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We haven’t had an Elena’s Models Model highlighted in a few weeks so I thought that it would be a good time to preview one of the ladies at the dating agency.  I went over to the website and I was browsing through some of the profiles and I thought, “That woman looks familiar.”  I saw the name, “Anna,” and I thought, “That looks like Anna from Odessa, Ukraine.

I clicked on her profile and sure enough, it is the Anna that I know!

Two or three years ago I went with some buddies to a party and a friend of a friend brought his Ukrainian girlfriend, who just happens to be this very Anna.  She and the Western Man were dating but I guess it didn’t work out between them and it looks like she is back on the market!

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If I remember correctly, the European Man that she was dating absolutely didn’t want to have a family and she did ~ it was probably a contributing factor to their breakup.  Well, sunny side of this story is: she’s available.  I’ve met her and I can say that she is a very lovely lady, quite charming, speaks great English and she’s not bad on the eyes.  If you’ve considered dating an Eastern European Woman, you might consider her.  I think she will be a great catch for the right Western Man.

In my own estimation, she is a nice and calm woman with good (traditional) family values.  I remember when I met her, I thought that the European Man she was dating had a streak of good luck to meet her.  Well, his loss can be your gain.

I get a lot of emails asking me if the Women on Elena’s Models are legitimate.  In my opinion, yes they are.  Most of the men that I’ve met that have successfully married Eastern European Women met their wives at Elena’s.  My personal experience is the same and I honestly believe in the website.  And in the case of Anna from Odessa, I can vouch that she is a legitimate candidate for marriage to a Western Man.

Good luck in your search!

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Visas for Everyone

3 thoughts on “Anna from Odessa

  1. hi
    i was actually the guy dating her and
    can just say that she was/is a fantastic sweet woman
    that did deserve more than i could give her at that moment.
    i was not ready for a new relationship (i discovered that later).

    I now see she has found a new love and i am happy for her.


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