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To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal'

I was chatting with a colleague at work and he asked if I was married or had children.  I told him that I was involved in a relationship and showed him a few photos of my recent trip to the Mediterranean with Alana.  His first comment was, “Wow, she is very beautiful.”  Later in the conversation we came to (the typical) “Oh, she’s from Russia!”  This is usually said with a bit of surprise but even more so, curiosity.  Before he could even ask I said, “I don’t date American women.  Ever.  I gave them up 8 years ago.”  He laughed and said, “I know, I’m divorced.  I know what you mean; they’re just too… Western.”  I replied, you mean “they’re too feminist.”  He smiled and said, “Exactly.”

He had 101 questions about dating foreign women & I’m always the “go to guy” at work when it comes to foreign dating and rather than take 1/2 of my day telling him about it, I just told him to pull up

A few chuckles and then after a while, there was a crowd of guys standing around his work terminal.  He asked me about dating Eastern European Women and then clicked on the link. He browsed past a few profiles and the guys seemed quite captivated on the photos.  And why not; Eastern European Women are smoking hot.  What’s not to like?

I asked the guys, “Did you read the profiles?”  After they pulled their eyes off some of the photos of the gorgeous women they started reading.  I suggested that they pull up some eHarmony photos and see if they could see a difference.

Here’s what an Eastern European Woman’s profile says:

I was born to make YOU happy…
Hi! I’m positive, optimistic, hard-working.
The biggest value for me is family, that’s why I am here and I believe that could meet my man with whom I will be happy and who will be happy and loved with me.

She must be very unattractive to only want to make her man happy.  At least that is what most American women would tell you.  Suggest to a Western woman that you’ve met a woman who’s number one goal is to make her man happy and you’ll probably get some snide remark about the woman.  Well, I’ll let her photo speak for itself:

When was the last time you EVER heard a Western woman say that her priority in life is to make her man happy?  Really, men are more like accessories to Western women.  It’s not what a Western woman can do for you, she is more concerned with what you will do for her.

One guy had an eHarmony membership and he commented that most women on eH don’t look like this.  I suggested (again) that he should also look past the pretty pictures: “Read the profiles and compare them.”

And so, we pulled up a few American women profiles.  Actually, we pulled up a few dozen.  Not a single one said that she lived to make her man happy.  Actually, most had little or nothing to say about what they would offer (in the relationship) to their new man.  Most gave a huge litmus of requirements: he must be sporty, must be tall, attractive, rich, be spontaneous and love animals.  But in none of the profiles did we see any woman say “Here is what I’m bringing to the table.”  Each and every profile was about them, how great they were and what they wanted.  It was all “gimmy gimmy gimmy” and no give back.  If you look this up in the dictionary you’ll find the definition for narcissism and I truly believe that a majority of our under 40 “Sex and the City” American women are infected.

I pulled a screen shot of one of the profiles, Alley, from Lebanon, IN.  I’ll  post it, in its entirety and ask yourself,  “What does this woman offer to her man?”  See if you can find the sentence, “I’ll be a good wife.”  Or, “I will love you, support and cherish you.”  Geez, I’d be happy with, “I’ll give you a kiss when I see you and do what I can to brighten your day.”

As I read this woman’s expectations, I believe that she is in some fantasy world that no American Man can satisfy.  Mind you, if the Eastern European Women’s photos in this post are 8’s and 9’s, this woman would probably rate a 4.  And this is the double barrel effect of Eastern European Women, they’re attractive and they aren’t infected with narcissistic feminist mindsets.

Here is what “Alley” from Indiana says:

The ONE thing I am most passionate about:

Creating what is a life of wholeness for you as an individual.  For me that means living ethically with concern for other living things (I am a huge fan of tough love/natural selection, though) and the environment, living from my creative center in a place that I love, expressing myself with artwork and writing, loving the unloveable both in myself and others, educating myself, supporting my physical and mental well-being in a nurturing place, and I am very passionate about finding someone to share that with.

By the way, ANYTIME you see a profile on eHarmony that doesn’t include a photo, you can be assured that she is nothing close to physically fit.  I did the “request my photo” routine a few times and I was mortified by so many Wal-Mart, jelly-filled donut looking women.

If you have an eHarmony, or other western dating site membership, have a look outside the country and make a side by side comparison/analysis.  I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

Alley had a chance to tell us what she was passionate about.  Now she is asked what she looks for in a man:

The most important thing you are looking for in a person is:

There are so many things that have to coalesce to make someone who they are… Sharing a similar lifestyle is top priority; I like people who are conscientious, environmentally  spiritually and ethically.  I want someone who is as aware of the marks they make on the world as I am and makes an effort to do the right thing while still being able to accept their darkness (we all have it).  I want someone who likes to educate themselves and has definite goals.  I want someone who understands what commitment is, and will do what it takes to maintain a mutually benefical [sic], lifelong partnership.  I suppose all that would add up to strength of character.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Wow, did you get all of that?  Is she advertising for a husband or is she writing the legalize for the formation of a partnership or corporation?  She lists her age as 33 and answers “yes” to “wants kids.”  Go back again and read her description of what she’s looking for in her man.  Do you see ANYWHERE an expectation of a good father or husband?  What are her priorities?  She wants to save dolphins and cure the hole in the ozone layer! Those are great idealistic goals for your freshman year in college when you’re smoking so much pot, but at the age of 33, when you want kids, when you’re trying to attract a man to marry and have children with and your biggest concern is what “marks you leave on the planet?”

It is no wonder that the divorce rate is as high as it is.

She says that she wants someone who “understands what commitment is and will do what it takes to maintain a mutually beneficial, lifelong partnership.”  That is feminst-speak, let me interpret that for you.  What she said was, “I want someone who will bend to what my definition of commitment is.  He will do what I want and so long as I am happy, we will have a mutually beneficial and lifelong partnership.”

Let’s look at the 5 things that Alley “can’t live without.”  Considering that she is 33 and wants to have children, I would assume to see words like “husband, home and/or children.”  I’d be satisfied to see that she can’t live without “her one true love” or “romance.”  But no, feminism teaches female independence.  A woman should stand on her feet and to rely on a man for any of these things is weakness.

Alley’s 5 things she cannot live without are:

My animals.  My art supplies.  Healthy food.  Books.  The woods.


Let’s compare Alley with Ekaterina from Saint Petersburg, Russia:

Ekaterina is a beautiful Russian Woman and even posts a photo of herself in her profile wearing a bikini.  What she is looking for is quite simple and to me seems quite normal when compared to all of the Western women who want save the planet, expand their emotional awareness of the world and whatever other silliness seems to be popular this year.  Ekaterina writes:

I am looking for a sincere and long-term relationship. How happy my life would be if I could meet the right partner. We have the same values and ideas of the family and the relationship, trust, respect, accompany each other everywhere and share everything.

Let’s break down this Russian-woman “code.”  When she says she wants a man with the “same values” and “ideas of the family and the relationship,” she is saying that she wants a husband and she wants to have a family.  Compare what she wrote with Alley who wants to expand her conscience, “environmentally, spiritually and ethically.”

Do realize that not all Russian Women want a family.  If you don’t want kids, you can find a Russian Woman who is happy to live without children and I am sure that you will have a much happier relationship than with an American woman.

Perhaps you think I am out of line here?  Am I reading too much into these profiles?  If you think so, you’ve never dated an Eastern European Woman.  My Russian Woman is wholly unlike any American, Australian or Canadian woman I’ve ever dated.  It really is like night and day.

Now, don’t think that our first Ameircan woman, Alley is an aberration.  Here is Caryn, from Brooklyn, NY.  She is 32 and also says “yes” to the question “wants kids.”

Here is what she says in her profile:

The one thing I am most passionate about is:

I am passionate about creating art, constantly contemplating and learning, and being as aware of the state of humanity and critical global issues as I can possibly be.

The most important thing I am looking for in a [man] person is:

I am looking for someone who actively ponders all aspects of life, who is full of wonder and self-love; someone who is constantly seeking renewed knowledge, who is fully present in the moment while balancing long-term goals and visions for his life; someone who is engaged in personal transformation and, in turn, the collective evolution of humanity.

The things I can’t live without are:

A sense of purpose. A sense of possibility. Seeing trees. Hearing breeze through trees. Meaningful work.


The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education. All shared material will be attributed to its owner and a link provided when available. All other stories, posts, reports, photos, videos and content on this site is copyright protected and is the property of the Western Women Suck blogpage, all rights reserved.

Did you get all that?  Caryn is offering what?  She doesn’t say.  But she does say what she’s looking for in a man and it sounds as confused as I’ve ever read.  I often think that Western women have made so many litmus tests for men that it is impossible for them to find a man that meets their (unrealistic) expectations.

And then when American Men don’t fit into the role of tough “yet sensitive,” then American women complain that there aren’t any “good men” around.

Now, lets compare Caryn to Irene who lives in Kiev.

She writes (what she is looking for):


I love a good laugh, nature, big dogs, horses, swimming, art events, independent movies, learning about different cultures, all kinds of outdoors and travel, but most importantly sharing it all with someone special!

Personal message:

My ambition is to be wise, at peace with the world and to meet a man I could fully accept and love for who he is.

… and love for who he is.  A Western woman looks for a man who will bend to her expectations   An Eastern European Woman looks to match her expectations to her man.  Subtle perhaps, but when you look at the attitude of the average Western woman you can see that the entire thought process in the West (for men and women) is completely out of whack.

Are you seeing the difference?  If you have never noticed the difference, start to look for it.  You’ll see it in so many places.  If you have a or eHarmony membership, drop by to Elena’s Models and compare some profiles.  You may soon give up Western women as I did 8 years ago – and I’ve never looked back!

UPDATE:  As of 13 October 2013, Irene from Kiev, in the photo above is engaged to be married & she has removed her profile. What are the chances that the two American ‘women’ above have found a man? They probably still can’t understand why they can’t find a man.

The use of copyrighted material in this website is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the sharing of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and education. All shared material will be attributed to its owner and a link provided when available. All other stories, posts, reports, photos, videos and content on this site is copyright protected and is the property of the Western Women Suck blogpage, all rights reserved.

 WWS recommended site: Elenas Models

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models
Hate Mail and Random Thoughts
To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal'

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  1. Well I was 18 when I married my wife who I met on Elena’s Models, she was actaully a year older. First of all, we were way too young to grt married, but I honestly don’t regret it. We’ve been together for 4 years now and everything is great. There’s just something so majestic and beautiful about Russian and former USSR women. When I walk down the street with her pther men blatanly check her out. Can’t say I blame them. Anyways, very cool website. Dating (and marrying) Russian women is a great experience.

    • Very glad I found your site – was starting to think I was going crazy. It makes a lot of sense. Our grandfathers didnt have to deal with all this, and they were happy.

      And Grandma was happy too.

          • I agree.
            One of the few active sites out there that pretty much states what I am thinking and feeling. The daily grind in America would be halfway palatable if modern man really had a helpmate.

      • … “was starting to think I was going crazy”…

        Exactly my experience too.

        When we don’t have a point of reference, it’s easy for us to think this is universal female behaviour that us Western men are subjected to.

        For years I actually had a low self-esteem with women without even realising it. Very average and below average women (both looks and personality wise) in Australia never praise their men. Not that I needed the validation, but when you go overseas and meet women from non-Western cultures literally swooning over you, it makes you realise how badly Western men are treated. Generally speaking, women in other cultures love and respect men, even if they’re not sexually interested.

        That’s the clincher for me – walking around and saying ‘hi’ to women without being labeled a creep. Not that local women have ever labeled me a creep – it’s just that you can tell from their body language that they’re not open to even a glance.

        Compare this to Chinese, Thai or Indonesian women – even when they’re not interested, they often blush if you’ve taken the time to chat with them. I find this so endearing. At least this is my experience in Asia – not sure if Eastern European women are the same.

        Scott’s website is like a community service for men who are unaware that we live in feminist quasi-prisons where having a penis is considered a disorder.

        Oh, and the comparisons between American and EE profiles is hilarious. That’s my experience with Aussie women too. NOT ONCE have i heard a local woman disclose what SHE offers in a relationship, besides a smelly vagina. It’s always about them 100%.

        • Thanks Gezza, you’ve just paraphrased this whole website into 7 paragraphs, and accurately too!

          “Scott’s website is like a community service for men who are unaware that we live in feminist quasi-prisons where having a penis is considered a disorder.”

          + 1

          It is beyond insulting that even approaching or talking to a woman gets a Man labeled as a creep. You know what? That’s creepy. Feminist women are creepy. I hate that word creepy, it has such an ugly negative connotation to it. Like a pedophile in an ice cream van. From now on, I’m going to refer to feminist women only as creeps because really, they ARE creepy!

          • Hear, hear! I hate that word, too. When I was growing up, creepy referred to ghouls and goblins (hmmm, similar traits to a feminist???)

  2. I must confess that reading your posts makes me mad. It bugs me that most western men out there are eating this shit sandwich and coming back for more. I’ve also written western women off a while ago and it’s the best decision any man will ever make, bar none.

    • One day at work, a younger colleague was doing something rather immature; I commented to him in a very political way and he just blew off my advice. An older colleague leaned over and said, “If everyone was smart and made rational decisions, where would you be? Enjoy the fact that you don’t act like him – its what makes you different.” Wise words from an experienced man.

      On that line of thinking, I’m not mad at all that Western Men take a fresh bite of their “shit sandwich” every day – it just means less competition in Russia or Ukraine for the men who are courageous enough to get a passport and make the trip.

      I’m putting out the info on this site, I’m sure that many men will read and agree and 99% of them will go back to their Western women. And then they’ll bitch about it afterwards. Everyone makes their own happiness, each man accepts his misery or he changes it.

  3. Scott,

    Thanks for keeping up this blog. Although I am in my mid-20s, I have noticed many of the problems you have experienced with women. I cannot remember how I found this website, and while I was at first amused with your take on western women, it quickly struck a chord with me that resonated the truth of what you point out about the female population over here.

    Over the years I have thought that women “needed to mature”, that I was “looking for someone old-fashioned” or even that “I’m not doing the right things to attract marriage-minded women.” My mother suggested church-hopping, which I do not find in line with my values, but having visited several churches of friends (visiting them out of town) and living in several places, I can safely say that the vast majority of people comprising young adult groups are eligible young men (24-30, well dressed, polite gentlemen with successful early careers), wives who drag their husbands along (despite there being a couples group held at the same time), and the local high-schoolers (jailbait, among other things). I can only imagine what would happen if a relatively fit 22 years old single female showed up one day!

