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To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal'
The Modern Face of Feminism

Well, its been a little while since we’ve had some photos up of some beautiful Eastern European Women so I thought that I’d start the Spring season off with this high-heeled long-legged beauty.  I was at the park at the end of Deribasivskaya Street in Odessa, Ukraine when I spotted this beautiful woman coming out of the bank.  I snapped a photo as she emerged into the sunshine and took another shot as she walked past the Top Sandwich restaurant.

A few trips ago, I was talking to an American and a Brit in the airport in Warsaw and the American guy commented, “It’s almost as if God made the perfect ass mold and then all of the Ukrainian Women were pressed into it at birth.”  The more realistic explanation is all the walking – and in high heels!  There is no doubt about it, Eastern European Women are fit, dress hot and are just plain fun to look at.

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As this beauty crossed the street I took one last photo and caught another hottie  coming the other direction.  Many of the Expats in Odessa joke, “You can’t throw a rock without hitting a beautiful woman here.”  How true that is; but it is the same in most cities in Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States and in Poland, Romania & Bulgaria.  When you compare to the morbidly-obese Walmart dwelling “trogs” we have in the US, it is easy to see why so many men look for their brides here.  By the way, “trog” is a new word I picked up at work.  It’s an abbreviation for troglodyte: an overweight, partially toothed American (or Brit) woman with “loose morals” that is often found trolling cheap bars late on weeknights.

If you have never traveled to Eastern Europe, Odessa is a good start.  If you are an American, you don’t need a visa.  The beaches are nice (yes, many of the beautiful Ukrainian Women go topless – an added bonus; I’m sure I have some photos here somewhere…), the weather is warm, many speak English and the cost is not too high.  Instead of a vacation to Mexico (again), maybe it is time to try something new…

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To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal'
The Modern Face of Feminism

15 thoughts on “Odessa Beauty

    • Glad you liked the post – I would post more if I had time – work, personal life, you know how it goes…

  1. I’m in Cherkasy, Ukraine finalising the details for my girl coming to Johannesburg, South Africa to live with me. It’s so refreshing to experience her and the feminism-free culture here. She expects me to be a man, and it makes me want to step up to the plate, which I do. It’s inspiring. I’m 10 times the man I was back home. It’s like I’ve stepped into the role I was made for instead of playing the role of bitch to entitled cows who would much rather compete with me for who has the dick. It’s actually sad though, that we’ve been so programmed and pussified by the feminist western culture that this should be a shock to us. Western women can all go to the bowels of bloody hell for all I care.

    And by the way, my friend’s fav word is troglodyte and if I’m not mistaken it’s actually a knuckle-dragging troll-like creature… so yeah, basically a Walmart-porkster delux as you say.

    • John, well said – your whole comment, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes, I find myself having to “step up” to the plate constantly. I suppose that this is very different than most Western Men are used to – we are told to treat women like equals and this means that in some ways, we get to be lazy men. I’m sure you’ll agree with me, having an Eastern European Woman is no walk in the park. My relationship with my Russian Woman is every bit as challenging as any relationship with a Western Woman, and more. She expects a lot from me so that in addition to filling the “normal boyfriend” roles, I find that I’m expected to fill the role of a traditional 1950’s American Man. And I also find it very refreshing. I find that my relationship is much more rewarding than any relationship I’ve ever had with an American, Australian or German woman. Yes, Western Men are every bit as feminist as our women, it isn’t until you date a woman who isn’t a feminist that you see the difference. I’m often reminded of the Blue Pill and the Red Pill in the Matrix; most Western Men are living in the Matrix and have no idea what it is like East of the Iron Curtain.

  2. I live in Thailand and I am surrounded by women who look like that woman ( but in an oriental way of course) …..the girls being cute and feminine looking ( seldom ever fat or over weight ) and approachable and most often they are also friendly and receptive.
    But many Thai women are a real handfull and a challenge to have a relationship with, without a whole lot of drama evolving.
    I know many men married to Thai women and they have a long list of complaints about their wives and their Thai female mentality.
    I am married to a Filipina Women and so far she is great and drama free as that is her character…but many Filipina women will drive you to suicide and or drinking.
    She has an Aunt that is worthy of a large kitchen knife plunged into her black conniving heart and I pity any man who gets involved with her…yet she still manages to attract enough interest fromforeign men…but if they only knew …while they believe that that all Asian women are darlings as compared to the western women.

    • I had a Thai girlfriend once; she was sweet as an angle, pretty, great family, very loyal. But, there was quite a divide in our cultures and I found I had more in common with European Women. Women will be Women no matter where you go. Some will be high drama, some will be back-stabbers – just like some men (in any country) are assholes. But, when you take a Russian Woman over a Woman from the US, she comes missing two things:

      1. The extra 40 pounds of fat.
      2. The infection of feminism.

      • Yes this is true…but there are plenty of fat women in Russia…No??
        Yes there are lots of fat women in North America but there are plenty of lookers also…but most of them come with an attititude that has evolved.
        I have come to the conclusion, because women have changed then men have to change their strategies concerning the way we pursue women.
        Yes , one of the more appealing ways is to pursue women from other countries who are “believed” to not have the same sort of attitudes that the western women have developed.
        Most of those countries are the poor or poorer countries while the women there are marginalised in many ways living in male dominated societies.
        However when those women come to live in the U.S.A. and Canada or Britian or Australia they naturally learn that the existing female population in those countries have a different perspective and sooner or later the foriegn women begins to adopt a degree of similar thinking…because, in the end, ultimately the woman is thinking what is best for her.
        If she can benefit from the western women way of thinking it should come as no surprise that the sweet little darling from Eastern Europe, with the great attitude, is now thinking and acting similar to her Western Women counterparts….in some aspects…sooner or later.
        She will be making friends with all the other women and many of them will be influencing her thinking and often enough she will be persuaded to be looking out for herself all the more so along with the means and ways of protecting her personal interests and or female agenda…with the help of her new found, all knowing Western Women “girl friends”…sort of like a support network as she generates more knowledge about how it can and does work for women in the North America.
        Not all of them..but all too many of them change and some of them change really fast and adopt to the western women way of thinking while developing a western women sort of attititude about you and or men in general.

