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… Kira, in the photo above, has NOTHING to do with this post.  But hey, I needed a photo – maybe there is some guy out there who always wanted to date a cheerleader? …

I received this letter a few days ago via my email here at the site, I’ll just post it as is:

Hello Scott,I really REALLY liked your website. I’m Brazilian, 24 y/o from a religious background and I find myself in the very same problems as I see you were first finding when you started your blog.


I want you to know that not only girl from the US are the feminist narcisist b**ches that you were unlucky to meet. I say to some close friends of mine (no girls, obviously) that we live in a feminist society and they laugh at me. Feels good to know I’m not the only one that can actually see this.


It’s been quite some time (for a guy on his mid 20’s, that about 3~4 years) since I gave up on western women. I had the luck to live in Japan for 2 years and the shocking difference on western and eastern culture.

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The understanding that men and women are not and we not meant to be equals is still present on the rising sun lands. 

I have decided to as soon as I fianlly graduate from college to go to Europe and find my wife there. I was at first thinking about going trying my luck with the Irish girls, but you have changed my mind…. :D


Anyway, thanks for the amazing site and I hope that your russian girlfriend is really that one special lady meant for you.


– Gus


… Kira, again, what flexibility!   ;-)  …

I get emails like this all the time and it becomes more and more obvious that many Western Men sense that something is “wrong” with out women but just haven’t quite nailed it down yet.  I’ll do my best to get the word out LOL.  I only started this site a year and a half ago and it is quickly approaching 100,000 hits – so I guess I’ve found a nerve out there…

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The Modern Face of Feminism
Visas for Everyone

20 thoughts on “AMAZING BLOG!

  1. My friend’s girlfriend wants the big house and car etc and she’s impatient with him about it and won’t even do little favours for him and when he tells her how he feels she tells him “be a man”. I told him straight that the thing that kills me about his situation is that even when she gets the house and the car, she won’t appreciate him for it. She will just feel that she got what she’s entitled to. That hit a nerve. Hopefully he takes the smart route and kicks her on her feminist ass. It kills me that so many men are giving up their manhood for a cavity between a woman’s legs. It’s pathetic. Men need to regrow some balls and no settle for the trash western society offers. To hell with western women.

    • I’ve said it again and again – American Men are just as feminist as American women – we just don’t realize it (well, some of you don’t I realize it – LOL).

  2. More and more men are waking up. Maybe the feminazis will die out soon with no one sane wanting to be near them.
    I respect women in the work place, I like them as my colleagues, so effectively I treat them as my fellow men. That’s equality, they cannot have it both ways.
    They cannot expect me to take any interest in them since the only difference in their behaviour is that they go to a different toilet.

    • They will not die out – they only reproduce by recruiting new women – and recruiting is what they are doing – aggressively.

      They want to be treated like men when it comes to equal everything except when it comes to paying for dinner, who goes through the door first, who is first off of the sinking ship (women and children first, right?) – if you have a feminist colleague at work, especially one that complains about pay and the “glass ceiling,” the next time you come to a door, push ahead of her, walk through and don’t hold it for her and watch how indignant she becomes.

      • So fucking true Scott. I tell you it grates my cheese like nothing on Earth. They want to have their cake and eat it, feeling entitles to having you be the gentleman and take their coat and hold the door for them, while claiming to want to be equal to men. My attitude to the white women in South Africa (who I used to pursue) is FUCK YOU! If you want to be a man, I’ll treat you like a man. My one friend recently slapped a woman back when she slapped him, and you know what, more power to him. I don’t condone hitting ladies, but when a woman hits you she ceases to be a lady. They think they can act like a man while you should still treat them like a lady. No sir. It’s time men took back their balls. I treat my lady like an absolute princess but I have no trouble treating the rest like an absolute cow when they act like one. You wanted equality, you fucken got it. Enjoy!!!!!!!

        • Also, thank God more men are waking up, but it’s a drop in the ocean at this stage. We really need more efforts like this website – guys talking from experience waking up the gutless men of this world. Eastern European men are treating their women like garbage. I’m talking from experience. A big fat Ukrainian man hit on my girlfriend right in front of me. Women are toys to them. Western men have something to offer, but their western culture has removed their testicles. Wake up lads! For the love of God.

          • I love your response John.
            I don’t agree with hitting women either. I think the best revenge is for the dude to get rid of her ass and go non-western.
            Many of these men were raised to be feminist and do not have a point of reference. If they only traveled to a place like Thailand, Russia, or Colombia for a few weeks then maybe their testicles would finally drop.
            So many men (and occasional feminine women) put up with verbal abuse from these femi-nazis and white nights…they just have to start fighting back!