    My married friends all found their wives in high school growing up in small towns, and their women were less exposed to feminism (although one went through a very weird phase during a college “Women’s Studies” class, wanted him to change his name to hers, etc). I feel like my time to find someone small town/religious/feminine is running out, as those girls tend to marry early and are usually quite happy in their marriages and not likely to become single again. About half a year ago, I made a decision to explore the possibility, just to think about and gather information, of being a husband to an overseas bride. At the end of the “Year of Consideration” I will probably start planing a trip to some eastern European country, just for the experience in traveling and to see if the women there act as feminine as they look (although I have little doubt at this point).

    It’s funny that you compare profiles of eastern and western women at work, I do that too, but it is usually met by skepticism, “It’s probably not true” or “They just want your citizenship/$$$” kinds of responses. I use PlentyOfFish or OKCupid because they are free to make a profile on as my Western sources.

    Just a question, have you made a female profile to look at men on those sites? The free websites have a lot of DTF guys, but if you filter them out, there are a lot of quality profiles similar to the ones posted on ElenasModels as far as being marriage material, only men, minus the professional photo shots and (sometimes hilariously) bad spelling/grammar.

    • Thanks for the reply – I wish you luck in your search.

      No, I’ve never made a woman’s profile to see my “competition.” I figure that there is a match for everyone out there – you just have to decide if you want a traditional (Eastern) match or a feminist (Western) match. I’ve suggested to my nephews that they either find a wife at church or head east. If I was 30 again, I’d certainly be looking east instead of wasting some of my best years chasing American women who will never be satisfied with whatever they have.

      • I also wish I started looking East earlier Scott.

        YoungBlood, I’ve spent my life in church. You would think that the church culture would supersede the world culture, certainly we’re taught in church that that’s the way it should be (‘do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ etc. etc.), but take it from someone who knows, I’ve been to different churches all over the place. The culture you grow up in, even as narrow a scope as city wide, (it doesn’t even have to be country wide), feminist culture takes precedence over the culture in the church. Your chances of finding a girl with decent values is better in church and certainly they teach that the man should be the “priest” (read MAN) of the house and that women should honour their husbands and husbands should love their wives, but if you think you’re going to escape feminism and the shit storm it’s created for both genders in the west, you’re 102% wrong. There are of course exceptions in the west – women who haven’t let go of being proud to be girls and feminine – but it’s next to nothing, especially in the bigger cities, but all over western civilisation really, because tv, music and movies go all over the place these days and they are big determining factors in terms of culture and perceived norms – what is right and normal and what’s not.

        • To the ppl talking about church, I have seen the same things too. It seems you cant escape feminism. There are definitely good women out there, but oh so hard to find these days.
          Being involved in missions work when I was 25(43 now) I traveled to many other countries (im from the USA). Being in these places, I began to see a big difference in the way women acted in other countries. These observations really affected me. Im like any other guy in that I dated women here in the USA, and of course I dealt with feminism and all its woes. I began to get angry and then finally, I decided to try the Russian/Ukrainian thing out.
          After investigating and reading and trying, I actually went to Kiev in 2005. OH WOW!!!! Its all I can say really!
          Ok, too all of the men who are contemplating – just dig in and go for it!! Get on a good site, pay the membership, and start to meet and talk to these wonderful women. After you meet a good one(skype, phone and emails) and you feel right, GO MEET HER!! I can guarantee that what Scott and all the other men here are saying is TRUE!!
          In Dec 2012 I began to talk to a wonderful woman in Odessa. She is 27 and LOVES the fact that I am older than she is, and says my age is PERFECT. Since we began to talk I have been to Odessa 2 times and my ticket for trip 3 is already paid for.
          The “night and day” difference is totally true! My woman loves to make me happy and I love to make her happy too. She loves when I am a “real man” as she says.
          With all truth, once you visit to Ukraine or Russia, and SEE for yourself, you will NEVER go back to western women ever-you just simply cant!
          And it really is true – there are soooo many good looking women everywhere-it really is amazing!! EVERYWHERE!!

          • Good points all around – you KNOW if a woman likes/loves/cherishes you or not based on how she acts around you. I know that Alana loves me and I’m very happy to have her – I can’t wait to introduce her to my family and friends – I think I’ll have some cousins, brothers and friends wanting to make the trip east…

  4. Scott; Where did you get the photo or take the picture of the first women shown in this blog? (the women with the car shown behind her in the picture) ??

  5. What kind of job do you have that lets you look at Elena’s Models on line at work? I would have thought the IT department would classify that as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

    Partial kidding aside, I like your comment about women looking at men as accessories. The cult of “women’s studies”, sex-and-the-city values, and extreme feminism has swung too far. Even some women advice columnists are saying that the expectations of many women these days are delusional. Some female professors are also saying the same (example: Janice Fiamengo, who feminists love to denounce).

    For years, I was reading online dating profiles and thinking, wow, the expectations are so high, I don’t stand a chance. Thanks to you and other like-minded observers for pointing out that there is nothing wrong with us guys. It is that many women have a hate-on for men (“all men want is sex”, “all men are players”, etc), that they expect us to be eating out of their hand.

    • My job involves a lot of travel overseas; it is not uncommon to walk into a workplace in another country and see a post of a topless woman and the women on the job don’t seem to mind at all. In many other countries, the attitude of women is: men will be men. They just expect that men will be macho and women will be feminine.

      Thanks for your comment; you make some very good points & I appreciate your visit.

      • Here in Germany, I sometimes have to take care of business in the District government office. In the license and plates office, there are postcards on a poster board, with photos of thonged bikini hotties from hotspots in Europe like Spain, Italy or the like. There are no HR issues here vs the litigation feminist hell of the US. I’m American but I sure do enjoy the cultures in Europe, that are just hang ups in the US.

        • I was in the bathroom in Bavaria last year and there is a huge poster of a topless (hot) woman over the urinals: no complaints from anyone.

          • Not in the US guys!
            It’s funny how women at work can look at pics of shirtless ripped men on their computers and no one will complain but if a man looks at women in bikinis someone is going to bitch. I thought men and women are the same? Where’s the equality?

          • Feminism has is more about getting what you can for yourself than for doing the right thing or doing what’s best for the family or society. There is a huge double standard. If you wont’ date an obese woman, you’re a pig. If a woman won’t date a Man shorter than her, well that’s OK, it is her prerogative.

  6. Hey guys ..I hear what you say and I agree that the western women are basically shooting themselves in the foot with their “uppity” attititudes and all their self serving thinking and the man hating, man bashing agendas.
    Meantime do not be in such a big rush to disgard them completely and chase after women from other countries.
    You have to consider what is also going on in the country that they live in and why exactly they are not marrying with men from their own culture and backgrounds and or why is it that they are not already married by way of local men eagerly pursuing them for marriage….if they are as great as you believe them to be and believe what they tell you
    Think about it. in what is going on in their female minds also because you can assume there are lots of good, decent men in their own countries, yet they are not getting married and they are on foreign bride websites and seeking foreign men.
    You can be assured what they say and what they do, can often enough be like night and day.
    If you were to take the time to listen to the local mens complaints and what the men have to say about the women that you are so earger to pursue you may learn well enough that the women in the foriegn countries are not all that you think they are.
    The women will also come with a whole lot of female baggage and female issues that are the same and or similar to women anywhere in the world …plus a lot of surprise baggage that you never would have contemplated.
    Why do I say all of this…because I have been in Asia for over 30 years and I have learned that although the women here are more appealing in many ways there are plenty of aspects about the women in Asia that will also frustrate you and anger you while their foreign female mentality is also bizzare….but in ways you did not know about until you experience all their many foreign female idiosyncrasies…and believe me there are a long list of them that will test your patience to the max…and maybe even more so than the western women that western men like to lament so much.

    Women in the foriegn countries also see men as financial assets and or as accessories that pay and pay and continue to pay and when the money runs out or not enough they will also be looking for another man to fullfill their self serving female orientated agendas.
    Women have done me wrong syndrome is alive and well all around the world along with women using men while women with self serving attitude is world wide…not just peculiar to the so called western women.


    • Happy, you seem to have hit all of the urban rumors about Eastern European Women. Most of the women seeking marriage are NOT looking for a visa, but some are. The easiest way for a Western Man to find out if the woman he is interested in is only interested in immigration, do this: tell her that you plan to take a job in her country and you want to move there. If she welcomes you to her country and still wants to date you, she probably doesn’t want a green card. If she does, she will probably lose interest in you quickly.

      Have you been to Russia? Yes, there are some good men but if I care to stereotype Russian men, I would say that they are chauvinist, crude, misogynist, drink too much and gamble too often. Russia is a man’s culture and most men treat women as play-toys. Most Russian women that I’ve met have NEVER had a man who remained faithful; many take girlfriends, sleep around, get women pregnant and then don’t pay child support. Western Men are seen as a catch in Eastern Europe because we are gentlemen.

      My own Alana commented (while we were on holiday in Western Europe and we saw some Russian couples), “Have you ever noticed how beautiful the Russian Women are and how handsome the Western European Men are?” I looked at the 3 beautiful Russian wives with the 3 fat Borrises and then looked around to the Spanish, Italian and Swiss men and knew right away what she was talking about.

      • I HAVE to tell you my experience of all this. My Ukrainian girl was having second thoughts. Most men in Ukraine are dogs and her friends and family were whispering in her ear. So she broke up with me. I wept like never before. I gave up on her and our future together, but then my uncle took me to breakfast and convinced me to give it one more chance. So I sms’d her and said that this is my last message to her, and that if she’s having second thoughts about my commitment to her, I would be willing to live in Ukraine for a year and get to know her and we could move in together. A South African can only get a 3 month visa so I was willing to stay there illegally for 9 months and take my lumps at the exit point when the time came. She was over the moon to put it lightly. She immediately said she adores me and doesn’t want to waste any more time and wanted to start the process of moving to my country – a country, it should be noted, that has one of the highest rape and murder rates in the whole world. Don’t bloody tell me these women are after you green card pal. You’re a moron if you fall for that. Then go ahead and settle for you fat western pig. No skin of anyone’s nose. These women are absolute jewels and if you follow basic protocol you’ll avoid the few who are after citizenship and money. You need to get over the western feminist driven propaganda. Or don’t, and let a worthwhile man get her. Either way, I got my princess and I couldn’t possibly be happier.

        • You will know your woman is committed to you when she says that she is willing to follow you anywhere, live anywhere just to be with you.

    • Indeed, after all this praise for foreign women, these well balanaced comments were overdue. I dated foreign ladies and indeed they come with their own baggage and there is no escaping the monetarian aspect for a woman who wants a husband and a family also expects certain financial means to actually afford a family. As for Eastern profiles, or any really, there is often stated to find a ‘successful man’ or ‘a man with a stable job’ and similar. This clearly translates into money but just does not sound as direct.

      • There are few universal truths in life and I’ll be the first to say that dating an Eastern European Woman isn’t without its own set of issues. But, there are some universal truths with men and women:

        Men and women consider smooth tight skin to be more desirable than pitted and/or loose skin
        Men almost universally judge women based on the firmness of their bust
        Women almost universally find successful (whether it be in business, sport, music or other endeavor) men more (sexually attractive)
        A firm muscular body is usually rated as more desirable than a fatty or flabby body
        etc, etc

        Obviously, a 32 year old young man in athletic shape with a fat bank account (read rich parents or a trust fund) is going to have an easier go of it at a night club than a 54 year old rich guy with a pushing gut and thinning hairline. As women (almost the world over) seek a mate who can provide a comfortable life (read, he can pay the bills), it should be no surprise that an Eastern European Woman would seek a mate who can do the same.

        As for Eastern European Women’s “baggage,” I can say that ANY woman will have her own set of issues, as any man will. Women are more often emotional creatures and the men that are able to be sensitive to feminine emotion while maintaining a confident & masculine demeanor will do better East or West.

        Surely, no one should suggest that if you marry an Eastern European Woman will your days of “drama” dissapear. Quite to the contrary, Eastern European Women are quite feminine and as a result, you (as a feminized Western Male) may find yourself completely in culture shock (as I was). But, as you come to assume your proper role as a male (ie, an Alpha Male who leads rather than follows), you find this culture change to be most welcome.

        In my own personal relationship, I can say that my Eastern European Woman keeps me on my toes. Harmony between us depends on my attention to her – perhaps more than I anticipated when I began this journey. But, I can say that I have found an emotional, intellectual and physical connection with her that I have NEVER experienced with a Western Woman. Baggage aside, the work I put into this relationship, the “baggage” that I’ve endured proves MUCH MUCH more rewarding than the past relationships I’ve had with feminist-minded women.

        Fair warning to any man looking East – think with your big head and not the little one. I’ve said it again and again. If you have to ask yourself, “Does she only want me for a paycheck,” then you know that she does. In my own case, my woman regularly encourages me to walk away from a well-paid job, to take a lower-paid job, just so that we can spend more time together (I travel a lot). If you ask yourself any question about your relationship, the first answer that comes to mind is usually the truth. Ask a friend, “Are you going to marry your girlfriend?” If he answers, “Maybe,” or “We’ll see,” then he doesn’t think she’s the right one. If you ask, “Does Olga only want my paycheck,” and your answer is “I’m not sure,” well then, RUN, don’t walk to the door unless you are comfortable with that kind of relationship.

        The guys who I know who have Eastern European Women, they are happy. My friends, brothers, colleagues who are married to American Women, well, probably about 80% of them are miserable. The other 20%, well, they’re religious (and happy).

        Sure, your Eastern European Woman may come with “baggage” in the form of “emotion.” But, I every American Woman has the same “baggage” + gender-neutral style of dress, a stinking case of feminism and probably an extra 20-30 pounds.

  7. I get your points…but in the end it is a percentage game that we all play while you may get a good women who does not subject you to too much grief or you can easily end up with a women who gives you all kinds of grief.
    Time has a way of changing things and what started out great can often end in disaster as it takes years to really learn about women and all her complexities.
    It also has a lot to do with the man.
    I have met plenty of men that are obvious relationship killers themselves that come with the wrong attitude while they always lament the women and bitterly complain about the women….yet they will seldom if ever admit their many indiscretions or check their own behaviour and or change thier own “man attitude” towards women during thier marriage or relationships with women.
    A lot of times the woman start off as sweethearts but turn into a drama because the man is making the woman miserable and bitter…so they push and fight back.
    I have told some men over the years: Hey buddy, wake up…your the problem in the relationship …far moreso then the woman is!
    Nothing is for certain in any relationship while the relationship can change quick enough.

