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… even the Mom’s are hot in Russia …

Working overseas has its downside: you are separated from home, friends and family for months.  But, the upside is months of vacation at a time.  And, when you’re “dating” an Eastern European Woman, this work schedule can work to your advantage.  I flew home for two weeks to see Mom & the Siblings for Christmas and New Years and then, right after New Years I flew back to Russia.  My “second” trip to see my new Russian girlfriend and after I arrive, we pick up like an old couple.

I am really quite surprised at how well we “hit it off.”  But, based on our correspondence, I knew we were well suited mentally and emotionally.  After we met in December and realized that there was a mutual physical attraction, the rest just sort of “fell into place.”

In this month, I’ll have three weeks.  We will stay in Russia for ten days and then “train around” Western Europe visiting some of the common tourists sites (Paris, Rome) for 2 weeks.

Let’s do the math: In America, you meet a woman and you ask her out to dinner on Friday.  You spend 4 or 5 hours together and then meet for roller-blading and lunch on Sunday.  You maybe see each other 10 hours that week and meet the following weekend.  This continues for some weeks and then you start to have “overnights” during week days.  But, I’d say the average “new” couple sees each other 5-8 hours each week – when they are dating.  When you come overseas to meet an Eastern-European Woman, and she takes two weeks from work, you see each other 12 hours, each day, EVERY DAY.  You learn, very quickly if you will be able to stand her after 20 years of marriage.

And in this way, being with my new Russian Beauty, every day, all day, sunrise to sunset, I have come to know her quite well, quite quickly.  While we all put on our “good face” when we date, when you are with someone every day, all day, you can’t hide your “true” personality.  It comes out.  And in total, Alana and I have had 6 weeks together in two months.  I have seen her happy and sad, full of joy and mad with anger.  We have moved fast and I ask myself the question that I have asked of EVERY woman that I have ever met.  “Can you grow old with this Woman?”  If the answer is “no,” I know that it is not right for me.  And, for the last 12 or 13 years the answer has been “no.”  But in this case, despite the ups and downs of a short-term relationship, I find myself answering “yes.”  Yes, I believe that I could live with this woman until old age and be happy.  She gives me a certain sense of happiness that I’ve never found with a Western Woman.  She makes me feel like a Man and I feel like I am dating a Woman who wants to be a Woman.  Not a Woman who wants to compete with her man.

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Now, there are some physical advantages between my new Love and the “average” American bovine.  My new beauty is 5’ 8” (172cm) tall and weighs in at about 122 pounds (55kg).  Her body is firm and she is quite beautiful.  She has blue-green eyes and light brown hair.  At university she was a swimmer and had a shot to go to the Olympic team – in other words, she has a VERY fit body and she has not lost it in her early 30’s.  Every time we go out to eat, she always leaves two pieces of Sushi on the plate.  When I ask her if she will finish, she says, “No.  If I stop eating when I am still hungry, I will never get fat.”

Ha!  Compare that to your fat American girlfriend who can eat two double cheeseburgers and eats the fries so quickly that she has to use two hands!

We go to the gym (her membership, I sign in as a guest) every other night and she runs, walks and does all sorts of yoga, Pilates and other exercises.  I’ve dated fit western women, but they’ve always had a high sense of entitlement.  No wonder, when you’re a thin woman in a sea of fatties, you can choose your man at will – and when you’re the chooser rather than the choosee, you get a little Ego and too much confidence (read: arrogance).  The Western Man in Eastern Europe is the choosee.  At home, he is “chosen” by the fit women and has to settle for fat-feminst women.

Really, it is a case of fishing from the pier where there are no fish or else taking a boat to the ocean where, perhaps it is an expensive fishing trip, perhaps it is a long sail, but you can find the best catch.

Now, before I’m accused of comparing my Russian Girlfriend to a fish – I’m saying that Russian Women are 1. Hot, and 2. Not feminist.  What else do you need?

And so, after some long talks and the realization of some strong feelings, she asks if I want to meet her parents.  I know that this is a MAJOR step and I accept enthusiastically.  I meet her parents and find a delightful couple (who are still married).  I put on my best social skills and manners and impress them as best as I can.  After the end of the night, on the drive home, my Alana receives a text from her mother and father that says only one Russian word – the word can best be described as “delighted.”

I’ve won her over.  I’ve won over her parents.  We begin to talk of long term plans.  I think of marriage and family.  Seriously, after $350 on eHarmony and $220 on – I laugh at the $90 I spent on Elena’s Models and count my blessings as my heart swoons in the face of new love.

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I can carry my own luggage
Hate Mail and Random Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Meeting the parents

  1. Good article here. It sounds like you really found that princess of yours that you will ask to marry you. I wouldn’t have any idea what it’s like to date a lady from Eastern Europe. It’s been 8 years since I have gone on anything that remotely resembles a date (I’m stuck in America at the moment). I hope the two of you end up very happy together.

    • Thanks Joel – we are currently on a 2 week “getaway” in the Med – rental car, little hotels by the beach – it will be hard to say “goodbye” in a few days before we see each other again in a few months. But, looking back on my past American girlfriends – well, I don’t “look back” anymore LOL.

      good luck to you

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