      • I love this one…
        “if you have a feminist colleague at work, especially one that complains about pay and the “glass ceiling,” the next time you come to a door, push ahead of her, walk through and don’t hold it for her and watch how indignant she becomes.”
        …but we are equal right?
        I’ve done this before with a few of them. It’s so nice that they get to pick and choose their roles. See how many men get to do this? Zero.

  3. You don`t have to sell me on eastern European women. I`ve been to Odessa I know everything you guys say is true. More models in one block than you spot on Camps Bay during December, it really is unbelievable.

    But how do I get one of these models to fall in love with me?

    Maybe I was with the wrong agency, brides of Ukraine or something they all sound the same to me, but I have yet to meet a European girl who isn`t just a scammer.

    Of course the next problem is now that I`ve been to Ukraine I am so disillusioned with women in my country it`s not even funny. I don`t think I`ll ever want to ” settle ” for someone local.
    What is the next step though? I`ve been there, only met scammers, but don`t want to end up alone either!


    • A little while after starting this blog I came to the realization that 100% of the Eastern European dating sites were pure fraud. Then, as I was talking with a colleague at work, we came across Elena’s and I saw that Elena’s Models doesn’t limit your contact with the women on the site. I gave it a try and it worked just fine. It is a legitimate site, with legitimate women – I can’t say that for ANY other site. I suggest you give them a try and we would love to hear back from you on your results!

    • Hi Pierre ,

      Yes , I see that it is a post of some 7 months ago.You are very sure and conclusive , that you have met only scammers , on your visit.
      Can you be a bit more precise in this??

      No , you don`t have to say names or ages.I am just wondering , what thes women do , or didn`t do , to make you reach this conclusion.I can assure you , that I am just like you , looking for a woman from the Ukraine.

      And we all know , that there are some ladies or agencies, who try to get the money out of your pocket.But it would help , for us , to understand , what your own experiences were , on your visit.

      Did you go alone , or with an organized trip?How many ladies , did you meet , and did you have some mutual interests?
      Was there a big age difference , between you and the women??Did they asked you for money , on the first or second date ??

      What role did the interpretor play , in all this ??Were you content with the way , that she did her job ??Did she gave you some info about herself , or the agency , that she was working for??

      Did your date took you , to very expensive restaurants?If yes , was this already on the first date ??
      And what did you do ??

      Did your date , took you to go shopping , after the second or third date ??And what did she wanted , to receive from you , as a present ???

      Maybe this may seem like a lot of questions.But I am trying , to figure out , if and how , they have been trying , to let you spend money on them.

      And my final question , since it appeared , that you had no luck , to find a suitable match , did it very much , tempered your mood , to enjoy your stay there ??

      I mean , you had read about these scams , beforehand , yes ??And did you had any correspondence , with these ladies , some time , before you went over there??

      You can read about my experiences , in the posts from the past 2 1/2 or 3 weeks , here.

      Hope to hear something from you


  4. Scott , I’m Brazilian too. The Americanization of Brazilian society also happens. I want to investigate further (with true philosophical criterion ) the issue of feminism because I refuse to speak in only one feminism. I have not studied the matter seriously, but I think there must be great differences between the American and French feminism, for example. I have lived in a truly patriarchal society (in northeastern Brazil ) and saw that sucks. Women do not bother to study, to have a job and a life of its own and stay at home (in the fucking social networks) doing nothing (gossip), thinking nothing good and getting fatter. So the patriarchal society creates women who do nothing of life, and you know, empty mind… But also I do not want a woman who expose their lives for everyone and is more worry about her outdoor life and about others will say then taking care of our relationship together. I’m considering going live in Europe and once there explore the possibilities. A friend invites me evereday to live in Paris. It may be cool, but not by the French women (they are very ugly). I think the Russian and ukranianas very interesting, but I also think that the Greek should have an interesting “personality”, * Czech , Italian (very attractive), the Dutch and Nordics. I don’t like neurotic women, dependent and lazy. I appreciate what we see in liberal thought Greece, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Would you, a real traveled man, explain the difference between the true European liberal thought (secular) and American Puritanism. Will I well succeded investing in Czech and Greek? Also talk of Nordic girls (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) They are also beautiful. Of all these – Russians, Ukranians, Greek, Italian, Czech, Dutch and Nordics, what are the coolest, from the standpoint of “physical” and cultural? You must have traveled to these places, give us your sincere opinion. It’s not good just concentrate our search in Russia. I think there are other good places, where the women have good physical and good minds (without the american disease). Brazilian has not open mind and like americans do not know to separate public and private life. They misunderstanding open mind with no criterion at all. I wait your tips. Regards, Ric

    • Well, I can’t speak to the beauty of French women ~ I’ll leave that for the French Men and those who have traveled the country more extensively than I. As for so many Brazilian Women “sitting around and getting fat,” I suppose that there is a tendency for anyone to “relax” after marriage. I truly believe that a man should keep both eyes open when he is selecting a mate. And in this way, you can’t go wrong marrying a woman who is athletically inclined. In Alana’s case, early in our dating, she expressed a desire to always stay in good physical shape, even in her senior years. I’ve heard some women allude to the idea that they only had to keep their shape in order to find a husband. If you meet a woman with this attitude, run, don’t walk for the exit.