    • I’m not really sure what your point is. Women are women no matter where you go in the world. Many men think that women are a bit crazy and I suppose that if we shot all of the men on this planet full of Estrogen, we would have a lot of “crazy” men as well.

      So, some women are good, some are bad, no matter where you go. The difference is, THE VAST MAJORITY of Western Women are infected with this horrible disease called FEMINISM. So, even if you find a “good” woman in the West, she’s likely a feminist. And she is likely fat. If she isn’t fat, she is used to having a lot of men chase her and she has an “I’m too good attitude.” The result is that we have an entire generation of narcissistic, egoist, overweight women with bad attitudes. Yes, you may find a “good one” in there, but not as likely.

      You go East, yes, there are good and bad and even some spoiled, narcissistic and/or feminist women. But, THE VAST MAJORITY of women in the East expect to act like traditional women and they expect men to be men.

      If you want to find a diamond (traditional woman with a nice figure who wants to please her man), you dig in a diamond mine (Eastern Europe). You don’t dig in a coal mine and then say, “Well sure, he’s digging in a diamond mine, but I bet there are some lumps of coal in that mine too.”

    • Happy, you said it: “but in the end it is a percentage game”

      I can see from your line of reasoning that you don’t understand the fundamental problem. We’re talking about a cultural issue here, which is really a generalisation. We’re not talking about how some women are this or some are that. There’s a CULTURE of feminism in the west that isn’t present in the East. If you had been to the East we wouldn’t be having this conversation and you wouldn’t be spouting theories of what should make sense to you. Go east and then come back and talk. And by the way, your first words will probably be “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”.

    • You’re wasting your time. This guy only posts this stuff because he wants to sell his shit.

      This blog is full of generalizations and hypocrisies.

      This idea that women in America are fat and expect too much of men. And this idea that women in Russia are fucking supermodels who want to be a man’s pet. Is a lie. That he uses to lure these downright moronic people and then he scams them out of their money.

      I found it totally repugnant the way he puts these fat women’s pictures on his blog and downright rips them a new asshole. It does not make me want to try your business, buddy. It makes me want to spit in your face.

      I like how you say that women in America think men are an accessory. And yet you think a man deserves a supermodel solely because he is a man. He doesn’t need to have anything. But the woman needs to have everything.

      This is why feminists exist. Because of people like that.

      Contrary to your belief. Feminism isn’t just a western thing. More and more countries and places are adopting feminist ideas. Because women deserve as much respect as any man.

      • Keele,

        You’ve clearly been drinking the kool-aid of Western Society and it is obvious that you believe what you’re writing. But, you’re just wrong.

        Who said anything about supermodels? Is is my fault that (on average) Russian Women weigh about 30 pounds less than American Women? There are ample numbers of Russian Women who are seeking marriage from men in Australia, England, Germany & America. Not sure what “lie” I’ve told in this regard but your knee-jerk comments are typical of Western Feminist thought & serve no purpose other than to intimidate Western Men into thinking that if they seek something better than fat bitter American women that they are some kind of loser. Shame on you.

        I want a thin woman. I’m a loser.
        I want a woman that likes to cook me dinner. I’m a loser.
        I want a woman who is educated and cultured. I’m a loser.
        I want a woman who respects the idea of a nuclear family & the idea of a committed relationship. I’m a loser.
        I watch shows like Bridezilla and can’t believe the crap American women pull & then are glorified for it on television. Yup, I’m a tired “old” loser.

        Gee, I guess I’m a loser.

        I haven’t been happier in my whole life. I have a lot of other “loser” friends and we all smile as most American Men deal with fat & nagging wives.

        You say that feminists exist because of men who want a traditional woman. You’re wrong. Feminism isn’t about equality – its about women having their cake and eating it too. Hey, if men want to marry feminists, good on them. My woman is less of a feminist than I am. I don’t even look at American women any more. The attitude between Eastern European Women and American women is like night and day. I see a beautiful American woman and as soon as she opens her mouth and begins to speak, she loses all appeal.

        “Feminism isn’t just a Western thing, more and more countries are adopting it.” How true. Men, find an Eastern Wife before this disease spreads. Not only does feminism ruin women, it equals the end of every civilization that it touches. We agree on one thing, women do deserve as much respect as men. But respect DOES NOT equal equality. This is where feminism goes off track. You can respect a woman without making her your equal just as a boss at work can respect his workers or a parent can respect their child. But feminism supposes a “democracy” in marriage. As my Russian Woman has said, “How can you have a team with no captain?” I know that it is a foreign concept for you, or perhaps an antiquated concept. But it is a concept that I, and most Eastern European Women believe in. And so I say to all of the American Men that are tired of feminist women, look east, you’ll be glad that you did.

        • As for “selling shit,” there are plenty of “free” ways to meet Eastern European Women on this site – free chat services, free dating websites, etc. My biggest recommendation, before any man spends a nickle on ANY dating agency is to take a vacation to Eastern Europe. If he does, he will see what I’m talking about and will be finished with American women forever.

          I truly believe in what I write in this blog & this is why I’ll put up all comments good and bad. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, and sooner or later, the truth will come out.” If you look at the tactics of Western women in regards to foreign brides, it is quite sick. Call the men losers, call the girls desperate, say that it is predatory, etc. The problem with foreign brides isn’t the foreign bride or her Western Husband. There is no problem there, the only problem is the shrinking dating pool for feminists who can’t compete with outside labor. Just as union strikers call the replacement workers scabs…

          Really, what it all boils down to is that Western women have priced themselves out of the market. Attitudes too bad, asses too wide, too many psychological problems, don’t want families, refuse to do wifely duties, dress like men, etc. When men are shown that there are alternatives to Western women, the only defense left is to criticize and bash the men who refuse to play the game.

          • Yes, I am a loser – I type this as my woman cooks me lunch. It is very hard to be such a loser.

            My condition can be reversed? I suppose that in the early days of Nazi Germany, there were some who where opposed to Hitler, but in time their ‘condition’ was reversed.

            Just because feminism has become en vogue of late, doesn’t make it right.

          • Just read this…pretty damn funny. Yes, I’m proud to be a loser too. I will lose myself out of the femi-nazi BS of male slavery into the lands of EE or SA flowing with milk and honey. Kind of surprised that feminist women and their wimpy men even bother reading or commenting on this site.

          • One of my all-time favorite quotes came from Howard Cosell.

            ”What’s popular isn’t always right. And what’s right isn’t always popular.”

            My brother and I have been looking at international women for some time. I’m prior active duty, and there’s a reason men who go abroad come back with foreign wives by the droves.
            Women shouldn’t be mistreated by men because they are weaker physically or simply because they’re women. However, men shouldn’t be mistreated by men just because feminism has become a cultural and legal sledgehammer to smash any and all opposition in sight….Bedamned the consequences on family, society, and gender relations.

      • “Contrary to your belief. Feminism isn’t just a western thing. More and more countries and places are adopting feminist ideas.”

        Ha ha ha – what logic! You remember your parents told you if the other kids jump off the bridge would you do it? Your logic says that because some countries go down the bad path of feminism is must be a good thing. dumbest thing I’ve heard anyone say all week

      • It is obvious that you have not read this blog in any sense of entirety and are making a knee-jerk reaction, Keele. I want you to try to understand three things:

        1. Scott makes it a point to honor women. He does this by pointing out that in Western civilization that many females (not all, but most) are hardly deserving of the title.

        2. Scott is not selling anything. He -recommends- a website he found sometime well after his blog was started, but I highly doubt he gets paid for doing so.

        3. Your awful, angry attitude and brow-beating nature only serves to solidify my choice to deny any self identifying feminist marriage to an attractive 25 year old doctor. Instead, I shall be voting with my feet. When the women (mothers of several children, overweight and cranky) over here ask, “Where have all the good men gone?” I can answer them with, “To where the good women are, Eastern Europe, South America or Asia.”

        Keep up the blog, Scott!

        • You’re right in that I recommend Elena’s because I believe that they are the best game in town when it comes to Eastern European dating. No other site I know of (aside from some of the ‘free’ services that have been mentioned) that allows direct contact between Western Men and Eastern European Women. Most sites charge by the letter and or “screen” letters. As for “selling something,” this blog is a hobby. I have a job, a good job and between it and “regular” life, I’m quite busy. This blog was created for my friends and brothers who kept asking “why” but never really understood why I was seeking a wife from the East. I suppose, through popular demand that it just grew on its own. I get daily emails from Men thanking me for having the balls to say what so many men think but are afraid to say – afraid because of bashing like the type Keele and other feminists use to silence opposition to their way of thought.

      • Ha, ha, ha, ha, Cecile…. oops, I meant Keele. Your expressions are hilarious!!! I laughed out loud reading all of your points. I’ll tell you what dimwit, you stick with your line of thinking, lifestyle and choice of women and I’ll stick with my gorgeous, intelligent, family caring, and smoking hot Ukrainian wife and beautiful baby daughter, and we’ll see who dies with the smile on their face….cause we all have to die sometime.

        • “Aside from God and Heaven, children are your closest shot at immortality.”

          Actually, your grandchildren will tell stories about you. Cecile’s dog will die before her.

          • LOL!
            I crack up when I hear these stupid people — especially western women — claiming their 10 cats or 2 dogs are the same thing as having children and grandchildren. I guess that helps them sleep better at night. Animals do not leave a legacy or lead to genetic immortality but humans do. The next best thing for those unfortunate couples that can’t produce a child is adoption. Why? Nothing replaces that connection.

  8. And THIS is why none of you rather pathetic “men” are capable dating smart, educated women who care about the world around them. I showed your post as a satire to my fellow graduate students (men and women) and the thought afterwards was unanimous…. “This is a joke…. right?” To put all Western women into a single, inaccurate group of selfish whores lends me to believe you probably think anyone with dark skin is a terrorist, and the ‘stop and frisk’ law of New York is the best idea ever. Go ahead: Google it. I’m sure you’re far too busy scouring foreign dating sites to keep up with trivial Western things such as the news. From all of the “Western women” a big THANK YOU for taking yourselves out of the dating pool.

    P.S. It’s time to come out from under your beds and stop being afraid of big words like “feminist” or “civil rights”. It isn’t nice to name call just because we make more money than you.

    That bitch whore slut of a Western woman that just sucks.

    • Alana has met a lot of American women and she regularly comments that they are uncultured, uneducated, not very feminine and not graceful at all. She is perhaps the most intelligent woman I have ever met; I don’t even look at American women any more.

      Men, have a good look at Brittany’s comment. This is the feminist way of making you feel bad for selecting a good woman that is good for you. If you choose a woman that wants to make you happy, you’re a looser. You’re a loser if you don’t select a woman that walks all over you, cares more about hugging trees than making you dinner. Brittany calls “pathetic” any Man who won’t take the treatment that she and other American women offer. I don’t say shame on her – she is a product of this feminist society. If you take what she’s offering, I say, “shame on you.”

      I signed off from American women and I’ve never been happier. I’m sooooo happy being as ‘pathetic’ as I am.

      In regards to Brittany showing my post to her ‘fellow graduate students,’ – I almost laughed when I saw this. I envision a room full of semi-obese lesbian women with nose rings all grunting around a trough upset that some man has discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Brittany, you and your ‘fellow graduate students,’ well, good luck to you as you search for the elusive unicorn that is becoming the man who will put up with your nonsense.

      Brittany ties in the words feminist and civil rights into the same sentence when the two are really dissimilar; a woman can have equal rights without trying to compete with a man (read: without trying to be a man).

      I appreciate how Brittany signed off her comment: it really proves what Alana has pointed out to me – so many American women are crass and uncultured.

    • And THIS is why none of you rather pathetic “women” are capable dating smart, educated men who care about themselves and their families. I showed your post as a satire to my family and overseas dating community (men and women) and the thought afterwards was unanimous…. “This is a joke…. right?” To put all Western men seeking a foreign relationship into a single, inaccurate group of selfish PeterPanBoys lends me to believe you probably think anyone with a penis is a rapist, and the ‘consent standard’ of the Antioch College of Ohio is the best idea ever. Go ahead: Google it. I’m sure you’re far too busy scouring the mainstream media for the latest OMGEMERGENCY story to keep up with trivial Western things such as the why the rate and quality of marriage is declining in Western culture. From all of the “Pathetic Men” a big THANK YOU for clarifying why we are no longer participating in your dating pool.

      P.S. It’s time to come out from your ignorance and stop being afraid of big words like “feminine” or “expanding your marital horizons”. It isn’t nice to name call just because we have what you want and you know you can’t get it. I mean, seriously, why would you EVEN CARE if this wasn’t a PROBLEM (of -your- own making) THAT DIDN’T AFFECT YOU!

      That devilishly charming Western gentleman who finally has a reason to get excited about the fairer sex.

      • This part was funny as hell too…

        “And THIS is why none of you rather pathetic “men” are capable dating smart, educated women who care about the world around them. I showed your post as a satire to my fellow graduate students (men and women) and the thought afterwards was unanimous…. “This is a joke…. right?” To put all Western women into a single, inaccurate group of selfish whores lends me to believe you probably think anyone with dark skin is a terrorist, and the ‘stop and frisk’ law of New York is the best idea ever. Go ahead: Google it. I’m sure you’re far too busy scouring foreign dating sites to keep up with trivial Western things such as the news. From all of the “Western women” a big THANK YOU for taking yourselves out of the dating pool.”

        …yaahh like I’m so concerned. The sh#t that goes through these western femi-nazi’s minds. If they are such great catches and busy saving the world, why are they commenting on this website??? One of the ultimate signs of being self-centered…shocked and even angry that there are groups of people they do not like you. Oh the horror!

    • Haha, just read the comment from ‘Brittany’.

      I always laugh at these ad hominem attacks, because if we truly were ‘pathetic losers’, these women wouldn’t even care if we’re heading East, no? I’ve heard of British women traveling to Africa and the Caribbean for sexual adventures, and if that’s what they want, fair enough, No skin off my nose. But I won’t call them pathetic losers, simply because I don’t care.

      In truth it burns them inside, because unconsciously they do desire attention from men, but feminism is anti-nature and denying them of their true nature as human females.

      Deep down they also know they can’t even come close to competing with EE women. They’d never admit these cold hard truths however…

      • Nailed it again.

