The Modern Face of Feminism

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… I tried to select a “flattering” photo of Maddow – in so many photos she looks like a boy – I won’t fault her for bringing down American standards of femininity as she is a lesbian…

In the lunchroom at work someone had the news on and the Rachel Maddow show came on and the topic of discussion was abortion, the killing and intimidation of abortion doctors & women’s rights to abortion services.  I watched for a bit and listened to Maddow’s views.  If you have never watched her show, she is quite liberal and despite my disagreement with her politics, she is good at pointing out the obviously absurd things the Rebpulblicans do – just as O’Reilly points out the absurd things that the Democrats do.  I find Maddow, at times, to be cheeky and she seems to have a good grasp of the English language and pulls points for convincing debates – despite that her politics are sooooo liberal as to create a rift with logical thought and the reality of the world.

She was interviewing the head of the “Trust Women Foundation,” an organization whose sole purpose is to facilitate a woman’s right to seek abortion services.  When they panned out to show the women that run this organization, I almost spit my milk and cereal out on the table because I was laughing so hard.

Have a look at them, this is the face of Modern Feminism:

Does the same thing stand out to you that I first saw?  In case you are wondering, no, I did not alter this photo in any way – yes, these women are in fact this wide.  What stood out even more than their girth was their indignant posture and the look of arrogant pride on their faces.  These women had a look that was the antithesis of humility or grace.  They all looked like angry women and I suspect that (in their minds at least), nothing is MORE important than their political view.

I won’t get into whether or not I believe that abortion should be legal or not.  But I will share two thoughts on the matter.  One of my best friends once commented, “Do you want to raise all of the children who are not aborted?” He referenced so many children that would be born to crack-head welfare moms and as I thought about an army of children, raised in and by gangs and drug peddlers, I thought that he made a valid point.  The other thought I have on abortion runs parallel with what Mohammed wrote into the Koran: Of all of the things permitted in Islam, divorce is the worst in the eyes of Allah (God).”

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And perhaps, of all of the things legally permitted in the West, perhaps abortion is the worst.  My last western girlfriend wholeheartedly supported abortion.  And, she was an animal activist who cried foul any time a company did animal testing.  Oh, she was also a vegetarian because to kill animals for food is inhumane.  Following this logic, isn’t vacuuming out a fetus (a little baby) sort of like torture for that being?  I guess if it is done before the little creature has a nervous system (ie the “Morning After Pill”) it isn’t so bad.  But after only a few weeks, a fetus (baby) can feel pain and to tear up its little body, isn’t that just as bad as slaughtering a chicken for the KFC value meal?

Let me get to my point – these good women (in the photo above) no doubt have all sorts of liberal views on everything from child rearing to gun control.  As they are staunch abortion advocates, many are probably of the mindset that the earth is overpopulated and to have an abortion is better for the enviornment & better for the planet.  Meanwhile, these women will spend their summer vacation to fly to Africa to help starving children while at the same time condeming to death so many millions in their own country.

Once again, I’m not saying abortion should or should not be legal – what I’m saying is, when I talk to so many feminists, they have the view that being a mother is inferior to being a working woman and in the same breath they tell how they adopted this or that starving child in some third world country.  Feminism = the end of any modern society.  As soon as it takes hold, that country or civilization will perish and will be replaced by immigrants who do not believe in abortion.

Before I forget to comment on the size of these women – have a look at that photo.  This is a slice of the eHarmony dating pool in America.  Can you imagine being saddled to one of these cows for the rest of your life?  Heaven forbid you get married to a woman like this and have to go for a divorce – I’m sure her heavily laden colleagues at work know one or two divorce attorneys who will clean you for every dollar you own.

I recently received an email from my Russian Woman wherein she said that she was quite content that I was the man and she was the woman and that this “Modern American Feminism” was a bunch of BS.  I smiled and thought how lucky I am to be free of dating American women.

One last time, scroll back up and have another look at this herd of feminism.  If you are a man in your 20’s or 30’s – imagine your girlfriend of today – what will she look like after a decade of marriage?  What do her married friends & relatives look like?  If they look anything like these bovines, run, don’t walk, to the exit.  If you are trusting her to provide the birth control, you may consider switching to condoms lest you damn yourself to 21 years of child support payments.