      With all that said, if you BEGIN your search in a “target rich environment” you’ll probably do better in the long run. In short, despite a woman’s individual feelings, you’ll probably have a thinner woman 20 years into marriage if you take an Eastern European Woman versus say a woman from Samoa.

      You write:

      “So the patriarchal society creates women who do nothing of life, and you know, empty mind… But also I do not want a woman who expose their lives for everyone and is more worry about her outdoor life and about others will say then taking care of our relationship together.”

      Perhaps this is a phenomenon of Brazil because I do not find that it is true in Eastern Europe. The educated Women that I have met there subscribe to and favor the patriarchal system but also are educated, are athletic and they are socially sophisticated.

      You seem to have a lot of predisposed notions about women within each country ~ I guess we are all entitled to our opinions. So far as American Puritanism versus European Liberalism; I suppose this held more reign 30 years ago but with the evolution of feminism, American women are as easy as ever (in the bedroom).

      Not sure if you’re looking for a wife or a sex toy. If you’re looking for the latter, you can search everywhere and find great variety and find what you’re looking for. If you are looking for the former, you’ll do much better in the East.

      • Either one beats a western women especially an American but I do have to be honest with myself I prefer women more on the thinner side…I call this normal…of course most American women call this anorexic.
        Argentine women seem to meet this criteria quite easily but I think Eastern Europe/Russia might have more of what I’m looking for…
        I like young thin classy women with very long hair that dress with a very trendy European style.

      • 2 day Field Report from Paris, France: Lots of Americans here. Thank you Euro for the big drop. My wife and I commented today on the beauty of the French/Parisian ladies. Spanish ladies win out. My second opinion, I found them quite attractive in the sense that they keep a good shape, and didn’t see too many big butts, and I was careful to note the language they were speaking to ensure they were French. Most ladies are brunettes, from my observation.

        We had to ask two people for directions and both happened to be ladies, one 20 something and the other 47 years old. Both were very helpful and friendly and spoke fluent English. The 47 year old even escorted us most of the way in our Metro stops because we had to change trains.

        We found the people to be quite courteous, with folks always saying Monsiour/Madam.

        As I was walking down some curvy stairs to a restroom below the restaurant this evening, a young lady was approaching from below and I stood aside so she could pass easier. Her soft voice and French was very sweet, as she said, “Merci, Monsiour,” with a kind smile.

        We had no issues with pickpocketers, and took precautions by not carrying our valuables in purses or bags, rather, we wore neck wallets. Probably helped us if the pickpockets were on the lookout for the easy tourist.

        Saw a couple teams of French soldiers in full battle rattle, which rattled my wife a bit, so I had to remind her that the Eiffel tower was a likely target, so it had to be beefed up, especially in light of what happened 4 months ago.

        The current clothing style that I could determine with the French ladies, were dresses with nice, sport shoes, or skinny jeans (high waters) with bright, (white or hot pink) sporting shoes.

        Its nice to have made some checks on the bucket list for my wife, as we saw everything today that she’s always wanted: Eiffel, Champs de Elysee, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dam, Louvre Museum and a nice long 3 k walk back to our hotel, so we could really feel Paris with our feet. Our baby was a champ, wasn’t fussy one bit, definitely the daughter of a paratrooper. Heading back to Germany tomorrow to wind up this great 2 week vacation.

        • Glad you had a great trip. Your baby has sane and well grounded parents, which I’m sure played a role in her calmness for a good part of the trip.
          French women are usually thin — borderline anorexic compared to most Americans — and can dress very well. Even the older ladies still look good. Most French ladies freak out and start cutting back after gaining 5 pounds. A phenomenon that will never happen in the US. The current clothing style you described would never work with the chubby and obese body types I’m forced to endure everyday.
          I remember the section of the blog talking about moms but it would be nice if you and the others on this forum could flesh out your real life opinions and observations of Eastern European mothers vs Western mothers. In general how do Ukrainian mothers treat their babies and children compared to American mothers?
          I usually see the following two extremes in the US…mothers treating their children worse than dogs…or mothers allowing their children to run around like wild wolves…

          • Hey Seeker, good question about Ukr mom’s. I won’t go into anymore details about my own wife, as I think I have covered that extensively. I can talk with some authority about 4 pairs of parents that I know in Ukr, whom I am close with. From personal observation and interaction, I have found a superlative amount of love between child and mother. Due to the 3 year stipend that parents receive monthly, I believe this builds that tight bond that I have witnessed amongst families.