        You’re 2 for 2.

        Not only does it steam them, the feminist groups lobbied the US Congress to pass a law so that now if you even want to date an Eastern European Woman, you have to submit to fingerprints and a police background check. WTF?

        Yes, they do care that Men are going East because it exposes the lie that is feminism.

        • WTF! Like that would stop a real man! A man does not ask for permission…he just takes it…especially when he knows what he wants…a real woman.

        • Wow, that’s quite scary stuff assuming this was actually taken seriously. Next thing it’ll be a thought-crime to look in the general direction of a young woman, even if you were looking at something else!

          It’s a totalitarian measure.

      • Sure it burns.
        A decade ago one of my parent’s co-workers…a pudgy middle aged French woman that did not age gracefully was mad as hell (and would bitch all the time at work about) her older ex-husband’s VERY early 20 something wife from the Côte d’Ivoire. The icing on the cake was that the VERY young woman looked like a supermodel…she was that good looking! I would doubt if any man would ever turn her down…again she was that good looking.

  9. LOL… I’ve got to post this … i’m 66 now but when I was a teen many girls made me feel I was undesirable as boyfriend material (some even very rude in rejections to me) yet was the guy they ran to for comforting when current bf messed them over (lol…you know the guy like me in the friend zone) remained virtually dateless thru my high school …except for my jr./sr. prom lol… and my sister (far more popular than me) set me up with one of her friends (speaking of pathetic yep that was me because I was planning on not going at all)
    what does all the above have to do with foreign girls friends you might ask ? just setting the stage for that.
    in the 60’s viet nam war days alkmost all guys were either drafted oir joined the services . well I joined (the usaf) didn’t want to be drafted and in the army lol..
    anyways after boot camp and my specialty training I wound up in of all places the phillippine isles.. mactan afb to be exact. I’ve heard culture shock mentioned here several times lol.. understatement with me though….
    first few weeks I had girls throwing themselves at me saying they wanted to be my girlfriend… lol… these girls actually scared me at first (remember what I said in the 1st few pharagraphs above about me …now that is and was culture shock… couldn’t get over the number of girls wanting me to be with them…
    my 1st real gf the 1st week or two kept saying , “you’ll butterfly on me” wasnm’t sure what she meant by that so I ask her (she was concerned being a G.I. that i’d cheat on her) I told her flat out that I was with her and only with her… you should have seen her eyes light up.. was with her for 1 1/2 yrs before I had to leave. I tried to go thru the process of obtaining marriage permission thru my commander however due to some reports that some(not all airmen) were used soley just to get American citizenship they were stopping all request for marriage permissions at that time.
    so what’s my point on this ? well after returning back to the USA lol… back to the same BS as before . so yes foreign women are different thy actually do like nice guys and want to treat their men well … which my gf there in the phillippines did very well.

    I was one of the fortunate ones I think to have actually met and married a western woman (39 yrs ) who treated me right all those yrs. not saying everything was roses we had our ups and downs but we worked things out mutually . my wife of 39 yrs died almost 2 yrs ago. been on some dating sites recently . and as someone hear said the me ,me me attitude of many women on these sites are mind blowing. I’ll have to check some more on some of these sites and thgen the one suggested here by the OP and make some comparisons… lol… might even change my profile essay to reflect some things as to what I expect from a woman and go from there… I can just see the numbers of women that have been contacting me (sometimes as many as 10 to 15 daily) drop to almost nothing if I do change my profile essay some

    • Yeah, you’re from another generation. My Alana is much akin to the wife American Men had in 1962 – I predict that you’ll find nothing desirable in the American dating pool – good luck in your overseas search, I have a feeling that will be coming soon…

  10. I have to say…your website is quite funny. And sadly true for the most part. But I wouldn’t give up on all western/American women so easily, friend. I married my dear husband at twenty one and we have two handsome boys together. I am not overweight, my hair is long and unruined by bleach or chemical styles, and I am certainly not a believer of typical feminist bosh. I am also a Mormon. We do exist here in North America, you know. I realize it is hard to wade past the cynical, poison spewing majority of women to find ladies with class…but I wouldn’t write us off completely. :)

    • Ching ching ching! We have a winner.

      I am immediately renaming my Blog, “Western Women Suck, except for Mormon Women, Conservative Christian Women, Muslim Women & other non-religious traditional Women.”

      Thanks for your comment and spot on point ;-)

    • I’ve always been on the record that if I was trapped in America and wasn’t finicky about my religious beliefs, I’d convert to Mormonism. Best (American) women ever.

    • In my experience, the one thing that all the “good” American women have in common is you are either all taken or way too picky. By that account, I believe this reason is enough to give up on all of you and look east instead.

      • Once you’ve dated Russian and Ukrainian Women, you’ll find that even this “idea” doesn’t hold water. Women from conservative American families are still less feminine than Eastern European Women, are less domestic and are not as good as Wives on the whole and whole. Sure, there are exceptions, but if 30-40% of American women are already “taken,” that doesn’t mean that this 40% can hold a candle to the average Ukrainian Woman.

  11. Thanks for the blog Scott it gave me the last push to not want western woman anymore (yes there are exceptions like pointed out above) and look eastern. On my vacations to countries like Turkey i was always amazed by how all of those beautifull eastern women with great personalities were usually with such awfull men but after reading into it i agree with you on all your points.
    Im going again this summer and this time will certainly check out the flirting 9/10 or better women!

    • Glad that you like the blog, be sure to drop by from time to time as we add some more comment. I have about a half dozen posts that are in draft that I’ve not had time to finish writing. Craig and another buddy have offered to do some admin work and to put up some articles that they’ve written.

  12. I am sorry, but some western women need a serious wake up call. For example;

    Keele:- “This idea that women in America are fat and expect too much of men. And this idea that women in Russia are fucking supermodels who want to be a man’s pet. Is a lie.”

    Brittny:- “And THIS is why none of you rather pathetic “men” are capable dating smart, educated women who care about the world around them.”

    Sorry girls, in general American (and English) women are indeed fat and Russian women do, in general, look like “fucking supermodels” in comparison. And why do you assume these women are NOT smart and educated?

    Let’s take for example the woman in the second photo down on this page – the stunningly beautiful one in the pink top who looks like a “fucking supermodel”. Because she is tall, slim, beautiful, feminine, wants to look after her man and have her man look after her, is she incapable of also being a “smart, educated” woman?

    What if she also has a degree in law and economics? What if she also has a MBA? What if she speaks five languages? What if she is a lawyer? Your whole argument would fall flat, wouldn’t it?

    This is where your own laziness and prejudice is exposed. You are making assumptions about this woman based upon your own inadequacies.

    By the way, she is all of those things. I know this because her name is Maria and she is my wife.

    (I did smile when I saw her photo here Scott!)

    • Hot damn, good on you Julian. I’m opening the page in another tab; its been a while since I’ve written that article and I’m not sure who your lucky woman is…

      A ha! Masha, yes Man, you are indeed a lucky man. And when I say luck, I don’t mean that you just stumbled into finding such a beauty. I think that it was Edison who described luck as “when preparation meets with opportunity.” The preparation starts with getting a passport and ends with meeting the Woman of your dreams in Eastern Europe.

      I’m sure you hear it from men all the time, “Dude, you’re wife is so hot – and she’s so smart, educated, refined, polite, etc., etc.,” – I know because I hear it every time Alana meets one of my friends or family. They always say, “you really lucked out,” as thought I won the lottery and had not done any work towards finding her. There was no luck in it at all, I worked hard at it, for years.

      Alana has an advanced degree, owns her own business, works out 5 days a week, she is much more educated than ANY Western Woman I’ve ever met and she dresses like she is on the fashion runway in Paris. She is subtle, well spoken and refined – everything that most Western women are not.

      And so, I will say, “Good job on finding success after your hard work” rather than Good Luck.

      Your Maria is indeed a hottie – wish you the best happiness.

  13. Hi Scott

    Yes, I am lucky – but (as you said) I worked for it!

    I can’t remember his name, but famous a golfer who had a great round was met by a reporter who commented how lucky he had been. The golfer replied “yes, I always find that my luck increases the longer and harder I take the time to practice”!

    My friends refer to Masha as ‘the beautiful one’ and were amazed that she is so intelligent with such a fantastic sense of humour (they don’t call me dude though – I am English!!!). Women, on the other hand, said “we’ll give it three months” and were generally very bitchy.

    I hear everything you hear all the time, these girls are from a completely different culture with different values, as well you know. They certainly don’t believe they are in any way lesser creatures than men (perhaps the opposite – just in a different way to western women!), they just recognise there is a natural difference between the sexes and that this is perfectly correct. They want to be feminine and want their man to be masculine. That doesn’t mean they are subservient (or that men should be domineering) – just that a successful and fulfilling relationship needs to have a balance – a Ying and Yang if you like.

    English and American women just don’t seem to get this. They expect men to carry out the masculine role (and more) but they are not prepared to carry out the feminine role (and less).

    As you say, it is not easy to find a woman like Masha or Alana, there is a lot of work and commitment involved just to get noticed – let alone taking it to the next levels. The thing English and American women just don’t understand is that men are, increasingly, prepared to do this for such incredible women – as the mutual rewards are so great.

    I guess you are like me, you wanted a smart, intelligent, independently minded woman who doesn’t think it is demeaning to enjoy being feminine, sexy and hot at the same time!

    I have just thought of one thing that sums it up; If my grandparents were alive today and met many of my ex girlfriends they would have been completely shocked and very worried for me. But if they met Masha they would consider her to be a wonderful, true, sincere lady. Yep, that sums it up.

    • So true. If my Grandparents met Alana they would say, “Nice Woman.” If they met my exes they would say, “What is wrong with her?”

      It all boils down to feminism. Every time I go back to the US I can see how my young nieces and cousins are already getting indoctrinated at age 5. And the young men too. There is quite a bit of “man-hate” being passed around to justify it and it is all quite sad.

      As I think about it, there is another thing that I’ve noticed about this blog lately: the absence of dissenting voices. It used to be that I got a lot of nasty feminist comments and hate mail. It has all but evaporated. It has been many many months since someone has come on and bashed one of my posts. I guess that the replies just shut down the conversation. Really, there is no way to logically justify the position of feminist Western women.

      • Whilst the Canadian guy has obviously had a terrible experience (and I wish him the very best of luck moving forward) I believe that the fact this forum has stopped being active is due to the original men posting on it being very busy leading happy lives and the Western women who were up in arms no longer having any grounds upon which to continue such ridiculous claims.

        I remain happy to enter into cordial debate with anyone regarding this and whilst I don’t consider a reasonable alternative position can be found I am happy to be proven wrong.

        The demise of this thread is simply down to the inability of its detractor’s abilities/capabilities to put forward a compelling opposing position.

        Given said detractors claim a high degree of education this should be surprising, yet given the arguments put forward by them thus far do not present any signs of high education, it is not.

  14. Scott, from a no-nonsense Australian, I am in complete respect and admiration of your objective rationale and resultant analysis. Mate this site is a tertiary education into what’s so wrong with our western society and it’s current relationship disasters. As for me it’s Russian, Ukrainian and / or Belarus Women for my future. May I suggest something, perhaps you and your lovely Wife should initiate your own Introduction website !

  15. Hey Scott been reading your site pretty much all day as I’ve just stumbled across it and found it very interesting as i’ve just come back from two years of traveling around SE Asia, Australia and went to the states and landing back in London it got me thinking about the differences of women i’ve met along the way and can say that I think I need to make my way to Ukraine haha either that or back to Thailand! Brilliant website it has had me laughing at many stages and the truth contained in it is shockingly TRUE.

    • Fred,

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, it is true – I find that the more that Men travel (outside of Western Culture), the less tolerance they have for spoiled Western women. If you’ve ever had a Thai girlfriend then you know what I’m talking about.

      I’m sure your biggest advice to Men will be the same: get out and travel. And my advice to you, yes, do make a trip to Ukraine or Russia!

      Again, thanks for stopping in – I just created the WWS Forums this week – drop on by and share some of your traveling insights – I’m sure the other guys could really benefit from your experiences.

      • Might do the same. I have been to Central/South America before and noticed the same thing. Totally different attitude towards men and family. Even when the women work (PT or FT) they enjoy cooking for their husbands and families. I can recall one very hilarious experience when I was shopping in the grocery store. I started speaking to a young Latina (from SA that was married with a young kid…and still thin) that was very vocal about expressing her opinion on this very topic. She stated “of course I always cook for my family! You are not a real woman if you don’t want to cook for your husband and children!” You should have seen the faces of the Jabba the Huts that heard her! LOL!

        • That’s exactly how my Wife feels and acts. She relates her happiness to how well she treats me; she relates her happiness to how happy I am.

  16. Just to give some more examples.When we were at Itaka , the waitress , brought the drinks.My girl , she ordered 2 (little) bottles of Coke for me.So , I would have already , an extra bottle , in case , I would have it a little hot , after dancing.

    The waitress opened 1 bottle , and put it , next to myy glass.Without blinking , or saying 1 word , my girl , she poured , 1/2 of the bottle , in my glass.I didn`t even , had time to think about it.
    She did the same , with the 2nd bottle.

    Later , that evening , I was a bit clumpsy.And knocked over , 1 bottle.My quick reaction ,saved most , of what , was still in the bottle.
    Again , without even looking at me , as if to say , what a clumpsy man you are.
    She took a napkin , wiped it partly dry.Then had another napkin , to make things look , as dry , as it was before.

    Again , I had no time , to think about.Or should I say , she needed no time , to think about it.

    On another occasion , at dinner , she puts a napkin , next to my plate.When there is only , a napkin dispenser.She/We , don`t need to think about it.
    It`s as if she knows , that this is how it must be.On the other hand , when she/we go shopping , it` s , who should carry the bags.

    I believe , it all goes , without saying or hinting.Know your role , in the relation , and act accordingly.
    Words are not necessary.It`s all been stated , in their tradition.

    And after she has done , all this , she is just as happy , as always.

    Tell me , what do you want/need more ……………………??

    For sure , I don`t need anything else !


  17. She appears to be a “keeper,” Paul. Step by step….

    Your story was great and thanks for sharing. I am grateful to say that even after 3 years, my Mrs does the same without thought. Your story helped remind me because I have become accustomed to that. It triggered my memory even yesterday, when we were having lunch in Luxembourg, she poured the water from my bottle into my glass. If we are at someone’s house to have dinner, she’ll fix my plate before she puts food on her plate. Amazing and loving women with respect for their men and family.

