men and woman have needs. Somehow some American woman haven’t only missed the target for the men’s needs but managed negate their own. Not even sure if some of them know what that is. Just my wordy two cents.

    • Carrie, thanks for your reply.

      Alana and I were watching the movie “Her” last week. We read some of the reviews and many people didn’t like this movie because they said it was too boring. It is quite a cerebral movie and I enjoyed it a lot because it really made me think about relationships (and where they’re going). Alana kept saying (throughout the movie), “As soon as they sense a threat its all over. ‘Skynet is self aware.'”

      In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix’s friend (woman who is married, breaks up with husband & then he goes to a Buddhist Monastery) – well, the whole movie, Alana kept saying, “What’s wrong with this woman?”

      The woman was a typical “me me me, why can’t everything make me happy” type of American woman. Never content that she’s married to a nice man. She can ONLY think about if she is happy, if her needs are met, etc etc.

      Alana just can’t understand how a woman can be so narcissistic. I laugh each time I hear it because the US is full of women like this.

      Thankfully, you’re in the minority. Your husband is a lucky man – and you can tell him that we said so! :-)

  5. In my case back in the 1980s when I was in my 20s I gave up on American women and looked for a foreign woman. I unfortunately married a British woman who was worse than most American women. I didn’t know at the time that the problem was with all western women, not just American women. After a long abusive marriage I divorced her and after a couple of years of unsuccessfully attempting to find a worthwhile American woman I have now found the woman of my dreams in Ukraine. In my case I am a former Army Ranger, a West Point (US Military Academy) graduate and intermediate level genius and member of Mensa with a very high paying job in a high tech field, and I am a very down to earth nice guy. Aside from this I work out very hard very often and am in very good physical condition. Right now in my mid fifties I am still playing full contact rugby every week on a local team. None of this seems to be what American women want, though. The behavior I’ve noticed from them is they’re not really interested in men. They are only interested in a man who is so much superior to other men that they will never meet another like him if they pass him up. This sounds like they are not looking for a life partner. What they really want is a better toy than anyone else has so they can give themselves a treat. I had one seemingly intelligent, well educated woman tell me after one date that she didn’t like being with me because she didn’t feel she could connect emotionally with me. She also said she didn’t like her son because he was a genius, too. I have found that unlike American women, Eastern European women want capable men who are nice to people, and my Ukrainian fiancée has changed my entire outlook on life. Unlike most American women she has three technical university degrees and a career in a technical field, and she and I connect very well on all levels. It seems as if Eastern European women are looking for a good husband and father as opposed to a toy. I think it doesn’t really matter what American women want or why. To my logical male engineer mind they are not a solution to any problem, so they are a waste of time thinking about. I have found a good solution.

    • Thanks for the comment Dale. There truly is a war going on in America today between feminism and masculinity. Men are fully under siege and women are programmed to be men or at least men-like. The more and more I look at it, the more and more I’m so thankful that I’m married to a Russian Woman.

      By the way, I’ve never (and I mean never) been happier in my life. I find that my relationship with Alana is fulfilling on so many levels that I had never anticipated.

      I plan to write a bit more about the feminist war on Men that’s going on today. I talk to friends and they’re surprised to hear about it but when I point out some examples they agree after saying, “Hum, I’d never thought about that.”

  6. i live in europe and i read to many articles about western men going to find mrs right in eastern europe. strictly speaking less than 2 percent or lower, find a wife. If you give the impression you are desperate then the women in the east will play you. Most are intelligent and most dont want to leave or live in some backwater in the usa. You notice these women like fashion hope you understand you want to make them look good they will expect you to provide the wardrobe. A recent news paper in uk made a trip to eastern europe with a group of western men looking for brides none were successful. his impreession is that some of the women are paid to be there as emotional prostitutes to lsiten to men and there problems. So do me a favour and stop thinking these women are nice simple country girls who are going to do all you’re cooking for you they know what the west plus some of these countries are now within the eec which means they can move freely to any city they want in europe. When you arnt there she is still going out chatting to men at clubs so be warned the system is a money making industry. if you go there by your self most cant speak english the further east you go so please stop dreaming and look at them in the same light as western women most are well educated.

    • Well Special K, where do I begin?

      I followed your email address and after a Google search, I read some of your racist & xenophobic rants on some other websites.

      Let’s set aside for a minute that you’re a raging nut, an armchair internet warrior who’s never left his home country (probably never left your home county), and gather up a response for you.

      It is quite obvious to me that you’ve never been to Russia. And so, you’re just spitting out the diatribe that you hear on TV. You make reference to supporting evidence as “I saw on TV,” and that made me really really laugh.

      You write that only 2% of men who go to Europe find a Wife. And here is where you’re mixing up two different statistics. Less than 2% of Men who sign up for an online dating subscription find love. But considering that less than 5% of Men actually leave their home country after buying a subscription, we have to wonder. If 100 Men buy an Elena’s subscription and only 3 go to Russia and two get married, what are the odds then? There are a lot of shy, lazy and or scared Men (Like you) who have never traveled abroad. To them, the idea of a virtual Russian girlfriend is a lot more appealing than flying over and having the possibility of meeting with failure.