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13 thoughts on “The Modern Face of Feminism

  1. Look at those disgusting manatees….and for the “Trust Women Foundation.” I have a philosophy that I live by: Anytime that anyone, and I do mean anyone, says “Trust me,” that is a time to not trust that person…in this case, the philosophy would obviously apply to the entire group. Jeez. What a sad state of affairs that we live in today.

    • Agreed. Sad state of affairs and much of it can be traced to feminism – boken families, divorce rate, lonely men AND women, the list can go on and on. I’m proud to say that despite all the shit I got from western women I never gave my balls away. I never settled for any of them. I would rather be lonely that put up with someone who would constantly fight me for whose gonna be the man of the house. I’m proud to say my Ukrainian girlfriend is moving to my country in a month after two joyous visits to hers. Guys don’t know what they’re missing and worse, even those who do know, many are afraid of the feminist driven social stigma about these women. The VAST majority are not after your money or your green card men! And frankly, what you don’t seem to realise is that you western women are also only after your money and whatever social status you can give them. Take you cock back men for god’s sake.

  2. I can say, at least in Silicon Valley, I have lost all interest in pro-creation, because not only are there hardly any women in the area, but the ones here are excessively obese, and if not obese, very dysfunctional. I only dated American women a few times, and each time was a bad experience. The rare moments, I see an intelligent, caring, giving, American woman that is well balanced, she is almost always involved. The ones that are physically attractive are so rare, and they get quite hostile for any interaction as I am sure they get too much attention from desperate American men that have to contend with obese and/or dysfunctional women.

    In contrast, the moments I have dated or interacted with Latin, European, or East-Asian (particular countries), I have found warm, caring, considerate, and healthy women that are physically and mentally healthy. The unfortunate side effect is that the extreme narcissism in USA is becoming popular abroad, and I am seeing examples boisterous and thick women from other countries.

    • You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but sooner or later, American Men will figure out that there are better options overseas. Once you date women from some of the countries you describe, it becomes obvious the differences. American (Western) women have just priced themselves out of the market with their fat asses and bitchy attitudes.

  3. It’s true. I’ve noticed the “MTV/Hollywood” culture invading Ukraine. It’s sad. Which is why men of the west should realise, this paradise – and make NO MISTAKE, it is a paradise – will not last forever. Feminism is infiltrating the east now too.

    • I’ve noticed that too. Even in Europe & South America it’s taking over. If Feminism infiltrating the entire globe, the world will come to a screeching halt. Feminism is not a new concept. It has existed before & has always backfired in the end.

      Now I’m beginning see why the radical Muslims hate us so much.

  4. There is a reason for this…
    What stood out even more than their girth was their indignant posture and the look of arrogant pride on their faces. These women had a look that was the antithesis of humility or grace. They all looked like angry women and I suspect that (in their minds at least), nothing is MORE important than their political view.
    …these women need politics and the government because they could not economically survive on their own. Then on top of that they want me and everyone else to pay for their mistakes, like welfare, abortions, etc.. These pigs disgust me.

  5. Feminists are damaged goods. If a woman’s says she’s a feminist, RUN! Don’t even talk to her! Avoid all contact if you can! Don’t even have sex with he! Chances are she’ll cry “rape” on you for just being around her. Many innocent men have had their lives & reputations ruined because of these evil parasites.

    Let these women rot in their own self-hatred & despair. God will not be mocked. He will surely do away with them

  6. Your blog has me nodding in agreement but also so scared. I am a Caucasian woman but raised in Africa away from all of this… have now married and moved to New Zealand (first country to introduce female vote, obesity rates close to U.S) and expecting a daughter in around a month. How on earth do I raise a daughter who doesn’t want to take on the male species?? The scariest part is how miserable women make THEMSELVES chasing after things that will never make them happy, keeping score in relationships, expressing entitlement to love and romance…. I don’t want that for my daughter. Marriage can be so amazing when both parties know and live in their unique roles… but society makes women who are more traditional feel they are weak, pathetic, and abused. Time to move away I’m thinking! Homeschooling on an island?!

    • You might have to home school. But I think that the most important thing a parent can do is SPEND TIME with their kid and teach them YOUR VALUES. Most kids are raised at school and by the TV – their parents have little input into the values that the absorb.

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