    • I remember again and again on one episode of the TV show Survivor, one American woman BRAGGING that she won’t even serve her husband – in other words, she won’t cook for him and won’t even fix him a plate if he cooks.

      My Wife and I both work. And she still fixes me breakfast, lunch AND dinner every day of the week.

      Feminism, they can have it! I’m happy without it.

      • Interesting…
        — — —
        “I remember again and again on one episode of the TV show Survivor, one American woman BRAGGING that she won’t even serve her husband – in other words, she won’t cook for him and won’t even fix him a plate if he cooks.”
        — — —
        …but I am sure she would still expect her husband to take the bullet if they were ever robbed at gunpoint by a trigger happy thug in the middle of the night.

  18. Yes , I watch some of these series , occasionally , in Holland.I`ve noticed the attitude , the sneering , the words and the arguments , that some of these women , use/have , to make their point.
    That is , if they a point.

    On the other hand , I also believe , that the producers , wants as much vieuwers , as possible.So , part of it , could be just for that.
    But , it`s true , that there are some real bitches , out there.

    In the past days , she took me , to the places , where she likes to have some fun.It`s on a small fair , on the outskirts of Odessa.And now I know , where she got , all the other teddies.

    It seems , that she likes to go to the shooting tents , where you can shoot , and win all these plush animals.
    and I can tell you , she`s a good shooter.In a couple of hours , she won 2 of these.

    We`ve been to a game place , where she also often goes.To play on different machines.Mind you , they are not very sophisticated devices.They are also intended for children , to play with (some of them , at least).
    But , I could clearly see , how much she enjoyed this.And she seemed to forget , all the problems , which normal daily life , has for everyone here.
    Needless to say , that when she`s happy , it makes me happy.And , I know , that she knows that.

    Last evening , we went to the dolphin show.On my 2nd visit , she already wanted to take me there.But , it wasn`t possible.She said , that the place was renovated , and that they had put new elements , to the show.All in all , it was a great experience , and I thought , that it was quite good.

    These days , it is not so hot anymore.But we had no opportunity , to go to the beach.According , to their standards , it is a little cold , and not so good weather , for , laying on the beach.While in Holland , we would be thrilled , if we would have this kind of weather , for 5 days , in a row.

    So , think for yourself , why I would like to live here , with a beauty queen ……….


    • I like your stories very much Paul. They’re always descriptive enough to make me feel like I am there, or the places you describe, in most cases, I have been. I think your stories are also good for the guys who are considering the trip.

      Also, it seems that more and more you are getting hooked on the idea of living there. I don’t blame you. I would love to still be there, as it truly was the best country I have ever lived in.

      Your comments on going to the fair remind me of my own experiences. Our city had many parks and one of these parks had a full time fair with all kinds of rides for kids, shooting tents, air hockey, carnival rides, video games, table tennis, cotton candy and shashlik. My wife and I went there quite often as it was only a 15 min walk from our apartment. We definitely enjoyed the shooting tent firing the AK’s and the like. Air hockey was another fun game we played each time as we were very competitive with each other.

      I am really glad you are enjoying yourself. Nothing like being with a kind, caring and beautiful women who gives you her undivided attention.

      Keep building those days of time with each other. The more time you spend together, the stronger the bond. Therefore, when you go home to Holland, you are ensuring that your contact over skype, email and telephone will remain consistent and strong. Fade outs are less likely as is the case for the 8 day visitor. How can any woman seriously fall in a serious relationship if having met a guy one time or just a few times? That’s why a lot of guys leave Ukraine happy, but in the following weeks or short months, they find their lady has faded out, because the bond was not strong enough. You, Paul, are doing the right thing by spending these valuable days together. Best wishes man.

      • Rodney ,

        As always , you are right , in what you say and describe.And , yes many of these fairs , are more or less intended , for little children.

        It`s for sure , necessary , to spend good time together.And indeed , it will help , to make the bond tighter and better.In the past days , she did win 2 other plush animals.But , they were not so big , as in the days before.

        You know , you can`t always get , what you want.We went to play , some mini golf , which she did win.Of course , I wanted to win.But the main thing is , that we had fun together.And you get to see , what a person is made of.

        On Thursday , we went to Bilhorod Dnistrovsky.I don`t know , if you have ever been there.The evening before , we went to a supermarket , to buy , what she thought , we would need.

        She then prepared , everything.Like cutting the cheese and sausage , in slices.Just as the small cucumber.she made tea , and put it in the thermos.
        She also bought some chocolate and cookies.

        We went there , with a taxi , which is a bit faster , and more convenient , than with the train.It`s about a 2hour drive.The area and the fortress , itself , is very impressive.But nowadays , many of the corridors , and other rooms , are closed to the public.

        Because , there is danger , of collapsing , of some or more parts.All in all , it was a very good way , to spend the day.She brought another good friend , and the translator , also came , to tell me about the history , of the fortress.

        When we arrived , we first had something to eat.And , you have guessed it already.First she poured the juice in a cup.Then she made , a sandwich for me.Which she already , had put in a napkin.And then she handed it over to me.
        Better to say , she put it in my hand.And , only after this , she made herself a sandwich.

        When we were in the compound , at some point , I was getting a little hot.So , I started to take my jacket off.As soon as she saw , me taking my arm , out of 1 sleeve , she came immediately over to me , to take my jacket , and carry it all the time , until , we were back at the car.Where she put it on the passenger seat.

        And , so , I had my arms free , to make the pictures.Also , at the mini golf , at some point , I took off my jacket , and put it on the desk , where you can put the notebloc , to write down the points.I also , put the camera there.

        Again , no remorse , or whining.No , she took everything , and I mean everything – jacket , notebloc , camera and her golf stick , together with her own golf ball , and carried it , to the next hole.
        She did this , for the rest of the course , which was almost 3/4 of the track.

        I only had to carry , my own stick , and the golf ball.Do I need to say more ??If you had a choice , what type of woman , would you choose ??
        I will go hands down , every time , for a woman like this one.

        Today , we were at her sisters house.Very nice time , it was.And I could notice , that she was very relaxed.Because , she understood , that it was , what I was looking for.To meet her family.And , here , again , the same thing.First she fixes my plate and my drink , then she will make her own.

        I must say , you get used , very quickly , to it.But let`s not forget , that the man , also has his part , to play , in the relation.Of course , it goes without saying , that you cannot go , without a present.So , yes again , we stopped , to buy something for her sister.

        And then again , at the same supermarket , were we were on Wednesday , to buy some liquor for her brother-in-law.And , if all goes well , he will also be my brother-in-law , too.

        On my second visit , I just asked her , as a joke , if she would sing some karaoke for me.She was only laughing , then.On some telephone calls , I did ask her this again.I believe , that she said yes , she would sing for me.

        Some days ago , I said , will you sing some karaoke for me ??She was laughing.She told me , that her sister , loves to sing karaoke.And she is quite good at it.
        At dinner , at her sisters house , she said , that I will be a king.

        I would be the only man , surrounded , by about 20 women , and they would all , sing karaoke songs.
        And she would too.

        Wow , this woman , she keeps surprising me.Guys , if ever , I had dreamed , of a life , with a stunning , beautiful , devoted and caring wife , it is about to come true.
        But more importantly , this stunning woman , she knows her role , in the relation.

        Of course , you must respect her , and treat her with dignity.Be honest and faithful , and show her , that you care for her.What she will give you back , can be beyond , your wildest dreams.

        So , I`m really excited , how it will go.She told me , that she has not done any karaoke.But for me , she is willing to try.

        If ever I was thrilled , by some effort , of a woman , it is now.All the hard work , has paid off.
        All this was worth , every feeling of joy , every emotion of happiness , that I get back , from her.

        My first trip to Odessa , some 3 years ago , was perhaps , the best thing , that I have ever done , in my whole life.

        And it has blessed me , with all , which I was searching for , in a woman.
        At some point , at dinner , in the presence , of her sister and brother-in-law , she said : ” that I am her energy ” .

        Tell me , what more can you ask for , in a traditional relation , between a man and a wife ……..


        • Guys,

          Pay attention to Paul’s short stories. His descriptive and candid stories are exactly what any of you could experience some day. We are all witnessing the evolution of what a true and sincere relationship-building consists of. And you all can see because Paul has carved out this extended length of time to stay in Odessa, that each story reveals stronger bonding between the two.

          By the way Paul, these incredibly wonderful characteristics that you are radiating to us about your girlfriend, well the good news is… they don’t change – ever! I still come home everyday to loving, hugging and kissing wife as well as throughout the evening. I even get scolded a tad if I haven’t offered up a hug or kiss after a short time goes by!

          Best wishes Paul, you’re looking good buddy.

          • Sounds good Paul!
            I hope everything works out.
            Both of your very descriptive stories, explains why the guys are visiting this sight.
            They are choosing to take destiny In there own hands and create their own luck!

  19. Hello Rodney and Seeker ,

    Yes , you or some of you guys , have the opportunity , to choose your own happiness.I am aware , that some of you , may not be in a position , to achieve this.So , I bless myself and consider myself (very) lucky , that it was something , which I could do.

    And that it all happened , on my first ever trip , was maybe , steered by the hand , from Someone , up there.
    Well , I can`t say , if it was like that.I know , that for some , it will take more than 1 visit , to find the woman of their dreams.I can`t start to tell you , that finding this incredibly thoughtful , careful and honest , open young lady , exceeded my expectations , beyond my imagination.

    In the other post from Alana , ” 7 reasons why you can`t date a Russian woman” , there is talk of , a cold and somewhat sterile attitude.But once , you get to know her better , you will actually find , a very warmhearted and lively person.

    Scot , mentioned , in some of his older posts , that these women , don`t like/want , to show their emotions/feelings.You got to read , between the lines.
    Man , have I found/experienced , that the space , between the lines , was sometimes , the size of an A4 or A3.
    But , then again , if you have done your homework , right , you will know about this.And act accordingly.

    That said , it still needs , from yourself , if you know what you want.What is your goal , and are you determent , to pursue it .There is no sense , in coming to Ukraine , or which ever EE country , if you are not sure , that you want to find a wife here.If you are ready , to come over a 2nd or 3rd time.Just to find that 1 lady , who will rock your world!!

    And that is only 1/2 of the story.Are you sure , that you want to respect her , treat her with dignity and sincerity.Be loyal and faithful.And last but not least , you will also , provide for her!

    If you have done all this , and have thought about the consequences , then , yes , it is worth , visiting.As I mentioned before , it`s not a walk in the park.Your determination , must be , more , than what you would consider , is good.

    There will be moments , when you will have doubts.Big doubts.Is she really honest with me ??Maybe she is having dates , with other foreigners.Why is she not taking my phone calls.How come , that I must wait so long , for a reply to my email.

    Guys , I can go on , giving you examples , of all the events , which can let you draw , conclusions.If they are the right ones , will depend , on what other actions , you undertake.

    For one , you can send her flowers.When you have her mobile number , they can already make a delivery (it`s no problem).
    But , when you are just , passively waiting , you will not get things going.One thing , that I have learned , is that the initiative , should be , on your part/side.

    If , you have put yourself , into a position , where you have lost the initiative , you cannot do much more , than wait.So , tell me , which would you prefer ?

    Oh , yes , I had to wait for 2 months , at one time , before she would answer , my email.But don`t get angry or upset.There may be multiple reasons for that.Reasons , that you don`t know about.The most obvious , would be , not enough finances.And she will not tell you , because , these are proud people.

    But , once she knows you , much better , and she is positive , on your intentions , she will become , more open to you.But , you got to give her time , to get to that stage.And believe me , before she will even start , to trust you , much water , has flown through the river.

    So , it was said before.Think with your big head.Which will ensure , a greater chance , on success.


    • Good points all around.

      I’d say the 1st thing you have to be able to answer, and answer quickly and decisively, is “What do you want?”

      Why are you going over?

      Are you looking for a Wife? Or are you just shopping?

  20. Rodney ,

    Just to comment on your post.Yes , know what you want , and be prepared , to invest time and energy , in it.I hear you , whne you say , that some men , leave happy , but then the lady fades out.

    Still , I wonder , if they knew , what they wanted , when they came over here.Trying to meet 9 women , in 2 weeks , is not going to cut it.And by the time , that you have made your decision , you may have already , lowered your chance on success.

    By the time , these women finds out , that they were 1 , of many , I hate to say it.But , for them , you may not be , the confident and determent man , who they are seeking.Sure , miracles can still happen.

    I know , it`s a big dilemma.And thinking , that it will be successful , in 1 month , or even shorter , well , to me it sounds like wishful thinking.Considering , the time and energy , that I put into this.
    Sure , a long distance relation , asks a lot of your sanity.For those men , who live in Ukraine , it`s a bit more easier.They don`t need to travel and come over.

    Here around the center , of Odessa , you have several small and big fairs.Some may be open all year long , but I believe , the smaller ones , will close , when it gets cold.

    Yesterday , she was not feeling well , so , there was no karaoke for me.But on Monday , she will come , with another friend , and she will sing for me.Whoooaaaa , I wonder , what songs , she has in mind.Well , I have my camera ready , to shoot and make a movie.

    And guys , today , was the ultimate day.I got to meet the parents.Well , in my other post , I wrote , that I had already met her sister and mother.
    Today , I met her mother again , and her father , for the first time.

    Naturally , she had mentioned , some things , about me.But , as you may guess , she is more inclined , to tell , much more to her mother , than her father.
    To follow this logic , her mother then , will update the father.This is how it works.And let`s be realistic , her father is still saying , what will happen.

    Well , he knew some things about me.But , you know , you only will get the right impression , by meeting someone , personally.Of course , there is a little tension , on my side.Because , you don`t know , how he would react.

    All I can tell you , is , that it was a very pleasant gathering.Yes , we had the translator here too , because , to put the words in the right context.If you know , what I mean.It`s an extra cost.
    But , hey , on such an important occasion , you don`t want to take , any chances.

    I must tell you , that we have become good friends , the translator and me.On my first trip , she already told me , that if there was something , I could always call her.You know , at first , I was a bit cautious and careful.
    But , she let us have dates alone.She , was not planning the dates for us.
    Like it was , with the first young woman – who was a scammer.Where the translator , was making all the arrangements.

    I didn`t even got a phone number from the woman , and I believe that her first name , which I got , was false too.