        • Well, that’s a nice theory, but it doesn’t really hold true. It seems to me that you are speculating rather than speaking from experience. There are feminist minded women in the East and they will likely turn if they go West. Of any of the women that I’ve considered having a relationship with, they think quite differently and don’t have an ounce of feminism in their body.

          You are a feminist. You write:

          “However when those women come to live in the U.S.A. and Canada or Britain or Australia they naturally learn that the existing female population in those countries have a different perspective and sooner or later the foriegn women begins to adopt a degree of similar thinking…because, in the end, ultimately the woman is thinking what is best for her.”

          This is a feminist mindset that to “do what is best for her” equals being equal to a man. Eastern European Women don’t want to be men, they don’t want to compete with men, they are happy being feminine and are turned off by the idea of competing with men. They do not see being feminist as “what is best for them.” They see a strong man that acts like a man and allows them to be a woman as “what is best for them.” I have discussions about this with Alana all the time and she (sometimes) sounds less feminist in her thinking than I do. She argues that not only are women not equal to men, the differences are obvious. I laughed once and said, “Oh, you’ll be fun at cocktail parties in the US.” She was a bit indignant and said, “I don’t care what American women think, it is a FACT that men and women are quite different and to think otherwise is foolish.”

          Yeah, good luck convincing me that she’s going to turn into a Feminazi if we move to the US.

          Girls are raised as feminists today. Actually, boys and girls are raised to be feminist today. They are indoctrinated (brainwashed) to think that boys and girls, men and women are equal. This is not the mindset in the East. You think this and expect Eastern women will have a feminist mindset like you do. You could not be more wrong. Western Men are more Feminist than Eastern Women. Eastern Women look down on Western Men with feminist attitudes.

          So, you might want to stay in Thailand or the Philippines because with an attitude like you have, you’ll likely end up with an Eastern Shark who will take your lunch and your lunch money.

          • Harsh, but true. I never actually even thought of it that way, as men also being feminist. But it makes perfect sense… they’ve jumped on the we’re-all-the-same band wagon as well. It’s just politically incorrect to say otherwise.

            You know I’ve got a life experience that will really drive this point home: I grew up in South Africa and lived through the end of apartheid. When the black government took over from the white one, they made a big effort to communicate that “we are all one. We are all the same”. I understand why they did that and after years of oppression that attitude was really amazing and it’s thanks to Nelson Mandela that that forgiveness was there. But I thought to myself, we are NOT the bloody same. We are extremely different. And it’s insulting to BOTH parties to say we are all the same, as if our differences are somehow dirty and wrong. The secret, I thought and still think, is not to try convince everybody we are all the same; it’s to make people see that we’re all different BUT to embrace that diversity and difference. Speaking from experience as both a white South African and a man who hates the feminist culture of the west and has tasted the far superior fruit of the Ukraine, when we embrace being different something beautiful happens. We connect with our identity, we connect with what we were born to be, and then there’s no going back. Dating my girl from Ukraine, it’s given me a taste of what a real man must be and what a real woman is.

            Stop buying the western bullshit that we are all equal. We are not. We are equal in value but not equal in roles. We are different and if I wanted a f**king man I’d date and American, western European, or European-descendant South African female because they’ve perfected the part of the man. If I wanted to date a woman then American, European and white SA males seem to be doing that job quite well – they’ve become a bunch of “girly men” in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

            The world has become so screwed up in the last 30 years, and NO ONE is winning… well except for the few Eastern European women who meet a nice family minded western man and vice versa.

          • I have to agree with John and Scott on this one.

            There are always a few that do become westernized but they are a very rare breed.

            I know a couple of EE women that have spent more than 20 years in the west and they are in every way still EE in attitude and spirit except they are older and their English skills have improved.

            If you don’t act and talk like a man they will not respect you…period. It’s about balance of energy or yin and yang. They are very feminine women, this is not weakness but real female strength; to balance this energy out, what is required is masculinity, real masculine energy, not bad boy BS or being jerk that beats the crap out of his woman, but the ability protect, provide, and not deal with disrespectful BS from a woman just because she has a vagina. Just be a man. The man can be very intelligent, crafty, strong, brute, etc…or any combo of all of the above but he must be a producer; he has to protect and provide for his wife and children, and I’m not just talking about money, even though money is very important.

            This is a symbiotic relationship, where neither party is a parasite. Unlike most western women that are Jezebels that suck the life force out of everyone they come in contact with. Even if the relationship or marriage did not work out with a non-westernized woman. I’d risk it, and roll the dice anytime with an EE (or other non-westernized) woman (for dating/marriage) over any western woman.

            I want to marry someone beautiful on the outside and inside…and I don’t see that happening with a woman from someplace like the US, Canada, or the UK…that gamble is too risky.

        • I somehow agree with u on this…sometime or later any eastern women is also going to have a western attitude…

  3. I might need a pair of sunglasses. How do the women in EE react if you check them out? I’m not talking about being rude but if you gave a young good looking woman a hard stare like you liked the way she looked as she walked by…vs the west where every man is a potential rapist…

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