            And Ukr ladies just love kids. In fact, last summer as I was leaving Ukr for Germany, and the layers of winter clothes had come off, I noticed an incredible amount of pregnant ladies. As you know Germany is suffering from a lack of births, which demographically will bite them in the decades ahead. We also noticed that there were barely any pregnant ladies or mom’s with baby buggies in Paris. In Spain though, we saw oodles of pregnant ladies.

            My other observations about parenting styles in Ukr were:
            Stricter parenting. I saw one or two dad’s in public being a bit rough with their small son’s in some stores, but this wasn’t often, and my predisposed American mind for “child abuse” caused me to reflex. It wasn’t anything terrible, couple of swats on the behind and certainly way less than I received as a kid.

            I saw a mom or two talk sternly to their child in a store, but didn’t see any actions that were out of place.

            For the most part, it was quite relieving to go to a mall and kids acted quite well, vs a mall where I lived outside of LA, and when you went to the damn movie theater, there were armed rent-a-cops there. I never went to a movie on Sat night in CA, for fear of getting caught in a cross-fire or fight of some kind. In Ukr, I never felt any kind of threat, because everyone is well behaved and there are so many couples and families out and about.

            I also don’t recall hearing tantrums being thrown by Ukr kids, though the one or two I did hear, was quickly stiffled by the parents I mentioned above.

            Now, the parents I know personally, including my brother and sister-in-law, the children are treated very well by the mothers with no unruly behaviors. And as it would be, these mom’s are incredibly gorgeous. If you didn’t know they had kids, you’d think that they were just gorgeous single women. When I first met them, I thought they were single!! They marry so young over there, and I wasn’t used to that, being from the US, where hardly anyone marries at the age of 21 anymore, I was amazed that not only had they had been married for about 4 years (average for all four couples, except my bro/sis who’ve been married for 11 years now), but that they had kids!!

            The mom’s are very soft spoken to their kids, like my own wife. Like my own wife, who never has raised her voice, they talked softly and sweetly to their young ones. The father’s, in my observation, are helpful, kind and loving as well.

            It was actually a big pleasure for me when I was doing my 5k runs through a large park in our city, and I would see oodles of couples and families with buggies. Even in the cold winter, when there was a good 5 cm of snow on the ground, I’d still see mom’s out pushing their babies in their large strollers (not those fkg American strollers where the poor kid’s chin is pushed into its chest because the stroller is so damn small). Also, its so cute to see their young ones all bundled up in snow suits and always wearing a beanie/cap. Mom’s there are adamant about their kids wearing caps in the winter because they believe if they don’t, they’ll catch a cold. My wife is always insisting I wear one and over time, I got better at it. Being from CA and not used to a ski cap on all the time, took some getting used to.

            For me, I cannot think of a better culture from which to raise a family in. Even my mom-in-law, for my birthday, made a cake for me, and they celebrated with the family, even though we weren’t there.

            Birthdays are a really big deal to these folks, so if you do find an EE lady, be prepared for her to always go all out for your birthday. Same with New Year’s. Best New Year’s ever are in an EE country.

            BTW, we made it home. Didn’t know that Disneyland was on our route home, so we made a 3 hour layover in Disney Village. Now, we know in about a year where we can escape for a weekend. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe, which just sparkled my wife’s eyes. As usual, she appreciated my thoughts in always trying to bring her these treats and showered me with hugs and kisses. Amazing lady and family that I have. I wish the same for you and all of the sincere guys on this blog.

  5. Sounds great. Even if there was not a stipend, I would prefer the mother of my future children to stay home with my children until they are at least 5 to 7 years old. I would not want to marry one of those types that want to rush their kids off to daycare to go back to their career. Yes, most of Western Europe is reaping what they have…and they can’t blame the immigrants…the demographic issue is just the symptom of a greater problem. I love those Iberians, resistance is written in their DNA and souls, tradition runs deep!

    Your notes about ukr parenting are refreshing…stern discipline but not abuse. I like the part about tantrums being stifled because this teaches children to be rational and more mature but the mothers are still soft when necessary with their children. From what you have described, it definitely seems more like a family oriented culture instead of a me first screw everyone else culture. Your birthday stories still amaze me…I’m a bit envious…but in the good way. Your stories inspire me to not settle for the domestic above average, which is still sub-par compared to EE.

  6. Ok I live in Ireland and let me tell you that the odds are stacked up against you here as well. there is a ridiculous amount of flakiness as well as entitlement. My god, average nice guys here are left with nothing but the scrap heap . I’ve talked to thousands of women here and the majority Barely consider you .of the women who don’t there is still a high probability they will bail on you or simply make it so difficult that it’s not worth the effort, not to mention that their cooking skills cease exist. Bring on the Ukraine ladssss

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