    Like I said , in an earlier post.It was after some 35 minutes , on the first date , when my girl , she gave me her first and last name.Her phone number , and her email address.
    Later , I could verify this , because , she has an account on VK , where she uses the same name.

    So , I repeat , she will ask you : why did you come to Ukraine .
    I wonder , if my answer , was not satisfying , if I would have gotten , her full name and phone number.

    I believe , that I have passed , the observation , of her father.In no way , did he ever gave me , a sign or signal , that it was a no-no , between me , and his daughter.Well , it speaks , for itself , that you should dress , as appropriate , for this occasion.
    You know , you will only have this one chance.Again I say , that preparation , is key.

    I`m sure , Rodney , that you know , what I`m talking about.Scott , has been through this also.So , he will undoubtedly , agree.
    Her father`s hobby is fishing.And he already said , that he will take me , one time , to go fishing with him.

    For sure , it`s a first time meeting , so he really wanted to see , if he could trust me , to be with his daughter.Especially , since she is the apple of his eye.But , since her mother , and the translator , know me a bit longer , and also have told him , about me , as a person , it was a bit easier for him.

    Or , was it easier for me ????

    And , yes , Rodney , I am aware , that their characteristics , don`t change.On my 2nd visit , I noticed it.And today , at the dinner , she once again , put a napkin , next to my plate.While I wasn`t even thinking about it.She didn`t forget.

    She also said , that now she wants to come and visit me , in Holland.So , her parents , they heard this too.They understand , that for now , we will live there.But eventually , I want to come to Ukraine – Odessa.

    It is without questioning , that we will marry here.Of course.But , let`s not get too fast.

    So , guys , do you think of a marriage , with an EE woman ??

    Read the posts , and plan your trip ……………..


      • Hi Seeker ,

        Thank you for your best wishes.And , yes , I hope , that some , of what I`ve written here , can be useful , for other guys , wanting to visit Ukraine.

        There will be challenges ahead.And life here , at this moment , is pretty bad.Especially for the old.The quality of life , goes down , while all costs , are going up.

        Sure , it helped a bit , that the Hrv , is on a lower transfer rate now.For me , as a tourist.
        Some 18 months ago , I started , to help my girl out , with some monthly , payment.

        As , mother had told me , on my 2nd visit , that the pension , was very low.Now , it`s even lower , than 21 months ago.

        As , I understood , that all the actions , from Putin , were making , matters worse.I said , to her , that I want to do this.No , she never asked me , for this.

        I`ve said it before.You marry an EE women , you will also be marrying , her family.It`s just , how it is.
        So , yes , Mom she said , that she is happy , that I send money , every month.It helps , to make life , a bit easier.

        Guys , it` all about , to be a man.Taking the steps , which you believe , are necessary , to make , at some point.Don`t wait , if or when , or maybe , she is going to ask you.

        Sure , it can or may hold some risks.But , you can make the decision , how much , you want to send.
        Of course , you should only do this , if you believe , that she is really honest and open , to you.

        The women ,who she brought , for dinner , on my 2nd trip , is the sister , of her brother-in-law (husband of her sister).Remember , she was 1 of the witnesses , at her wedding.

        You also knew , that she had bought , some presents for her , before we went over to her work.Since some months , she was also working , in Moscow (just as her husband was doing ,when I met her , back then).

        Salaries in Russia , are higher (should I say , were higher.This was all , before all the trouble , in Crimea and Ukraine.Still , in Moscow , there is/was , enough work , in the construction.He was working there , going over as a tourist.After 3 months , he had to come back , and then after some weeks , go there again.

        She now tells me , that in Crimea , things are much better , than in Ukraine.Her uncle , he lives there , and his pension , is way more , than in Ukraine.Also , he has a big house , and the money , has a better value (the Rouble).

        In my country , we sometimes , hear other stories.But , that can be , because of regional , differences.

        She said , that her parents , are considering , to eventually , move over there.For now , they are waiting , to see , how things will develop , in Odessa.

        Don`t let this , withhold you , from coming over , to search for your dream woman ……………..

        That is , when you believe , that there is more to happiness , outside of your country , than you can dream of.


  21. Hey Paul,

    That’s a real good sign that Pop wants to take you fishing.

    My wife is very close to her mother, as I’ve discussed in previous blogs. She showed her mom how happy she was with me, in her eyes and words. Once mom was convinced I was the man for her, then her mom sold her dad, who was all not pleased due to my age.

    BTW, it is customary to call your in-laws, mama and papa. They like it and you don’t have to feel awkward about it. Your wife will call your mom and dad the same.

    You’re doing great Paul. Happy for you.

  22. What Caryn is looking for in a man:

    “I am looking for someone who actively ponders all aspects of life, who is full of wonder and self-love; someone who is constantly seeking renewed knowledge, who is fully present in the moment while balancing long-term goals and visions for his life; someone who is engaged in personal transformation and, in turn, the collective evolution of humanity.”

    All this is narcissistic code for: “I want a hot guy that used to be in a fraternity.” That’s it. She CAN’T admit that all she’s looking for in a man is good (tall, white) looks as it would make her appear totally rotten to the potentials on the dating website, so instead she talks about her own likes which sounds like she likes being a full time philosopher. I’ve seen this a million times. She dodged writing her true wants because they would appear tasteless. That’s why it sounds vague and unspecific. She wants an empty vessel of a man that looks good that she can show off to her girlfriends like a purse. The man’s behavior, maybe his riches too don’t even matter anymore. When women are well paid all they concern themselves with in mating now is pedigree. Hello Tinder.

  23. As a man who has refused to date women for years in America,I just cannot do it anymore…

    The dark sorcery and mental illness I have come to find that exhists in American women,literally scares me to the bone….

    • So why did you “refuse” to date American women?
      With years I’ve come to a thought that eastern European females ain’t no better than western women and n many aspects are much worse.
      American/Canadian women ain’t that inhibited, uneducated, scared of a personal contact and interested ONLY in money as Ukrainian and Russian women are.
      Ukrainian females will run any man to the ground financially, they’ll literally make him bankrupt in a matter of 2-3 years, they’ll never work to help their men and will just sit on their asses wanting more, more and even more money.
      Marrying an Eastern European female equals signing a bankruptcy “agreement” with her.
      My honest advice to all desperate and sex hungry western males-stay away from Ukraine and avoid Ukrainian women by all means possible. That is of course if you care about your hard earned money and mental health cause all eastern ladies will be nagging non stop and will eat your brain alive if you do not comply with their ridiculous demands.

      Just stay away from Ukraine and its women and avoid a lot of trouble, save your money and your mental health.
      Ukrainian women ain’t worth a second of a time of a normal male. It is far better to pay hookers for sex than to try and explain a Ukrainian female how life should “work” and that being normal does not equal being a rapist or a shady male.
      If I only could rewind my life back many years, I’d never ever have gotten married! NEVER! Marriage was my worst decision ever and my life was ruined by it.
      Do not let my mistake to happen in YOUR life! Just avoid Ukrainian or Russian women altogether and never ever marry them!

  24. Just a friendly reminder: Ukrainian women need MONEY, MONEY and even more MONEY! Nothing else matters!
    Avoid them by all means possible and never marry one.
    Avoid mistakes I’ve made and learn from them. You’ve got a great opportunity not to do what I’ve done. Stay away from Ukraine and Russia altogether and even further away from eastern European females.
    You won’t gain nothing and will instead lose everything if ever getting into a relationship and, God forbid, marriage with a Russian or Ukrainian woman.
    Let my example of going from “hero” to “zero” with no money and no future be a warning sign for y’all good folks. Do you want the same? Then come down to Ukraine and marry a local lady. She’ll run you into the ground and into bankruptcy in a matter of 3-4 years no matter how much money and wealth you may have at the moment.
    Ukrainian women never work and never make an attempt to help their husbands. They only beg for money and nag non stop if they do not get what they want.
    My marriage was the biggest mistake in my life. Avoid Ukraine and Ukrainian women like plague.

  25. This is for Rodney.

    I’m sure you’re back at “home” now. Just wondering how you find the situation there with regard to refugees and general livability. And spend lots and lots of time with the kids. They grow up so fast!


    • Robert, if you really want a livable country , not much different from Germany,but with a lot less refugees then try Poland!
      I’ve been to Poland and Germany many times and would take Poland over Germany in a heart beat.

    • Initially you can go anywhere you want, just DO NOT repeat my mistake and marry an Eastern European (Ukrainian) female. She’ll run you into the ground in a matter of 3-4 years, you’ll be bankrupt, depressed and will hate everything and everyone around just like I am doing right now.
      Ukrainian and Russian females never have any damn money and they’ll never work nor make ANY effort to earn some $$ to help you, but will instead want YOU to hand her everything on a silver platter without her ever giving anything back to YOU!

      Any western man is walking wallet for Ukrainian and Russian females who ain’t got no damn skills no make living on their own!

  26. Hi FC,

    Thanks for the input, but I have no intention of moving to Germany. I was genuinely wondering how Rodney and family were doing.

    And yes, I think you are correct in your country assessment. I have NO intention of getting remarried, but I think Hungary, Poland or somewhere in that vicinity would be on top of my list just for living.

    Appreciate the thought, though. Take care my friend


    • Hi Robert! I’m totally sure that Rodney is doing great and is simply busy with his family and wonderful kids.

      Poland, Hungary and Czech republic would be on top of my list. Poland is simply amazing especially the North like Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia and Szczecin. I love those cities.

      I do insist that my marriage has been the biggest mistake in my entire life, it has ruined me mentally and financially as well as took me years back in my professional development.
      I still have no idea how and where to go forward from the point I am at right now…. I am broken, tired and depressed.
      But I also want to warn all western men out there-NEVER EVER marry a Ukrainian or a Russian female.
      Avoid them by all means possible, they are the worst, uneducated, lazy and ignorant creatures on planet Earth.

      • Take my advice. I have a son to a Pole my same age. They immagrated to NZ as Polish orphans during WW2. Believe me I can see why Hitler did what he had to do.

      • “Poland, Hungary and Czech republic would be on top of my list. Poland is simply amazing especially the North like Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia and Szczecin. I love those cities.”

        Having personally visited Poland last year, and seeing every major city there, I would definitely recommend moving there. It’s an awesome country with tons of history. Modern day Poles are very strong and intelligent people. My favorite city was definitely Krakov with G’dansk coming in a close second. I miss visiting Wawel Castle, but Malbork Castle definitely took the trophe!

        • I forgot to mention. Word to the wise! DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER! Boil it first to kill the bacteria, then let it cool down over night before you can drink it the next day. If you don’t, you WILL get sick! I had to learn that the hard way!

        • Hi Joel,
          I thank you for advice. And I agree 110% that the countries you mentioned are good. I might also throw in some like Belarus, Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc. Just because they are off the normal grid of tourist traps. Several of the guys who write blogs that I follow have settled in Poland and seem to be loving it.

          And yes I agree about Rodney. Just busy. But sometimes when I read about all the shit going down in Germany with the immigrant “invasion”, I do worry about him and his family.

          • I honestly do not think that Rodney is experiencing ANY kind of problems cause of the influx of refugees to Germany.
            I’ve been to Germany in mid March (Munich and Frankfurt) and even there I haven’t noticed an overwhelming number of refugees.
            Guess they are spread all over the country which makes them less noticeable;))

            Rodney made a very wise decision and didn’t stay in Ukraine with his family.
            I hope all western males avoid Ukrainian females and Ukraine in general by all means possible.
            Please, do not repeat my mistake and do not lose all your savings by marrying a Ukrainian female!!

        • Exactly! Poland is my first choice in Europe, I do looooove Northern Poland!! Amazing places and people!

  27. It has been almost 1 years since the most recent Topic on this site…
    It is slowly going into oblivion.
    Throw in diminishing interest in Eastern European females who ONLY care about money and more money and we get the reason why men stay away from Eastern Europe.

  28. I am sorry to hear of your experience FC, but I can assure you it is not reflective of that of others.

    My wife is Russian and she is certainly not uneducated, lazy or arrogant.

    She has a degree in Law & Economic, an MBA, speaks five languages, works very hard (even though she has no financial need to work at all) and has a wide circle of friends.

    People are all individuals and it seems you were very unlucky in who you chose to marry, but that can happen with anyone anywhere.

    Good luck going forwards.

    • I am definitely not trying to doubt your words about your Russian wife, Julian.
      But I have yet to meet a Russian or Ukrainian female who does NOT have any debts, late/unpaid loans, hidden payments, is willing to get better as a professional and a personality and who ain’t afraid to work to help her man.

      Every damn Russian or Ukrainian lady I’ve met in my life had a laundry list of debts and issues, every damn lady. NO exceptions.
      They’ve always wanted money and more money, they’ve never had a meaningful job or the job was sooooo damn poorly paid that they’ve never had even remotely enough money to get by.
      And they kept begging and begging for money, daily and hourly. And if I said “no”, they’d keep whining and nagging non stop for days until they got what they wanted or another issue came up.
      Tell me what you want about western women, but at least they work and are not afraid to help their men.
      Ukrainian and Russian women will never move a finger in order to help their husbands. NEVER!

      My marriage has completely ruined my life, I am broke, going crazy and have NO foundation to build anything on in the future.

      • I am really sorry to hear of your experience. It is as far removed from mine as is possible.

        I don’t doubt this is the reality you have gone through, I was simply saying that this was not down to the nationality of the other person.

        Perhaps you met the wrong type of girl – they are about in every town across the world. Or perhaps you were just very unlucky. Life can suck.

        Don’t discount someone because of their race/nationality though, that really isn’t good.

        You will find someone, just don’t discard half the population when searching.

        • And that’s exactly why I am now openly telling all this: to warn western males about Eastern European (Russian and Ukrainian) females.
          And yes, our experiences do differ but again-I am NOT doubting YOUR words!!!!!!

          The thing is that I’ve known a lot of Russian and Ukrainian females. Not talking about sex or intimacy here, but I teach sports and languages thus interact with different folks daily and meet people from all circles of life.

          Again, I have yet to meet a Russian or Ukrainian female who does not have any debts, late loans, late credit fees, hidden payments and is willing to make that ever elusive effort to actually HELP her man in the family!!

          But I will NEVER EVER again have any kind of a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian female and will actively discourage western males from having one with them!

          • I know that I am jaded and biased but it’s hard not to be having lost 1000s of dollars and being left with virtually NO money and no hope for the future.
            And all this due to one wrong decision to marry a Ukrainian female.
            I do know what has to happen in order to change my negative opinion about Russian and Ukrainian females…
            I’ve lost all my savings and all my future, and it is a hard feeling.

