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I went Hog hunting with some buddies in Texas last year.  It was a pretty kick ass time; we shot 12 hogs over the weekend & had some good times drinking beer, laughing and telling war stories (on field and “off field” hunting stories).  Our guide started telling us about this mega-hog that was shot that weighed in the thousands of pounds.  It was named Hog-zilla, a playful pun off of the reptile that smashes Japanese cities when he has nothing better to do.  We pulled up some photos of the legendary Hogzilla and it was indeed massive.

I was on business in the Midwest this week and I pulled over at a shopping mall to get some Mexican food.  In front of the McDonald’s, I saw this creature (above) waddling to the Mickey Dee’s.  I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between this Indiana-land-bovine and the huge Hogzilla.  Having just returned from to the US from overseas the day earlier, the high density of fat women in the Mid West really really stood out.  As I think about it, as I cleared immigration and walked down the lines of immigration booths, something stood out.  I walked by a hot woman processing in past a Customs and Border Protection Agent, then I saw another hot woman, then another and another.  I was wondering what were the odds of seeing 4 hot (thin) women in a row and just then I realized that I was walking past the lines for the visitors (non-residents).  I looked back to the other half of the room, where the Americans were processing in, and sure enough: it looked  like a row of bovines navigating the metal rails at the slaughter house.

How did America become so fat?

Add to the girth, the bad attitude of American women and I don’t know how the Average American Man can stand dating these pigs.

I was browsing past some Eastern European Women at Elena’s Models and I came across this beauty, Ukrainian Woman Yana.

WWS recommended site: Russian Cupid Russian Cupid

Yana is 26 years old and is looking for a Western Man no older than 40 years old.  And, in contrast to the Hogzilla above, Yana measures 5′ 6″ (170 cm) by 108 pounds (49 kg).  She’s never married and has no children and she is looking for a “sporty” man (pretty much a guy who goes to the gym on a regular basis).  She says she “likes looking after herself (no kidding) and enjoys yoga and salsa dancing.

As is normal in Russia and Ukraine, she is quite beautiful.  You know, ever time I go back  to the East, I am dumbfounded at how many model-like women there are walking around.  The women are just drop-dead gorgeous.  If you’ve never been to Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia) I suggest that you make a trip.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I am sure that if you do make a trip East, you see not only beautiful women but you’ll feel the difference: the women act like women and expect you to act like a man.  The absence of feminism is very refreshing.  It’s like the “Matrix” choice between the red pill and the blue pill – once you take the pill, the old world (Western feminism) will be forever gone to you.  Realize, that once you travel East, you’ll never come back.

And that is a good thing…

WWS recommended site: Elenas Models Elena's Models


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Anna from Odessa
Feminism, its everywhere

6 thoughts on “Zilla

  1. I should just add to this post that even if these American (western) women weren’t pigs in terms of their looks, they’d still be pigs in terms of their entitlement feminist attitude – from the hotties to the fatso’s. There are plenty of strikingly thin, beautiful pigs in America and the western world over. If you think this is a blog about fat American women, you’re wrong. It’s about feminist bitches all across the western world; the entire western part of our planet consists of essentially American feminist pigs. Sure the Europeans are not as fat and will screw your brains out, but their make just as poor marriage material. All men and women lose their looks eventually, but only eastern European women will be left with something desirable when the FAT lady has sung, so to speak.

    I’ve come to realise that the vast majority of men don’t even get it. They don’t understand the feminist culture. They just think this is how things are. God bless you guys. You just don’t know how shit you life is and what kind of absolute dog shit you’re putting up with as normal until you see the other side of the coin.

  2. Hi Scot

    First of all, lol, second of all, I think you’re missing one vital point why Western women look the way they do. They cannot cook. They make scrambled eggs in a microwave, they have no idea how to prepare a sandwich for a child, so they buy it prepared with lots of bad chemicals in it. They behave like a 5-year-old in the kitchen and they are not willing to learn anything practical. The bread in the West does not resemble proper East European bread and is full of chemicals. It all ends up with them looking like a blowfish armed with the spikes of feminism (if they cannot look like women, they want to take the power away from men because they already look like men anyway).
    Consumerism, laziness and going for the easiest options together with the raging feminism made Western women completely inadequate to normal survival.
    Ask any of your Ukrainian friends whether it’s normal for a grown-up woman to cook and they will first laugh at such a stupid question and then ask you how can you eat all the prepackaged, microwaved and tasteless crap from supermarkets.
    East European women also feel ashamed to go out shopping looking like a monstrosity in a bathrobe. They think other women would laugh at them (not men) and they feel a sense of personal pride when they’ve done something good about their looks.
    All the best mate.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. As for my own personal relationship: Alana doesn’t eat fast food EVER. She is surprised that anyone does and comments, “Doesn’t a home cooked meal just taste better than a hamburger?” It is hard to argue with her. Oh, and she cooks like a gourmet chef. She once said that even though all Eastern European Women can cook, not all are good at it. She said, “It’s like a painter, you paint well or you don’t, and you either cook well or you don’t.” I count myself as very very lucky :-)

  3. I kind of feel sorry for some these women…I mean the good non-feminist women from EE, SEA, LA, and other Non-Western places that are not married with a family. They truly deserve it compared to the hog-zillas that don’t deserve anything. Still it’s hard to conceive that the people that are most perfect for each other live on different sides of the planet and are only a plane ride away from true love and happiness. I hope his revolution continues to grow and never dies.

  4. I found this site by accident and was curious to know something. I was raised in the UK in a fairly strict religious family with a stay at home mother and a father who was definitely head of the household. I was taught all the typical feminist rubbish once I entered highschool, but never really felt at home with it. However, everyone around me at school, university and work was pro-feminism, and I had to blend in if I wanted to succeed. I was told I had to focus on education and a career if I wanted to stay out of poverty, as men didn’t want to pay for women any more. I had to be independent. The few men I dated seemed to share the same opinion and expected me to pay my way. I have an okay career now, but absolutely hate having to act competitive and aggressive in the boardroom. I feel as though I have to take on a whole other personality. I am naturally very ‘feminine’, so acting macho is exhausting for me.

    So, my question is: would you rather a woman focus on staying fit, attractive, and learning to run a house (properly, not just microwave-compatible and once a month dusting) in preparation for a marriage and family. Or would you expect her to do the degree, 9-to-5 office job, long commute, etc and earn her own money? Or both? Do the Russian women you look for have degrees and successful careers or are you happy to pay the bills?

    I’m not being sarcastic here. I am genuinely curious. I feel as though I have had to give up all of my traditional feminine values and skills and take on male ones in order to financially support myself, and I don’t think (most) women are naturally good at this. Despite feminists arguing otherwise. I’m certainly not, and I find it a huge struggle having to act bitchy and tough to earn a living. If I met someone who was happy to cover the bills, I would happily switch my focus back to all the feminine values I was taught as a young child and morph into a 1950s style housewife. But would most guys really want this? I was under the impression that men preferred women to have a career and pay their way now.

    • Thanks for your comment Ellie, good questions. I read your email to Alana and we both had our opinions and I’d love to write them down but we’re just unpacking from a trip and about to head out again shortly. I plan to post a thorough reply to your question as we have time.

      Until then, perhaps some of the other guys can give your their opinion on what they’re looking for.

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