      Special K, I do know that you’re a Man based on your other internet posts, so I won’t accuse you of being a woman. But I will say that you’re a feminist, through and through. So while you’re bashing Muslims who are invading your European country, maybe you should look and see why their civilization is thriving and while your’s is crumbling. I can’t help but laugh when I see white European Men crying that the Muslims invasion is taking over. Meanwhile, the complainer has 0 kids and no interest in marriage. Who is supposed to inherit your country if you don’t have any children? Just simply stupid.

      Yes, you are a feminist. You were raised a feminist and it pervades every pore of your being.

      As is typical with your other comments, I see that you don’t hold any punches here describing a Russian Woman’s prospects in the US as “some backwater in the usa [sic].” Once again, I know you’ve never been to the US, so how do you know what is a backwater? What about the Siberian Woman from Irkutsk who moves to San Diego to marry an American there? Is she moving to a backwater? I DO live in a small Mid-Western American town that Alana describes as a “backwater.” And every day, she says how happy she is here. “Yes, it isn’t cosmopolitan like my big city in Russia, but there are no potholes in the road, the police aren’t corrupt, everything works and you can get your papers from the government in one visit – bribe free.” There are MANY reasons why Eastern European Women want to move West. Some are financial, some are because they have had bad experiences in the East and they want a Western Man.

      Two days ago, Alana and I were at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get her a driver’s license. We were talking and another couple heard us and the husband asked where we were from. It turns out he is a local and his wife is from Kiev. He is (I’m guessing) 58 or 59 years old). Alana estimated her to be 32. They looked happy as punch. They’ve been married for 2 1/2 years, living in the US for the whole time (she came over on a fiance visa).

      She’s happy, Alana is happy, I know many many EE Women who came to America and they’re all happy.

      I think that you need to stop watching Western feminist television and go over to Russia yourself.

      “In recent years, a US paper made a trip to Eastern Europe…” Oh, and what did they find? Did they follow some Alpha Males or is the she-male androgenous computer-gamer nerd make for better TV as he crashes and burns in Russia? Do you really believe that what you see in the newspapers and what’s on TV is reality? The WHOLE POINT OF THIS WEBSITE is to provide first hand, factual accounts of what it is like to go to Eastern Europe. Don’t take my word for it, since I’ve opened the comments to “uncensored,” they pretty much speak for themselves. Read away, there are plenty of Men here who have married EE Women and they are quite happy.

      “His impression is that some of the women are paid as emotional prostitutes.” Yes, of course. Sensational writing. What would have happened if he wrote, “The average Russian Woman is more educated than her UK counterpart, thinner, more cultured, more refined, more traditional and wants to be a domestic housewife?” I can tell you what would happen, a bunch of fat feminazis would burn that paper to the ground. The sooner that you realize that television (even the news) is entertainment, not factual.

      Yes, there are delusional Men who go East. I am sure that their delusion is created and fueled by the marriage dating industry that you describe.

      Another thing wrong with your argument is that you are only talking about those going on tour dates. I do NOT ENDORSE TOUR DATES NOR DO I THINK THAT THEY ARE A GOOD IDEA. Yes, you’re right. Most of the EE Women who show up to tour date affairs have NO INTEREST in meeting EE Men. I suggest to stick with Elena’s or Cupid, find a Woman who’s interested in marriage and willing to relocate.

      Then you write, “So do me a favour and stop thinking these women are nice simple country girls who are going to do all you’re cooking.” I’ll do you a favor and let you in on a little secret. My Wife cooks me breakfast, lunch and dinner and washes the clothes. When I do the dishes, she says, “Thanks for helping.’ Compare that to your skewed version of feminist driven propaganda.

      You finally got one thing right. The Eastern European dating industry IS a money making industry. 98% of it is. And for this reason, I recommend only two agencies. Every day, my inbox is flooded with “how about agency X, or how about agenccy Y,” and I check them (when I have time) and I say, “Nope, money making scam.”

      With two exceptions as noted above.

      The point of this website is to steer Men away from the pitfalls that you describe towards the end of your delusional email. If you want to choose to believe that a Russian Woman only wants your visa or to steal your money, no worries. Go back to your computer games and stay off the websites where the Men are talking.

      Your final sentence just proves what a pussy-whipped feminist you are, “… and look at them (Russian Women) in the same light as western women…”

      Well Special K, thanks for your comments. It is safe to say, that you’ll probably end up a single guy on your little island in the Atlantic, embittered about so many foreign “invaders.” You’ll complain and complain (from the safety of your computer) but you’ll never do anything to make your life better. It is typical of many of the Men who visit this site. Hopefully, many will see my example, and the example of others, and decide that they refuse the feminist status quo of Western society.

  7. LOL!
    Meanwhile, the complainer has 0 kids and no interest in marriage. Who is supposed to inherit your country if you don’t have any children? Just simply stupid.
    I’ve said the same many times in the past.

    If he thinks western and non-western are they are same. Well less potential competition for me when I travel.

    10 to 15 years from now I will be eating dinner with my future Latin or Slavic wife and our little healthy children, while he’s still complaining from behind his computer, well by then he might work up the courage and start taking the easy way out by seeking prostitutes.

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