  29. FC, I know it seems like the end of the world, but buck up! You still have your skills as a trainer, teacher, coach, etc.

    You have skills that no one can take from you. Go out and sell them!

    I have started over more times than I can count. And some of them led to very good jobs that I enjoyed doing. I am sure you can do the same.

    I think everyone has gotten your message. Please just cut back on the negativity a little bit. OK? Don’t keep beating a dead horse. It just makes the stench worse.

  30. It’s been exactly one year since the last new topic appeared on here….
    the site is indeed slowly going into oblivion, there is no more discussion going on and visitors ain’t aplenty…
    I am finally divorced and free…. bankrupt and with no idea where to go next and what to do.
    My marriage had a price tag of $ 60000. That’s how much I’ve lost after having made the biggest mistake in my life-marrying a Ukrainian female.
    I’ve lost money, nerves, energy and all my mental strength. I ain’t that happy and energetic person I used to be even 3 damn years ago
    and I’d like to warn y’all western males out there: avoid Ukrainian females by all means possible. Wanna have a fling? Fine, go ahead! But God forbid you to try and have a long term relationship with one or to marry one, which is 10 times worse.
    Let my example be a warning not to have anything in common with Russian or Ukrainian females. They are the worst relationship and family material with a “me me me first!!” attitude and without any appreciation of whatever is being done for them.
    Western women are much better in all aspects than their Russian or Ukrainian counterparts. Yes, there are exceptions , but an overwhelming majority of eastern European females are much worse than American, Canadian or even Western European women.

    • FC, how and where did you meet your ex-wife? How long were you married? Were either of you ever religious? Go back to the beginning from day 1 when you first met to the last day when you divorced, and tell the story. I’m genuinely curious.

      • Sorry Joel, I won’t give you any additional details about my marriage.
        That was ENTIRELY MY FAULT and I will take it like a man.
        Yes, I’ve lost about 60K, but this is not the end of my life.
        And Yes, I still do not recommend y’all western men out their to approach any Ukrainian female even for a short chat.
        Just avoid them by all means possible and save your nerves and money.

      • But I can tell you ONE thing, Joel: when I was broke and didn’t have a penny she kept asking me for more and more money!
        Ukrainian and Russian ladies ain’t got no damn compassion, they NEVER help their men with anything nor support them in life/relationship! Russian and Ukrainian females make the worst wives in the world-they are lazy, uneducated (oftentimes illiterate) princesses with “ME ME ME FIRST” attitude.
        I have yet to meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman who’d genuinely be interested in helping her man and not just sucking money from him.
        I will NEVER get married again, it will be escorts and even cheap whores all the way.
        But I just want to issue a warning to y’all western men-avoid Ukrainian and Russian ladies by all means possible unless you want the worst wife in the world who’ll only be interested in money and status in the society.

      • And yet another thing: Ukrainian women will NEVER appreciate anything you do for them but will take it all for granted. You help them with 1000$ they will immediately want something for 5000$, you give them 5000$ and they will switch to 10000$.
        ALL Ukrainian females behave like they are God’s gift to the world and males ain’t nothing but their temporary servants who can be replaced by just one move of a magic stick.
        A Ukrainian lady will never ask you how you feel, if you have any problems, issues or concerns, if you are tired today and how your day has been. She will instead blame you for not giving her enough money and attention today, yesterday or tomorrow!

        I’ve been married for quite a while but last 4 years turned me into a psycho freak instead of a happy, life loving and active person I’ve been my entire life.

        Ukrainian and Russian women are Hell on Earth!

        Uneducated, asexual and super inhibited creatures only interested in money!
        I’ve now been single for about 5 months and have yet to get any kind of an eye contact from any Ukrainian female anywhere!

        They are like robots, like damn androids, like zombies! Do not believe all these fairy tales about open minded and sincere Ukrainian ladies, they are ice cold (unless you flash a 100$ bill) and emotionless.
        But if you do flash some American cash then they’ll line up to get your attention! Do not believe the stories about Ukrainian love! Local women love money and not their men!

        I really can go on and on but I hope y’all get the idea.

        P.S. I’d had 100 times more sex in Canada than I’ve had during all my years in Ukraine!
        Ukrainian ladies are useless money sucking ignorant uneducated and selfish pieces of crap!
        Avoid them by all means possible!

        • Thank you for your colorful responses, FC. So, that’s how you lost the 60k? Your ex kept demanding more and more until it was all gone?

          Heck of a testimony, FC. I think I remember you talking about Ukrainians leaving Ukraine in droves some years back before your marriage went south. Maybe the only good ones that there ever were left the because of the socioeconomic situation there? I have met some Ukrainians from random places outside of Ukraine in the last 7 years or so. Russians too.

          How long again did you say you were in Ukraine after you left Canada? I think I remember you said you are in your 40’s now?

          • You are welcome, Joel! The truth is always colorful and easy to tell.
            Well, my 60K weren’t spent overnight, it did take time, but yes, all I’ve ever been hearing during my marriage was :” I need money for this, I urgently need money for that, we have another payment to make, we are lacking money for another shit etc, etc etc”. Non stop nagging year round. THAT is Ukrainian female at her best- each and everyone of them wants money and money ONLY!!! Right here right now. And if you ain’t got enough money at the moment then you are a Bond villain and not worthy to have any relationship with.
            It is “money NOW or relationship is over!” for ALL Ukrainian females! I’ve never met one who’d have been different from the above mentioned pattern.

            People are still leaving Ukraine in droves. About 625 000 Ukrainians have left the country since mid March 2018 until now and westbound (Poland, Czech republic, Germany etc) buses are overcrowded on a daily basis.
            Check yourself:

            I have no idea where all those “nice and sensible” Ukrainian females are, I have yet to meet one. But many of them must have left the country, yes..
            I’ve been in Ukraine for 10+ years now.
            And yes, I am getting old… I am 45+ now….

          • Today’s observations: Had a longer chat with a lady I’ve known for a while. She works at one of the major malls here in town.
            And during the whole conversation I couldn’t get rid of a feeling that I absolutely had to drag every word from her no matter what we’d been talking about…
            it was like pulling teeth… Ukrainian females are afraid of any male around them especially if a male dares to differ from the crowd, to have an own opinion, to be educated and sporty and to dare to stand up and be counted on.

            A personality and integrity ain’t welcome among Ukrainian ladies. They better settle for some uneducated hobo or bum who’ll never challenge them in anything.
            I see plenty of those examples on the streets daily and hourly thus I find it very hard to believe all those fairy tales about “oh so educated, classy and supportive Ukrainian women”.
            Yes, there are exceptions but they are VERY few and far between and I have yet to see one after all those years spent in Ukraine.

          • … and God forbid you ever mention sex and intimacy in a conversation with a Ukrainian woman… They are the most scared, inhibited, close minded and weird creatures when it comes to sex and intimacy. I often get a feeling that I am talking to a block of ice when interacting with a Ukrainian female-no emotions, no eye contact, no attraction, no touching, no nothing.
            Ukrainian females resemble a block of ice or a rotten log somewhere in a permafrost area in the Canadian North.

            American or Canadian women are 100 times sexier and more open minded compared to their Ukrainian counterparts.
            I’d take an American/Canadian female over a Ukrainian one in a heartbeat. At least I won’t have to tell an American/Canadian lady what sex is and how it is all done.
            North American women are a lot more stylish and much better dressed these days. They are also better educated and not afraid to take pleasures in life instead of playing Ice Queens or Wooden Logs in front of any male.

            Avoid Ukrainian women by all means possible and save your hard earned money, nerves and energy!
            Spend your money on North American hookers and get 100 times more sexual and even intellectual pleasures.

  31. …. and so die website…. As predicted this website has gone into oblivion.
    No new topics in over a year, no news posts in over 2 months.
    Guess Western Women ain’t so bad after all, eh;)
    I’d like to give another warning to y’all western men-NEVER EVER have anything resembling a relationship and, God forbid, a marriage with an Eastern European (Russian or Ukrainian) female! NEVER!
    Unless you absolutely want to lose ALL you savings, physical and mental health and to become a psycho.
    Ukrainian and Russian ladies are absolutely worst dating/relationship/marriage material! They are eternally poor, lazy, uneducated , unemployed and willing to get to “paradise” sitting on your shoulders while wasting all your hard earned money.
    They seem unable to find work, ANY DAMN WORK, to learn anything, to admit their own faults and to understand that an evolving and strong relationship is a two way street, and not a one way dirt road ending with a dead end!
    Ukrainian women have that ME ME ME FIRST kind of an attitude and will NEVER appreciate ANY kind of efforts, help and assistance from their males nor will they ever make an effort to actually help their men in a hard situation! Hard times? What hard times? JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!

    I was stupid enough to marry a Ukrainian female and then consequently lost ALL my savings, became bankrupt, lost my car and valuables, my physical health and psychological balance. And ALL I’ve been hearing during all these damn years was:” GIVE ME THE MONEYYYYYYY!”.

    Let my example be a Red Flag for y’all western men! Avoid Ukrainian and Russian females by all means possible.

    • Hey FC, I tried posting a response to this some days ago, but it’s still stuck in awaiting moderation. Probably because I put a couple of links in it, and I don’t expect Scott to be around anytime soon. I’m making a quick edit, so hopefully it’ll work this time.

      “Since Scott isn’t going to publish any new articles on this site, why don’t you find other forums about foreign countries that are more active? Below are 2 examples:

      Keep in mind that you will likely clash with some of the members on that forum if you choose to get involved. There is almost no moderation there at all.

      I personally know the guy who created that blog as I have met him. FC, if you choose to get involved there, mind your manners. Don’t cuss or put anything in caps like you are doing here. Mark (the blog owner) will either delete it or heavily edit your post.”

      • Naaah, I do not feel like going anywhere else… I’ve been here long enough and do not want to switch allegiance ;)
        Moreover I am way too jaded, biased and pissed these days and oftentimes unable to think clearly.
        If an odd Canadian or American ever happens to bump into this blog he’ll get a chance to read my thoughts about the real Ukraine and its females.

        P.S. The problem and the demise of this site came with all those preapprovals needed for new contributors i.e. “awaiting moderation” message.
        I bet a lot of people be it men or women would love to write a message and tell me about those “oh so wonderful Ukrainian ladies and that I am oh so wrong in my judgments” but they just can’t get through because of preapprovals. ;)

      • Had an interaction with a local 35 y.o. Ukrainian female earlier today. Holy mackinaw…. How can a person be so damn stupid and inhibited these days?
        I literally had to drag every damn word out of her mouth. Any word about a relationship, human interaction and intimacy was making her scared to death like I was some kind of a criminal, a rapist in disguise or a human trafficker.

        I’ve heard a lot about those “inhibited and feministic Canadian or American females” but Ukrainian women would blow them out when it comes to stupidity and inhibitions.

        I have in fact been much happier in Canada than I am right now in Ukraine- broke, lonely, mentally crushed and without any light in the end of the tunnel.

        And all this did happen because I was stupid enough to marry a Ukrainian piece of a scum.

        Y’all western men out there-avoid Ukrainian women and Ukraine as a country by all means possible if you value your money, your mental and physical health and your future.

        Better yet-stay in Canada or USA and spend your hard earned money on hookers! You have my guarantee that you are gonna get tons more attention, pleasures and intimacy!

        Do NOT go to Russia or Ukraine, spend a fortune here and end up with a lazy stupid asexual scumbag who’d want a truckload of money daily without ever giving anything back be it respect, understanding or just a simple hug.

        • I heard that is mainly cultural everywhere you go in Ukraine and Russia. Due to years of communism in the past, if a woman or man doesn’t know you, then it takes a long time for them to warm up to you. Like a month or something. An ingrained defense mechanism. Hence dragging every word out of her mouth. Especially when it comes to personal topics.

          • Communism died 27 years ago thus I do not think that it can be used as an excuse for that kind of a female behavior.

            In fact communism ain’t got nothing to do with a busload of inhibitions inside Ukrainian or Russian women.
            Education or rather lack of thereof plays the major role in that instead.
            The problem is that Ukrainian females severely lack education and world knowledge. They keep living in their own shell waiting for that White Knight in a white luxury Mercedes with a million dollars and a yacht.
            Anyone not meeting their criteria is immediately labeled a loser not worthy any attention.
            Ukrainian ladies live in an imaginary world light years away from reality.
            Their lack of education leads to a number of inhibitions they’ll never get rid of.
            Communism has nothing to do with it. People and their education have.

            One can have results or excuses, NOT both. Unfortunately Ukrainian females pick the latter and not the former.
            Yes, it is easy to live in the world of excuses but this road leads nowhere.

          • Been interacting with a Ukrainian female aged 30+ for the last 2-3 days.
            Holy Mackinaw, what a torture…
            Since when have Ukrainian women become so inhibited, stupid and hard to talk to??
            Why do they have to do 180 on every word or phrase I say?? Why do they permanently look for some hidden agenda in man’s words?? Why is intimacy a taboo?? Not even talking about kissing, just a simple word of praise that “you dress is indeed very stylish today!” Why is that a problem for God’s sake?
            Who am I? A criminal? But they’d line up to date a criminal as long as he’d show them some money!
            A rapist and an abuser of females? But many local women like to get beaten by their husbands/boyfriends and totally tolerate that kind of behavior!!! For them beating and domestic violence is a sign of LOVE!!!!!
            A street bum? But there are plenty of stylish and tall women going hand in hand with real dirty bums and hobos here in Ukraine. I see those couples every damn day!

            What is wrong with Ukrainian women? When did Canadian values of mid-2000s invade and take over Ukraine and its women??
            Western women do NOT suck!
            Ukrainian and Russian women do!
            Canadian and American women are now much better that their Russian or Ukrainian counterparts! Better in all aspects!

            You want a stupid, ignorant, oftentimes illiterate, asexual/frigid wife/girlfriend with a superiority complex and Princess/Miss Universe syndrome? Come to Ukraine or Russia and start wasting your hard earned money, time and nerves on a local female.

            But remember- a Ukrainian female will NEVER help you in hard times and will instead blame YOU for having those hard times and not being able to meet her ever growing demands!
            Ukrainian women take everything for granted and never want to move a finger in order to get to their goals!
            They always expect everything to be given them on a silver platter!

            Think twice or better yet think ten times before even approaching a Hell on Earth called “Ukrainian female!”

