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Anna from Odessa

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After I had received my 3 year Russian Visa, Alana and I began to make plans for this year’s time together.  We decided that I will make a trip to her home town and we will spend some more time together in Russia and we also decided that it would be nice for her to come to America to meet my family.  And, as many of you will find out, the biggest obstacle to dating Eastern European Women is the whole visa process.

Luckily, for Americans, the process has gotten a LOT easier.  AND, for Russians coming to America, the process has ALSO gotten easier.

We submitted visa applications for Alana and her entire family thinking that it would be nice to make a family holiday of it and allow our families to have a chance to meet.  She submitted the visa applications a few weeks ago and had she and her family had their interview at the local consulate a few days ago.  Probably, the hardest part of getting a US visa is the requirement for a live face to face interview at the US Embassy or Consulate.  If you have one in your town, no problem.  If you live in middle Siberia, this can be a difficult obstacle.

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Alana’s family was notified at the conclusion of the interview that their visas were approved and their passports would be delivered via DHL in a day or two.  Two days later, she emailed me a photo of her new American Visa, and get this – IT IS GOOD FOR 3 YEARS!  Yup, a United States, 3 year, multi-entry Visa.

As I have a 3 year Russian multi-entry visa, we can now come and go from the US to Russia at our pleasure.

I researched quite a bit on the internet about getting a US visa and this is the condensed version of what I found out:

A “fiance visa” can take months, if not a year or more for approval.  That seemed like too long so we went the “tourist visa” route.  She and her family applied for regular tourist visas.  I had read a few incidents of American Men trying to bring the in-laws over for the holidays and the visas were denied.  It seems that if the American is funding the vacation, the US immigration officials find it suspect that the Russian (fiance) or family will return to Russia.  The US assumes that if you can afford your own airline ticket, hotel and expense money and you have a job and home to return to, then you are a tourist.

Following that logic, I had Alana bring bank statements showing that she had sufficient funds to finance this trip.  All for not ~ the visa approval decision was made before she and the family arrived.  The ONLY question that seemed to be important to the American immigration officer was whether or not Alana and her family had previous visa-required travel.  She and her family have visited Europe and this seemed to a big factor in getting the US visa approvals.

So, if you are considering bringing over your girlfriend or fiance on a tourist visa, I’d recommend you make a visit to Prague or somewhere else that requires a Shengen Visa.

I can’t begin to say how delighted I am.  We’ve since moved to purchasing airline tickets and planning some visiting and travel in the US.  I think that this year is looking up each day :-)

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Anna from Odessa

7 thoughts on “Visas for Everyone

  1. Can’t wait for your mail order bride to settle in and ditch you as soon as she gets citizenship. Your a bitter old man and you don’t deserve any happiness.

    • Who’s bitter Janet? I know that the idea of competing for men is scary to you, especially women that weigh less than you, dress better than you and have a better attitude towards men. As is typical for angry Western women, the idea that there are women in the world who are happy to let men be men, the only way that you can counter this threat is with criticism. And, as is typical, you call men who seek foreign relationships losers, claim that the women only want green cards and then suggest that love is absent and the man will be “ditched” as soon as she gets her papers. Check the stats, the divorce rate with Eastern Bloc Women is lower than for marriages between two Americans. And so, because of “peer pressure” from fat women, I’m supposed to “quit” my search and settle for a nagging feminist women.

      You know, it is time that the attitude that you espouse as “normal” be brought out into the sunlight so that it can be exposed for the lie that it is. I can understand why Western women criticize foreign marriages, because you’re afraid of the competition.

      I do what is best for me. All men should do what is best for them. If that means marrying a Russian Woman and leaving American women to live with cats, so be it. But I will never be intimidated by bitter women who try to make me feel bad for doing what is best for me.

      “… you don’t deserve any happiness.” Thank you, you’ve just summed up for men the product of feminism in one sentence. Yes, I do deserve happiness, I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I’m sure that it just ruins your day to hear it.

  2. Scott, I agree with you. I too am currently looking to marry a Ukrainian women. I have been married twice( 1 American and 1 Mexican ) both of these women were very loving at first then changed when I put a ring on their fingers. I’m NOT saying that all western women are like this, but I personally am done trying to please women who do not have respect their man.

    • Good to hear it – you know, there is no reason to repeat the same mistake with a woman that is doomed to failure (feminism).

    • The biggest reason I’m personally avoiding Mexico for dating…the place is too close to the American sphere of influence. The only part of LA I’m considering is SA particularly Brazil, Uruguay, or Argentina but I’m becoming very concerned that the disease from the US and Western Europe is creeping into this area of the world…and Eastern Europe is the only safe haven for men that want an unspoiled wife from the Christian tradition.

      • Oh, its already spreading to Eastern Europe too – there are advantages to women in smaller towns; the downside is that fewer of them speak English.

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