          • And in case y’all wonder how things went with that Ukrainian female- I got so damn irate after 3 days and countless attempts to bring out a human in her instead of a soulless robot or android, that I literally told her to FUCK OFF and from now on I’m going to abandon ALL interactions with Ukrainian females but workplace ones.
            And will make the utmost effort to leave Ukraine ASAP and never ever come back to this Hell!

            I honestly hope my story will serve as a Huge Warning or Red Flag to all those western men still thinking that Ukraine may be kind of a solution to all their dating problems!
            Ukraine is absolutely the last place on Earth to look for a wife, life partner or a girlfriend.

  32. Whilst FormerCanadian has obviously had a terrible experience (and I wish him the very best of luck moving forward) I believe that the fact this forum has stopped being active is due to the original men posting on it being very busy (exceptions like his apart) leading happy lives and the Western women who were up in arms no longer having any grounds upon which to continue such ridiculous claims.

    I remain happy to enter into cordial debate with anyone regarding this and whilst I don’t consider a reasonable alternative position can be found I am happy to be proven wrong.

    The demise of this thread is simply down to the inability of its detractor’s abilities/capabilities to put forward a compelling opposing position.

    Given said detractors claim a high degree of education this should be surprising, yet given the arguments put forward by them thus far do not present any signs of high education, it is not.

    • You know, Julian… My experience is a huge Red Flag for those Western men who may still be drinking some kind of a Kool Aid while thinking that Russia and Ukraine are some kind of a paradise populated with sexy, stylish and uninhibited females who’d be all over those sex hungry and desperate western males as soon as they set their foot on Russian or Ukrainian soil.
      I have never been desperate or sex hungry but my relationship and marriage with a Ukrainian female led to a personal bankruptcy, loss of all my savings, edge of a mental breakdown (even though I am very strong mentally and can withstand any kind of pressure).
      I know and admit that this was entirely my fault and I have no one to blame but myself, but at the same time I’d like to help all those western males who still may have a thought or two that Eastern Europe is a solution. NO, it is NOT.

      I’m a globetrotter and have lived in many different countries ranging from Belize and USA to Russia and Ukraine and I do have a lot of facts and observations after all those years.

      And I dare to say that Western women are in fact much better in almost all aspects of life than their Russian or Ukrainian counterparts.
      They are better educated, literate, well travelled, they now dress more stylishly than Russian or Ukrainian ladies since the latter got infected with a Canadian style from the early 2000s wearing no make up, dirty hair, smelly bodies, flat shoes/running shoes, jeans etc.
      Moreover , Ukrainian women are very uneducated and oftentimes even illiterate and have a very hard time to express their thoughts about anything.
      I know what I am talking about, I teach English and I am a sport instructor thus I do interact with people on a daily and hourly basis.
      But again you have to live here day in and day out in order to know it, to feel it on your skin.
      Ukrainian women can be divided into two groups: those who are after some criminal with big money, nice house and status in the society and those who are willing to settle for anything just to have a male by their side.
      I have seen numerous examples of tall, sexy and stylish females in high heels and mini skirts walking hand in hand with a real bum looking male, a hobo.
      Ukrainian women can’t stand anyone who dares to differ from the crowd of sheeple, to have an own opinion and ability to express it, to stand up and to be counted on and to lead by example. And if a male still tries to educate himself, does sports and doesn’t touch cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, then he is a definite NO NO for a Ukrainian female and such a behavior would be deemed very suspicious. A Ukrainian lady would rather go out with or date a druggie or an alcoholic than have anything in common with a normal, educated and sporty male.
      I’ve read a lot of angry words on here about western women avoiding eye contact. I’m gonna tell you something- I have yet to see a lady here in Ukraine who’ll make an eye contact!! And I’ve been here 10+ years now.
      Female inhibitions in Ukraine go beyond any reasonable limits, women are afraid of intimacy and sex and NEVER show their interest or attraction. They are like an iceberg and the deeper you go the colder they become.

      I could go on and on and on since I have been through a truckload of crap and actually know what I am talking about.
      If you have any questions-feel free to ask.

  33. I am sorry, Canadian Guy, that you have gone through what you have. I don’t believe this is indicative of the experiences of the majority though.

    You sate “I know and admit that this was entirely my fault and I have no one to blame but myself” yet go on to blame an entire continent. You also state other contradicting matters.

    I have no idea about the events you went through and who was responsible for the position you found yourself in. I only hope that you are able to make your way out of this and find a better place.

    Despite the name of this site, Western women do not suck, and neither do Eastern European women. Everywhere you go you will find fat lazy men and gold robbing women.

    The difference is that Eastern European women have more traditional values, are not overweight and want men that share these characteristics.

    They are attracted to men that fit this profile (who are more prolific in the Western world). Western men are equally attracted to women who fit this profile (regardless of where they come from). They do seem to be more prolific in Eastern Europe than in the West these days.

    Of course you could find the woman of your dreams (or she could find the man of her dreams) right on your doorstep, but the odds are greatly reduced when you factor in the rest of the world.

    My experience has (obviously) been different to yours. For reference, my wife is the girl in the pink top (second photo down). We had our 5th Wedding Anniversary this summer, my daughter (from a previous – and disastrous – marriage) calls her ‘Mummy/Mum’, she has a degree in law and economics, an MBA, she speaks 5 languages.

    She (like me) works out 5 times a week. She certainly does not smell in the slightest (of anything other than light perfume) and dresses incredibly well (she is on a flight from Italy right now after shopping in Rome).

    I am not trying to say how lucky I am and how unlucky your are, I’m just trying to give some balance.

    It is the person, not the nationality or race that matters. I know you have been through a hard time, just don’t blame an entire continent for it.

    • Well, you do not need to be sorry;) It was MY fault after all, not yours.

      But this is VERY indicative of an overwhelming majority of women here in Ukraine. I do interact with local folks, women included, on a daily and hourly basis and I do in fact know all their thoughts, visions and ideas. I know how they live and what they breathe.
      I am not blaming an entire continent, I only blame myself for being soooo damn stupid, but rather give a clear warning to all those desperate western males.

      Care to list all those “other contradicting matters” by the way? ;)

      Eastern European females have more traditional values and “want men to share them”? Wow…
      Eastern European women want ONE thing-MONEY, MORE MONEY, AND EVEN MORE MONEY!! They do NOT care about values like honesty, integrity, respect, mutual understanding and support in a family! All they want is MONEY!! Try sharing those values with a Ukrainian female and at the same time mention that you ain’t got enough money to buy her an expensive gift right now. ;)) And you’ll be shown the door in a second or two.

      I’ll be honest-I do NOT believe that your wife is “the girl in the pink top”… Just do not, sorry… I may be biased and stopped believing in fairy tales looong time ago…
      A lady like those girls on the photos above would command a million dollar bank account, a luxury house and a fancy car before even considering going on a date with a male. Sorry…

      5 languages, eh?;)) I would’ve been a millionaire by now if I was given a dollar every time I heard an online story about someone “with a degree in law and economics, speaking 5 languages”;) Sorry, man, I am VERY JADED these days…
      And there is NO balance in this world. None, zilch, zero….

      Again, I am NOT blaming the entire continent. I just describe what I see on the streets of Ukraine every single day.

      Have you ever been to Ukraine? If yes, for how long? Do you speak and understand the language?))

      It’s kinda hard for people who’ve never spent an extensive period of time here nor speak the language to understand what I am talking about

      I know I am very angry, biased, jaded, depressed and oftentimes even close to being suicidal since I fail to see a solution or a way out for me at the moment, so I would like to apologize for some harsh language.

      But all of the above does not make eastern European (Russian and Ukrainian females) more attractive to me and I would not touch one with a mile long pole from now on. Never again!

      • You are becoming rude now.

        No I have never been to Ukraine, but then again I have never dated a Ukrainian.

        Masha (the girl in pink above) is most certainly my wife, her photo being here was how I found this website.

        She does have the degree and MBA I stated and speaks Russian (obviously) German (she studied part of her MBA in Germany) Polish, Turkish and, of course, English.

        Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant, as it is simply true. You certainly are very jaded.

        Through Masha I have met many Russian girls and all of them bar one are completely genuine people (the one that was not – an obvious gold digger – was dropped by the circle of friends very quickly).

        I am even Godfather to the daughter of one of her Russian friends.

        Our opinions differ dramatically because our personal experiences differ dramatically.

        I, however, do not claim to be able to read other people’s minds.

        Have you considered (given all you have said) that it may actually be you projecting your assumptions on every girl you meet, rather than every girl you meet actually conforming to your assumptions?

        • Rude? NO way. But truth always hurts, yes.

          See, you’ve never been to Ukraine nor dated a Ukrainian lady thus you do not possess enough knowledge and experience regarding Ukrainian women and Ukrainian relationships/marriages.

          Good for you that Masha is your wife now, you got lucky, no argument here.
          Where did she learn Turkish? This language is very different from any European language and it definitely takes a long time to learn it.

          And yes, I am very jaded and openly stated it earlier and apologized for it in advance.
          I do not read other people’s mind but I do talk to them and it doesn’t take long to understand what people are about.
          I am not projecting any of my assumptions on every female I meet!!
          I never make assumptions! And why should I when it is almost impossible to get female’s interest in Ukraine unless a man has a busload of money, a fancy car and a nice house/apartment?
          I interact with people on a daily and hourly basis and oftentimes we do chat about relationships during English lessons or sport trainings.
          And every damn time a lady does mention money and status in the society in a conversation rather sooner than later.
          How’s that an assumption? That’s a damn FACT!!!
          Ukrainian women only need money, more money and even a tad more money! And nothing else matters!
          A male can be smart, sincere, educated, honest, loyal, respectful, supportive, have integrity, but NO Ukrainian female will ever go out on a date with him unless he has a hefty $$$ amount on his bank account, can pick her up in a nice car and later bring to a luxury penthouse or a bungalow.
          I have 100s of those examples! May be even 1000s!! And that is not an assumption!

          • I think it is safe to say that suggesting my wife would effectively only sell herself to millionaires (“command a million dollar bank account, a luxury house and a fancy car before even considering going on a date with a male”) is quite rude!

            Like many Russians she used to holiday regularly in Turkey and being good with languages she picked it up. It is a very simple language to learn actually as it has no noun classes or grammatical genders.

            With regard to reading other people’s minds you said “I do in fact know all their thoughts, visions and ideas”, so I guess this is where I got that idea from!

            I have no desire to get into an argument so I will wish you the very best moving forward and leave it here.

          • Julian, Last night I was going through and rereading posts from 2014 to 2016 and I saw some from you when you were still looking ( I think it was you, if not, then another Julian). It sounds like you found what you were looking for and more. I would tell you that she is “one in a million”, but I know both Scott’s and Rodney’s wives are similar.I have had a profile on VK for many years and have met several well educated, hard working ladies. Of course there were some who were obvious gold diggers or just plain nuts. But for the most part, they have been great. Funnily enough, they all are chefs, teachers or work in the fashion industry ( not models). I have several standing invitations to come visit. And I started out looking in Ukraine, but most of these ladies are in Russia. I am a native Texan and still live here. I’m curious what your nationality is, British? None of my business, just curious.

          • Julian, I’ve never said nor assumed that your wife had ever been “selling herself to millionaires”.

            The message I am trying to relay is about the fact that almost ANY average looking Ukrainian female (ain’t talking here about those stylish and sexy ones) will start asking for money rather sooner than later. I’ve experienced that umpteenth times thus I got very jaded and oftentimes hateful towards Ukrainian and Russian women.
            You got lucky, some people do win the lottery, but all those desperate western males out there shouldn’t get the idea that “everyone is a winner in this kind of a lottery” when the reality is quite the opposite.
            Let this be the end of our discussion. I do not want to argue nor try to change your visions and perceptions of Russian and Ukrainian females.
            And you will never be able to change mine since I have all kinds of hands on experience after all those years spent in Russia and Ukraine.

            Good luck to you and to your wife.

        • Hi Robert

          I can’t seem to post directly under your comment, so am having to do so there.

          It must have been someone else, as I only found this site well after getting married (and even then only out of curiosity).

          I am, indeed, British.


          • Hi Robert

            Again there is no reply button under you post so having to post here!

            No problem. I was amazed when I found my wife’s photo here!


  34. Hi FC,
    I want to jump in here. If my memory serves me correctly, your ex-wife was Russian. I think I remember you posting that early on and that you guys moved to Ukraine later on. Am I wrong on that?

    • Sorry Robert, you are wrong on this one… My ex-wife was Ukrainian. I did mention Russia as a place where I used to live for some time, but I did get married in Ukraine and my ex-wife was indeed Ukrainian.
      As a result of this “marriage” I’ve come to a conclusion to never get married again nor have a relationship.
      If I ever manage to get back on track after a bankruptcy, a loss of ALL my savings and mental health problems, then I’ll never touch an Eastern European female with a mile long pole. Never again.
      I might even consider coming back to Canada after all these years spent abroad and try to start a new life although it’s gonna be very hard at my age…

      • Ok. I guess I remember reading that you lived in Russia for a while and just assumed that’s where you met your ex. My mistake. I wish you all the best in getting back on track.

      • I made the decision a long time ago to never get remarried. I wouldn’t mind a relationship if she wasn’t needy. …….As my Dad told me once, never buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!

        • I should’ve never gotten married in the first place. My marriage was ONE mistake that has completely ruined my life.
          NEVER AGAIN!!
          Hookers? YES!
          Marriage or any kind of a relationship? NO WAY, Jose.

          • I’ll pass on the hookers. Just because I’m cheap. …….But I did read a quote today that I want to share with you. “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” ….Lao Tzu

            Make of that what you will. I think it’s pretty good damn advice. You will after awhile learn to do what I did. Suck it up and move on. I’m still alive and kicking. And anything is possible.

            PS. I’m 61 and was married for 29 years.

          • good one indeed, Robert!
            My problem is a lot more mental than anything else…
            I have yet to encounter a woman in my life who’d be willing to help her man with 1 damn cent. Not even a dollar, just 1 cent.
            I’ve been hearing the phrase :” We need more money for this, this and then that” million times, but I’ve never heard a phrase :”How about I help you with this and help you to pay that?”
            Ukrainian females are unable and unwilling to help their men.
            Yes, there are may be some exceptions, once in a blue moon, but the general rule states that Ukrainian women make the worst wives possible thus should be avoided by all means possible.

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